Smackdown Live Results – 2/5/19






Smackdown Live Results – 2/5/19
Everett, Washington
Angel of the Winds Arena
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Cory Graves

Charlotte Flair making her entrance.

She cuts a promo about how Becky Lynch’s arrogance got the better of her last night and she hopes she’s thinking more clearly today and goes and sees the doctor and does her rehab so she can be healthy for WrestleMania. Oh, but she knows someone who IS 100% healthy and would love to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. Charlotte points at the sign now.

Becky Lynch is here! She makes her way through the crowd while Flair yells for security to make sure she has a ticket and accuses her of stealing both Roman Reigns’ entrance and the Queen’s own spotlight. Lynch tells her to stop boring people to death and hops in the ring to declare her return to SmackDown as referees and five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce come down to keep order.

(Behold, the king!)

(The king of kings!)

(On your knees, dog.)

Triple H comes down and tells Becky she’s suspended and needs to go home before turning to tell Charlotte this doesn’t concern her and to get out. She leaves and Hunter addresses Lynch again, telling her to go home and to go see the doctor and get cleared if she wants to be unsuspended. Becky says she doesn’t trust that any of this is in good faith, and HHH tells her trust doesn’t matter, this is what it is and it’s her only option.

Hunter goes to leave and Becky asks how Stephanie McMahon is doing, if she’s cleared after she got punched in the face last night, and that stops the Game dead in his tracks. He says he sees it now, and he bought into all of the “The Man” crap, but the truth is she’s not The Man at all, that’s a lie, and she’s just a self-destructor afraid of failure. She’s just looking to be a martyr, to find a way out of the whole thing.

So when she scratched and clawed her way to the Survivor Series match against Ronda Rousey, she came to Raw looking for a way out and she got it, didn’t she? She knew that was a suicide mission, but she did it anyway and then she complained about being in medical prison? And then she scratched and clawed her way to WrestleMania, and here we are again, with a convenient excuse looking for a way out when the truth is she’s just afraid.

She’s scared of what the doctor might say, and to be honest, Hunter doesn’t think she’s even injured right now. He thinks it’s just an act to find a way out and she’s scared of what the doctor will say. He says Becky will say she’s scared she won’t be cleared, but no, he thinks she’s scared she’ll be told she CAN go fight Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania and if she does, Ronda will expose her as the fraud that she is.

She’s afraid that on the grandest stage of them all, she’ll prove to everyone that she fears Rousey. He asks her to tell him he’s wrong… AND LYNCH SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE! They square up nose to nose and Becky doesn’t give an inch! She lets the “One more time!” chants sink in before smirking and dropping the mic, leaving an impotent Triple H standing in the ring doing jack and shit about it (I think I see the end-game here, Becky is going to get the McMahon’s so pissed at her they’ll forego the doc’s clearance & book the match anyway in hopes that Ronda destroys her, fully expect to see her attack Vince next week to continue the plan)


Nakamura with an Inverted Exploder on Anderson, Kinshasa countered into a Spinebuster, Gallows Pole on Nakamura, then Gallows & Rusev take each other out, Lana helps up Shinsuke, he stops a Magic Killer with a Kinshasa, Rocket Kick to Nakamura, Rusev with a Machka Kick finishes Anderson for the win


Mustafa Ali promo backstage.

He talks about how no one expects him to beat Randy Orton or survive the Elimination Chamber, but what if he defies expectations and becomes WWE Champion?

Paige sends it to a trailer of Fighting With My Family

The Usos get a backstage promo where they question the notion that Shane McMahon and the Miz are the best tag team in the world. They run their bonafides down and vow to lock McMizTV down in the Uso Penitentiary


Orton with a Snap Powerslam for a 2 count, Superplex for a 2 count, Ali with a Knee Strike then a pair of Superkicks, he blocks the Elevated DDT & hits the Barrel Roll Sit-Out Facebuster for a near fall, he fakes Orton out on the the Leaping Tornado DDT, knowing Randy would try an RKO then hits the Leaping Tornado DDT, he goes up for the 0-5-4, but Orton grabs his leg and yanks him down right into a RKO for the win


Samoa Joe from behind and Chokes Orton out in The Coquina Clutch then drops Ali

Samoa Joe cuts a promo backstage about how physics work a little different for him, with each action having an equal and overwhelming reaction, and the ends will justify the means, when he raises the WWE Championship in the air.

In the ring, Daniel Bryan gets on the mic and says he finally gets to talk to people who understand what he’s trying to do here! The people of the great state of Washington are intelligent and realise that we need change. Unfortunately, as WWE Champion he speaks to a global audience, and these people don’t understand that their crass, selfish behaviors just destroy their minds, fatten their bodies, just trying to get that dopamine rush to get to the next hump.

So you see that he’s fighting an uphill battle, and that’s why he’s created the new title, a symbol for people to rally behind. The old title was a symbol of excellence and of excess, and this title is not only a symbol of excellence, but for change as well! But people are threatened by that change, and Rowan explains by way of the life of Galileo that great thinkers are considered dangerous.

And they consider Bryan dangerous because of his title, and as long as he holds it, they’ll try to silence him. A lone dissenting voice calls out “What?!” and Dan puts them in their place before saying he serves a greater power than greed, money, or fame, he’s the planet’s champion! But the suits back there don’t like it, and that’s why he’s stuck in the Elimination Chamber defending his title.

He’s been there before, and that only serves to reinforce how dangerous it is, and Bryan tosses to a video package breaking the Chamber down. When that closes, Bryan names his five opponents one by one and says they want to take the title backwards, put it back on leather and so we, the ignorant masses need him as WWE Champion!

Jeff Hardy is interviewed backstage and says what Bryan said made him sick and no one has disrespected the title like he has. Hardy considered intervening, but he knows Dan isn’t interested in a debate, so he’s going to go out and make him shut up. AJ Styles storms down and says he can’t agree more, but Jeff’s been around for a long time and with his recent history is he really the guy to represent that legacy?

Jeff says AJ can’t beat Bryan so maybe he’s not the guy either, and says if he’d finished the job at Royal Rumble they wouldn’t be having this conversation, and they’ll settle it in the chamber


Carmella with a Crucifix Pin on Royce for a 2 count, Rose with an Abdominal Stretch on Carmella, Naomi with The Rear View, but Rose grabs Naomi & hits The Bed of Roses for the win


Andrade gets a promo talking about the legend of Rey Mysterio, and Zelina Vega joins him, to say that Rey is a folktale, a fable best left to history books, and Andrade stomped his legend out last week. The legend of Andrade starts with Rey Mysterio’s end

Video package for Asuka


Jeff with a Standing Splash for a 2 count, Bryan with a trifecta of corner Dropkicks followed by a Bow & Arrow hold, but Jeff turns it into a pin for a 2 count, Jeff wanted to run the barricade, but Rowan gets in his way & Bryan takes his legs out sending Jeff face first into the steps, Bryan works on the arm and stomps the elbow, Knee Drop then an Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Jeff with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Twist of Fate blocked, Jeff Backdrops Bryan to the floor & hits a Lariat off the apron to the floor, Bryan kicks the rope into the face of Jeff for a 2 count, Shoot Kicks, Jeff ducks the Roundhouse & hits a Twist of Fate, up top, Swanton Bomb, but Rowan pulls out Hardy and sends Jeff into the steps to cause a dq


Bryan locks in The LeBell Lock on Jeff, Joe posts Rowan & Chokes Bryan out int The Coquina Clutch, Orton goes after Joe, Ali comes down and wipes everyone out with Tope Suicidas, Rowan grabs Ali & hits an Iron Claw Slam on the announce table on Ali, AJ Styles marches down and Sliding Knee to Joe then lays out Jeff Hardy with The Phenomenal Forearm as Bryan & Rowan retreat up the ramp

Bryan heads backstage to an interview and screams at the poor woman. He insists that Rowan is his friend and peer and he did all that out there by himself and that’s why he’s the greatest. Erick isn’t his bodyguard, no, they hang out because they’re intellectual peers. All those guys just interfered in his match, and why? They’re not getting the title, not ever, and why? Because that’s what the planet needs!

Nobody understands this but him and Rowan