Smackdown Live Results – 9/10/19






Smackdown Live Results – 9/10/19
New York, New York
Madison Square Garden
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Cory Graves


The Undertaker makes his entrance.

He gets on the mic and says he’s considered these hallowed grounds his home for the past thirty years. He doesn’t know how many times he’s gonna get to come home anymore, but there’s one thing he wants people to remember about this place, the titans that were born here, the legends that made their name here, and the heroes that were created right here in Maidson Square Garden.

It’s rewarding for him to know that he took a little piece of each of their souls with him but they won’t be forgotten, and the echoes of their memories will go through these halls for all of eternity. And now, we usher in a new era of superstar–

Enter Sami Zayn.

He says he doesn’t know much but if there’s one thing he knows about New York City it’s that they respect legends and Undertaker is a legend. Truthfully what he finds most impressive about Taker’s career is probably his history in this very arena, because he’s been selling it out for thirty years. For thirty years, Madison Square Garden has been the Deadman’s yard.

Sami says first and foremost he has nothing but the utmost respect for the Undertaker, but however he thinks even he can admit it probably shouldn’t be him opening SmackDown, that probably should have been Zayn. But hey, nothing but respect, and thirty years is a long time, when is enough enough? He knows how much the Deadman loves WWE and everything he’s ever done has been about paving the way for the future.

What he’s trying to say is that the future is here and now and it’s Sami Zayn. He knows these unruly New York fans want nothing more than for him to take the Undertaker out, but he’s here out of respect to respectfully ask Taker to turn around and leave the ring right now, to do the right thing and pass the torch. He promises Madison Square Garden and the future of WWE is in good hands, he gives his word.

The Deadman starts to leave and Sami starts strutting, but Taker turns around and comes back in… GOOZLE! CHOKESLAM!

Taker leaves and poses with his fist up on the ramp.

Cut to Shane McMahon’s office when Chad Gable comes in.

Shane compliments him on what he’s been doing lately, saying everybody’s been talking about him and he’s on fire, but Elias has broken his ankle and can’t compete. Gable says he knows he’s getting a bye and going to the finals, but McMahon cuts him off and says he knows Chad doesn’t want a freebie, he wants to earn his way, so he’s got a match tonight, but he doesn’t know who the opponent is going to be just yet.

Gable says that sounds good to him and leaves.


Miz with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Rollup for a 2 count, Vega hangs Miz in the rope behind the ref’s back, Andrade with a Running Meteora for a near fall, Inverted Backbreaker/Neckbreaker combo for a 2 count, Shoot Kicks, Andrade ducks the Buzzsaw Kick, Miz with a barrage of Chops & Shoot Kicks, a pair of Running Double Knees, Andrade charges, but Miz lowbridges him then hits a Baseball Slide, then launches Andrade into Nakamura, back in the ring, Vega grabs his leg, Andrade with the Spinning Back Elbow for a near fall, Double Moonsault countered into a waistlock then Miz transitions into The Skull-Crushing Finale for the win


Nakamura lays out Miz with a Kinshasa afterwards

Matt Hardy and Apollo Crews are chilling in the locker room when Shane McMahon rolls up looking for him and making short jokes. Gable shows up and asks if he’s found his opponent, to which Shane says he has, he’s right outside, and Elias approves… tonight, it’ll be Chad Gable vs… Shane McMahon


Rose with a Fallaway Slam for a 2 count, Stranglehold, Cross up top, Sonya up on the apron, Bliss rips her off the apron, Cross with a Diving Crossbody, Rose avoids it, Goddess Death, Cross ducks and rolls Rose up for the win


Backstage, Bayley is hanging out when Ember Moon rolls up to ask her what’s happening.

The Hugger insists she’s the same person she’s always been, and what she did, she did for SmackDown, it’s not just about Sasha, it’s about the title. Moon asks if beating on Becky Lynch elevates the title and SmackDown before saying that Bayley’s better than that and she’s just trying to fight for relevance now that Banks is back, and points out that she got pinned by Charlotte Flair.

Bayley steps to her and Ember challenges her to a match later tonight, which the Hugger accepts


Tucky takes Silver’s head off with a Lariat, Dozer with the Caterpillar Elbow then they flatten Silver in The Compactor for the win


Backstage, Shane McMahon is talking to a crew member when Kevin Owens rolls up.

He wanted Owens to come in so he could talk to him about the fine hanging over him, and he says he’s willing to get rid of it. KO asks what the catch is, and Shane says there’s no catch, just a job. He puts a referee shirt on Kev’s shoulder and says King of the Ring is very important to him and he wants to be double billed as Best in the World *and* King of the Ring.

If he does his job correctly, that hundred thousand dollar fine will be gone. Just, you know, to the best of his ability. Owens starts to ask a question but it gets caught in his throat and he leaves visibly conflicted

Erick Rowan makes his entrance.

He gets on the mic and says all of his life, people just don’t seem to get him, they don’t know him. All of us think he’s controlled by somebody, that somebody tells him what to do, until last week. You see, all of us need to look him in the eyes, which we are afraid to, and see what it is that makes him tick. Look deep, deep, deep in these eyes and see what he’s capable of.

And that’s that he’s a mastermind, a manipulator, a schemer, but no, all we see is a big brute that terrorizes and brutalizes, just like he did to Roman Reigns last week.

Enter Roman Reigns, fighting mad.

He slides in the ring… SUPERMAN PUNCH SENDS ROWAN TO THE FLOOR! On the outside, the Big Dog howls… SPEAR COUNTERED BY A FRONT KICK! Erick throws him into the barricade but Roman punches him on the charge and dumps him into the crowd! Fighting out after him, they brawl up the aisle, trading shots back and forth before Rowan dumps Reigns back over the barricade.

Superman Punch cuts the big man off as he climbs the barricade and referees, security, and road agents try to restore order but the Big Dog hits another Superman punch! ROWAN PICKS A FAN UP AND POWERBOMBS HIM INTO THE CRUSH! Sonjay Dutt is at the front waving the big man off, but he leads them around the ring and wipes Roman out with a freight train crossbody!

Erick dragging him up the ramp, Reigns recovers, big slicing rights, the big man cuts him off and clubs him down as five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce enters the fray and finally they achieve some degree of separation only for the Big Dog to restart it with another Superman Punch! Beating Erick down on the King of the Ring dais, Rowan rises and grabs a camera boom, throwing it into Reigns!

Erick yells about Sunday as the refs and road agents escort him to the back before checking on Roman Reigns


Bayley crotches Moon on the barricade and hits a Knee Strike, Bayley goes for a Tope Suicida, but Moon with a straight kick, back in the ring, Bayley avoids a dive and hits the Bayley to Belly for the win


Kofi Kingston makes his entrance.

He says it feels good to be back in Madison Square Garden and talks about how this building will always hold a special place in his heart, because it was here that his career changed forever and he chose to step up and prove that he belongs here, and that’s exactly what he did when he whooped Randy Orton’s ass all over the building. And the icing on the cake, he laid Orton out and put his ass through a table.

The entire arena was chanting his name and he knew that one day he’d be back here at Madison Square Garden as WWE Champion, and that day has come! He sees kids out here that might be too young to remember, and some folks may have forgotten what happened, but they’ve got footage to remind us. They play footage of his match against Randy Orton from November 16, 2009.

Kingston continues, saying that’s just a small taste of what he’s going to do to Randy Orton when he–

Orton appears over the house PA calling Kofi stupid over and over and we finally see him in the crowd with a mic. He says he can’t sit here and listen to Kingston listing his two achievements over the past ten years when he’s won world titles seven times and the Royal Rumble twice in that time and he’s going to take the title away from Kofi.

He’s pretended to be something he’s not from day one, whether it was the Jamaican accent and the dreadlocks or that phony Power of Positivity bullshit. Kingston, for his part, calmly takes his entrance jacket and title belt off and heads out to meet the Viper, but Orton’s ready for him with a steel chair, beating him down and calling him stupid yet again!

Drawing Kofi up, he throws him into the barricade and sets him up on a riser for the DDT but Kingston fights back! Kofi gets the chair in hand and slams it down across Randy’s back repeatedly! Kingston rearranges some of the local furniture and tries to set Orton up but the Viper cuts him off and lays him out across a table. Chair in hand, but Kofi kicks him hard enough to accidentally break the table and turn the tide!

Clearing the way, Kingston gets another table and drags it into place before setting the Viper on it. He heads up atop a railing… BOOM DROP THROUGH THE TABLE!


Gable hits The Chaos Theory in less than 30 seconds to win, Shane abuses is power once again & makes it 2 out of 3 falls, he attacks behind and slams his head into the announce table

Gable with a Crucifix Pin, Owens with slow count for a 1 count, Shane with an Oklahoma Roll, fast count for a near fall, Gable with a Rolling Koppu Kick, Swinging Neckbreaker, Moonsault, another slow count for a 2 count, Owens doesn’t want to do this, Shane with an Argentine Neckbreaker for a near fall with a fast count, Shane grabs a chair, he hands it Owens, Shane goes for a nut shot, but Gable with an Ankle Lock & grapevines the leg and Shane taps out


Gable advances to the final where he will defeat Corbin to win it all this Sunday

Shane argues with Owens then decks him and grabs a mic and fires Kevin