Smackdown Live Results – 8/21/18






Smackdown Live Results – 8/21/18
Brooklyn, New York
Barclay Center                                                                                                                                                              

USA Network
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton

Miz making his entrance, with Maryse at his side.

He stands somberly in the ring with his head bowed as the crowd chants for Daniel Bryan and he says he was able to feel that in a way that he never felt it before, and two nights ago at SummerSlam, something happened. Now he has a family to think about and he’s gonna make this really short. With a heavy heart and the utmost sadness– he’s real choked up and Maryse hugs him before he continues– he officially announces his retirement, to the utter joy of the crowd in Brooklyn.

His retirement, that is, from ever facing Daniel Bryan again. Yes! all you want, the eight-year saga of Miz and Daniel Bryan has come to a satisfying conclusion because he did exactly what he said he was going to do by beating Bryan in front of a sold-out Barclay’s Center. Don’t get him wrong, Dan gave him everything he had, he punched him a hundred times, but a hundred Bryan punches don’t amount to one Miz punch.

You’re looking at the hardest punch in WWE, and he did exactly what Bryan said he was going to do to him, except when he did it, he pinned him 1-2-3 in front of his gorgeous, sexy wife Maryse. That was Sunday, it’s now time to start his new life, a life where he’s gonna watch the fifth episode of Miz and Mrs. right after SmackDown right here on USA Network.

Enter Daniel Bryan. He has one word– Coward. He says it over and over as Miz sputters a reaction out and hides behind his wife. The A-Lister says the record books will say he won and he’s superior in every single way, and Bryan has to live with never beating him, never being better than him, and never having a chance to fight him again. Dan tells him to shut up for once in his life, and his victory is another lie in his career like the lights he’s under and the makeup he’s wearing.

Dan says he said he’d punch him in the face and he did so take him for his word when he says he’s gonna expose Miz for what he really is, a wannabe Hollywood star cosplaying as a wrestler, and he’s not going to be able to retire yet, because– Maryse cuts him off and tells him to retire and change his name to Daniel Bella already.

Enter Brie Bella! SHE CHARGES RIGHT PAST BRYAN AND PUNCHES MIZ IN THE FACE AS MARYSE SLIDES OUT OF THE RING! BRIE’S BEATING THE A-LISTER DOWN AND BRYAN JOINS HER, PUNCHING HIM CLEAN OUT OF THE RING! Dan and Brie stand tall and the American Dragon points out that his wife has a sweet punch. Plus, he just talked to Paige and they have a match at Hell in a Cell, but it’s not Bryan vs. Miz, it’s a mixed tag with Brie & Maryse involved as well

Miz and Maryse are irate and looking for Paige backstage when they roll up on her.

Miz asks if this is how she treats the stars of USA Network and he doesn’t get it, but Paige is somehow a worse general manager than Daniel Bryan. Paige offers a counterpoint that Miz got punched in the face by Brie Bella, the tag stays, and it’ll be… awesome then mocks Maryse’s hand gesture.


Jeff with The Whisper in the Wind, Double Legdrop, Basement Dropkick, Twist of Fate, up top, but Orton crotches Hardy, Randy lives up to his new Ear-Ripper name and he tries to tear off Jeff’s gauged ear, he looks for the Elevated DDT, Jeff with a stomp to the nuts to cause a dq


He sends The Ear-Ripper over the announce table, they continue to brawl at ringside and head to the tech area, Jeff with multiple chair shots to the back and puts Jeff on top of a table, hand-held camera to the face, Jeff climbs on top of one of the road cases & hits a Swanton Bomb through the table

The Bar are interviewed backstage and they say they want a shot at whoever comes out of the tag title match when the Club roll up to… audition for the pre-show panel. Gallows does a faux English accent, Anderson shows his abs off, and they lay claim to being the next challengers for the tag champs themselves, and say if the Bar have a problem with that they can have a wrestle.

Cesaro says Ed Sheeran likes them better than the Club and next week they’re gonna kick their heads off, because they don’t just set the bar, they are The Bar

IIconic Duo want to play a guessing game during their entrance.

What’s overrated, loud, obnoxious and has flashing lights everywhere? Brooklyn! Or actually, that’s the answer to “What’s a dumpster fire?,” and Royce slowly realizes that Billie Kay is talking about Naomi and says that just like Brooklyn, Naomi is most definitely not IIconic


Naomi with a Jumping Split Legdrop for a 2 count, Royce hangs Naomi in the rope then hits a Spinning Heel Kick, Peyton with a beat down then a cover for a 2 count, Naomi with a Tidal Wave for a near fall, she sends Kay into the post, then finishes Naomi with The Venus Fly-Trap Suplex (Bridging Fisherwoman Suplex) for the win


Backstage, indie wrestler CPA is a trainer taping Big E’s ribs up when the other two New Day guys roll up to check on him. He’s eating ribs, so there’s a bit of confusion, but Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods say they have things covered tonight and reiterate their history in Brooklyn and their conviction that they’re going to win the tag titles back tonight

Becky Lynch makes her entrance.

She says she deserves to be standing here as Women’s Champion, and Charlotte Flair deserves the beating she gave her for taking that from her. SummerSlam was supposed to be her time, she had fought her way for months and earned her way into a singles match against Carmella and had even gotten over Charlotte being added to the match because finally it was her opportunity to silence the critics who said she was just Flair’s friend.

She pictured raising the title over her head as her own woman, saying she put the SmackDown women’s division on the map, and the fans act like they’re with her, but were they the whole time? There was no #GiveBeckyAChance and when Charlotte weaseled her way into the match there was no boycott, and when Flair stole the match from her they got out of their seats and applauded the new champion, so they weren’t really that upset, were they?

And somehow when anyone asks the WWE Universe who the greatest superstar of all time, Becky Lynch isn’t the first name out of our mouths and somehow she’s been made an afterthought. Come SummerSlam she’d had enough of opinions and decided to take action, because the referee slapping the mat for the third time was like someone counting her out of a trance and she never saw more clearly before in her life.

She knew in that moment that her so-called best friend was holding her back and that Charlotte had stolen her spotlight for the last time, that she was going to raise her hand and rip her head off, because this was supposed to be her time to be champion, and not because we say it, but because she says it, and she’s the best, and there’s no one anywhere that can tell her different.

Enter Charlotte Flair. She rushes the ring and takes Lynch down for mounted punches! Lynch turns it around with punches of her own and they spill to the floor! Putting boots to the Queen, Becky tries to beat it over the barricade and Flair yanks her back in and throws her into the ring! Front kick into more punches, referees try to separate them and Paige brings the entire women’s division out to pull them apart!

Charlotte breaks free and gets hands on Lynch again but they get pulled apart! Becky breaks away this time and again they get separated! SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES! CHARLOTTE OFF THE APRON INTO MORE PUNCHES AS THEY TRY AND PULL THEM APART


Lana & Vega trade flash pins, Ruse with a Spinning Wheel Kick, he goes for the Machka Kick, but Almas evades, Back Elbow, Running Meteora for a near fall, La Sombra blocked, Vega back in, but Lana takes her down, Andrade tries to bring a chair in, but Aiden English takes it away, Machka Kick to Almas then Rusev locks in The Accolade and Andrade taps out


Aiden tells them he always has their back as they celebrate in the ring and acknowledge that he did good this time.

Shinsuke Nakamura gets a handcam promo where he talks about the inscription on the Statue of Liberty and how he disposed the clown Jeff Hardy and deserves a coronation as the American hero he is, and he welcomes us to the United States of Nakamerica

AJ Styles makes his entrance and is interviewed on the stage. He hesitates to collect his thoughts about the end of his match at SummerSlam and admits the match didn’t end how he wanted, but he doesn’t regret what he did to Samoa Joe. He lost the match because of his actions and he’s not proud of that, but Joe crossed a line that real man doesn’t cross.

He broke a promise, but let him make a promise to the WWE Universe and his family, one that he will not break– the next time Samoa mentions his family’s name, he’s gonna rip his heart out and show it– JOE YANKS STYLES OFF THE STAGE AND CHOKES HIM OUT WITH THE COQUINA CLUTCH! Samoa gets on the mic and calls AJ’s wife Wendy out and says we’re making a lot of promises tonight, including one to go home and tuck in the kids, but guess what, daddy’s already gone night-night!

He leaves AJ for dead and stands tall on the stage

Paige puts referee Drake Wuertz in charge of making sure AJ Styles gets appropriate medical attention.

Carmella comes in and Paige tries to figure out what’s different before realizing that she’s lost some weight– ten pounds of gold, in fact. Carmella tells her not to title shame her and demands her rematch when R-Truth enters to complain that Carmella’s been ducking him for weeks and he’s gonna get that title match by pinning her. Paige explains that just because Charlotte and Becky got their title match by pinning Carmella doesn’t mean he can do the same, and Truth leaves, saying she got lucky this time.

Paige books the one-on-one rematch for next week and Carmella moonwalks away, but Paige has to yell at R-Truth to put her down

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Rowan sends Kofi into a Harper Big Boot on the floor, back in the ring for a 2 count, Kofi with a Tornado DDT on a chair, but Rowan pulls Kofi to the floor then runs over Xavier, Double Team Face Eraser on the ring apron on Xavier, Bludgeons set up a pair of chairs and put a ladder between them, Bludgeons with The Reckoning on Kofi on the ladder, but only a near fall, Rowan brings out a table, Rowan with a barrage of Headbutts against the ring post on Kofi, Harper grabs their sledgehammers and sends Rowan, but Xavier evades as Rowan crashes through the barricade, Harper with a Superkick, he looks for The Brodie Bomb on the table, but Kofi with a the sledgehammer to the ribs and sets Harper on the table, Xavier with The Limit Break through the table they both pile up on Harper to win the Titles


New Day celebrate their title win as the show ends