Raw Results – 3/4/19






Raw Results – 3/4/19
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wells Fargo Center
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Renee Young & Cory Graves

Roman Reigns, making his entrance.

We get a replay of his return promo last week and then he gets on the mic. He says last week in Atlanta was the comeback, and this week in Philly we take our yard back. He’s had to think about his future and what he wants and to be honest, what he wants, there’s one man standing in his way– his brother Seth Rollins. So in order for him to get what he wants, he needs to address Seth, so why not bring him down?

Enter Seth Rollins. He gets on the mic and says before we get to all that he wants to tell Roman that seeing him in the ring last week knowing that he won the fight of his life, that was one of the greatest moments of his own career and made him feel like he could do anything, and he’s gonna take that motivation to WrestleMania and slay the Beast. More importantly he’s bringing the Universal Championship back to Raw every single week.

With that said, he thinks he knows where Reigns’ head is at, and he understands what it’s like to vacate a title and never lose it, and if anybody out there deserves the shot at Brock as much as he does, it’s Roman. So if that’s where he’s at, he wants to talk about it. Reigns says he thought Rollins knew everything, but he’s wrong. While he was gone, one person watched over this place, and it was Seth.

One man kept the place in line and knew what was best, and that was Rollins. Nobody has more confidence in Seth than Roman does, and he knows he has what it takes to take the title from Brock, so the only thing he has to say about that is, “Good luck, my brother.” BUT he does need a favor. Rollins pre-emptively says anything he needs, he’s got, and Reigns says he wants to get the band back together, one last time.

Seth says he knows he said anything, but anything but that. After what Dean Ambrose pulled… But Roman insists and polls the crowd, and of course the crowd wants it. Reigns said while he was out he looked through a different perspective, and tomorrow’s not guaranteed. Life is short, and the two of them are his brothers. He doesn’t know what’s up with Dean, but he knows he’s making headlines, and he wants one more moment with his brothers before they’re not around anymore.

Rollins takes a moment to think about it, leaning against the ropes, before he turns around and says he’s put that part of his life behind him, but he’s right. Life is too short, tomorrow’s not guaranteed, and if the Big Dog wants the Shield one last time, he’s in! Roman calls Ambrose out right now to seal the deal! Dean makes his entrance and holds the mic to his face…


Dean staggers to his feet and shrugs them off, hobbling his way to the back without a word.

Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Lio Rush are interviewed backstage.

McIntyre says he broke the Shield months ago and it makes him sick that they’re living in the past. Corbin says they’re ignoring the real story, because the three heavyweights have a trios match tonight and they’re gonna show us where the power lies. Lashley says he’s gonna remind Balor he’s holding the Intercontinental Championship on borrowed time, and Baron closes by saying they’re gonna show Kurt Angle he can’t hang with the premier athletes of today.


Corbin with The Deep Six on Balor for a 2 count, Drew with a Brainbuster for a 2 count, Kurt with the Ankle Lock, he breaks & hits a Release German Suplex on Lashley, but turns around into The Glasgow Kiss, Braun with a Running Powerslam on Corbin, Balor up top with the Coup de Grace, but Rush puts Corbins’s foot on the rope, Lashley drives Finn into the post, Braun charges, but Bobby sidesteps as Braun drives Rush through the barricade, back in the ring Lashley finishes Balor with The Murder-Death Spear for the win


Bobby picks up Finn as Corbin delivers a right hand then they continue to beat down Angle and drive him face first into the steps, they bring the steps into the ring, Claymore Kick to Balor, Corbin & Lashley with a Double Chokeslam on Balor on the steps

Heavy Machinery are interviewed backstage and shown a clip of the other Raw tag teams talking shit about them earlier today. The Ascension especially are mad about it and call Dozer a giant thumb. Zack Ryder says he looks like Chris Farley in an SNL skit gone bad but he’s the real deal, and we cut back to Dozer for his reaction. He says he’s sensitive and that hurt his feelings.

Tucky says he’s gonna make it right and get a gauntlet match for later and show them that Dozer has a tendency to hurt those who hurt his feelings.


Nattie by Nature, Sharpshooter, Ruby turns it into a Small Package, but Nattie reverses it for the win


Lacey Evans walks down the ramp then back up as she’s introduced as The Sassy Southern Belle

Stephanie McMahon is backstage when a crew member rolls up to introduce our guests, Michael and Colin, the hosts of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. They’re excited to be here and that they’re going to WrestleMania. Steph tries to warn them and Colin says he wrestled in high school and still has a singlet, and Michael pulls him out of the fire before he can say anything else stupid

Batista talking about how he’s not going to be on Raw tonight because he doesn’t want to be in Philly, but maybe he’ll be in Pittsburgh.

The game is played by his rules until the game is over. The Game is over. You see what he did there?

HHH gets on the mic and says he came out a week ago to celebrate one of the biggest legends in the history of this business on his 70th birthday, but he’s not upset because of Ric Flair, no, he’s upset because of Richard Fliehr, the human being behind Ric Flair, the guy that he spent years driving up and down the road with, the man that became one of his best friends and was there in his best times and worst and vice versa.

They were by each other’s side at their weddings, or at least Hunter was at a few of Ric’s weddings, but he was there when he buried his son Reid. Fliehr is a man that a little over a year ago was in a hospital bed in Atlanta in a coma and during that period of time every time HHH’s phone rang he got a sense of dread because he was positive every time it would be the call that he was gone.

Because of that he wanted to bring Ric out to be the Nature Boy one more time because that’s what he lived for, and it didn’t happen because of that piece of… Dave wanted his attention and we all know why, he’s cried about it online for the last two years and when Hunter got injured in November that went away and Batista couldn’t quit, like he always does when he doesn’t get what he wants.

But this time he didn’t quit, so what did he do? He attacked a seventy-year-old man who’s lucky to be alive and took away one more moment with the crowd from him? Now you wanna pop up on a screen and do Bad Guy 101? “I don’t like Philly or Pittsburgh and we’re gonna do this my way”? Wow, Dave, how original. Triple says he doesn’t care, he’ll come to his frickin’ house or invite him to come to his, does that work for him?

He’ll go wherever he is, movie set, it doesn’t matter, you name it, every building they go to he’ll be waiting, all you have to do is have some balls and show up. He wants Batista to know that for every drive down the road, for Richard Fliehr, when he steps in front of HHH he ain’t getting the Game, it’s not something they’re selling, no characters, no name on a marquee.

When they go face-to-face, he won’t be looking at the character, he’ll be looking at the man. Stand up to him and tell him what you want and he’ll give you everything, you want his attention, you’ve got it!

We get a recap of Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon arguing and Ronda setting the Raw Women’s Championship down last week.

Steph runs into an interview backstage about all that and says Charlotte Flair might be a bit presumptuous, but when Rousey laid the title down it was disrespectful and even blasphemous, which is why WWE is going to do what’s best for business and drop all charges against Becky Lynch! And as of this moment, her suspension is lifted! But she’s still not 100% physically, so she needs to come to the arena tonight and sign a hold harmless agreement to say that WWE is not responsible if something happens when she wrestles Charlotte at Fastlane for the vacant Raw Women’s Championship!


B-Team is first The Compactor pounds Bo flatter than a postage stamp for the first elimination


Ascension is next and Konnor gets Crunched, Konnor with an Avalanche on Tucky for a 2 count, Dozer finishes Viktor with a Vader Bomb


Hawkins & Ryder are the final team

Ryder with a Slingshot Splash on Dozer for a 2 count, STO/Russian Legsweep Combo, but Tucky makes the save, Dozer with a Pop-Up World Strongest Slam on Hawkins then The Caterpillar on Hawkins for the win


They show the announcement of Torrie Wilson being the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame

Michael and Colin are walking backstage and Colin is so proud about how current he is and names stars of the 80s and 90s.

The run into EC3 and are stopped dead in their tracks for a moment before continuing and then they run into Titus O’Neil, who wants a picture with Michael and Michael alone. No Way Jose and his conga line show up and they almost join in but Colin reminds him they have to remain unbiased for WrestleMania.

A video package for Torrie Wilson’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame follows.

Charlotte Flair is interviewed backstage and scoffs at the idea that Becky Lynch might not sign the hold harmless agreement. With her stubborn pride and huge Irish ego, she won’t be able to resist and thinks she’ll win the title, but even at her best, the Man doesn’t compare to the Queen. She’s sorry to ruin everyone’s high hopes for Becky but she’s a one-legged competitor in an ass-kicking contest.

But the good news is that we get to bask in her glory when she becomes the Raw Women’s Champion.

Dean Ambrose is backstage stimming when Seth Rollins rolls up to say that brothers fight and even through everything he thinks they’ve had a bit of mutual respect. And whether they’re on the same team or not, in that ring they’re wrestling soulmates, always have and always will be. They’ve got one chance to do this the right way, so… Dean jumps the gun on him and says get the Shield back together? No can do. He’s preoccupied and he appreciates the help from last week, but he’s gotta take care of this himself.

Elias is mid-song, talk-singing about how Philly is bad at everything, all sports & life in general when Ambrose rushes the ring


Elias with a Jumping Knee Drop for a 2 count, Drift Away countered into a Small Package for a near fall, Dean up top, but Elias counters the Lunatic Elbow with a Jumping Knee then finishes Ambrose with Drift Away for the win


Rollins & Reigns come out afterward

Dean is still struggling in the ring and Rollins and Reigns are only just making their way to the ring, which seems weird but live TV, whatcha gonna do?

They get in the ring and ask him what it’s gonna be and he jaws at them and paces like a caged animal. They reassure him that nobody’s putting it on him but he pushes through them and leaves the ring, heading over the barricade and out through the crowd.

Enter Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre.

Corbin says he gets that Philly is the City of Brotherly Love but this is pathetic, and McIntyre calls them broken stray dogs fighting for the scraps at their table and demanding respect from the crowd. He tells Roman to look at him and says this isn’t quite the return he envisioned and again calls them pathetic. Drew says they were gonna offer an epic match at Fastlane, but they don’t deserve it, so they’re gonna end it tonight.

They jump Rollins and Reigns and finally Ambrose has had enough and busts ass back to the ring! The Shield fend them off united, Seth and Roman extend their fists but Dean is full of angry energy and paces a moment… BUT HE PUTS HIS FIST IN! THE SHIELD IS BACK!


Tamina with a Back Elbow for a 2 count, Sasha with a Running Meteora for a 2 count, Sasha avoids a Running Headbutt and hits a Knee Strike for a 2 count, Sasha ducks the Superkick & rolls up Tamina for a 2 count, Russian Legsweep & floats into The Bank Statement, but Jax pulls Tamina out, Nia with a Biel on Bayley on the floor, Sasha decks Jax, she sends Tamina back in, Nia grabs Sasha’s leg & Tamina hits a Superkick for the win


Michael and Colin are again walking backstage when Michael needs to use the bathroom. Colin asks if he wants some help and Michael is incredulous and walks off to use the toilet. Colin says he’s not scared and immediately bumps into Braun Strowman, who calls him funny and takes his hat. Colin offers up pleasantries but Strowman just grunts at him and stares.

Colin asks if any of this is even real and Braun gives him the ol’ double choke lift and asks him what he thinks

Braun is still choking that dude and a crowd of agents, including five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce and Fit Finlay, have showed up to get him to let go.

He does, and he tells Colin he’ll see him at WrestleMania, who then waits until he leaves to taunt him and tell him he’s running away.

Aleister Black & Ricochet are interviewed ahead of a title shot, and Black says people fear what they can’t comprehend, but he wants to talk about actions and prove they belong. Ricochet says they’re excited and humbled, but most importantly, they’re ready and your boy’s about to fly even higher

Raw Tag Team Championship

Dawson with a Legdrop/Elbow Drop/Headbutt combo for a 2 count, Chad Gable & Bobby Roode walk to ringside, Ricochet with a Backslide on Dash for a 2 count, flash pin for a 2 count, Running Hurricanrana, Springboard European Uppercut, Gable & Roode put the boots to Revival to cause a dq


They’re pissed because since the automatic clause is no longer there they never got a rematch and Black & Ricochet get a title shot after only 2 weeks, both teams come to blows, Roode & Gable retreat, Ricochet & Black fake them out on dive attempts only to flip back in the ring & send Roode & Gable to regroup

Stephanie McMahon makes her entrance, carrying the WWE Raw Women’s Championship title belt aloft.

She gets on the mic and says anything can happen on the Road to WrestleMania, like the return of Roman Reigns and the reformation of the Shield or Ronda Rousey vacating the Raw Women’s Championship, and she tosses to another video package of Rousey setting the belt down before introducing Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in turn.

Steph says we need a champion, so at Fastlane the two women in the ring with her will be wrestling for the vacant title, but first Lynch needs to sign the hold harmless agreement so WWE isn’t liable for any injury she incurs from wrestling on a bum knee. Becky gets it open and ready to sign and Charlotte cajoles her to sign it and face her Queen.

Lynch says she beat Flair on one good leg at the Royal Rumble and if she wants she’ll beat her on one leg tonight, but McMahon tells her she’s got a lot of stuff to get in line first and she needs to sign now and wait until Fastlane. Becky puts pen to paper and signs! Steph announces the match, but the camera cuts backstage where Ronda Rousey is storming in

Ronda Rousey makes her entrance and storms to the ring.

She asks Steph what she’s doing and McMahon says she left her no choice. Ronda says she didn’t vacate the title, she was just giving them a week to do the right thing and she doesn’t like what she came up with and she wants her title back! McMahon hands it over and calls her champ and says she still has to do business here, so at Fastlane it’ll still be Becky vs. Charlotte.

If Becky loses, she’s done, but if she wins, she gets added to WrestleMania in a triple threat! She asks if that gives Ronda what she wants and Rousey says she’s making too much money to get fired and she knows it, she can go rogue whenever she wants because Steph values her bank account over Flair and Lynch’s fragile bodies. Ronda says she did everything she could to respect this business, poured her heart out and what’s she got?

Boos and chants for Becky and you know what, no. She’s done pretending, she’s not here to entertain us and she’s not our dancing monkey– SHE DECKS FLAIR AND BEATS ON LYNCH INTO THE CORNER! GROUNDED PUNCHES, CROSS ARMBAR APPLIED AND SHE WRENCHES BACK! Jacket off, punches in the corner as Becky starts to recover, judo throw into grounded punches and back into the armbar!

Charlotte up on the apron but she decides discretion is the better part of valor and backs off, leaving Rousey to grab her title and stand tall over The Man, stepping on her neck. More mounted punches, looking for the armbar again and she gets it, falling back over referee John Cone’s protests! Charlotte and Ronda stare each other down, ring to ramp.

We get a replay of what we just saw because Raw is three hours long, but also the show is a little light tonight.

Rousey goes back to stepping on Lynch’s neck before pacing the ring and jawing at the crowd.

(Well it took them a year, but they finally get it, Ronda is at her best when she can be a grade-A bitch, the goody-two shoes facade was always just that a facade & it never really worked. Ronda the bitch that works and is who she is)

Stephanie McMahon is interviewed backstage.

She scoffs at the idea that she did Ronda a favor and says what just happened is ridiculous and Rousey showed her true colors and proved her right all along. She incredulously recounts all these events and asks who Ronda thinks she is and says she can’t wait to see how it all shakes out at WrestleMania and she believes Rousey will get what’s coming to her.