Smackdown Live Results – 5/21/19





Smackdown Live Results – 5/21/19
Providence, Rhode Island
Dunkin Donuts Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Cory Graves

Shane McMahon on the phone in his office when Elias rolls up.

He wants to apologize for Money in the Bank– he smashed Roman Reigns and he was ready but when the crowd refused him a standing ovation it affected him and he lost focus and got Superman Punched and didn’t even realize the bell rang! He feels he let Shane down and he deserves better, and that’s why he’s looking beyond SmackDown to Super Showdown where he’s going to be in McMahon’s corner.

Shane says he doesn’t need anyone in his corner, but tonight he WILL be in the Drifter’s corner, because he needs the help. Elias says he’s going to go wait for Roman and they agree to take care of it.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods make their entrance.

They got on the mic and say tonight is a very special night and after six long, hard, cold weeks, Big E is back! They bring a man out onstage under a curtain and reveal him, but it is not Big E. They ask who he is and say he looks like E got left in the dryer and he’s got ashy knees so he’s gotta get out of here after getting the curtain they brought him out under.

Without further ado, they introduce the real Big E and he does his usual voiceover.

They get in the ring, festooned with presents and a “Welcome back Big E” banner. Big E smells his pals, Woods by the head and Kingston by the armpit, and they say he’s not medically cleared to compete, but he IS medically cleared to sniff. E talks about how he’s missed his boys and us, the fans, and Xavier says he’s been crushing it on Twitter. Big says he’s got a tweet to send but Woods tells him to back off Becky’s mom, she’s taken.

He wants her anyway, but they move on to celebrating Kofi’s successful title defense against Kevin Owens and then back to E’s return.

Enter Kevin Owens, followed moments later by Sami Zayn as our first Wild Card of the evening.

Sami Zayn complains, saying he was gone for nine months and got nothing when he got back, and E says that’s a good point and they should get him something. After a moment deliberation they settle on giving Zayn the same thing Owens got at Money in the Bank, nothing. They sing it like a barbershop trio, mind.

This gets KO to walk off and Sami berates them, explaining the only reason Kev didn’t win is that he was distracted because his best friend got beaten up, hung upside down, and missed his shot at Money in the Bank. But none of that matters, this whole celebration is disgusting and he takes issue with New Day placating the people with all their shenanigans.

Zayn continues trying to rant but Xavier cuts him off with toots of his trombone, so Sami changes tactics and tells them to have their fun, because their night isn’t going to end in fun after he beats Kofi in front of his little friends and all these trash people and when he’s done he’ll be lucky to be walking out of here at all.

Kingston tells him not to let the smiles and hip swivels fool him, because when it’s time to throw down, they throw down, and not only is he walking out on his own two feet, he’s walking right through him, because New Day rocks.

Cut to Carmella backstage looking for R-Truth and asking undercard guys about his whereabouts, but they all want to know where he is so they can win his title. She finds him wearing a blonde wig and tells him his idea of disguise isn’t working. He says it’s been a hard 24 hours but seven more to go and it’s his for good! Mella explains the actual rules and calls his wig cheap, which he takes offense to because he spent $12 on it.

He says he came to SmackDown because he needs her help and she agrees as they leave together


Andrade with a Lariat for a 2 count, Ali with a Poisoned Frankensteiner for a near fall, Tilt-a-Whirl DDT, Andrade rolls to the floor & Ali follows with a Tope Suicida, back in the ring and flies again this time with a Tope con Hilo, he sends Anrade back in, Ali tries to get back in, but Andrade with a Charging Shoulder knocks Ali off the apron into the barricade, Ali back in at 8, Andrade with a pair of Vertical Suplexes then a Body Slam into the turnbuckle and throws him to the floor, he drives Ali into the barricade and then ring post and then biels him into the timekeeper’s area, Ali makes it back in just before the 10 count, Andrade with a Running Meteora into the back of the neck, but only gets a near fall, Andrade toys with him and was looking for the kill, but wastes too much time & Ali traps him in a Small Package for the win


Backstage, Carmella’s making R-Truth over properly to hide him from his would-be contenders, giving him a coat of hairspray before realizing something’s missing


Princess Kick, Sonya up on the apron & Carmella drags her in, Rose with a rollup for a 2 count to try and steal it, another Princess Kick

A large majority of the roster runs down with refs coming for Truth’s title, the match is thrown out as Truth grabs Carmella and makes a mad dash through the crowd with everyone following close behind


Bayley is interviewed backstage.

She says she’s exceeded everyone’s expectations but they still doubt her, and that’s why she created her own opportunity at Money in the Bank. The people need to know that she’s moved past the hugs and she wants everyone in the locker room to bring their best.

Cut to Mella and Truth running backstage. They try to cut through the women’s locker room but they chase them back out just in time for the assembled superstars to arrive and chase them off

Elias is playing guitar in a loading dock, waiting for Roman Reigns.

Sami Zayn makes his entrance and we cut backstage to see Big E yelling in agony and clutching his surgically repaired knee as referees and his stablemates check on him. Xavier Woods tells Kofi Kingston to go take care of his business and beat Sami


Zayn with a Superplex for a near fall, Sami was looking for the kill, but Kofi catches him with a Jumping Headlock and rains down punches, Zayn ducks Trouble in Paradise, Kofi flips out of a Blue Thunder attempt and hits Trouble in Paradise for the win


Paul Heyman appears on the stage with Brock’s boomcase and says it might be the perfect time when Dolph Ziggler who’s been MIA for months jumps Kofi, he ties him in the turnbuckle and nearly snaps him in half all the while gouging his eyes, he throws Kofi over the announce table, chair necktie and the drives Kofi neck first into the announce table and continues to stomp Kofi, medics check on The Champ, but Dolph’s back again and puts the chair around his neck & Pillmanizes him

Medics bring down a stretcher & Kofi is stretchered out of the arena, Kofi starts to move and tries to get off stretcher, he finally does and grasping his title wants to walk out of the arena on his own

Roman Reigns walking into SmackDown when he hears guitar strumming but doesn’t see an obvious source. The camera pans up and we see Elias is standing on a production truck and playing, and he begins singing, his song running Roman down for being jealous of his soul and his heart.

We get heel entrances for a women’s tag and Becky Lynch is interviewed.

She says she doesn’t feel right without the blue belt, but if somebody had to get it, she’s glad it’s Bayley. Bayley rolls up and says she enjoys the thought of Bayley Two Belts, to which Lynch says if she tries she’ll drop her and she’s coming for her next. Bayley says she wouldn’t have it any other way and they go to make


Charlotte with The Queen’s Boot, Figure 4, but the Lynch kicks her off into the turnbuckle, O’Connor Roll, Charlotte reverses, she grabs the rope, but the ref catches her, Dis-Arm-Her, Lacey blasts Lynch with The Woman’s Right, Bayley makes the tag, she takes out Lacey with a Knee Strike, Charlotte with a Figure 4, but Bayley counters into a Small Package for the win


Backstage Mella and Truth are still running but Jinder Mahal gets a rollup… NOPE! Truth nails him with a forearm and they keep running out into the loading dock! The B-Team blindside Truth, referee Darrick Moore is here to count but Curtis Axel pulls Bo Dallas off the champ and they bicker about who gets to win! Truth recovers and beats them up and runs off into the night!

Dolph Ziggler is interviewed backstage.

He says an honest question deserves an honest answer, but he’s not telling her why he beat up Kofi Kingston, he’s telling all of us, in the ring.

Ziggler makes his entrance and says he knows, if he was in the crowd right now, he’d boo him too, but this goes way back to Mustafa Ali getting hurt. Kingston stepped up and got the opportunity and knocked it out of the park, but… it should have been him. Kofi jumped through hoop after hoop after hoop and after eleven years of earning everything he became an overnight success and Dolph again says it should have been him.

He recounts Kingston’s career path over the last few months, reiterating every time that he thinks he deserved that arc, coming to a point where he’s nearly sobbing when he talks about Kofi winning the title at WrestleMania. Every day since becoming champ, Kofi’s outperformed every critic and been a fighting champion and we all respect and admire him, but Ziggler again thinks that should be him.

He says he has a title shot at Super Showdown and he’s going to win the title and each of us is going to end up loving and respecting him as WWE Champion


Roman with the Drive-By and then stalks Shane, Elias kicks the middle rope into Roman’s nuts then hits a DDT for a 2 count, Roman looks for an Avalanche Samoan Drop, but Elias counters into a Halo Bomb for a near fall, he tries for the kill, but Roman counters with a Headbutt, Elias with a Jumping Knee, Roman answers back with a Superman Punch, but Shane puts Elias foot on the rope, Drive-By to Shane, Elias takes advantage and posts Roman then into the steps, back in, up top with a Diving Elbow Drop for a near fall, Elias rips off the turnbuckle pad for a distraction and hands Elias the six-stringer, but Roman breaks him in half with a Spear for the win


McMahon hits the ring and mounts the Big Dog for punches! He goes and gets the guitar and tees up… ACOUSTIC EQUALIZER COUNTERED WITH THE SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman’s got the guitar but Drew McIntyre hits him with The Claymore Kick before he can attack Shane!

McIntyre & Shane stand over Roman as the show ends