Smackdown Live Results – 7/30/19





Smackdown Live Results – 7/30/19
Memphis, Tennessee
Fedex Forum
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Cory Graves

Cellphone video from Shane McMahon.

He says he’s not going to be on the show tonight, and that’s entirely Kevin Owens’ fault. But KO gets exactly what he wants, a match at SummerSlam, and that made Shane feel very peaceful, like he had his aura back, and he’s going to end Kevin’s career.

Commentary hypes up tonight’s show.

Speak of the devil, Kevin Owens makes his entrance.

He gets on the mic and says Shane isn’t here tonight but we’re all gonna get through it together and stay strong to make it through the night in a mock emotional tone. He continues and says he wants to reassure McMahon that him not being here is great news because tonight maybe SmackDown can be about what it should be about, the talent and not his stupid face.

Shane may be at peace with whatever crap his life coach is feeding him, but Owens vows not to quit at SummerSlam. He’s going to beat McMahon so bad that every time he looks in the mirror he’ll know he doesn’t belong in this ring with people like KO. Nobody can stop Shane from showing up, but Kev can make sure that every time he does he’ll know that this isn’t his ring or his show, this is the Kevin Owens Show.

Enter Drew McIntyre.

He tells Owens he talks too much and informs him that they have a match against each other tonight. And another thing– he clocks KO with the mic and drags him out of the ring! Into the post and over the announce table! Drew gets on the mic again to tell him he best dust himself off, because their match is now!


Drew with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex for a 2 count, Drew charges but Owens evades & Drew hits the post, Cannonball for a near fall, up top, but Drew meets up, Owens fights off McIntyre & hits a Frog Splash for a near fall, Owens fights off Drew & hits a Senton Atomico for a near fall, Stunner countered into a Glasgow Kiss, Sit-Out Catatonic for a near fall, Drew stalks Owens, but Kevin counters the Claymore with a Superkick, a second Superkick, Drew blocks the Pop-Up Powerbomb on the first attempt, but Owens hits the second try for a near fall, up top, but Drew cuts Owens off, he hooks Kevin & hits an Avalanche Air Raid Crash for a near fall, McIntyre takes apart the announce table, he was looking for The Future Shock, but Owens hits the Stunner on the announce table, back in the ring, Superkick then finishes Drew with a Stunner for the win


Dolph Ziggler is interviewed.

He says if you’ve got a problem with what he’s doing he’s got two words for you– too bad. He talks about Mick Foley getting decimated by the Fiend and Goldberg’s last match and says Shawn Michaels made the biggest mistake of his life putting hands on him. At SummerSlam he’s going one on one with the Miz, and he then claims to be the best thing going today.

In the women’s locker room, Ember Moon is stretching when Bayley rolls up to remind her that she wouldn’t be challenging her at SummerSlam if she hadn’t chosen her as her opponent. Tonight they’ll team together and get through it, but if she even thinks about Eclipsing her again, she’ll regret it.

Aleister Black talks about the blood of his soul and how his salvation lies within strife and he’s stuck in his purgatory waiting a little less patiently for somebody to knock on his door again


Bliss with a Sliding Dropkick with Bayley in the ring skirt, back in the ring for a 2 count, Moon hits The Eclipse, Bliss shoves Cross into her place to take the bullet then she posts Ember & hits Twisted Bliss for the win


Bayley checks on Ember after the match then drops her with a Bayley to Belly as a receipt from last week

Sami Zayn is interviewed.

He says he’s just doing what any good competitor would do and scoping out the competition, but all he sees is a bunch of people feeling sorry for themselves. He starts running Aleister Black down for sitting in a dark room and begging for a fight, but he sees a man begging for help, with all this hype he can’t live up to. So he stays in the shadows because he knows if he stepped into the light the whole illusion would come crumbling down and is challenging Black at SummerSlam

Daniel Bryan is interviewed backstage about his big announcement and chooses to just walk off instead.

Jerry “the King” Lawler is in the ring for tonight’s edition of the King’s Court and introduces his guest Trish Stratus.

She talks about how great it is to come back and hang with your colleagues and be with the WWE Universe, and then the King asks her directly about the idea of having one last match. She says you know WWE is in her blood, heart and soul, and she doesn’t think there’ll ever be a time without that itch, but she’s kind of a mom now and has to take care of–

Enter Charlotte Flair.

She mocks all their “sappy reminiscing” but says she gets it, Trish is a mom, congratulations! She makes Lawler hold the ropes open for her and says lots of WWE Superstars are parents and uses that as a segue to challenge Stratus directly! When she doesn’t get a response she says she expected more but since WWE has evolved and they’re not models shaking their asses anymore, she knows what it is– Trish doesn’t think she can hang with the Queen.

Flair orders Stratus out of her ring, into her minivan, and back to changing diapers, which finally gets a response out of Trish. She says she respects Charlotte, but right now she’s just being a bitch. She reminds her that there’d be no trail to blaze without her and Lita and Jacqueline and Ivory and Beth Phoenix, and Flair should know better than anyone that to be the woman, you have to beat the woman.

Trish accepts, the match is on!

The OCs are backstage talking themselves up now that they’re all champions and AJ Styles says that Kofi Kingston is about to find out why SmackDown is the House That AJ Styles Built.

Firefly Fun House time.

Rambling Rabbit leads the show off talking about how excited he is for SummerSlam and how Finn Balor has made a mistake because the Fiend is unleashed before Bray Wyatt rolls up and he runs off. Wyatt laughs a nervous manic laugh at the camera and gets real serious before telling us to let him in


Balor with The Final Cut for a near fall, Slingblade blocked, Rocker Dropper blocked, Dolph with a kick to the knee and then hits the Rocker Dropper for a near fall, he loads up for the kill, but Finn blocks the Superkick and hits a pair of Slingblades, he takes Ziggler to the floor when then lights go out as The Fiend makes his way out from the ramp, lights go out again & Dolph is behind Balor, Ziggler strikes with a Superkick for the win



Ali with a Jumping Calf Kick sends Nakamura to the floor, Tope Suicida, back in the ring with a Diving Crossbody for a 2 cout, Nakamura sends Ali into the post, Inverted Exploder Suplex blocked, Ali with a Barrel Roll Sit-Out Facebuster, up top, but Nakamura takes him off the rope, Inverted Exploder Suplex, Kinshasa countered with a Superkick, up top, Shinsuke avoids the 450 Splash, Kinshasa countered into a Sunset Flip for a near fall, Nakamura with a Basement DDT, Kinshasa countered into a rollup for the win



AJ ducks Trouble in Paradise, Kofi sends Styles to the floor, OC protect AJ as New Day comes over to have words with OC, AJ with a Knee off the apron to the floor then sends Kofi into the timekeeper area, AJ with a Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count, Kofi with a Boom Drop, he looks for a Stinger Splash, but AJ evades, Ushi-Goroshi countered into the S.O.S. for a near fall, AJ with a Leaping Enzugiri, AJ charges, but Kofi blocks, up top, Sunrise Over Ghana, but The OC pull AJ out of the pinfall attempt, New Day again have words with OC, AJ with a shot to E, Kofi wipes out the OC, then sends AJ back in, Gallows trips up Kofi, AJ with an Ushi-Goroshi, he looks for the kill, but Kofi counters The Phenomenal Forearm into Trouble in Paradise for the win


Roman Reigns was walking to name his opponent for SummerSlam when a bunch of backstage equipment falls on him, the docs want to check on him, but he’s not having it & walks off as you can hear a No chant from the crowd (could Bryan be behind that, is him going after Roman the big announcement? We’ll have to ponder those questions until next week) the show ends with Roman shaking the cobwebs out and walking off