Smackdown Live Results – 1/8/19






Smackdown Live Results – 1/8/19
Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton

We head to the concessions area where Daniel Bryan is angry and talking about how AJ Styles would be here if he was just a fan and he wants to take us on an educational journey. The only concessions we’re making, he says, are to our health and well-being. Are we healthy? Are we happy? How do we feel after we eat this garbage? (Pretty good, Dan, I’m turning that kinda garbage into some pretty sweet fat tissue at a slow but steady pace right now.)

We’re filling a void and throwing garbage down our throats, and that’s why we cheer for AJ, too. He snatches a hot dog away from some fans and says Styles is just like the hot dog, and they leave empty and move on to something else. He punctuates his point by throwing the hot dog at the fan he took it from. A drink is his next target, saying the plastic is choking the earth before throwing it, too, at the fan he took it from.

Merchandise is up next, and he asks for a Yes! Movement t-shirt before mock-remembering that the Yes! Movement is dead, he killed it, and one of the reasons why is he didn’t want to fill the earth with toxic garbage like AJ’s t-shirts and gloves. He continues railing against Styles as he exists the concourse to be high up in the stands before saying he’s out here changing the world.

He says each one of these people is weak, submissive, impotent and AJ can only fill the void for about thirty seconds, but he’ll tear that void apart and fill it with something meaningful, something valuable, he’ll make the world better. We booo him, but he’s changing the world for the better while we change it for the–

R-TRUTH OUTTA NOWHERE WITH THE FLYING JALAPENO! HE’S BEATING THE HOLY HELL OUT OF THE WWE CHAMPION! Referee Mike Chioda separates them and we’re informed we’ll have a match


Truth or Consequences for a near fall, he looked for a Stinger Splash, but Bryan evades & hits The Busaiku Knee for the win


Bryan makes it to the stage and AJ Styles ambushes him! Mounted headbutts, wailing away as security swarms him, he gets away and pounces Dan into the LED boards! Chair in hand, but Bryan runs off and AJ whips it into the barricade in frustration


Ali with a Barrel Roll Sit-Out Facebuster for a 1 count on Almas, Leaping Tornado DDT, he goes for a Slinshot Plancha, but Joe catches him with a Fallaway Slam on the announce table, Mysterio with a Monkey Flip into a Destructo de Mexicano (at first I thought it was a Yoshi Tonic, but it did indeed end in a Piledriver which you don’t see often in WWE) on Almas, but Joe makes the save, Ali with a 450, Joe rolls to the floor, but Ali follows with a Tope con Hilo, 619, but Andrade blocks & hits La Sombra for the win


Carmella gets a promo backstage where she talks about how nobody thinks she’s gonna win, and why, because she looks good and likes to have fun? Or is it because Charlotte Flair has learned to use a kendo stick and Becky Lynch grew a personality? She became champion by getting an opportunity, and that’s all she ever needed, and tonight she’s got one more opportunity to get at it, because Mella is money.

The Usos are walking and talking about how they’ve got an opportunity tonight themselves and they welcome the Bar to the Uso Penitentiary

Miz barges in on Shane McMahon, complaining about the Usos getting a shot at a tag title shot before they did as the Best Tag Team in the World.

Shane says they’re far away from the title picture and the A-Lister tries to sell him on taking the shortcut. McMahon says he’s excited about teaming, he really is, but he wants to put the work in, challenge themselves and their competition. Miz agrees after a beat before asking if he’s thought about outfits, saying he’s enjoying the white leather, at which point Shane begs off and feigns taking a call.

Rusev is in the ring and gets on the mic.

He says last week Lana, his wife, his love, his heart got hurt because of Shinsuke Nakamura’s selfish actions. She’s at home resting, but he stands before us. Not as United States Champion, not as the Bulgarian Brute with the body of a thousand Hemsworth brothers, no, he stands before us as a husband. A “Lana is the best, Lana #1!” chant goes up before he continues.

He says Shinsuke can mess with him all he wants, but once you mess with his wife you cross a line, and you can’t come back from that. So he calls Nakamura out and promises to break every bone in his fragile body and crush him!

Shinsuke appears in the production truck, saying Rusev is just trying to get sympathy. He’s here in the truck to prove to everyone that it’s not his fault, and he asks the tech to roll the tape. Footage of the attack from last week plays, repeatedly showing the Machka Kick that knocked Shinsuke over while Lana was on his back. Nakamura tells Rusev that he crushed Lana, a smirk on his face.

The Bulgarian Lion says if he won’t come to him, he’ll come to Shinsuke!

He’s met halfway by Nakamura ramming a road case at him, sandwiching him against some gear! Referees and road agents (Jamie Noble and five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce) separate them and check on Rusev… AND SHINSUKE COMES BACK FOR KINSHASA FOR GOOD MEASURE!

Becky Lynch cuts a promo complaining she has to win a match to get a shot at the title she never lost, but that’s okay because tonight she can do whatever she wants, and at Royal Rumble Asuka will have to do more than climb a ladder, and she knows she’s on borrowed time until The Man comes around.


Jey with a Lariat for a 2 count, Jimmy with a Running Butt-Butt on Cesaro for a 2 count, Usos send Bar to the floor then hit stereo Tope Suicidas, they send Cesaro back in, Jimmy with a Diving Crossbody for a near fall, Stereo Enzugiris, Jey with a Superkick for a near fall, Cesaro with a Sharpshooter on Jey, but he makes it to the rope, Sheamus with a Knee Strike from the apron, Cesaro into a cover for a near fall, Jey blocks an Avalanche Finlay Roll, Cesaro with a dive, but Jey blasts him out of the sky with a Superkick,

Mandy Rose interrupts and asks if she left her tiny gold shorts & top in Jimmy’s hotel room (Rose better leave and leave now because Naomi will attempt to kill her if she doesn’t), the distraction allows Cesaro to blast Jimmy off the apron then finish Jey with The Gotch-Style Neutralizer for the win


The Miz comes down and gives the Bar a big intro and congratulates them on behalf of himself and Shane McMahon. They’ve dominated all the tag teams on SmackDown… except for the Best Tag Team in the World, and he wants to offer them a chance to defend the tag titles against them.

Cesaro asks if he wants the team that’s destroyed every team on Raw and SmackDown to face an untested, uncoordinated dysfunctional duo with daddy issues? He asks Sheamus what he thinks– BROGUE KICK! Cesaro accepts the match!

Backstage, Rose is walking with Sonya Deville and takes her towel off, revealing the gold top and shorts she mentioned. Naomi shows up furious & attacks, she starts with the upper-hand, but the numbers catch up with her, they beat her down until Jimmy makes the save!

It’s Charlotte Flair’s turn for a promo and she talks about how Carmella was last year’s hottest thing and Becky Lynch is this year’s hottest thing, but she’s been the hottest thing four years running, main evented multiple pay-per-views, and she’s not here to prove herself to anyone, but just to reclaim her title.

Daniel Bryan is interviewed on his way out of the building.

He points out that a fat, ignorant man spilled mustard on him before shifting to AJ Styles’ “unprovoked” attack. Did he attack because Bryan is changing the world for the better, or just because he’s got the WWE Championship and he doesn’t? Dan doesn’t care why AJ attacked him, and if you think what he did tonight is vicious, it’s not have as vicious as the New Daniel Bryan!

People haven’t seen what he’s capable of, but Styles will see at the Royal Rumble, and he’ll never, ever take the WWE Championship away, because Bryan is fighting for a bigger cause than he can understand, and he’ll be champion forever.

This feeds into the video package hyping up our new arrivals from NXT, coming soon.

Miz is backstage holding his jaw when Shane McMahon rolls up and the A-Lister congratulates him on his plan to challenge their opponents working. Shane tries to explain what he meant and Miz says if they’re not testing themselves by going right after the Bar, and where would they be if they just politely waited their turn and let the opportunity pass them by!

McMahon asks if he thinks they can win, Miz says he knows they can, and they fist bump


Carmella with a rollup on Charlotte for a 1 count, Carmella with a Complete Shot on Lynch, Charlotte looks for the Figure 4, but Carmella counters into the Code of Silence, Charlotte powers out, Queen’s Boot to Carmella, she lines both Becky & Carmella up as she tells the fans to shut up & set down she hits a Moonsault on them both, cover on Lynch for a 2 count, she tries a cover on Carmella & still only a 2 count, Carmella goes for a Handstand Hurricanrana, Charlotte tries to block, Carmella finally gets her down for a near fall, Tope Suicida on Lynch, Charlotte goes for a Moonsault, but they avoid it & Charlotte hits the floor, Lynch with an Exploder Suplex on Carmella on the floor, Carmella with a rollup on Charlotte for a near fall, Avalanche Natural Selection on Lynch, Carmella blasts Charlotte with a Princess Kick, covers Becky, but Charlotte breaks the pin, Carmella with a barrage of slaps to Charlotte, Charlotte comes back, Figure 4 into the Figure 8, Lynch breaks it with The Dublin Jma for a near fall, Dis-Arm-Her, Carmella breaks it with a Princess Kick, Charlotte goes for a Spear, but Carmella shoves Becky into it, Princess Kick to Charlotte, Carmella looked to finish Becky, but Lynch counters into The Dis-Arm-Her & Carmella taps out, Lynch gets the title shot against Asuka at the Rumble


Becky & Asuka have a staredown as the show ends