Smackdown Live Results – 11/27/18






Smackdown Live Results – 11/27/18
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Target Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton

Paige in the ring.

She welcomes us to the show and introduces SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Becky makes her entrance and gets on the mic, saying when you’re the hottest thing in the entire industry, any time away is too much time away. She attacked Raw, bled, fought, and won before showing up the next night to fight and at Survivor Series to fight, but she was stopped and they tried to hold her back, but not no mo’, baby girl, and the Man is putting herself back in the game.

At Survivor Series she had to watch someone step into her shadow and fight Ronda Rousey, and she wants to get this out of the way so she calls Charlotte Flair out.

Flair obliges and makes her entrance, at which point Becky says she told her to give Ronda the beating she would have, and she came pretty close, although if it were her, Ronnie wouldn’t have been standing the next night. She says it took Charlotte channelling her to take it to the Raw Women’s Champion, and Flair says she wasn’t trying to be her, she was just being herself, Charlotte Flair, the seven-time women’s champion and the only woman on either roster capable of giving Rousey the beating she deserves.

Charlotte says she’s genetically superior and has the mindset to do anything to get the job done, wooo! Becky says she just went from copying her old man to copy the Man and she’s a bootleg Becky trying to take what’s hers and she’s not having it, although she’s glad she beat the phoniness out of her. Flair says Nia Jax must have hit her harder than she thought, because she went from quirky to delusional, and Lynch is the one copying Ric.

Flair calls Ronda out and says she’ll be at TLC and she was born ready before addressing Becky again, saying she fought for herself and she’ll fight her again… right now! They jaw at each other and Paige gets between them and orders them to shut up. She loves this side of Charlotte and hasn’t seen any woman on this roster with this degree of desire, so at TLC she’s giving her her rematch against Becky.

That’s not all, because of their history it’s gonna be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match! They jaw some more–

Enter Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Zelina Vega, and the Iconic Duo, led by Rose. She says this is insulting, that Paige would say no one has shown the desire that Charlotte has. Everybody’s talking about what she did to Ronda, but any one of them could have done the exact same thing. And any one of them deserves a title match, they just don’t get the time of day.

Paige left Absolution and now all she does is give opportunities to her old PCB teammates. Why?

Enter Naomi, Carmella, Asuka, and Lana. Naomi asks everybody to hold up so she can put some glow in it and surprisingly, they agree with what Mandy was saying and she KNOWS Paige isn’t questioning her desire. The SmackDown roster is packed with talent and any one of them can be champ, to which Becky says she’ll knock the head off any of these dopes.

Paige is into it and says every woman on the roster will be in a battle royal, the winner of which will be added to the TLC match!

The Usos are walking backstage and welcome us to the Uso Penitentiary, ahead of their match against the Bar that’s up next

Video of Cesaro chewing Big Show out earlier for not helping them win last week, and eventually he has enough and decks him with a WMD


Jey with a Running Butt-Butt to Cesaro for a 2 count, he looks for a Tope Suicida, but Cesaro counters into Swiss Death, Sheamus with a Jumping Knee then a second rope Knee Drop for a 2 count, Jey ducks a Diving Lariat and posts Sheamus, Superkick for Cesaro & one for Sheamus for a near fall, tag to Jimmy, they look for a Double Samoan Splash, Cesaro blasts Jey with Swiss Death & Sheamus gets his knees up & turns it into a Small Pacakage on Jimmy for a near fall, Bar looked for Spike White Noise, but Jey with a Superkick to the back of the head, Jimmy with a rollup for a near fall, Jey with a blind tag, Double Superkick then the Samoan Splash on Cesaro for the win


Backstage the New Day are laughing and watching something on Xavier Woods’ phone when Miz asks what they’re watching. They say it’s his greatest work, to which Miz thinks they’re talking about the Marine 6: Close Quarters, but they were watching his match last week, and ask which one beat him, leading to extended rhymes including Woods singing a bit of Slow Chemical.

The A-Lister says they were battling through injuries incurred at Survivor Series. Kofi Kingston asks if he means the same show where they were the only team that won for SmackDown. Miz says that doesn’t count and he could beat any of them in his capacity as 2/3s best in the world. In fact he’s going to his bestie Shane McMahon right now to set up a match.

Xavier asks what’s wrong with him, to which Big E launches into an impassioned defense of Miz’s character from the Marine, to the shock and horror of the other New Day

AJ Styles makes his entrance.

He lets the crowd chant a moment before beginning. For 14 days he’s been without the WWE Championship, and those 14 days seemed a lot longer than the 371 days he did have the title. No one likes to lose, and he hates losing, but it’s the way that he lost that bothers him. At this point we roll footage of him losing the title.

He continues, saying he knows he had a target on his back, but who would have thought that target would have moved somewhere else? But he gets it, he’s wanted something that badly before. No, what bothers him is the part afterwards where Bryan kicked him in the head over and over again to the point where he wasn’t medically cleared for Survivor Series or last week’s SmackDown.

So he watched Dan try to explain his actions from home, at which point we get a replay of parts of Bryan’s promo from last week. AJ says that sounds like BS to him, he doesn’t care which Daniel Bryan it is, he’s got the same face that he’s looking forward to smashing in. Hell, he doesn’t want to wait, he’ll do it right here, right now. (Because THAT went so well for you last time, Mr. Styles.)

But Bryan isn’t here, and he wasn’t on the live events this past week either, and he thinks Dan’s been watching Raw and getting ideas as to how things work over there, but this is the House That AJ Styles Built, and for 371 days he never missed a live event, a pay-per-view, or SmackDown, because he was the champ and this is where he belongs!

So when he rolls out of his hyperbaric chamber, he wants Bryan to make sure he’s at TLC, with his dreams, his excuses, and the WWE Championship, because that belongs to the Phenomenal AJ Styles!

They hype up Lars Sullivan as the hottest free agent on the roster


Nakamura with a Kinshasa to the back of the neck when Rusev first gets in before the bell even rings, Curb Kicks, then a Kinshasa, Rusev starts to get up & Shinsuke with another Kinshasa as the match never happens

Pictures of Jeff Hardy are set up in the ring, the roster is on the stage, and Michael Cole is in the ring to play master of ceremonies.

Cole starts in about Hardy’s 20th anniversary and gives him a big introduction.

Jeff makes his entrance and we get a video package where he narrates his career. He says he doesn’t know what to say other than to thank us all. Watching all his crazy moments he can’t believe he did half that stuff and he wonders what’s wrong with him. This business has given him a creative outlet and his facepaint is way better than it was ten years ago.

He feels free to be the Charismatic Enigma and that’s cool. Through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, each of us has stuck by his side and for that he’s eternally grateful. He thanks his wife and his daughters for making this night possible and says this is far from a retirement speech. He doesn’t know what happens in the future, but he wants to find out together, and he thanks us again–

Enter Samoa Joe. He congratulates Jeff on 20 years and begs forgiveness for his lateness because he was getting ready to propose a toast but realized having a bottle of champagne around him maybe isn’t the best idea. Shane McMahon goes to hold him back but Hardy wants Joe to come through and say his peace. Samoa puts the video package over and says it must have been a treat for Jeff since he wasn’t coherent enough at the time to remember any of it.

Joe doesn’t celebrate weakness nor believe in second chances, especially when men like him haven’t got their first. Hardy does the “Delete!” gesture and Samoa continues, saying what bugs him is despite all of Jeff’s mistakes he allows himself to be put on a pedestal. That makes him absolutely sick, because for as many times as he got us out of our seat, there’s an equal and opposite time he let us down.

People like Hardy never change, and the demons are always waiting to take control, so the next time he feels powerless, know that Joe offers a hand in friendship, a simple one-step program, swift but definitely not painless. Jeff says no matter what he says he can’t rain on his parade and he’s walked a tightrope for twenty years and he still lives for the moment, so what say they make one right now!

Samoa sets the mic down before deciding he wants no part of Jeff’s challenge, walking out


Kofi with a Jumping Splash for a 2 count, Kofi with a Leaping Lariat, Boom Drop, Trouble in Paradise countered, Figure 4 blocked, S.O.S. countered, Skull-Crushing Finale countered into a Wheelbarrow Victory Roll for a near fall, S.O.S. for a near fall, Snap DDT for a near fall, Miz exposes the turnbuckle, but E covers the steel with pancakes, Kofi with a rollup for a near fall, Miz wipes out Xavier with a Baseball Slide & grabs a chair, E distracts him & Xavier takes the chair away, Miz turns around into Trouble in Paradise & Kofi picks up the win


Randy Orton makes his entrance and we get a replay of his attack on Rey Mysterio last week.

He says people have called his actions disturbing but if he had to choose a word, he’d choose euphoric. He never really understood what the big deal about the piece of trash he ripped off of Rey’s face, and what he did wasn’t meant to disrespect his culture, but to embarrass and humiliate him, take him off the pedestal we’ve put him up on.

What he did was prove to us that at this stage in his career, all Mysterio is is another victim of the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment, R–

Enter Rey Mysterio! He’s wearing a neck brace and has a bit of a limp in his step but he’s headed for the ring! Randy slides out and Rey meets him with punches and kicks! The Viper gets a knee off and throws him into the barricades on either side of the entry! Tearing at the mask, he yanks the brace off and asks Mysterio how that feels before throwing him in the ring.

Referees swarm ringside but Rey ain’t down yet, kicking away as Orton tried to get back in the ring… 619! Slide under a lariat, leg-feed enzuigiri, on the second… another 619! Mysterio heads to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a chair but Randy cuts him off with a kick and hits the hanging DDT! To the outside, again he braces Rey’s neck with a chair… AND LARYNX CRUSHER ON THE STEPS!

Road agents Jamie Noble and five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce have joined the fray by this point and manage to pull Randy away from Rey, Orton tries multiple times to take Rey’s mask, but Pearce gets in his face & shoves him away

Shane McMahon is hanging out with his trophy when Miz rolls up to ask where he was.

Shane says he was right here and Miz says he can’t will this team into existence on his own, he just wants McMahon to meet him 1/3 of the way in. He could have beat Kofi if he had his partner on hand, to which Shane says they’re not a team. The A-Lister insists the trophy is their child and he knows for a fact that they’re damn good parents, and that makes them family, so start acting like it!

He shoves their child into Shane’s arms and storms off

Women’s Battle Royale

Lana pulls Vega to the floor to eliminate Zelina


IIconics throw out Lana for the elimination


Asuka with a Billiken eliminates both of The IIconics


Carmella with a Princess Kick to Asuka, she charges but Asuka drops her on the apron & drops Carmella with a kick for the elimination


Goddess Death to Asuka, Rose & Deville tries to eliminate Asuka, but Naomi makes the save, Rear View to Rose, Flash Kick to Deville, Rose looks to eliminate Naomi with Goddess Death on the apron, but Naomi evades & throws Rose to the floor then Sonya dumps Naomi for 2 elminations


Sonya with a Takedown on Asuka and tries for an elimination, but Asuka blocks, Rose tries to pull Asuka off the apron, but Asuka with a Sliding Knee takes out Mandy, Asuka tries the the Benoit Suplex spot from Rumble ’04, but Deville lands on the apron, Sonya charges, but Asuka with a Hiptoss into a Knee Strike to eliminate Deville


Asuka gets the 3rd spot in the TLC Match, Asuka vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch in TLC for the Smackdown Women’s Title