Smackdown Live Results – 7/24/18






Smackdown Live Results – 7/24/18
Evansville, Indiana
Ford Center                                                                                                                                                                  

USA Network
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton

We see a limo pull up & it’s Miz, Maryse & their daughter

Then the Ear-Ripper Randy Orton makes his way to the ring he’s heard about all the theories about why he did what he did, but none of those are the reason. He says to look in the mirror, he did it for us, he’s busted his ass for 16 years, he doesn’t get the respect that he deserves, is it because he doesn’t paint his face, he doesn’t change his mechandise each month, because he competes all year long and doesn’t only show up in April, he doesn’t jump off high objects, he’s not an indy darling, he didn’t steal a hand gesture, he started at the top & learned from the best. He started as the Legend Killer, but the real legend killer is the fans. He’s going to destroy everyone the fans care about starting with Jeff Hardy. We can call him whatever we like, Viper, Apex Predator, even Legend Killer, but the only thing we need to refer to him as is the 3 most devastating letters RKO

They recap the announcement of Evolution


Rusev with a Suplex for a 1 count, Rusev with a series of Roundhouse Kicks then a Spinning Wheel Kick, Pop-Up Knee then a Roundhouse Kick for a near fall, Almas ducks the Machka Kick & slaps Rusev in the chest, La Sombra blocked, Back Elbow, he goes for the Running Meteora, but Rusev strikes first with a Machka Kick, Vega slaps Lana & Lana goes after Zelina, Aiden English runs down to try and restore order, Vega jumps on his back & he ends up knocking Lana down distracting Rusev & Almas hits La Sombra for the win


Truth says it’s his first time competing since Mania & he’s got Samoa Joe & asks Tye Dillinger if he saw what Joe did to Tye last week and says oh yeah that’s right you passed out, Tye tries to fire up Truth for the match

Lana & English are arguing over what happened, until Rusev silences them both then he storms off


Joe ducks the Ax Kick, Truth charges, but Joe plants him with an ST-Joe then locks in The Coquina Clutch & Truth taps



Asuka with a Pop-Up Kick, then a Sliding Knee for a 2 count, Shades of Kay ducked, Shoot Kick, Spinning Heel Kick then a Buzzsaw Kick dims Kay’s lights for the win


Nakamura says Hardy was so close last week, then asks if he can hear Shinsuke and says poor Jeff was bit by the Viper

Paige has been having so much fun as gm & looking forward to seeing the Smackdown women steal the show at Evolution, but now it’s about time to announce AJ’s challenger for SummerSlam, she brings out the Champ

AJ’s looking forward to defending the title at SummerSlam, Paige goes to introduce the challenger when James Ellsworth comes out and thinks he’s the challenger, Paige says he’s a joke, he says Paige is the joke and says she’s as pale as a ghost, Paige fires Ellsworth then has security come out to remove the trash then she literally kicks him out of the building

Back in the ring Joe has attacked Styles & locks AJ in The Coquina Clutch then signs his name to the contract, it’s AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe at SummerSlam for the WWE Title

Joe says tick tock champ, tick tock

Carmella says power has gone to Paige’s head for firing Ellsworth, Paige says Mella is Money then go buy yourself a new boyfriend. Carmella says Lynch won’t get the title match at SummerSlam & she’ll be the champ heading into Evolution


Carmella with a Flatliner for a 2 count, rollup and grabs the rope and her feet on the rope, but only a 2 count, she evades the Diving Legdrop, Basement Princess Kick for a near fall, Becky with the Dis-Arm-Her & Carmella taps, Lynch gets the title match at SummerSlam


The Bludgeons say 4 teams will fight, but there will be no winner only punishment. Let them destroy themselves for at SummerSlam only a Bludgeoning awaits


Woods with a Back Elbow on Wolfe for a 2 count, Honor Roll countered into a German Suplex, EY up on the apron & looks for The Stairway to Chaos, but E crotches him then New Day finish SAnitY with The Midnight Hour for the win


Usos get in the ring & they’re opponents next week The Bar appear on the stage: They’re back & they missed being Tag Champions, they’re going through the Usos, then the New Day and will beat the Bludgeons for the Tag Titles at SummerSlam

Miz asks Paige if she hired a babysitter for them, she did and in comes Sin Cara, Miz says what kind of babysitter wears a mask. Then it’s time to introduce their daughter to the fans

Miz puts over his co-star & wife Maryse, they put over their new show then goes to a trailer, except it’s been edited to show some of Miz’s worse moments including his initial hoo-rah gimmick (Miz has come a long way since then)

Bryan says he should apologize to Miz in person, he wipes out Miz’s personal security, Miz tosses the baby at Bryan, but it’s just a doll, then he drops Bryan with a Skull-Crushing Finale, he says the baby backstage was an actor as he wouldn’t bring his daughter to a dump like Evanville then plugs his show one last time as the show ends