Smackdown Results – 10/4/19








Smackdown Live Results – 10/4/19
Los Angeles, California
Staples Center
Commentary Team: Michael Cole & Cory Graves

The show opens with Vincent Kennedy McMahon making his entrance, flanked by Stephanie McMahon.

She welcomes us to history and to Fox, and Vince welcomes us to Friday Night SmackDown.

The new intro video follows.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance and commentary team Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us, yeah looks like we’re back to a 2 person booth.

Becky begins, talking about how good it feels to kick off the first SmackDown on Fox and says this show is in her blood, where she smashed through glass ceilings and changed the game. So she wants to repay us by kicking someone’s ass and start things off right.

Enter King Baron Shithead.

He asks if Becky’s listening to herself, saying everyone knows who should be starting the show off, namely him. She tells him he’ll find out if she’s still the man if he takes one more step. He takes one more step…

(If you smell…)

The Rock is here, as previously advertised.

Rocky gets in the ring and shakes Lynch’s hand but brushes right past Corbin to pose for the crowd. He gets on the mic and says many, many moons ago he uttered a phrase to some jabroni that changed the world forever, when he said he was going to lay the smack down, and since then, the word SmackDown has become an institution. He calls Baron a “broke-ass Burger King on crack” and says we’re all here live on Fox waiting for him to do the “Finally…” bit.

So he does the bit, and then Baron cuts him off and says he needs to make a correction– this isn’t Rock’s home anymore and he’s no longer the Great One, and in fact, Corbin is the Most Electrifying King in Sports Entertainment. He tells Rocky to know his role and shut his mouth, and Rock asks Becky permission to take charge. She assents, and Rocky calls Baron a 35-year-old virgin hanging out at ComiCon before pointing out that he needn’t be so literal with the gimmick.

After all, Becky doesn’t carry around a pair of testicles. She says if she did, they’d be bigger than Baron’s, to which he says his testicles are in fact perfectly adequate. Rocky makes sure Baron is saying he’s superior to everyone, and that’s a setup for Lynch to deliver the “it doesn’t matter what you think!” line. He puts Corbin over as a badass, a super tough dude, which leads to an “STD!” chant, which Becky says will stick to Baron for life.

The Rock sees embarrassment and anger in Baron’s eyes, but that’s what happens when you insult the Man, the people, and the Rock.

Becky and the Rock start unloading punches on Corbin, Lynch hits the leg drop (he had that coming since that End of Days at Extreme Rules), Rocky lines him up… PEOPLE’S ELBOW! ROCK BOTTOM!

Trish Stratus & Lita are in the crowd


Sasha with a Running Meteora on Charlotte for a 2 count, Charlotte lights her up with chops, Queen’s Boot sends Sasha to the floor, up top, Bayley tries to get involved, Becky knocks her off the apron, Bayley right back up & tosses Charlotte to the floor, Bexploder to Bayley, Dis-Arm-Her blocked, Lynch with a Big Boot, up to the second, Dublin Jam gets a 2 count, Bayley with a rollup for a 2 count, Charlotte with an Inverted Backbreakder then Natural Selection, but Sasha breaks the pin, Charlotte wipes them both out with a Moonsault to the floor, she sends Bayley back in, Figure 4 then bridges into the Figure 8 and Bayley taps out


New Day are interviewed backstage.

Kofi Kingston says he’s the underdog, but what he does is he climbs mountains and overcomes the odds and that’s what he’s doing tonight. Big E takes issue with being referred to as a posse and Xavier Woods says Kofi has politely asked them to hang back tonight so he can prove to everyone that he deserves to be your WWE Champion

Mick Foley & Kurt Angle are in the crowd

Firefly Fun House cuts in during Seth Rollins’ entrance.

Bray Wyatt welcomes Seth to the show and says since we’re all being introduced to SmackDown’s new home, he wants to introduce his home and his special friends, like Abby the Witch, Mercy the Buzzard, Huskus the Pig Boy, and Rambling Rabbit, who is both alive and Rollins’ biggest fan! Bray says he didn’t realize Rabbit was such a big fan but it gives him an idea, and he wants to use him to show Seth what’s going to happen at Hell in a Cell.

Rabbit is locked in a red dog pen with Mercy and Bray tells Rollins to turn away as Mercy tears Rambling Rabbit apart, fluff going everywhere! Wyatt recovers Rabbit’s pelt and decapitated head, but he is deceased. Bray laughs and laughs and tells Seth history has a horrible way of repeating itself, and they’ve all hurt for so long, and now it’s his turn.

Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair are in the crowd


Juji-Gatame, Nakamura tries to convert to a Triangle Choke, but Seth fights out of it hitting a Deadlift Bucklebomb, Tope Suicida, Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa, Seth ducks, Slingblade, Springboard Knee, Avada Kedavra, he loads up for the kill, lights go out

Seth is back at the entrance looking around, Nakamura is looking around, The Fiend is behind Seth & has The Mandible Claw on throws Rollins off the stage to the floor, lights go out again as we can hear Fiend laughing as he vanishes



Owens isn’t waiting for Shane’s showboating in the entrance and goes right after him, he sends Shane into a ladder and sets it up in the ring, Shane pulls him down, Mr Wrestling looks to takes Shane’s head off with the ladder, but Shane ducks, Stunner blocked, Owens goes after the ladder, but Shane takes it and nails Owens in the back with it, Shane clears off the table, he sets up Owens, Shane connects with The Leap of Faith through the table, Owens is back up & hits a Frog Splash on Shane through a ladder, Owens is going up, but Shane with a pair of chair shots to the leg knocks Owens down, Shane places the ladder in front of Owens, Coast to Coast connects driving Owens to the floor, Shane sets up a ladder, he goes up, but Owens has him, Powerbomb on the ladder, Owens up top & grabs the case & Shane is gone for good


Owens grabs the mic, he drags Shane to his feet ‘Hey Shane, you’re fired!’ then hits a final Stunner to send Shane packing

Backstage, Paul Heyman is interviewed.

He demands footage of Brock Lesnar’s attack on Dominick and Rey Mysterio and says Brock is going to do the same thing to Kofi Kingston tonight


Zig-Zag to Miz, Superkick blocked, Snap DDT, Braun with an Avalanche then a Sledgehammer Fist to the heart, but Roode makes the save, Skull-Crushing Finale to Roode, RKO to Miz, Dozer takes Orton to the floor, Phenomenal Forearm floors Dozer, Tucky takes AJ to the floor with a Cactus Clothesline, Shoulder Block Express is on the tracks, Braun posts Dolph then sends him into Tyson Fury , Ziggler with a Superkick to Braun, but Braun scoops him up & hits The Running Powerslam for the win


Fury jumps over the barricade, but security swarm him, they calm him down, he lets Braun know that he started something tonight that he will finish at some point


Rowman goes for the Drive-By, but Rowan slings him into the barricade, the lumberjacks swarm Roman, back into the ring, Spinkick of Doom gets a near fall, Cranial Crush, Roman fights out, Roman avoids a Splash, Never-Ending Story, Samoan Drop for a 2 count, Superman Punch blocked, Rowan with a Big Boot, Roman hits the Superman Punch on the recoil, Luke Harper comes down, Bryan goes after Harper along with the other lumberjacks, Roman wipes everyone out with a Superman Plancha, Rowan Powerbombs Ali into Roman, back in, Freight Train Crossbody, Iron-Claw, but Roman fights out, Superman Punch, Harper with a Rolling Lariat, Bryan with a Busaiku Knee to Harper, Iron-Claw Slam to Bryan, Roman breaks Rowan in half with a Spear for the win


Bryan offers a handshake, with yes chants from the audience Roman accepts (All according to plan, the pseudo face turn, reconciling with the fans, saving the face from a beatdown, everything is in place for the betrayal Sunday)

WWE Championship

Kofi leaps at Brock, but he catches him & hits the F-5 in 5 seconds to win the WWE Title


Rey Mysterio comes out flanked by Cain Velasquez, he marches to the ring, the man that took the UFC Title from Brock, Cain takes down Brock, Ground and Pound, Brock rolls to the floor and retreats

Brock is coming back, Cain is waiting for him, but Brock backs up, Cain’s waiting in the center of the ring, Brock thinks about going back in, but retreats once again, the show ends with Cain & Mysterio staring down Brock