Smackdown Results – 1/10/20








Smackdown Results – 1/10/20
Evansville, Indiana
Ford Center
Commentary Team: Michael Cole & Corey Graves

The crowd loudly boos Miz before he even utters a word.

Miz says he hasn’t changed. He was just having a bad day last Friday, (well Joker said said all it takes is just one bad day to break even the best men) and sometimes when someone tells you to smile on a day like that, you just want to punch them in the face, so that’s what he did to Kingston last week. Miz offers an apology from the bottom of his heart to Kofi.

Miz recaps his issues with Bray Wyatt before moving on to the return of someone who is like family to him, John Morrison. He introduces Morrison as the biggest guest in the history of MizTV.

Here comes Morrison walking out to his old theme music. He embraces the Miz. Miz refers to them as the greatest tag team of the 21st century, and then cuts to a highlight reel for the Shaman of Sexy.

Morrison says there is nothing more important than being there for one of your best friends, so he decided to return last week rather than get the big Royal Rumble return entrance later this month. Morrison expresses his disappointment in the audience for chanting ‘Miz sucks’ last week. He extols the virtues of Miz as the hardest worker on the roster who doesn’t get the respect he deserves, not even from his own father. Morrison calls one of the audience members a douchebag, before he is interrupted by the New Day entrance.

Kofi and Big E walk down the ramp and say Miz isn’t a good enough actor to even issue a believable apology, and they throw in a human centipede joke for good measure. Miz brings up how Kofi lost the WWE Championship in six seconds, and how Kingston never pursued the title again after the fact. Kingston corrects Miz and says it was eight seconds, not six seconds, and it’s clear that the Miz is changing from ‘Cool Miz’ to ‘Obnoxious Annoying Miz’. And that means the people are correct when they say that Miz sucks. The audience chants “You suck,’ and we’ll have a one-on-one rematch between Miz and Kingston after the break.


Kofi with a rollup for a near fall, Miz with a Basement Big Boot for a 2 count, Kofi takes Miz to the floor, Tope Suicida, Miz shoves Kofi into E, E has words with Miz, Morrison comes to Miz’s aid, Kofi with a Leaping Lariat, Boom Drop, he looks for the kill, Trougle in Paradise blocked & Miz drives the knees into Kofi’s leg, Kofi with a Double Jump Crossbody for a near fall, Miz with a Snap DDT for a near fall, Shoot Kicks, Koci blocks the Buzzsaw, S.O.S. blocked, Skull-Crushing Finale countered into a rollup for a near fall, S.O.S. connects, but only gets a near fall, Miz with kicks to the leg, barrage of Running Knees, Kofi with a Seesaw Kick, up top, Miz delfects & locks in the Figure 4, but Kofi makes it to the rope and rolls to the floor, E & Miz get into a shouting match at ringside, Morrison with The Impact Elbow off the steps on E, Miz takes the opening & finishes Kofi with The Skull-Crushing Finale for the win


It’s time for the Firefly Fun House. Bray Wyatt says he loves you. Love is so special. Not everyone is worthy of love, like Daniel Bryan. Whatever the opposite of love is, that’s how HE feels about Daniel. Clips of Bryan joining the Wyatt family and betraying them from early 2014 overlap Bray’s words. Bryan is in a world of trouble at the Royal Rumble

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are backstage. Sonya is trying to hype her up for tonight’s match, but Mandy is clearly distracted by something. Sonya departs, and Mandy has a big white box that she is about to open.

It’s time for an Elias performance in the ring. His song is about how Roman reigns, Randy orton, Ricochet, AJ Styles, and Rowan are all going to lose at the Royal Rumble because of Elias. He says whatever is in Rowan’s cage can’t be as horrifying as a Lana/Lashley sex tape. Elias goes on to mock Brock Lesnar for never being around. Elias says Brock doesn’t have a personality and is afraid to talk. Elias is going to win the Royal Rumble and win the title from Lesnar. Sure you will, Elias. This song barely even rhymes and the crowd boos, though I’m not sure if it’s because the song sucks or because they hate Brock Lesnar.

Tucky is hyping up Dozer backstage, but Dozer can’t focus. Mandy shows up with her big white box. She apologizes to Dozer for letting Dolph step on his mom’s fruit cake without standing up to him. She offers Dozer the box as a gift. It’s a cake she made herself that says “I’m sorry.” Mandy quickly leaves because she has a match. Tucky seems suspicious of Mandy’s motives


Rose blocks the Snap DDT, Bliss with a Baseball Slide, back in the ring, Sonya up on the apron, Cross tries to pull her off, but gets kicked down, Bliss decks Sonya, Rose blasts her with Goddess Death for a near fall, Bed of Roses blocked, Insult to Injury, Bliss looks for the Snap DDT when Dozer comes out, the distraction allows Rose to roll up Bliss for the win


Lacey makes her entrance. Sasha’s music hits but nobody shows up.

Bayley shows up on the Titantron and says that Sasha Banks is in a real city, Los Angeles, to finish her rap album. Evans grabs a mic and says she isn’t shocked that Sasha didn’t show up, and there’s a difference between people like Lacey and people like Sasha. Since Sasha is a nasty and not here, Lacey challenges Bayley to a championship match right now.

Bayley says she isn’t Lacey’s snot-nosed kid and doesn’t need to listen to her. Lacey rushes to the backstage area, presumably running into a trap

Bayley and Evans are now brawling backstage. Bayley ducks the Woman’s Right and runs off and a ref keeps Evans from pursuing her.

Bryan appears for a backstage interview. Bryan says he remembers everything from six years ago with the Wyatt Family. Bryan says the Fiend changed him for the better, and he is now more dangerous than ever. The Fiend cannot break Daniel Bryan, not physically or mentally. Bryan knows the Fiend can be hurt and he can be beat, and Bryan is going to do it for the Universal championship.

Ramblin’ Rabbit shows up on the monitor behind him. Rabbit is about to tell Bryan the secret for how to beat The Fiend, but Bray then grabs the rabbit and shuts him up. Snitches get stitches. Let me in


Braun with an Avalanche, he goes for another, but Zayn pulls Nakamura to the floor, Braun backs him away & chases Zayn into the ring, Cesaro posts Braun & Nakamura sends him into the timekeeper area, Nakamura with a Running Knee for a 2 count, Braun ducks the Spinning Wheel Kick, but Nakamura hits him with the Pinwheel Kick, up top, Diving Knee, but Braun swats him out of the air, Running Shoulder Block, Lariat, Sledgehammer Fist to the heart, Running Powerslam blocked, Nakamura takes the knee out & hits a Sliding Knee for a near fall, Ultimate Knee Strikes, he looks for the kill, but Braun counters into a Spinebuster, Sami with a distraction, Cesaro in with a chair, but the ref catches him, Braun knocks him down, Sami slides Nakamura the belt, Braun ducks the belt shot & hits The Running Powerslam for the win


Braun holds up the belt, but Zayn runs in rips the belt out of Braun’s hand and runs off

Sheamus has a pre-taped promo where he mocks Chad Gable’s catchphrases. He says Gable embodies all of the problems with SmackDown. Small is not something to be embraced, it’s something to be exterminated. Sheamus proved that size does matter. Sheamus is going to embrace chaos now that he is back

Daniel Bryan is in the locker room backstage and there is a red gift box awaiting him. He opens it up to see a massacred Ramblin’ Rabbit

Roman has a mic and talks about how 2019 ended roughly for him. Roman says he’s always had backup, but when dealing Corbin and his thugs, he didn’t need the help of his friends, he needed help from his family. 2020 is Roman’s year. He’s going to win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania for the 5th time. He says he’ll do it with the Usos by his side, and now Jimmy & Jey make their entrance. A graphic reminds us that the Usos will be on WWE Backstage next Tuesday.

Jey Uso says it feels good to be back on the blue brand. They are going to turn Friday Night SmackDown into Friday Night Lock Down. Jimmy says it was tough to sit on the sideline watching Queen Corbin disrespect Roman Reigns. Kings come and go, but blood lasts forever.

Corbin and Ziggler make their entrance. Corbin says that Roman is throwing his family under the bus because the Big Dog is scared to face Corbin one-on-one. Corbin declares that he’s going to win the Royal Rumble match and Roman won’t be able to hide from him there. Roman issues a one-on-one challenge for a match earlier in the night at Royal Rumble. Corbin accepts, and says now it’s time to handle the Big Dog’s two bitches. The Usos respond by laying out the thugs that the Game of Thrones Reject got at Dumb Goons for Cheap Bastards


Usos with a Double Elbow Drop on Dolph for a 2 count, the GoT Reject with The Dream Crusher on Jey for a 2 count, Jimmy with an Enzugiri up top, but The Revival runs down for the assist, Roman wipes out both Dash & Dawson with a Double Superman Punch and storms down the ramp, Jey with a Running Butt-Butt, Jimmy with a Tope Suicida, Corbin catches him and tosses him into Roman, Jey with a Superkick & hits The Uso Splash, but the faux king makes the save, he posts Jimmy, Roman breaks Corbin in half with a Spear to cause a dq


Roman clears the announce table, but Robert Roode blasts Roman, Glorious DDT on the floor, Deep Six on Jey, Roode sends Jimmy into a Dolph Superkick, Roode says he’s back and tells Roman to look at his family, Double R Spinebuster on the announce table, but it doesn’t break, Dolph with The Heart Stopper through the table, they bury Roman under the announce table as the show ends