Smackdown Live Results – 8/27/19






Smackdown Live Results – 8/27/19
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Raising Cane’s River Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Cory Graves

Roman runs into an interview backstage.

He has something to say to Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan, but he wants to say it to them in the ring.

In the arena proper, Kofi Kingston makes his entrance and we get a recap video for his feud with Randy Orton.

Kingston gets on the mic and says Orton calls him stupid but who got their ass knocked out last week outta nowhere? He talks about how he always just wanted to prove that he belongs in the top spot and Randy didn’t want that and made it personal. But Orton ran away scared last week because he saw the look in Kofi’s eyes that says he doesn’t play around when you mess with his family.

So now the match is set, and he’s gonna show Orton that he was ready all those years ago and he’s ready now.

Orton interrupts, calling him stupid again and again before saying he’s gonna wait until the title match to show Kofi just how stupid he is. But he wants to talk about something else tonight, a letter he received in his hotel room that was written with heart and really touched him. The letter is from Kofi’s son and purports to say that Randy makes Kingston cry at night.

The Viper says he didn’t realize until just now but he’s staying in the same hotel with Kofi’s family, and he’s not gonna write back, he’s gonna go pay his son a visit right now. Kingston, naturally, leaves the ring without saying another word and sprints to the back to intercept him. We got a brawl! They roll around, road agents (including 5-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce) and refs try to pull them apart but Kofi’s not having it!

Orton gets the better of him and hits the hanging DDT off a desk!

Big E leaves the trainer’s room and is interviewed.

He says Kofi will be ready to compete at Clash of Champions, but after his match tonight, he can’t say the same about Randy


Murphy with a Pump Knee for a 2 count, Ali takes Murphy to the floor with a straight kick then follows with a Tope Suicida, Murphy Gorilla Presses Ali to the floor then follows with a Tope con Hilo, Ali avoids the Metoera and hits a Superkick, Poisoned Frankensteiner, but only gets a near fall, Ali looks to go up, but Murphy traps him with a Cheeky Nandos Kick, Powerbomb and stacks Ali up for a near fall, floats over right into a Knee Strike then follows with a Brainbuster for a near fall, CQC Strikes, Ali answers back with a Spinning Wheel Kick, Elevated Tilt-a-Whirl DDT then finishes Murphy with a 450 Splash for the win


Ali advances to the quarters to face Elias

Murphy shakes Ali’s hand before leaving

Bayley is backstage with her title and Ember Moon rolls up.

Bayley goes to offer her a match but Moon demures, saying she’s still processing her loss and she proceeds to give Bayley a pep talk about how she’s the one that brings the best out of the women’s division, not Charlotte Flair. Lacey Evans rolls up to tell them to raise their standards and claiming that she’s the real face of the division, they simply laugh in her face

Miz cuts a promo before his match.

He talks about how Sami Zayn is Shinsuke Nakamura’s spokesperson now and runs Zayn down as a hanger-on and talks about how he won’t be Shinsuke’s ticket to success, and that’s why he’s challenging for the Intercontinental Championship at Clash of Champions.

Enter Sami Zayn. He talks about how he’s liberated Nakamura and how funny it is to him that Miz continues to talk about the title as if it’s his. He keeps associating himself with that title, but here’s some news– Nakamura is champion. He talks about how Miz needs some respect beaten into him, and the A-Lister suggests that he come in the ring and do it.

Sami says that’s not how it works, so Miz says he’ll come out there and beat some respect into Zayn. Sami warns him… AND SHINSUKE NAKAMURA ATTACKS! Shinsuke puts him into the barricades over and over while Zayn cheers him on… KINSHASA AGAINST THE APRON! Zayn requests Nakamura put Miz in the ring and runs down Miz’s lack of respect for art after he does so.

He holds Miz in place for his “close-up”… KINSHASA!

Backstage, Elias is playing guitar when Kevin Owens rolls up.

He says this is Shane McMahon’s office and KO should have knocked. Owens asks what he’s doing here and Elias says he’s winning King of the Ring so he does what he likes. KO asks where Shane is and Elias says he’s not here at all. Kev thanks him and walks away.


Lacey with a Cobra Clutch, Bayley fights out then hits a Crossbody off the 2nd rope for a 2 count, Lacey goes after the shoulder, Handstand Seated Senton for a 2 count, Lacey goes back to the arm, Bayley makes it to the rope then turns it around on Lacey, Dropkick to the back for a 2 count, Bayley with a Stryker Lock, but Lacey makes it to the rope, Lacey blocks the Bayley to Belly and drives the shoulder into the mat, Double Jump Turnaround Moonsault, cocky cover with her hand in Bayley’s face comes back to bite her as it’s only a near fall, Bayley with a Suplex off the barricade, they both make it in at 9, Bayley with an Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, Lacey jumps into a Jackknife cover for a near fall, Bayley to Belly, but Lacey grabs the rope, she kicks Bayley’s bad arm and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker, she goes for the Imploding Splash, but Bayley gets her knees up, Bayley to Belly then up top & hits The Diving Elbow Drop for the win


Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan are interviewed.

Bryan says last week they showed Roman Reigns the man who almost ended his career and still haven’t gotten an apology, so they’re not leaving the arena until he gives them a proper one


E sends Orton into the steps, he tells Orton that he has hell to pay & E’s here to collect then throws him over the announce table, then over the barricade, back in the ring for a 2 count, New Day Rocks Abdominal Stretch then a Running Shoulder Block for a 2 count, Orton with a thumb to the eye then posts E, E goes for the Big Splash on the apron, but Orton evades and E hits the apron, Orton with the Release Back Suplex on the announce table, E with a barrage of Bellly to Belly Suplexes, he fights off The Revival, RKO blocked, Orton slips out of The Big Ending, Revival with an attack behind the ref’s back, Orton finishes E with The RKO for the win


Revival with The Flapjack launch for Orton into a RKO

Backstage, Chad Gable is interviewed about his match against Shelton Benjamin tonight.

He says Shelton should know better than to underestimate him tonight, and speak of the devil, the Gold Standard rolls up. He acts like he can’t see Gable (more stupid short jokes because Vince has the mentality of a child)

Elias cuts a promo from the King of the Ring throne and talks about how he’s going to be King of the Ring when Kevin Owens attacks! Into the ring… STUNNER!

KO leaves, R-Truth arrives, cover, Drake Maverick pulls him out of the ring…

Drake Maverick wins the WWE 24/7 Championship by pinfall with a lateral press.

He takes a victory lap around the ring and past a fallen Truth before celebrating on the stage


Benjamin with a Spinebuster for a 2 count, Gable jumps into a Jackknife pin for a 2 count, Benjamin sends Gable into the turnbuckle hard for a 2 count, Gable with a Rolling Koppu Kick, Leaping Neckbreaker, Release German Suplex, Shelton back up and hits a Lariat, Benjaimin blocks The Chaos Theory, Ankle Lock, but Gable kicks him off, Gable goes for a Tope, but Shelton catches him and slings him into the barricade, he sets him up top, Gable fights him off, Moonsault, Benjamin rolls out of the way, Gable lands on his feet, Shelton with a Jumping Knee, Powerbomb countered into a Sunset Flip for the win


Gable advances to the quarters to face Andrade

Roman Reigns makes his entrance.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan appear from the tron and Bryan says he just wants two words “I’m sorry.”

Roman asks the crowd if he should apologize, and of course they say no. He says he wants to show a video and then if he still needs to apologize, he will. The video rolls, and it shows the incident with all the scaffolding with a tall man with a red beard knocking some road cases over. Dan panicks and starts slapping Rowan in the face and telling him to shut up and get out of here!

He demands a microphone and tells Roman, as he walks to the ring, that he has to know that he hates liars and he’s trusted Erick for almost the last year and he’s been betrayed. He didn’t know anything and Rowan has lied to him, suggesting someone that isn’t him told Rowan to lie to– ROMAN CUTS HIM OFF MID-SENTENCE WITH THE SPEAR! as the show ends