Raw Results – 10/21/19






Raw Results – 10/21/19
Cleveland, Ohio
Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin & Jerry Lawler

Flair names Drew McIntyre as his final team member


McIntyre with a Backdrop for a 2 count, Tilt-a-Whirl Slam for a 2 count, Ricochet with a Dropkick to the knee takes Drew off the apron then hits a Tope con Hilo, Drew has The Iron Maiden on, but Ricochet fights out, Ricochet with a Springboard Lariat then follows with a Standing Shooting Star Press, but only gets a 1 count, Springboard Enzugiri followed by a Quebrada for a 2 count, Leaping Enzugiri, up top, but Drew swats him out of the air, Crucifix Bucklebomb followed by a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, Future Shock blocked, Drew blocks the Enzugiri but gets caught with the Winwheel Kick, Cradle Shock blocked, Superkick, Death Valley Bomb, up top, Shooting Star Press, but only gets a near fall, back up top, Drew avoids the 630, Recoil blocked and tosses Ricochet to the floor, he posts Ricochet, Drew measures for the kill, & uncorks The Claymore Kick for the win


Drew’s not done, Glasgow Kiss, he posts Ricochet again then hits The Future Shock before picking up the broken body of Ricochet & hitting an Inverted Concrete Slam into the steel steps

The OC are interviewed backstage.

Karl Anderson questions the notion of them needing strategy to take care of rookies like the Street Profits. AJ Styles says he’s not wrong and the Profits talk about getting that smoke, but that’s illegal here in Cleveland. Luke Gallows goes for the easy anti-Cleveland cheap heat and AJ says the Profits are gonna get the beating of their lives.

They Too Sweet and leave.

Aleister Black gets a promo in his lair talking about his hellfire-like rage that claws at him as we speak


Black sweeps the leg and meditates, strike flurry and a Back Elbow, barrage of body blows, Pump Knee then blasts Reynolds with Black Mass for the win


Authors of Pain get a vignette of the same sort they’ve gotten for the past month and change, but this time it’s also about how Raw drafted them to keep them away from SmackDown and they’re going to dominate. The next chapter in Raw’s tag team division will be written in blood by AOP

Jerry “the King” Lawler is in the ring for the King’s Court.

He introduces Rusev as his guest, of course, before launching into his questions about the whole situation with Bobby Lashley and Lana and what Rusev is thinking. Rusev says it’s all Bob Lashley’s fault for poisoning Lana’s brain, and for that he will be crushed. As far as she goes, he may be a fool, but he still wears his wedding band because every day he hopes and he prays that they’re gonna pass through this into happily ever after.

Lashley appears on the tron out at a restaurant with Lana. He says he wishes he could be there to settle their differences, but he can’t because he’s not going to make the same mistake Rusev made, and that means taking care of her needs. She feeds him some dessert and then berates Rusev for not taking her to this restaurant.

The Bulgarian Brute has a message for them and he’d like to deliver it in person, because he knows exactly where they are


Cara with a Tope Suicida, Diving Crossbody for a 1 count, Vega grabs his leg, Andrade with the Final Cut for a 2 count, Cara with a Moonsault to the floor, Cara with a Springboard Crossbody then a Quebrada for a 2 count, Cara with a DVB, Andrade avoids the Senton Atomico, Cara avoids the Running Meteora, Tilt-a-Whirl, but Andrade turns it into a Sit-Out slam for a near fall, Three Amigos for a near fall, up top, but Cara cuts him off, Avalanche Sunset Flip for a near fall, up top, but Andrade clips his leg, Running Meteora gets a near fall, Andrade charges, but Cara Backdrops him to the floor, Slingshot Hurricanrana, Vega with a distraction, Andrade hangs Cara up in the rope, he distracts the ref, Vega with a Cartwheel Hurricanrana off the apron to the floor, back in the ring, Andrade finishes Cara with La Sombra for the win


Humberto Carrillo is interviewed backstage.

He puts Almas over as a future Universal Champion and says he has a lot to prove, but when he does he’s gonna be the best kind of champion and not one that needs to set buildings on fire to get the job done

Street Profits are chatting backstage.

They run the OC down one by one before hyping their match up and announcing that it’s the main event tonight! Montez Ford asks Angelo Dawkins who their partner is, if it’s Ric Flair or Booker T or Kurt Angle, of whom it is none of those guys. The man in question doesn’t like AJ Styles and he’s just like them, so they want the smoke

24/7 Champion R-Truth is skulking along backstage when he runs into a Samir, who runs a distraction so Sunil can win the belt


Rowe with Shotgun Knees to Ryder then drives Hanson into Zack, Hanson with a Tope Suicida wipes out Hawkins, Hanson with a Sidewalk Slam then a Basement Crossbody on Hawkins, Cartwheel Lariat to Ryder, Rowe slams Hanson on top of Hawkins, but Ryder makes the save, East Ten Mile to Ryder, then they finish Hawkins with Thor’s Hammer for the win


We go to the restaurant where Lana and Lashley are eating and the manager offers them a comp and says he doesn’t want trouble, which they laugh off saying Rusev doesn’t have the balls to show up

Rusev busts into the restaurant and starts beating Lashley up.

Guards swarm him and pull him off of Lashley as Lana screams.

Rey Mysterio makes his entrance and gets in the ring for a promo.

He talks about how he’s been training with Cain Velasquez and getting him ready to win the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar and he wanted to take a break to come here and thank everyone for the outpouring of love that he and his family have experienced.

Paul Heyman appears on the tron and says there’s been a misunderstanding and he wouldn’t be saying this if Brock was in the building. He talks about how much Brock has been salivating for a chance for revenge and Rey has served Cain up on a silver platter like dinner.

Rey cuts him off angrily and then gets cut off in turn–

Enter Shelton Benjamin.

He runs down what’s happened in the feud and asks if Cain is getting a title shot just because he showed up to defend Rey. Well, Brock Lesnar is an old friend of his and he’s his family, and nobody in WWE knocks Brock better than him. Shelton says he’s got it all figured out and he’s gonna test a theory and find out what happens if he pushes Mysterio around.

Beat up Rey Mysterio and get a title shot, that’s how it works, right? One shove US title, two shoves Intercontinental? He backs Rey into the corner and slaps him, asking where his buddy is now–

Enter Cain Velasquez.

Benjamin backs up as Cain makes his way to the ring but goes for the first shot once he enters. Velasquez blocks a leg pick, lifts him up and slams him down, punches to the ribs, waistlock takedown, Rear Naked Choke applied and he shoves Shelton out of the ring as he taps!

Backstage, Seth Rollins is interviewed.

He admits that maybe the Fiend has gotten inside his head, but maybe he got inside the Fiend’s head, huh, ever think about that? But no, the Fiend is different, he’s got an aura, and once you’ve stepped in the ring with him, you’re changed forever. He breaks the interview to go talk to Humberto Carrillo and talks down to him like he’s his damn dad or something, rambling about being champion meaning sometimes you have to do things you don’t want, like burn down fun houses.

And further he challenges him to his first match


Carrillo with a rollup for a 1 count, Seth with a Half Crab, but Carrillo makes it to the rope as a ‘we want Wyatt’ chant breaks out, Carrillo with a Double Jump Crossbody for a 2 count, Seth with a Tope Suicida, Carrillo with a Sasuke Special back in the ring, Seth avoids the Missile Dropkick and hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall, Springboard Knee for a near fall, Carillo tries a Hurricanrana, but Seth counters into a Bucklebomb, Avada Kedavra for a near fall, he loads up for the kill, Carrillo avoids The Blackout and rolls Seth up for a near fall, Tornado Kick, DDT, up top, Moonsault connects for a near fall, he looks for a ntoher Moonsault, but Seth gets the knees up, Avada Kedavra then finishes Carrillo with The Blackout for the win


Seth offers a handshake to Carrillo and he accepts

R-Truth and referee Danilo Anfibio come across a Singh Brother backstage but they got the wrong one and Anfibio refuses to count!

They run off and Truth is shocked to learn that there are, in fact, two Bollywood Boyz


Gallows with a Fallaway Slam then a Rounhouse Kick to the back of Montez, Anderson into the cover for a 2 count, Dawkins with a pair of Spinning Stinger Splashes, Dommsday, but Gallows takes down Dawkins, AJ shoves Montez off the top into a Spinebuster from Anderson for a near fall, ref ejects AJ, Kevin Owens runs down and hits a Stunner to AJ, Profits finish Anderson with The Prophecy for the win