Smackdown Live Results – 12/18/18






Smackdown Live Results – 12/18/18
Fresno, California
Save Mart Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & David Otunga

Shane McMahon addressing the roster backstage.

He says last night on Raw (which gets raucous boos from the SmackDown superstars) the McMahon family ushered in a new era in WWE and that goes for SmackDown as well. They’re truly listening and they owe it to not just themselves, but for the greatest fanbase in the world, the WWE Universe. It all starts tonight, and he wants everyone to rip the brass ring down!

He brings Paige out and thanks her on behalf of everyone for her enormous contributions and says she’s not going anywhere, just her role is changed, and he raises her hand and leads a “Thank you, Paige!” chant.

In the arena, Becky Lynch makes her entrance.

She gets on the mic and says she doesn’t care who’s running the show, because The Man’s in charge, and she doesn’t really do meetings, so she’s out here with the people, where the real business is conducted, and the only thing she wants from the McMahon family is that they deliver Ronda Rousey to her. She tells Ronnie to listen up and says when she got in her business she faced her down in her own dressing room and ring.

At TLC Ronda cost her the title and didn’t even have the decency to fight her, pushing her ladder over inches from victory, and she’s worked too hard for too long to let some Roddy Piper cosplayer take it away from her!

Enter Charlotte Flair.

She tells Becky to take a number and stand behind the Queen, because Ronda stole HER opportunity. Lynch calls her a cosplayer also and says her days of standing behind her are long gone. Charlotte says Becky looking up to her is a “Then, Now, Forever” type thing and if Rousey hadn’t been there she’d have become an 8-time champion.

Enter newly-minted SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka.

She shimmies and laughs before telling them to forget Ronda because she’s champion now. Lynch tells her to prove it and Flair says she should be thankful since she never beat her. Becky calls her a paper champion–


Enter Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

He wishes everyone a happy holidays and congratulates Asuka on winning the title, because it’s 2018 and we need surreal moments like that in WWE. He tells Becky and Charlotte their conduct is unbecoming, making excuses for things that happened in an anything goes match like TLC. Rousey said she was going to write the next chapter in both their careers, and they need to get over it and take charge and take it out on her.

McMahon asks Asuka how she’d like to defend her title, and she’s into it. He asks if anyone is ready for Asuka and introduces her challenger… NAOMI!

Naomi says Charlotte got her opportunities and Becky isn’t The Man anymore, and she wants the title.

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Naomi with a Football Kick, she tries another, but Asuka counters into an Ankle Lock, Naomi slips out & hits a Full Nelson Powerbomb, they trade flash pins for 2 counts, Asuka with an Avalanche Abdominal Stretch, but Naomi counters into an Avalanche Russian Legsweep, Asuka up top with a Missile Dropkick to the back, Naomi with a Flash Kick off the barricade, both back in at the 9 count, Asuka with a Pop-Up Knee Strike, Naomi goes for the Split-Legged Moonsault, but Asuka gets her knees up into The Asuka Lock, Naomi with the Bret Hart counter, Asuka re-adjusts back into the hold, Naomi back up & counters into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Springbaord, but Asuka counters into a Double Knee Facebreaker then back to The Asuka Lock, Naomi taps out & Asuka retains


Backstage, Miz psyches himself up to knock on the McMahon family dressing room and Vince answers.

McMahon criticizes his knock for its lack of manliness and Miz asks if Shane’s around, but he can’t come out to play. The A-Lister says Vince of all people knows he’s reliable for anything he needs and sure he gets carried away sometimes, but if he and Shane teamed together they could be the Best Tag Team in the World. McMahon asks what he wants him to do about it, and Miz says he’s just asking for his blessing.

Vince says he’s never given anyone a blessing in his life and Miz isn’t getting one now. But he’ll let him prove himself in a tag team match that Vince is going to go set up. McMahon slams the door in his face

Rusev and Lana are interviewed backstage.

He says he’s a man of action and he proved that Shinsuke Nakamura needs to be afraid of him when he crushed him. He’s handsome, a hunk, he’s got big biceps and a handsome beard that you could shave off and sell on eBay to make sweaters for babies and sell them for thousands of dollars, but Shinsuke looks like Sonic the Hedgehog. He may run fast and far, but when he gets his hands on him, he’ll take his United States Championship back on Rusev Day.

Jeff Hardy makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says he heard that Samoa Joe wants to apologize, and for the last few weeks he’s said some things about him and his demons that were true. He’s been weak and made mistakes, but that was then and this was now, and Jeff wakes up every day and worships the fact that he’s alive, well, and here, so bring it on, Joe, he wants to hear this apology face to face.

Samoa most obligingly makes his entrance. He apologizes… because this is no apology, no. He’s been forced to deceive him, because this is more important, this is an intervention. He tells Hardy to look at him and he’s known him for a long time and everyone’s very worried. It’s the holiday times and a man in his fragile condition, well, it can be really rough this time of year and eventually his demons are gonna come running back.

Jeff says the more he reminds him about his past, the more he tells himself he’s never going back, and he and his demons see right through Joe. He says Samoa attacks people’s weaknesses to cover up his insecurities, so what is it? The fact that he’s been her two years and hasn’t won one championship? Joe waves him off before charging in, but Jeff is ready… TWIST OF FATE!


Rose looked for Goddess Death, but Carmella counters with a Princess Kick, at the same time Miz drops Truth with a Skull-Crushing Finale for the win


We get video packages for Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross & EC3 who are all headed to the main roster so they’re apparently going to be split between Raw & Smackdown, not sure on the rest, but I would assume Cross will join the rest of SAnitY on Smackdown

The Usos make their entrance to cut a promo.

They say with all the changes, one thing stays the same, and that’s that the Usos run SmackDown and they’ve still got gold on their mind and they call the Bar out to come and get jig–

Enter the Club. Karl Anderson says week after week it’s New Day, Usos, the Bar, week after week and they’re great teams having great matches but last week they watched them have a freakin’ rap battle and the Good Brothers haven’t been on SmackDown since August? Luke Gallows says that’s four months one of the greatest tag teams of the last decade have been on the sidelines, but no more, it’s time to clean the slate, clean house, and get paid, Hoot.

The Usos say they’re not why the Club fell through the cracks, but if they don’t step up, they’ll get stepped on, and the Usos don’t back down for nobody. They welcome them to the Uso Penitentiary and referee Danilo Anfibio separates them because we’ve got a match right now!


Gallows with a Roundhouse Kick for a 2 count, Anderson with a Swivel Gun Stun for a near fall, Boot of Doom blocked, Gallows Pole on Jey for a near fall, Jey looks for a Tope Suicida, but Anderson blasts him with a Rocket Kick, Jimmy starts a Superkick Party, The Bar comes down, but SAnitY beats them to the punch attacking both teams causing a no contest


Dain with The Divide on Jey, SAnitY lay out Anderson with Devastation, The Bar comes in & still throws the Usos & Club into the barricade

Shinsuke Nakamura cuts a promo asking if he should be afraid of Rusev and running a hype reel of a variety of goofy moments from his time on Total Divas, mostly centered on how much he likes showing his legs off. He says Rusev is no championship contender nor a star, he’s a Total Diva

Daniel Bryan makes his entrance (staring down a “this sign wasted paper” sign on his way) and gets on the mic, saying he killed the Yes! Movement and destroyed the House That AJ Styles Built, but unlike us, he’s not about destruction, but rather creation of something better. And here on SmackDown he’s creating a brave new world, and he understands we won’t like it because we fear change.

How else to explain all of us continuing to lead these lives of vacuous consumption despite the evidence that we’re destroying the planet that gives us life? And the people of California are the guiltiest of them all, and the city of Fresno ranks number one in pollution in the state. He then proceeds to shame the crowd by shouting “Shame!” at them a bunch, in the time-honored tradition.

He says Isaac Asimov once wrote that self-education is the only kind of education there is, and for people like him and Asimov that might work, but we wouldn’t know wisdom if it was handed to us through a drive-through window. He warns the people not to try self-eduction because they will fail (I dunno, self-education’s how I figured out my gender nonsense, Dan), but lucky for us, we have someone to teach us how to live.

Bryan’s speaking of himself, of course


Almas with a Back Elbow for a 2 count, Ali with a Barrel Roll Sit-Out Facebuster, but Bryan rolls to the floor, Ali looked for a dive, Almas & Vega block with the Tranquilo pose, Styles wipes out Andrade and then gives Ali an assist as he wipes out both Almas & Bryan with a Tope con Hilo, Bryan with a Torture Crab on Ali, but he fights out, Almas with a Half Crab, Sliding Knee for to the back for a 2c count, Bryan with Shoot Kicks, then a Lariat, Surfboard into a Dragon Sleeper, but Ali makes it to the rope, Almas with a Pop-Up Faceplant for a 2 count, then a Lairat, Double Moonsault, but Ali gets his knees up, AJ with a Suplex into an Inverted Neckbreaker on Bryan for a 2 count, Bryan avoids The Phenomenal Forearm, Calf Crusher, but Almas breaks the hold, AJ blocks La Sombra & sends Andrade to the floor, Ali with a Hurricanrana off the steps to the floor, Styles Clash blocked, Roundhouse Kick & Bryan measures Styles but AJ catches him with a boot, Stylin DDT, Ali with a Satelite DDT, up top, but Almas meets him, AJ takes Andrade down & dims his lights with a Phenomenal Forearm, & Ali hits the 0-5-4 on Bryan for the win