Raw Results – 7/8/19




Raw Results – 7/8/19
Newark, New Jersey
Prudential Center
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Renee Young & Cory Graves


Vega with a DDT for a 2 count, Seth with a Slingblade on Andrade then sends him to the floor, he hits a pair of Tope Suicidas, Lynch with a Bexploder then locks in the Dis-Arm-Her & Vega taps out for the elimination

Lacey Evans appears in the crowd & Lynch goes right after her pummeling Lacey in the audience, Seth pulls her off

Andrade with a Sliding Basment Dropkick for a near fall, up top, but Seth cuts him off, he leaps up, but Andrade ties him to the Tree of Woe, Double Stomp, but only gets a near fall, pair of Snap Suplexes, he goes for the trifecta, but Seth counters into a Falcon Arrow for a near fall, Springboard Knee Strike for a 2 count, up top, but Andrade shoves Seth to the floor, Vega with a Running Hurricanrana off the apron to the floor, Lynch goes after Zelina, Andrade pulls off Lynch, Seth checks on Lynch, Andrade charges, but Becky shoves Seth out of the way & takes the bullet, Rollins is worried about Becky, Andrade sends Seth back in, Running Meteora for a near fall, Vega goes for a Running Hurricanrana, but Seth blocks & Lynch wipes out Vega with a Sliding Dropkick, back in the ring Seth finishes Andrade with The Blackout for the win


Lynch and Rollins celebrate on the stage… BARON CORBIN BLINDSIDES SETH ROLLINS! Becky tries to make the save but Lacey Evans joins the attack! The heel stand tall with the babyfaces laid out on the stage

Paul Heyman walks out & the boss is headed to the ring

Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans are shown backstage gloating about their attack and claiming to have manipulated Seth and Becky before wondering what’s gonna happen after they lose their titles. They put over their power couple as “strictly professional” and suggest that caring about each other is a liability.

In the ring, Paul Heyman cuts a promo.

He begins by introducing himself and says he’s gonna shoot from the hip. On Sunday there’s a pay-per-view entitled Extreme Rules, a subject about which he happens to know something. The show will emanate from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a place he happens to know a lot about. So here it is– this Sunday, in Philly, at Extreme Rules, his client will cash in Money in the Bank against either Kofi Kingston or Seth Rollins.

That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.

And if you think back, he hasn’t given a spoiler since before WrestleMania 30, so if he ever wanted to put out misinformation, he’s built his credibility up enough that this would be the time for him to lie. So either he just gave us a heads-up on history, or he’s screwing with Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston, and only he knows the answer.

Oh yeah, one other being knows the answer, the former and future champion, Brock Lesnar

We get a recap of the Lashley/Braun match from last week, Lashley says Braun knew exactly what he was doing last week & he didn’t care, he says the next time he sees the son of a bitch he’s not going to send Braun to the hospital, he’s going to send him to the morgue. He’ll have his chance Sunday as we now have a Last Man Standing Match between Braun & Lashley added to the ppv

We see a crew member dumping trash into a bin when Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon roll up.

They say they’ve heard he’s the best garbage man in the world and Shane introduces himself to Tony, asking if he’d like to be Roman Reigns’ tag team partner tonight and telling him to stick around.


Miz stalks Elias as The Revival drops Jimmy with The Shatter Machine to take the first fall

Dash with a Sliding Dropkick to the face of Jimmy for a 2 count, Jey with a Running Butt-Butt on Dash, Diving Crossbody, but Dash reverses the pin for a near fall, Jey with arollup for a near fall, Dawson with a Brainbuster for a near fall, Miz with a Skull-Crushing Finale takes the 2nd fall to tie it up

Usos start a Superkick Party, Jimmy wipes out Dash with a Plancha then Jey finishes Dawson with a Samoan Splash for the win


We go backstage where Drake Maverick is hiding in a road case with his wife Renee Michelle playing look-out.

She berates him for dragging her through this and he says they’re all here and that’s what matters– him, her, and the title. And hey, the case is quite roomy, so why not get it on…? She’s not having it, but he pledges to show her what a great husband he is and give her the honeymoon she deserves, and she softens and says she’s ready to consummate their marriage.

The idea of sex, of course, gets him all excited and he shouts out, bringing the horde crashing after him

Backstage, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre are scouting a beer guy for a potential partner for Roman Reigns.

Rey Mysterio makes his entrance.

He gets on the mic and says he’s gonna keep it short and simple because he stood in this ring six weeks ago with his arm in a sling and did one of the hardest things he’s ever done when he gave up the United States Championship. The doctors told him it’d be a long time before he would be back, but he refused, rehabbed harder, and became hungrier and he beat their predictions.

And now, well, he’s back and he’s so ready to go. That’s why tonight, he’s got an open challenge to anyone in the back who’s gonna listen.

Bobby Lashley accepts!


Rey goes right after Lashley, Lashley looks for a Powersalm but Rey turns it into a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT, Dropkick to the ass, 619, Springboard, but Lashley catches him a Lifting Complete Shot then breaks Rey in half with The Murder-Death Spear for the win


He throws Rey out of the ring & drags him up the ramp by his mask, he’s looking at the tron where he was Speared through last week, he goes to Gorilla Press Rey through the tron, refs get in his way so he just tosses Rey onto them instead

Lashley says last week he was the only man standing & at the ppv he will be the Last Man Standing

The Club are shown walking backstage.

They arrive in front of AJ Styles’ dressing room when Charly Caruso rolls up for an interview.

AJ says he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation and tells her to get out of his face. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows decline comment as well


NWJ takes the fight to Cesaro before the bell rings, Cesaro with a European Uppercut then a barrage of Uppercuts, Gutwrench Suplex, Giant Swing into a Sharpshooter & NWJ taps out


Street Profits are hanging out and beatboxing.

They get up and tell us they’re gathered here for a very special reminder never to cross Cesaro, and then they shill for Extreme Rules on the WWE Network. They then speculate a little about partners for Roman Reigns tonight before ordering the production truck to move on

Backstage, Mike brings Maria flowers and apologizes for last week, saying he’s sorry he was caught off guard but he loves her. They trade sweet nothings and Maria says she loves ice cream. Mike doesn’t get it, and she asks for ice cream and pickles and he gets the clue. He steps in it and asks if she wants nonfat, to which she takes offense and tells him to go get her food.

He leaves and she wonders aloud what kind of man taps out to a woman.

Nikki Cross and Bayley are interviewed.

Nikki starts by saying she owes Alexa Bliss everything and doesn’t know where she’d be without her. Bayley reiterates the idea that Bliss is using her and tells Cross she needs to figure it out. Nikki says she’s had it with her running down Alexa every chance she gets and she’s right, she’s been jealous since day one, and the more she bashes her, the more motivated she is to shut her up.

Michael Cole explains the Beat the Clock concept and says Bayley will wrestle Sarah Logan and Nikki has Dana Brooke. Bayley puts Logan over and says she’s not afraid of her. Cross says she can’t lie, Brooke is bigger and stronger than her, but she’s not tougher, and she needs to beat her because she’d do anything for Alexa

Carmella and R-Truth are backstage checking every nook, cranny, and road case for Drake Maverick and the 24/7 Championship.

Truth says he needs his baby back and wonders if he’s feeding her or showing her scary movies. He works all day, his life on the go, the hands on the clock are moving too slow and he can’t wait to be alone with his baby tonight. (surprisingly this didn’t lead to a Jeff Jarrett cameo as it sure seemed like that was being set up with those lines)

On that note, Maverick comes screaming through followed by the horde, but Truth picks Carmella up and runs off in the opposite direction!


Rowe with a Thunder-Fire Powerbomb then Hanson with a Diving Splash, but pulls him up, Rowe with a Powerbomb/Powerslam combo then they finish it with Thor’s Hammer for the win


Drake Maverick runs over the barricade and the horde follows, but the Viking Raiders destroy a bunch of them and he manages to slip away! R-Truth in the ring with the vikings, he bails and heads out through the crowd with Carmella in tow once again!

Roman Reigns is interviewed in the locker room.

He apologizes and honestly I can’t quite make out what he says but he didn’t sound very confident about the quality of his partner tonight.

Ricochet makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says when AJ Styles challenged him he thought, great, what a way to prove himself, and last week, that’s exactly what he did. But before he could even celebrate one of the biggest wins of his career, the Club gave him one of the biggest beatings of his life. And now he knows he’s got AJ this Sunday, as far as tonight goes, we all know what’s gonna happen, right?

Luke Gallows isn’t gonna be alone, Karl Anderson and AJ Styles will both be here and in the end, he’s just gonna have to fight all three.

As if to confirm his suspicions, AJ’s music hits and the Club make their entrance.

Styles gets on the mic and thanks Ricochet for the recap before offering some advice– here in WWE they move pretty quickly, so slow down and appreciate the moment. Might as well, because Gallows is gonna stomp a mudhole in him! And while we’re talking about moments, he wants to appreciate the moment they had last week right here on Raw


Ricochet goes for a dive, but Gallows goozles him & hits a Chokeslam for a 2 count, Ricochet charges, but Gallows decapitates him with a Lariat, he goes for a Fallaway Slam, but Ricochet turns it into a Rollup for the win


AJ pops up on the apron and says we could leave it there or we could do like Ricochet said he was gonna and go through all three of them, so why not wrestle Karl Anderson right here, right now? Unless he’s not man enough…?


Anderson with a Spinebuster for a near fall, AJ grabs Ricochet’s leg, Ricochet wipes out Gallows with Sasuke Special then a Moonsault takes out AJ, Hesitation Dropkick drops Anderson then up top & hits the 630 for the win


The Club beat down Ricochet, AJ with a Brainbuster then Anderson & Gallows with The Magic Killer, AJ up top & they’re going to feet Ricochet to him, he could’ve hit the Avalanche Styles Clash, but instead just drops Ricochet, he wants to leave just a little bit of him left as long as he stays down so that when he beats him at the ppv for the title he doesn’t have any excuses, Ricochet gets back up, so The Club hold him up so AJ can blast him with The Phenomenal Forearm

We get a very good video package for EVOLVE showing talents that have passed through there: Johnny Gargano, Drew Gulak, Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, Tony Nese etc

Renee Michelle is sitting on a road case when Drake Maverick comes running up screaming about having survived the night as champion, but here’s R-Truth and referee Rod Zapata popping out of a road case. Drake runs off and they give chase!

Bayley comes across them and walks through the backstage area on the promise that she’s up next.

Again Drew and Shane are scouting, this time they find a janitor pushing a mop and follow him into the bathroom

Drew and Shane are backstage talking to the janitor and offering him $5,000 to tag with Roman Reigns. Not to wrestle, but just to let them handle it. They further say they’ll get him a mask


Bayley with a Sunset Flip for a 1 count, Crossbody for a 2 count, Logan with a Pop-Up Headbutt, she brings Bayley back in, cover for a 2 count, Shotgun Dropkick for a 2 count, Bayley with a Crossbody with right hands, cover for a 1 count, Logan with a Kondo Clutch, but Bayley makes it to the rope, Bayley avoids a Sliding Dropkick, Logan with a Lariat for a 2 count, Bayley with a rollup for a 2 count, Running Knee Strike then a Sunset Bomb into the turnbuckle gets the win at 4:32



Dana rolls to the floor and plays to the crowd, she rolls back in & back out, Cross with a Dropkick for a 2 count, she tries an Oklahoma Roll, but Dana counters into a flash pin for a 2 count, Cross tries the Typhoon Cyclone Neckbreaker, but Dana counters into a Gourdbuster, up top, Senton Atomico, but Cross avoids it, Dana with a Small Package for a near fall, she tries the Diva-Station, but Cross blocks it, Dana with a rollup for a 2 count, Cross with The Cyclone Neckbreaker gets the win to beat the clock


Nikki gets on the mic and asks Bayley to get in the ring so she can say what she has to say to her face.

The Hugger obliges and Cross continues, saying she’s been trying to convince her that Bliss isn’t her friend, but the problem is she doesn’t understand what a real friendship means. But it’s okay, because Nikki will show her what it means at Extreme Rules when Alexa lets her make the title match into a 2-on-1 handicap match! She’s gonna help her take the title, and some free advice?

Go and find a friend of your own, because you need someone as honest and loyal as Alexa Bliss to slap some sense into– BAYLEY HAULS OFF AND DECKS CROSS! BAYLEY-TO-BELLY! She drags her into place… DIVING ELBOW!

Mike Kanellis brings Maria her ice cream and a giant jar of pickles but she can’t eat now because she’ll get fat.

She asks if he’d want to impregnate her now if she wasn’t already, and he says of course he would, but she says he’ll never get to do it again and she’s not sure he’s the one who did it this time. She yells at him and he runs off.

Corey Graves interviews Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins.

Lynch calls him out for his big emo head and says they’ve backed up everything they’ve said and the only difference Sunday is that there’s no rules, so those two dopes are out of excuses and they’ve got no more chances, so they’re walking out as champions.

She leaves, and Seth agrees before leaving himself.

Street Profits were watching and they get excited about it. Montez Ford goes to impersonate the Rock again but Angelo Dawkins cuts him off and they shill for Extreme Rules a bit more


Roman with a Leaping Lariat, locked & loaded, Superman Punch countered into a Glasgow Kiss, Garbutt with a Leaping Enzugiri, Springboard Lariat, Handspring Enzugir to Shane, Back Elbow, he wipes out Drew with a Tope con Hilo, Springboard Crossbody to Shane, he looks for the kill, but McIntyre blasts him with a Claymore Kick & Shane covers for the win


After the match Garbutt is of course revealed as Cedric Alexander, Roman helps Cedric up as they stare down Shane & Drew as the show ends