Smackdown Live Results – 4/30/19





Smackdown Live Results – 4/30/19
Columbus, Ohio
Schottenstein Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Cory Graves

Michael Cole introducing WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

He makes his entrance by himself with a plate full of pancakes. Cole talks up his career and his achievement in defeating Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania and asks if he ever thought he’d get that title match. Kofi says he’s learned that you’re gonna have highs and lows and you gotta fight through those lows and keep on pushing. He’s so glad he chose to fight through because he’s standing here as our WWE Champion.

He’s so proud that he got to do that next to his brothers Big E and Xavier Woods because without New Day, none of this happens. They’re the guys that proved that the impossible is possible! Cole says he speaks for the entire WWE Universe when he calls Kingston’s win a magical moment and there are few superstars that have ever had a moment of that caliber. He goes on to call it perhaps the greatest WrestleMania moment ever and runs footage of the match.

Kofi says he can’t believe he got to share that moment with his family and it’s the greatest moment of his life next to the birth of his kids and his wedding. Cole talks about the target on his back and Kevin Owens taking his shot last week and we get a recap of KO’s turn. Kingston says a lot of people have said he should have seen it coming and he does put a lot of the blame on himself.

But New Day believe in giving people a chance to change if they want to change and they believed that Kev genuinely wanted to change. He says if Owens wanted a title match, all he had to do is ask and he would have gladly given it, so since KO said, as he was stepping on his head, that he was coming for the title, let him come, and let them do it at Money in the Bank!

Enter Kevin Owens.

He accepts the challenge and says Kofi did give everyone a WrestleMania moment they’d never forget, and the WWE Universe loves a great moment. He won the title on the grandest stage of them all and it was so great, it doesn’t get any better than that… but moments end, they’re fleeting, and now that they saw that moment they won’t admit it but the fans don’t believe that he’s actually championship material.

And KO looks into his eyes and hears his voice and Kofi doesn’t believe he’s championship material either. He’s in over his head and the water keeps rising, he’s drowning– WOODS ATTACKS OWENS FROM BEHIND! KO superkicks Xavier and runs off when Kofi runs down to save his friend!

Kofi Kingston is talking to Xavier Woods in the medic’s office.

Kofi reassures him he’s got this and that Woods should worry about healing up before he tries to save Kingston again

Bayley is announced as the first of Smackdown’s participants for the Women Money in the Bank


Bayley with a Northern Lariat for a 2 count, Lariat followed by a Running Knee Lift for a 2 count, Lynch up top with a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Rolling Solebut followed by a Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex, they wipe each other out with stereo Lariats, Bayley with a Small Package for a near fall, Bayley with a Backdrop Driver, up top, Diving Elbow Drop, but Becky gets the knees up and locks in The Dis-Arm-Her and Bayley taps out


Charlotte blasts Lynch with The Queen’s Boot then posts Bayley

Aleister Black is in a dark room talking about fear.

He says it’s a powerful paralyzing tool and it’s in man’s nature to fear what we don’t understand. His opponents try to figure him out and by the time they think they’ve got it he’s got the three count and any hope of conquering that fear has simply left this earth. What happens is they take one look into his eyes and they don’t like the abyss that stares back because it unveils a truth about themselves that allows them to fade to black

Hardy Boyz are interviewed.

Jeff explains his injury, saying it’s easier to show us, and he runs footage of Lars Sullivan attacking. He says he has trouble walking on his own to the point where he needs surgery and he’s going to be out for a long, long time, and Matt says it’s hard to say this but they have to vacate the tag titles. Jeff begins vowing to get them back but of course…

Enter Lars Sullivan. He goozles Matt and dumps him to the floor before turning to Jeff, who’s struggling to leave the ring. Matt returns to save his brother but gets rammed into the corner and eats a Freak Accident. Jeff is cornered and ready to use his crutch as a weapon but here comes R-Truth with a chair for the save! Lars puncehs the chair out of his hand and pops him up for a huge Freak Accident!

Sullivan follows it up with his Running Liger Bomb and roars

We get the announcement of the men’s Money in the Bank participants: Ali, Finn Balor, Andrade & Randy Orton


Asuka with an Inverted Lungblower then Kairi with a Running Blockbuster on the dark haired woman, Asuka with an Inverted DDT on the Poison Ivy esque girl & Kairi finishes her with The InSane Elbow for the win


Fire and Desire watching backstage and they say one of them is in Money in the Bank. Mandy Rose says it should be Sonya Deville because she way more skilled and Deville says she sees what she’s trying to do but Rose should be the one in the match because she almost won the title in the first place and she should finish the job

Roman Reigns makes his entrance.

We get a recap of the Big Dog’s last few weeks before he gets on the mic. He says you only get one shot at making a first impression so he figured on his first night on SmackDown he’d do exactly that, so he knocked out Mr. McMahon. That wasn’t the plan, it didn’t have to be him, but he wanted to get the point across that he’s still the Big Dog and SmackDown is his yard now.

Enter Shane McMahon. He insists Greg Hamilton give him a short and low-key introduction before saying he just wanted to remind Roman that this may be his yard, but the McMahons own the land. Reigns says no, Vince owns the land, and when they were in the ring together, Roman was on his feet and McMahon on his back. Shane says we all know he knocked a national treasure to the ground but it was Reigns who was face-down last week.

Roman points out Shane had Elias’ help and asks if he can come down here and do it on his own. McMahon says he’d love to slap Reigns around but he doesn’t have the time because he’s got to fly to Michigan to see a coach that the crowd doesn’t like very much and working to get into shape for his steel cage match against the Miz. But if Roman wants a fight there are tons of guys in the back looking for a fight, and he’ll send two of them out.

Enter the B-Team.

Shane says the B-Team also want to make a great first impression, so Roman will be wrestling both of them in a handicap match. Reigns scoffs at the originality of it all and asks what’s next, a blindfold or a hand tied behind his back? Shane says he’s right, actually, the match needs something extra, like a special guest referee enforcer… who is Elias.


Axel with a DDT for a 2 count, Samoan Drop to Bo for a 2 count, Roman’s locked & loaded, Superman Punch to Bo, Axel with a rollup for a 2 count, Superman Punch to Axel, Elias pulls the ref out during the count, Roman stalks Elias, Drive-By Kick to Bo, Elias decks Roman he sends Roman back in, Perfect Plex, fast count, but only a 2 count, Elias tells Axel to hold him, Elias grabs the six stringer, Roman breaks free and blasts Elias with a Superman Punch then breaks Axel in half with a Spear for the win


They replay the latest Firefly Fun House


Orton with a Snap Powerslam on Ali for a 2 count, Balor wipes out Andrade with a Tope con Hilo, Ali takes Randy down with a Tope Suicida, Finn goes for the kill, Vega grabs his leg, Andrade drags him down, Running Meteora for a near fall, La Sombra blocked, Finn with a Slingblade then Ali finishes Andrade with a 450 Splash for the win


Orton drops Balor with a RKO then Ali takes Randy to the floor

Backstage, Ember Moon is interviewed about being in Money in the Bank and she says she’s going to climb the ladder and win. Carmella rolls up to “not so fast” her and say she’s also in the match and going to win a third time no matter what it takes to win.

Kevin Owens is in the ring with an empty chair and few of the usual Kevin Owens Show accoutremonts.

He gets on the mic and welcomes us to the Kevin Owens Show and addresses that, saying the signs and graphics and desk, all that pageantry is crap the New Day would do, but guess what? He doesn’t need that, because this is his show and he IS the show. Before he was so rudely interrupted earlier, he was trying to make a point– that what he was saying earlier was the truth and Kofi Kingston is in way over his head.

But don’t worry, help is on the way and he is that help, because at Money in the Bank he’s going to relieve Kofi of his burden and he’s positive that he’s going to win the WWE Championship. But enough about Kingston, he had a great idea earlier tonight for his guest, to have the great Xavier Woods on the show. He doesn’t know if he’s still willing or able to come out and talk, he asks Woods to humor him and come down for a chat.

Xavier doesn’t come down, so Kev pulls his plan B out– an Xavier Woods action figure. One of the many, many pieces of crap merchandise New Day have been shilling for years. He stands the action figure on the chair and says he doesn’t look as happy as he usually does and asks if he’s lonely. Well good news, he was part of a battle pack and Big E is also here in action figure form with a bandaged leg!

Owens says the figures are useless pieces of trash and kicks the chair over, saying he knows exactly what’s in their hearts and on their minds anyway, and he thinks–

Enter Kofi Kingston, no music, no hype.

He takes his shirt off and charges the ring! WE GOT A ODE TO TAKAYAMA BRAWL! DOUBLE LEG INTO GROUNDED PUNCHES, KOFI’S UNLOADING! KO bails… Superman lariat off the steel steps! Continuing to hammer him with punches, he passes Owens over the announce table! HE THROWS AN OFFICE CHAIR AT KO! Owens hits an eyepoke and makes good his retreat!

Kofi stands tall in the ring as KO skulks off through the crowd.