Smackdown Live Results – 12/4/18






Smackdown Live Results – 12/4/18
Austin, Texas
Frank Erwin Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton

Paige is in the ring, which has a table set up in it for our contract signing. Scattered around ringside are all the accoutremonts of tables, ladders, and chairs matches.

She begins, saying SmackDown is the brand that makes history, and she’s proud to sanction the first-ever women’s TLC match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. But it’s not just a TLC match, it’s a triple threat, and she introduces the participants, starting with Asuka before moving on to Charlotte Flair, and saving the Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch for last.

Lynch says she makes history every time she steps foot in the ring and she plans on doing the exact same thing at TLC. Being put through a table or having a chair bent over her back or a ladder bent off her skull, none of that compares to the pain she’s endured to get here today, so it doesn’t matter to her if your opportunity was earned or not, she couldn’t care less and she’s gonna do anything it takes to win.

Charlotte tells her to change the song, because it’s been the same every week and she can spin it how she likes but the fact is she picked up the ball that she dropped at Survivor Series and destroyed Ronda Rousey with one kendo stick, and she’s pretty sure it took Nia Jax one punch to break her face. Lynch jaws at her and Flair tells her to shut up and imagine what’s gonna happen with tables, ladders, and chairs.

Becky says she’ll own her just the same and Asuka interrupts, saying Lynch already beat Charlotte… and has never beat her. At Survivor Series, Becky chose wrong, and Asuka claims she would have beaten Rousey, and at TLC she’s gonna beat her! Charlotte scoffs at the idea that Asuka could beat Ronda since she beat her streak at WrestleMania, to which Asuka tells her she got lucky one time.

They jaw at each other, Paige settles them, and Lynch says neither of them could beat Rousey OR her before signing the contract and leaving. Flair says she’s gonna beat both of ‘em, wooo, and Asuka fires back in Japanese. Charlotte says she shattered the mystique at WrestleMania and will finish her at TLC. Paige orders them to sign and they do so. Asuka then suggests that she might break Charlotte right now!

Paige tries to restore order but Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville make their entrance and question her methods to make history with these two undeserving women instead of the two women she personally groomed for stardom. Mandy points out that Charlotte lost at Survivor Series and Sonya points out that Asuka only won the battle royal by a fluke after she made one tiny mistake.

They want to see fire and desire, they’re looking right at it, and what happens if Charlotte and Asuka don’t make it to TLC? Paige tells them they’re past idle threats and books a tag match between them… right now!

Miz rolls up on Shane McMahon to complain about Daniel Bryan being on MizTV.

He says he’s gonna do a great job as host but he wants Shane to do his job and be part of the best tag team in the world. McMahon says they’re not partners and he needs to use his mental acumen to get answers out of Bryan. Miz says he’ll do it but Shane owes him, and McMahon denies this thought


Asuka with a Missile Dropkick on Rose for a 2 count, Deville with a Sliding Knee on Asuka for a 2 count, Rose with Goddess Death for a near fall, Asuka counters Goddess Falls into a Bulldog, Charlotte breaks Sonya in half with a Spear, Charlotte goes for The Queen’s Boot, but Asuka had taken Rose off the apron & she hits Asuka, O’Connor Roll on Sonya, Asuka retaliates for the boot with a Sliding Knee to Charlotte & Deville covers Charlotte for the win



Xavier with a Wheelbarrow Face Eraser on Cesaro for a near fall, Honor Roll countered, Cesaro drives him into the corner, but Jey with a Leaping Enzugiri, Samoan Splash, but Cesaro gets the knees up & goes for a Small Package, but Xavier with The Limit Break, but Jey makes the save, Cesaro with an Airplane Spin/Giant Swing Combo then locks in The Sharpshooter on Woods, Jey looks to break it with a Superkick, but Cesaro catches it, Xavier with a rollup for a 2 count, but Jey blasts Cesaro with a Superkick for the win


Backstage, Rusev and Lana are interviewed and footage of Rusev being attacked by Shinsuke Nakamura last week. He says Nakamura’s terrified of his wine barrel chest, his biceps bigger than Mount Fuji, and his traps, like double decker taco supremes. Rusev’s hungry, but not for food, for the United States Championship. Shinsuke holds onto it like a toy, but it’s not a toy, it’s honor, courage, and tradition, things Nakamura doesn’t have.

He’s not avoiding it this time, though, because once he gets his hands on Shinsuke, he’s gonna feast on him on the greatest holiday of them all… RUSEV DAY!

Miz welcomes us to MizTV with his usual introductory patter… or he tries to, when Carmella and R-Truth come out for a DANCE BREAK before leaving immediately. Miz does his gimmick and introduces Daniel Bryan. He asks how he should refer to him before saying he’s gonna stick with Daniel but there IS something new about him. He seems more confident, like his eyes have been opened… like he’s realized Miz was right all along.

Bryan says everybody thought the old Daniel Bryan was very smart, but how smart could he have been if he constantly catered to the opinions of these people, allowed their expectations to subvert his dreams, but he realized he doesn’t care about these people and let his dreams take control. He doesn’t have a lot of intellectual peers, Miz included, but he has books where he can consult the great minds of history.

Men like Alexander Hamilton, and he takes a moment to decry the fickle, fickle sheep, reciting “What?” chants from twenty years ago, but Hamilton said giving the mindless masses power is dangerous both to them and society, but you know what’s even more dangerous? The theoretical knowledge of the old with the wisdom and brutality of the new Daniel Bryan.

Miz says the only reason Bryan has the title is he did what he said, whatever it takes. Dan runs him down for dancing around the issue and says he kicked AJ Styles in the groin, to be clear, one man in the groin on one day. While these people harm the earth every day with their needless consumption, drinking their water bottles and eating their meat that causes permanent change to the climate.

If you wanna count sins, Bryan yells, he kicked one man in the groin on one day, but these people commit countless atrocities against the earth and future generations every day, every week, every month, every year… count the sins. Miz is befuddled and says for eight years Dan has painted him as the bad guy and he had everyone fooled, but not him. He saw right through and he demands a simple answer for a simple question– is he champion because he listened to what Miz said, yes or no?

Bryan answers in the affirmative… and then in the negative. Yes and no, over and over, before saying it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that the old Daniel Bryan is dead. The Yes! Movement, with these logos (the sideplates from the title, that he casts down), is dead, and your WWE Champion is the new Daniel Bryan. He calls the crowd fickle again…

Enter AJ Styles. He hits the ring but Bryan throws Miz into him and makes a break for it! Styles kicks Miz once for good measure before heading over and pulling Dan back over the barricade, and they end up back in the ring with Miz, who pulls AJ aside and hits the Skull-Crushing Finale!


Whisper in the Wind, Jeff only gets a piece of Orton the connection was ugly, for a 2 count, Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Twist of Fate blocked, Orton with the Elevated DDT, he stalks Jeff, RKO, blocked, Twist of Fate spun out, RKO countered, Jeff with a Flying Forearm, up top, but Randy custs him off & meets him at the top, Jeff slides out and hangs Orton on the turnbuckle, Twist of Fate, up top, but Orton slides to the floor, Jeff takes apart the announce table, Release Back Suplex on Orton on the table & now he knows what it feels like, Jeff up top, but Samoa Joe distracts Jeff on the tron, Joe’s at the bar & says Jeff’s doing great to keep it up and orders one more round, Randy spins Jeff around & hits a RKO for the win


Joe continues, saying he’s WWE Superstar Samoa Joe here to warn you about the dangers of excess. There can be too much of a good thing, and moderation is key. You can make good choices, like having a few beers and enjoying yourself with friends, or you can have fourteen of them and wake up in jail if you wake up at all. He pours a beer and tells us to drink responsibly before offering a toast

Daniel Bryan is interviewed backstage.

He says the new Daniel Bryan doesn’t run, everything he does, he does with purpose, and now he’s going to commentary


Styles with a Slingshot Legdrop for a 2 count, Miz with an Inverted Backbreaker/Neckbreaker combo for a 2 count, AJ with an Ushi-Goroshi for a near fall, Styles Clash countered into a Catapult, Skull-Crushing Finale blocked, Miz with a Snap DDT for a near fall, AJ with a Slingshot Forearm, Bryan stalks AJ then offers a handshake, Miz sends Styles over the steps, back in the ring & hits The Skull-Crushing Finale, but only gets a near fall, Miz goes after the legs, Figure 4 countered, & AJ sends Miz into the post, Bryan trips up AJ, Styles kicks Bryan away & catches a charging Miz with The Calf Crusher & Miz taps out


Bryan with a Chop-Block, then slams his knee into the post several times, he posts AJ & slams his head into the announce table, back in the ring, Running Chopblock & The Dreaded Heelhook, refs pry Bryan off, Bryan with a Roundhouse Kick followed by The You’re Going to Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps

He poses for the crowd before heading to the floor and collecting his title belt, accosting ring announcer Greg Hamilton and demanding he be announced again.

Greg complies and Dan holds the title high over his head before taking the mic himself. He asks the crowd why they don’t approve, cheer, or love the new Daniel Bryan and calls them fickle again and again while AJ pulls himself to his feet

Bryan slides back in & another Chop-Block & back to the Dreaded Heelhook