NXT Results – 9/8/20







NXT Results – 9/8/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett & Beth Phoenix

NXT Championship

Cole with a Hammerlock, Balor fights out, Cole with an Ushi-Goroshi for a 2 count, Balor with a Body Slam followed by a Running Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, COle with a Pump Kick, Balor blocks the Florida Key, but Cole with a Lungblower for a 2 count, Balor takes the legs out, Cole avoids the Double Stomp, Balor avoids the Superkick, Slingblade, Balor charges, but Cole with a Shining Wizard for a near fall, kneepad down, Balor counters the Last Shot and takes Cole down, Standing Double Stomp gets a near fall, series of stomps then sends Cole into the barricade, he charges, but Cole counters with a Superkick, Balor up top, Cole avoids Coup de Grace, Superkick to the knee then a Figure 4, but Balor makes it to the rope, Balor with a Slingblade, Final Cut, John Woo Dropkick, Balor up top, Coup de Grace connects, but only gets a near fall, Bloody Sunday countered into a Figure 4, Cole drags him to the center, but Balor catches him in a Small Package for a near fall, Cole with a Superkick then The Last Shot, but only gets a near fall, up to the second, Balor counters The Panama Sunrise into a Reverse Bloody Sunday, back up top, Cole Superkicks his knee out, Balor finishes Cole with an Avalanche Bloody Sunday to win the NXT Title


We see William Regal and Triple H go backstage to congratulate Finn Balor. Adam Cole offers him a handshake and a Too Sweet as well.

Finn is interviewed and says everybody’s been asking for ten months, why did you come back to NXT, and the title is why.

Robert Stone is interviewed backstage elsewhere.

He says he knows where things are, like Shotzi Blackheart’s tank, and he goes to attack it but Shotzi is there and tags him down! Aliyah attacks Blackheart and stumbles her way through a curtain, accidentally knocking Io Shirai over! Io chases her to the ring, Shotzi rejoins her, and they beat Aliyah down! Butterfly backbreaker takes her out!

Stone up top, he dives and Blackheart moves Shirai out of the way! Stereo diving moonsault and senton take the heels out! Shotzi holds the NXT Women’s Championship up and Io yanks it out of her hands, Io warns The Ballsy Badass not to piss her off

We cut to home life with Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.

They’re having a low-key argument over Johnny doing something, and he agrees to do it as the doorbell rings. It’s Tegan Nox and he says it’s good to have her. They all sit down to dinner

Thatch as Thatch Can

Today’s lesson is “know your enemy” and exhibit A is Damian Priest. He’s a deadly striker, but he leaves his arm dangling when he throws forearms, and that leaves him vulnerable to counter attacks. He takes time to pose which leaves him open for a Half Crab. He leaves his feet a lot, and that’s stupid, because you’re in control when your feet are on the ground.


Adonis with a rollup for a near fall, DDT, nip up, Dream avoids a Superkick then a thumb to the eye and finishes Adonis with a Dream Valley Bomb for the win


Dream grabs a mic, but before he could say a word KUSHIDA assaults him, KUSHIDA posts Dream’s shoulder repeatedly, Hanging Juji-Gatame as refs try to pull off the former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion

Breezango get a vignette where they smell success on their tag titles and talk about how Imperium doesn’t like them and the feeling is mutual.

Imperium get a response mixed through the video package and talk about how Breezango are going to have the shortest NXT tag title reign ever

Candice is still trying to sell Tegan on the Gargano Way, but she’s still not biting


Reed with a Slingshot Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Reed counters a Sunset Flip with a Hip Drop for a near fall, Theory with a Sleeper, but Reed falls back crushing him, Reed with an Avalanche followed by a Death Valley Bomb he calls Jagged Edge for a near fall, Theory with a Back Suplex for a 2 count, Barrel Roll Blockbuster gets a near fall, he goes for the ATL, but his legs collapse, Reed with a Running Senton then finishes Theory with The Tsunami for the win


Backstage, Adam Cole is interviewed.

He says he’s disappointed, it’s not the outcome he wanted, but the better man won tonight. He respects Prince Balor, but he better hope that he doesn’t get another chance at the title, because the outcome is gonna be a lot different.


Dain catches Roddy with a Sambo Suplex, Roddy distracts the ref as Fish kicks out Dain’s leg, Dain with a pair of Avalanches then hits The Divide for a near fall, Belfast Blitz countered, Dain avoids The Knockout Knee & hits the Belfast Blitz, up to the second, but Fish pulls Roddy to safety, Dain wipes out Fish, but Roddy is ready & finishes Dain with The Knockout Knee


Strong and Fish beat Dain down but Drake Maverick makes the save with a steel pipe and beats them down in return! Bobby cuts him off and they beat Drake down until Killian recovers and then the Undisputed ERA men beat a hasty retreat! Maverick backs off in the corner and Dain advances on him, pipe in hand, before throwing it aside and leaving.

Drake runs up to him and offers a hand in friendship, which Killian refuses and lays him out with!

Candice offers a toast to friendship and her being the next champion, and when questioned, says Tegan had her chance but fell short, so clearly she should get the next shot. Nox isn’t pleased, LeRae throws a bowl of salad at her and Tegan throws water back in her face! They bicker, Johnny gets in between them and calls Nox a terrible person, which leads to her dumping telling Johnny to fuck off & dumping spaghetti out on his head and going to leave.

Candice throws something at her, she ducks and it cracks the TV, and Tegan finally gets to leave.

Damian Priest comments on his title match against Timothy Thatcher next week.

He calls Thatcher ugly and says he’s gonna kick him and punch him as many times as he likes in his stupid face to rearrange it, and there’s no chance he’s losing in his first title defense.


The Latina Sensation comes out with a kendo stick and goes under the ring for plunder, she fills the ring with chairs & was going for a table, but Rhea sends her into the steel, Pump Kick into the steel, she sends Mercedes into the cage & throws the table into the ring, Mercedes with Crossface Strikes, Rhea ducks a chair shot & sends Mercedes into the cage, Rhea wedges a chair into the corner, Mercedes blocks, but Rhea with a Pump Kick, Wrist-Clutch, but Mercedes counters into Bull Run, but she can’t get a cover, she grabs a chair, Rhea kicks it back into Mercedes face, Rhea up top, but Mercedes with a Running Powerslam on the chair for a near fall, Mercedes with a Spider German Suplex, Rhea launches a chair at Mercedes then a Running Dropkick, Superplex into a cover for a near fall, Mercedes with a Spinebuster, Rhea ducks a Spinning Heel Kick & hits an Electric Chair Facebuster then locks in The Prism Trap, but Mercedes uses the cane to break the hold, Stone tries to get in the cage, Rhea goes to drag him in, but Mercedes with repeated cane shots to the back then hits an Avalanche Inverted Neckbreaker, into a cover, but only gets a near fall, Mercedes sets the table, she sets Rhea up top, she looks for an Avalanche Bull Run, but Rhea counters into an Avalanche Riptide through the table for the win