Smackdown Live Results – 8/20/19






Smackdown Live Results – 8/20/19
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Denny Samford Premier Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & David Otunga

Corey & Carmella are still on vacation so Otunga is the 3rd man at the table tonight

Randy Orton making his entrance.

He runs Kofi Kingston down as an idiot who ran away and calls him stupid before pointing out that he got RKO’d twice. He talks about how he and the Revival broke Xavier Woods’ leg and puts the RKO over again.

New Day’s music plays but they don’t come out through the entrance, instead Kofi appears behind him… TROUBLE IN PARADISE! He stands over Orton’s fallen form and says we’re gonna find out who the stupid one is today before leaving to get a chair. He comes back in the ring and wraps it around Randy’s leg, telling him it’s for Woods. Up to the second, Dash Wilder makes the save and gets dropkicked out of the ring!

Scott Dawson follows, Orton runs away and the Revival take the brunt of Kingston’s wrath!

Shane McMahon when Kevin Owens rolls up.

Shane wanted to see him and tells him to not show the abhorrent behavior he did last week or his $100K fine will seem like a slap on the wrist. Owens says he’s not here for that, he’s had a terrible week and he’s focused on King of the Ring, so he’s just here for whatever McMahon wanted and nothing else. Shane asks what’s on his mind, and KO says it’s the fine, and he can admit he didn’t react like he should have.

He went home and looked at his family and he realized just how bad it is, and a hundred grand is huge to him even if it’s not a big deal to McMahon. He tries to relate to Shane father to father, man to man, and says he wishes Shane would reconsider. McMahon says he’ll take it under consideration


Apollo with a Lariat for a 1 count, Gorilla Press blocked, Andrade sends Apollo into the corner, Running Meteora for a near fall, La Sombra countered into a Small Package for a 2 count, Andrade with a Juji-Gatame in the rope, up top, but Apollo blasts him out of the air with a Dropkick, Slingshot Hurricanrana to the floor, but Apollo catches him, Andrade turns it into a Hurricanrana into the steps, Apollo with an Olympic Slam for a near fall, The Chariot blocked, Andrade up top, but Apollo with a Leaping Enzugiri, Apollo tries The Chariot again, but Andrade sends him into the corner, Apollo avoids The Running Meteora, Olympic Slam countered into an Arm Drag, Apollo with a Pump Kick then an Enzugiri, Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall, Vega grabs Andrade’s ankle to slow Apollo down, Apollo turns his attention to Vega for a split second, Andrade with a Spinning Back Elbow then finishes Apollo with La Sombra for the win


Andrade advances to the Quarters

Backstage, we see Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan walk a hooded man into a small room and they sit him down.

Bryan says tonight the whole world is going to find out what he did, so in the meantime, don’t even think of moving from that chair or he’ll be very, very sorry.

Elias is shown walking backstage and playing his guitar when he decides to accost a crew member who turns out to be referee John Cone in disguise. He asks Cone where “he” is and Cone points at a road case. Elias passes the referee his guitar and opens the case, revealing Drake Maverick. Drake is convinced he’s got him even as the Drifter has him goozled and makes him read a letter.

The letter is a proclamation that the 24/7 Championship rules have been suspended tonight so Elias can beat Kevin Owens in King of the Ring tonight. The Drifter chokeslams Drake back into the case and goes about his day. Maverick pops his head out of the case and says he just wants to consummate his marriage

Alexa Bliss and Nikki cross welcome us to A Moment of Bliss and pose with the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Bliss talks about how humbled they are by their title reign and they don’t want us to think that being champions changes anything, and their show will always be open to the less fortunate, but tonight’s a little different, because their guest asked to be here, 9-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Flair says the throne for King of the Ring is more her style and Alexa talks about how her victory over Trish Stratus could be seen as a passing of the torch, but Charlotte disagrees, saying she took the torch outright. Bliss moves on to the question of whether or not Bayley, as champion, is the real face of the SmackDown women’s division, to which Flair says people say a lot of things.

Bayley might be the champion, but she’s the brand. You gonna put Bayley and her side pony on the red carpet? Of course not! Bayley is an afterthought, and that’s why the title is an afterthought.

Enter Bayley.

She’s had enough of the bragging and insults, but to her it just sounds like a bunch of excuses because she’s the champion and she’s better than Charlotte and she knows that eats her up inside. Flair asks if she knows how people feel about her and the title? Don’t take her word for it, go back and see who everybody was talking about after SummerSlam. Bayley’s devalued the title and now Flair has to restore its prestige and beat her at Clash of Champions.

Bayley says if that’s a challenge, she accepts, and she can’t wait to do all these people a favor and finally shut Charlotte’s mouth. Oh, and one more thing– SHE SHOVES FLAIR OFF THE CHAIR!

Buddy Murphy is shown getting ready backstage when Roman Reigns walks in.

Reigns tells him they can do it like they did a couple weeks ago or they can have a conversation, man-to-man. He wants to know who Buddy is lying to. Murphy says he’s pretty sure he saw Erick Rowan, and the Big Dog says he needs better than pretty sure. Buddy complains about everybody sticking their nose into his business when he was only trying to help Roman, to which Reigns says if he finds out he was lying again, he’ll come back and whoop his ass

Daniel Bryan gets on the mic before the match starts to run Buddy Murphy’s credibility down and call him a liar.

And not just a liar, but the worst kind, a cowardly liar, and they’re going to prove that he had something to do with it.


Murphy with a Pump Knee for a near fall right out the gate, Murphy sends Bryan to the floor and hits a Tope con Hilo, back in the ring, Diving Meteora for a near fall, Bryan scissors the arm and traps Murphy in the LeBell Lock then switches to a Rings of Saturn, then a Double Underhook Crossface, then the Human Torture Device, back to the LeBell Lock, but Murphy makes it to the rope, Shoot Kicks, Murphy ducks the Buzzsaw Kick and hits a Roundhouse Kick of his own, Bryan ties Murphy to the Tree of Woe and delivers Shoot Kicks, Basement Dropkick, Avalanche Back Suplex for a near fall, Running Dropkick, up top, but Murphy traps Bryan, Cheeky Nandos Kick, Running Liger Bomb for a near fall, Murphy with CQC Strikes, Busaiku countered into a Backslide, Murphy with the Kamigoye, Brainbuster, but only gets a near fall, Rowan up on the apron, O’Connor Roll, sends Bryan into Rowan, Murphy with a Superkick, Bryan ducks, Rowan doesn’t, Bryan with a rollup, Murphy escapes, Pump Knee then hits Murphy’s Law for the win


Before Murphy could be interviewed about his win, Rowan attacks with Daniel Bryan right there with him calling him a lying, cowardly piece of trash as he eats the Iron-Claw Slam into a road case! Referees and road agents swarm and pull them off of Buddy.

The Revival come to the ring, microphones in hand, to run New Day down as cowards and especially Big E as too scared to show his face. So they officially challenge New Day to a title match!


Tuckey with a Pop-Up Bearhug on Dash then passes him to Dozer, Dash fights out, Machinery with Stereo Suplexes, Dash with a Diving Bulldog on Tuckey for a near fall, Dozer with a Spinning Body Slam then an Avalanche on Dash followed by The Caterpillar Elbow, Revival blocks The Compactor, Dawson takes down Dozer then pins Tuckey with an Oklahoma Roll for the win


Backstage, Chad Gable is interviewed.

He agrees that he’s an underdog but that’s been the case his whole life. Shelton Benjamin sticks his head through the locker room door as Gable keeps talking about how nobody believed in him, and Shelton slaps a “you must be this tall to participate in King of the Ring” sign on the door behind him as he leaves, clearly like three or four inches too tall for Chad.

Gable runs into it and deadpan calls it funny before heading into the locker room

Miz is in the ring and jumps right into his MizTV patter and says his guest tonight requested to be here and he’s just as curious as we are as to why.

Enter Sami Zayn. He wants to be honest right off the bat, he doesn’t care about Miz or his show but he needed TV time to get some things off his chest. The A-Lister talks about all the losing Sami’s been doing and Zayn fires back and says he’s right. He’s been losing for months now and last night he had an epiphany and he’s realized why he loses. He’s gotten caught up in the trap people like Miz get caught up in, greed.

Selfishness, ambition, and any success he’s ever had has been in fighting for things bigger than himself, causes and for what is right, and Sami finally realized the path to redemption for Sami Zayn is through altruism, through helping others. Yes, he’s one of the greatest competitors alive today but so many SmackDown stars need his help. Miz asks who this could possibly be, and Zayn says one is ready to come out right now.

Enter Shinsuke Nakamura.

Miz asks why Nakamura would ever associate with Sami, and Zayn answers by asking Miz what language he expects to interact with Shinsuke in? English? Nakamura is a poet who is in pain when he can’t articulate what’s in his soul, but Sami understands that pain and they have a bond that no one will ever understand, from the day that Shinsuke set foot in NXT, they’ve been two sides of the same coin.

From here on out, Nakamura doesn’t have to express that pain, and if you want to talk to him, you talk to Sami Zayn. Miz walks right past Sami and asks “Shin” if he’s really going to let Zayn speak for him, and Nakamura just points at Sami. Zayn says they’ll express themselves in language Miz can understand, and Shinsuke kicks his leg out from under him! KINSHASA TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

Putting boots to the A-Lister, Sami eventually backs Nakamura off before drawing Miz up and into place… ANOTHER KINSHASA!

Daniel Bryan and Rowan return to the room with the hooded man.

Bryan says he’s called for Roman and he’s going to find out exactly what he did.

Shane McMaon is in his office when Kevin Owens returns.

Shane says he remembered the main reason he called KO in the first time, and he knows he can’t put his hands on an official, and he’s going to need an apology from Owens. Kev apologizes and McMahon says he’s reconsidering his judgment and he’s thinking about lifting the fine, but if KO ever intentionally puts his hands on another official he’ll be IMMEDIATELY fired.

KO says they’re clear and offers Shane a handshake but McMahon says they’re not quite there yet


Owens with a Cannonball for a 2 count, Shane makes his way down to the ring, Elias with a Jumping Knee for a 2 count, Body Slam for a 1 count, Owens with a Dropkick off the second rope, Running Senton, up to the second, but Elias catches him with The Halo Bomb for a near fall, he sets Owens up top, Owens fights him off, Senton Atomico, but Elias gets the knees up, Owens with a lowbridge then a Cannonball off the apron to the floor, he goes to send Elias back in the ring when Shane gets in his face and takes his shirt off revealing a ref shirt, Elias blocks a Stunner & rolls Owens up and fast count form Shane


Elias advances to the Quarters

Roman Reigns arrives in the room with Daniel Bryan and the hooded man.

Bryan says he’s been trying to tell the whole world that Rowan is innocent, so he had to go to extreme lengths to exonerate Erick Rowan, and he’s found the man that nearly ended Reigns’ career. He pulls the hood off and… it’s… some bald guy… with a red beard… and he looks identical to Rowan. (I guess they’re going for something like the twin Hebner imposter ref angle leading to Mania IV, or it appears to be that’s what they’re going for)

Roman’s as confused as we are.