Smackdown Live Results – 3/12/19





Smackdown Results – 3/12/19
Dayton, Ohio
Nutter Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton

hane McMahon making his entrance.

He enters the ring and stands next to his Best in the World trophy and waits a long beat, until the ring announcer Greg Hamilton comes over. Hamilton introduces him as the Best in the World, and then makes him do it again and chokes him in the corner, unhappy with his lack of conviction. Greg introduces him a third time and McMahon shakes his hand this time, finally pleased.

Shane gets on the mic and says people are asking why he turned on Miz, and quite frankly he’s sick of it. He’s tired of all the people in his life, and not just all of us, or all the superstars in the back, or all the WWE employees, everyone asking him what he’ll do to get them ahead in life. His entire life, people have been rubbing up against him for promotions, for stock options, and we have no idea what he does behind the scenes for us every day.

Them, them, them, always what he can do for them, and that stopped Sunday when he beat the holy hell out of the Miz in his own home town. He’s not the Best in the World because he won a trophy or became tag champs, no, he’s the Best in the World because he was born that way. And from this point forward he’s doing things for himself, and that’s why it felt so good on Sunday when he beat the hell out of the Miz.

The sweet part is the last thing Miz saw when he was choking him out was his father’s baked potato face, and that felt good. That set off a spark in McMahon that’s never going away, and he tells Miz he’s got, not a request, but an order, and he had such an amazing time beating his ass that he’s gonna continue that very notion on the Grandest Stage of them All, WrestleMania.

So get ready for another Best in the World beating, and it’s gonna make Shane feel… awesome.


Ricochet with a Standing Moonsault on Nakamura for a 2 count, Matt with a Yodel Elbow Drop then Hardyz with a Legdrop combo on Sheamus for a 2 count, Cesaro mocks Jeff then hits a Jumping Legdrop for a 2 count, Poetry in Motion then a Side Effect to Cesaro, Brogue Kick to Matt, Pump Knee to Sheamus, Machka Kick to Black, Missile Dropkick to Rusev, Kinshasa to Ricochet, Twist of Fate to Nakamura, one for Cesaro, Swanton Bomb, everyone breaks it up, New Day runs down and lays out everyone to cause a no contest


Xavier Woods takes Sheamus out with a dropkick through the ropes and Big E throws him into the steps! E heads over to Cesaro and holds him up for stomps from Kofi Kingston before ramming him into the barricade. Putting boots to Rusev and Nakamura… TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Fired up and fighting mad, New Day prowl the ring as their music begins.

The Usos are backstage talking about how they get why New Day are frustrated and they run down all the other tag teams as not being worth their time on one level or another before welcoming them to the Uso Penitentiary

Randy Orton gets on the mic.

He says there’s something he has to get off his chest. This is the House That AJ Styles Built, right, well in 2002 AJ was wrestling for ten bucks a night in a high school gymnasium in front of ten people while he was here making his WWE in-ring debut. In 2004, Styles was shaking hands with his opponents in bingo halls and Orton was the youngest WWE Champion ever.

In 2005, AJ was down in Florida getting a tan with Dixie Carter while Randy was wrestling the Undertaker at WrestleMania! 2006, 2007, 2008, and so on, Orton was here and he was a champion, this isn’t the House That AJ Styles Built, it’s the House That Randy Orton Built!

Enter AJ Styles. He says for someone who looks down on the indies, he paid close attention to his career, but AJ’s proud he comes from the indies. They say Randy was built for WWE, and that’s good, because he couldn’t have made it on the indies. Not with things like his intro pose and a knockoff Diamond Cutter! Orton asks if he’s saying face-to-face and man-to-man that he and his indie pals never ripped anybody off before making a Too Sweet.

Styles points out that Randy’s now surrounded by his indie pals backstage because they earned the right to be in WWE, and they didn’t go to their father to get them a job. You wanna talk about a career, AJ’ll talk about it. Randy’s first year he had stroke from HHH, the cunning of Ric Flair, the muscle of Batista, all to make sure he didn’t fail. Orton said he accomplished more by 24 than anyone in the industry has dreamed of accomplishing.

Randy lists off all his accomplishments and says nobody’s ever had to help him– AJ again reminds him of Evolution, and about Legacy, and Rated-RKO, and the Wyatt Family, saying it sounds to him like Orton had a lot of babysitters. Don’t get him wrong, Randy’s exactly who he says he is, using people and tossing them to the curb, and that’s why he got the jump on him at Fastlane, because he’s not gonna be his next victim.

Orton says he doesn’t get a choice, because he’s the landlord and rent’s due, you son of a bitch. You can make that check out to the most destructive three letters in sports entertainment, RKO. Randy drops the mic and walks away, but AJ stops him in his tracks by saying if he wants his rent he can come and take it, while pointing at the WrestleMania sign.

The Viper leaves, staring the Phenomenal One down the entire way


Sonya with a Spear for a 2 count, Deville tries some slaps, Asuka with a Pop-Up Knee then a Sliding Knee, Sonya sent to the floor, Asuka charges, Deville ducks and Asuka hits Rose, Sonya goes back in, Mandy grabs the ring skirt getting back in tripping Sonya & Asuka takes her head off with a Spinning Heel Kick then locks in The Asuka Lock and Sonya taps out


A bit of strife between Mandy and Sonya on their way out, Rose lecturing Deville and leaving her behind as they head to the back.

The IIconics get a promo mocking Deville and Rose and calling the Boss and Hug Connection out, telling them they can’t run forever and they need to come to SmackDown for an IIconic future

Becky Lynch makes her entrance, still hobbled on a crutch… before casting it aside and walking her way down to the ring!

In the ring, Becky Lynch says it feels good to walk down the ramp on her own two feet, and everyone got brave when she was suspended, hurt, unsuspended, arrested, and then disqualified right into the biggest match of her career, but she’s back on her feet and into the main event of WrestleMania. Let’s not forget that she set this match into motion, and she had to earn her way into the match twice.

And she got Ronnie so wound up she did her bidding for her, and she’ll repay the little weirdo by taking her title and ripping her arm off at WrestleMania. Lynch doesn’t care who she has to beat anymore, and at WrestleMania she’s going to reclaim everything that belongs to her that they’ve tried to give to someone else.

Enter Charlotte Flair. She congratulates Becky for finally making it into her main event and says while she was off getting suspended and arrested, she’s been putting the work in and her resume speaks for itself. It’s one thing to be hot for six months, but Flair’s been hot for four years. No matter how hard Becky tries to spin it, she got a handout, and Charlotte’s never seen someone do so little while taking credit for so much, and that’s why she’s going to make her AND Ronda relevant again when they bow down to the Queen.

Lynch offers a rebuttal that Charlotte held the division for 4 years and did nothing with it, Lynch comes around and now they’re the main event and holds her fist high in the air.

An interview is waiting for Daniel Bryan when he and Erick Rowan come out of Vince McMahon’s office.

Bryan admits that it IS about Kofi Kingston and he says he thought Vince deserved to hear his honest feedback. He says Mr. McMahon booked them in a match against Mustafa Ali and Kevin Owens and they depart.


Truth with The Flying Jalapeno, then gives Rey an assist for a Hurricanrana, Joe with a Crossface on Mysterio then switches to a Rings of Saturn, but Truth breaks it up, Rey counters the Three Amigos into a Yoshi Tonic, Vega tries to assist, but Carmella pulls her out, Truth with Flying Tackes, Proto-Bomb, Five-Knuckle Shuffle, he looks for an Attitude Adjustment, but Joe decks him with a right hand, Rey with a Headscissors, Double 619, Frog Splash on Andrade, Joe breaks the pin with a Running Senton, he looks for the Sambo Suplex, but Rey counters into a Victory Roll for the win


Joe enraged hits a Sambo Suplex on Truth then one for Andrade as well


Bryan with an Avalanche Butterfly Suplex for a near fall, LeBell Lock, but Ali makes it to the rope, Ali with a Lungblower, but Rowan breaks the pin, Stunner blocked, Owens blocks the Claw Slam, Double Superkicks, Kevin looks for a Cannonball off the apron, but Rowan clips the knne, Brayn counters the O’Connor Roll for a near fall, Rowan with a blind tag, Ali goes for the Leaping Tornado DDT, but Rowan catches him with The Iron-Claw Slam for the win


Vince McMahon is on the mic.

He says he’s here tonight to give us and give Kofi Kingston what he wants, an opportunity to compete for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. He tosses to a recap of Kofi’s night from Fastlane and says people hear what they want to hear, and he didn’t do anything he didn’t say he was going to do. When he speaks you better listen, because everything he does is what he calls a teachable moment, and they’re extremely important–

Enter the New Day, unified and dead serious. They get in the ring, face to face with a smug, smirking Mr. McMahon, and Big E begins. He says if he’s honest, they’re not in the mood to be taught a damn thing, and Xavier Woods says they’re done watching what they say. E says they jump through every hoop, do every meet and greet, and they never buck the system or threaten to leave and they STILL get treated like garbage.

Kofi Kingston’s been here grinding for eleven years and he deserves better! Vince says Kofi doesn’t deserve a damn thing, and neither do the other two nor the WWE Universe, nor himself. He created all of this, and he doesn’t deserve anything, no one deserves anything. Big says this is bigger than their opinions or the New Day or Vince’s damn ego, to which McMahon says nothing is bigger than his ego.

Woods says Vince says nobody deserves, but they deserve because they earn. Kofi’s beat WWE Champions when they were champion and never got title shots, and that’s only one of the many reasons he deserves a match for the WWE Championship. E says the WWE Universe has one demand, that Kingston be given the opportunity to compete for that title. McMahon says he wishes Kofi really did deserve this.

He’s known him a long time, and if he were worthy of a title match, it’d have happened a long time ago. Yes he’s an impressive athlete and as of late his performances have been incredible. He’s an extraordinary representative of the product, but face it, one day he’ll be in the Hall of Fame, but not by himself. The only way he goes in is as part of New Day, and he’s pretty smart, too.

At his age he’s got these young bucks(!) here to help him get the glory. He’s got a lot going for him, and he’s been speaking to Daniel Bryan, who hit it right on the mark. He says Dan said Kofi’s awesome, but he’s a good B+ player. (Sound familiar? Yeah in case anyone hadn’t figured it out yet, this is the Bryan story from 2014 only with Kofi in Bryan’s role & Bryan in Orton’s role)

Big and Xavier get hot and Kingston holds them back, saying they don’t need to get fired for him. Kofi says he’s not asking for a free ride or a handout, no man.

Look, eleven years ago he was just a kid with a dream and that dream’s damn near come true. He gets to travel the world providing for his family and he loves it, his life is blessed. He’d like to think at some point in those eleven years he’d have proved his worth, but Vince doesn’t see it that way. He doesn’t complain about anything around here, not about how he shows up week in week out and busts his ass while other people are given opportunities, he doesn’t complain about that.

He doesn’t complain about being required to be away from his family, missing weddings, birthdays, never been trick or treating with his kids. Two days ago his son lost his first tooth and he wasn’t there to see the look on his face when he found the money the tooth fairy left for him. He never complains about any of this, or that he’s never let someone like him contend or compete for the WWE Championship.

He’s never complained, and he’s not gonna start now, but what he needs right here, right now, face to face, man to man, to tell him what he needs to do so he can do it. The people believe in him…

Enter Randy Orton. Vince says all he has to do is beat Orton and he’s…

Enter Samoa Joe. McMahon says he also has to beat Joe.

Enter the Bar. Of course Kofi has to beat them.

Enter Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan. Vince says Kofi has to beat all them in a gauntlet match next week and he has the match!

The heels hit the ring and brawl with New Day! Your boys manage to run them all off! They stand tall and stare Vince and Bryan down! Cesaro comes back in… TROUBLE IN PARADISE!