WWE Raw Results – 8/31/20





WWE Raw Results – 8/31/20
Orlando, Florida
Amway Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phllips, Byron Saxton & Samoa Joe

Randy Orton makes his entrance and we get a recap of him punting Drew McIntyre repeatedly last week ago before commentary lets us know about the six-man tournament that will take place tonight to crown a new #1 contender to Drew’s WWE Championship.

Orton gets on the mic and talks about McIntyre offering him a rematch out of pity, saying the only thing Drew deserves is to be in pain each and every day as he sips his meals from a straw. Drew wanted to Claymore him, but the only one handing kicks out on Raw is Randy, who lists off a bunch of the men he’s punted over the last while.

He says he is in fact entitled and he shouldn’t have to go through this tournament for his rematch at Clash of Champions, but he’ll jump through your hoops and he’ll win the title. He presents a very-badly photoshopped image of a bunch of the dudes he’s punted lying in hospital beds all lined in a row.

Enter Keith Lee.

He says Orton is so fixated on talking about the havoc he’s caused the last few months, doing his best to forget about what happened last night at Payback, to forget about the fact that he beat him. He understands that Randy might be the greatest to ever lace up the boots, but last night he had no choice to bask in his glory.

But things are different now because maybe, just maybe, a victory like his last night over a legend killer like him means that he should get the title shot. Don’t get him wrong, he’s known Drew for a long time and considers him a good friend, and he likes to talk about receipts, and he’ll make good on his word, and at some point—



Dolph tries to take Lee down, but Lee powers him up with one arm, Dolph wiggles out, he tries the Leaping DDT again, but, Lee catapults him into the turnbuckle and then the floor, Dolph back in, Neckbreaker gets a 1 count & Lee launches him off, Dropkick, Stinger Splash, he tries another Neckbreaker, but Lee blocks & Pounces him to the floor, Dolph with a Rocker Dropper for a 2 count, another Neckbreaker followed by a Jumping Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Lee with a Pop-Up Faceplant then a Tour of the Islands, Dolph avoids a charge and hits a Zig-Zag, but only gets a near fall, he measures him, but Lee blocks the Superkick & hits The Spirit Bomb for the win


Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are interviewed, and they both try to take credit for the victory.

Asuka rolls up and tries to get interviewed, but Shayna berates her for butting in. She shoves Baszler aside and yells at Jax in Japanese before walking off

Adam Pearce is giving security a pep talk about keeping RETRIBUTION out. The Scrap Daddy let them know if they can’t keep RETRIBUTION out then they’ll find someone else who can

Asuka is interviewed in the ring.

She lists off a bunch of the women’s division and laughs, saying it doesn’t matter who is ready for Asuka, because Asuka is ready for anything.

Enter Mickie James!

She puts Asuka over as one of the greatest champions of all time and says she figured that out of respect she should be the first to know that she’s coming for the title.

Enter Natalya and Lana.

Nattie says Mickie has had her chances and she’s being selfish, and they make their case for a match. Asuka says she’s ready for all of them to shut up, and the heels jump the babyfaces! The babyfaces fight back

Backstage, Viking Raiders, Cedric Alexander, and some lady are hanging out and stuff happens.

They disperse and Angel Garza rolls up with a single rose in hand.


Lana with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Mickie with a Thesz Press, Mickie-DT blocked, Mickie dims her lights with The Mick Kick for the win


Charly Caruso is hanging out in front of Aleister Black’s locker room and Randy Orton comes out of it

The IIconics are interviewed about their losing team disbands match tonight.

They talk about being best friends and all the sacrifices they’ve made to become tag team champions, and how they’re going to help the Riott Squad self-destruct and get the tag titles back

Aleister Black assaults Owens on his way to the ring and blasts him with Black Mass, ref is telling Owens he can’t compete, Owens insists on going on


Orton finishes Owens in a matter of seconds with the RKO for the win


Dominik and Rey Mysterio are interviewed backstage about Dom getting a chance against Seth Rollins in the tournament tonight.

Rey says it would have meant the world to him to win tonight and get another crack at the WWE Championship, but injuries happen, and if anyone has to take his place, he’d want it to be his son. Dominik says his confidence is on another level, and he’s got a 619 with the Monday Night Messiah’s name on it.

MVP and Shelton Benjamin are in the ring with some slick Hurt Business t-shirts for the VIP Lounge. Tonight’s guest? Newly-minted United States Champion Bobby Lashley.

They promise Apollo Crews they’re gonna get him back for his post-match attack last night, and Shelton says specifically he’s gonna beat him like a little punk tonight on Raw Underground. MVP addresses Cedric Alexander which brings him out

Cedric Alexander makes his entrance, mic in hand.

MVP asks if he’s had a change of heart, and Cedric says hell no, and he didn’t come alone. MVP turns… AND THE VIKING RAIDERS ARE HERE! They all beat the Hurt Business down and clear the ring of the VIP Lounge


Rowe with East Ten Mile to Shelton, Shelton is still conscious after that knee & hits a Spinebuster, MVP with a Jumping Knee Drop on Cedric for a 2 count, Lash with a Snap Suplex, MVP with The Player’s Boot then a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Lash & Shelton take the Vikings off the apron, but Cedric rolls MVP up & grabs the tights for the win


MVP is smiling, Lash & Shelton wanted to go after Cedric, but MVP holds them back as he likes what he saw from Cedric tonight

Titus O’Neil is warming up for Raw Underground tonight

Hurt Business are beating Cedric Alexander down backstage until Apollo Crews and Ricochet make the save!


IIconics with The Sick Knee from Sydney gets a near fall, Liv with a Draping Dropkick to Royce for a 2 count, Kay with a Rolling Elbow for a 2 count, they trade flash pins, Ruby stacks Kay up for the win


Ruby & Liv get the Tag Title shot & The IIconics must split up, they were a thorn in Ruby’s side going all the way back to NXT so there is some karma in Ruby being the one to force them to break up

Shane McMahon rolls up to the door to Raw Underground

Seth Rollins gets on the mic and berates Murphy for getting him kicked in the head and getting pinned by Dominik Mysterio. With a WWE Championship opportunity on the line tonight, he can’t have any mistakes, and he can’t have Murphy screwing it up, so he wants him out of his ring until he can figure out what side of history he wants to be on.

Murphy tries to speak up but Seth tells him to shut his mouth and that he disgraces him, and he continues to berate him as he follows orders and leaves… AND DOMINIK MYSTERIO LAYS HIM OUT WITH A NORTHERN LARIAT!


Seth rolls to the floor, but Dom gives chase, Seth sends him back in, Dom with a Springboard Armdrag, he has Seth in his sights, but Seth avoids the 619, Dom goes after him and hits a Somersault Senton off the announce table to the floor, Seth with a Slingblade for a 2 count, Body Scissors, Dom fights out, he counters a Bucklebomb into a Hurricanrana into the turnbuckle, up top, Seth catches him, but Dom counters into a Satellite DDT then a Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Seth rolls to the floor, Dom up top & takes down Seth with a Diving Crossbody, back in, Drop Toehold, 619, up top, Seth avoids the Frog Splash & hits The Blackout for the win


Seth’s not done & hits another Blackout

Raw Underground:

Titus O’Neil with a Chokeslam then a ground and pound, another guy challenges Titus, but he takes the dude down & levels him with a Headbutt

Riddick Moss wants a piece of Titus, ground and pound, he takes Titus down, but Titus has his guard up, back to their feet, Titus launches Moss off the platform, he levels a dude on the floor with a Nodowa-Otoshi, back on the platform, Moss crushes Titus with a kick then gets a ground and pound to win by ref stoppage

24/7 Hijinks:

Akira Tozawa & his SHinobi Sect arrives, but he can’t get in the building, because his name wasn’t on the list, but list was blank and the the guard was a ref & Truth rolls Tozawa up to win back the belt for the 39th time, Tozawa & his Shinobi Sect abduct the ref & follow Truth, but they left one of the Shinobi behind


Ford goes up but the Ingobernables meet him, Dawkins is at the bottom as we have a Tower of Doom, Ingobernables with a Camel Clutch/Dropkik combo on Dawkins for a 2 count, Andrade with a Draping Juji-Gatame, they set up for hte kill, but Dawkins blocks, Spinning Stinger Splash to Andrade, Bulldog, but Garza makes the save, they tie Dawkins to the Tree of Woe, Penalty Kick followed by a Double Stomp, but Ford make sth save, Garza with a Superkick, Andrade with a Back Elbow, , Ford with a Running Blockbuster, Ultimate Warrior rope shake, lights flicker, Ford looks around, Garza gets his lady friend out of there as RETRIBUTION swarm the ring


Vega takes a shot, but the numbers is too much, they lay out Andrade, Vega, The Profits and then run out before any of the guards could make it there

Adam Pearce is yelling at security for letting Retribution through.

Raw Underground:

Aver Taylor vs Jessamyn Duke, Taylor never stood a chance as Duke takes her down with a barrage of strikes, someone takes issue with Duke, but Shaifr is there, Shafir takes the other girl down and taps her out with a Triangle Armbar, Royce sends Kay onto the platform as Duke & Shafir put her down

Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin:

Shelton takes Apollo down, Apollo tries for a Kimura, he gets it hooked, but Shelton makes it back to his feet and it breaks down between The Hurt Business and Apollo and 2 Fly Crew, Hurt Business leaves all 3 of them laying

Garza explains that he left the others to get his lad to safety and wouldn’t let anything happen to her, RETRIBUTION launch a guard through the doors and stare the 2 down, Garza runs for it leaving his lady behind, they don’t seem interested in her and let her go


Lee with a Slingshot Double Crossbody, they take Lee down with the Back Suplexes on the announce table, Orton with the Draping DDT, RKO countered, Backslide backed, Seth with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall, Seth looks for the kill, but Lee is back up, he biels Seth into Orton, they both roll to the floor, Pounce sends Orton flying, Seth tries a Tope Suicida, but Lee catches him & launches him with a Belly to Belly Suplex over the announce table, back in, Seth counters Tour of the Islands into a Small package for a near fall, Avada Kedavra barrage, Blackout countered into a Spirit Bomb, but Orton like the thief in the night drops Lee with the RKO then steals the pin on Seth for the win to get his title shot