Raw Results – 3/18/19






Raw Results – 3/18/19
Chicago, Illinois
All State Arena
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Renee Young & Cory Graves

The show opens with Brock Lesnar making his entrance, flanked by Paul Heyman as always.

Paul goes to start talking but the crowd is chanting for Seth Rollins and Brock holds the title up to rile them up a bit. He does his usual introduction and then says Seth is the one who made Lesnar show up tonight. He calls Rollins a revisionist and a Heyman-level propagandist and a fool. He asks the crowd as if their opinion means anything whether AJ Styles beat Brock and no, of course he didn’t.

Did Daniel Bryan win? Finn Balor? No, but Seth comes out here calling Brock Lesnar out and tonight, twenty days from fighting for his life, Rollins wants to fight known career killer Drew McIntyre?!

Enter Drew McIntyre. He says it’s refreshing to finally get the respect he’s earned and berates the crowd for not being totally silent while he speaks. He talks about how he brutalized Roman Reigns last week and then brutalized Dean Ambrose when he came to try and save his brother, and he tells Brock to get Paul to find him a new opponent for WrestleMania, because after tonight, Rollins is not going to make WrestleMania.

SETH ATTACKS DREW FROM BEHIND WITH A CHAIR! He waffles him with the chair a few times before referees Dan Engler and John Cone rush down to warn him away, but Rollins ain’t having it and he wails on McIntyre with the chair! Seth rushes the ring with the chair but Brock and his title slip out of the ring, a grin on the Universal Champion’s face as he considers the Architect’s attempt at an attack.

Lesnar wants to hop in there and fight but Paul reminds him he’s not getting paid for this and he simply holds the title high instead.

Finn Balor gets on the mic.

He says the luck of the Irish wasn’t on his side last week when he lost the Intercontinental Championship but he doesn’t plan on being a former champion for too long, because–

Enter Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. Lio gets on the mic and says it looks like the little leprechaun’s upset because he’s got his pot of gold around his waist. Before they get this match started he wants Bob to show the people his new favorite pose, which much to Cain A. Knight’s dismay doesn’t involve his butt at all, and is just Lashley holding the title high.

Finn tells him to enjoy the pose while he can because he’s taking the title real soon, and as for his partner tonight, he thinks Rush will remember him…


It’s Braun Strowman


Lashley with a Complete Shot on Balor for a 2 count, Finn avoids a charge, Rush with The Final Hour, but Balor evades, Lio runs on his feet, Balor with The Final Cut then Braun just hurls Rush around, Sledgehammer Fist, he looks for the Running Powerslam, but Lashley breaks him in half with The Murder-Death Spear, Lio up top, The Final Hour connects, but only gets a near fall, he finds himself caught between Balor & Braun, Braun charges like a bull, Lashley sends Finn into the timekeeper’s area, Braun runs down Lashley with the Shoulder Block, back in the ring, Chokeslam to Liro then finishes Rush with a Running Powerslam for the win as Lashley decides to walk away as Rush is pinned


We go backstage where Ronda Rousey is entering the arena and referee John Cone greets her and her husband with tons of security, informing her that she’s being fined for being late

Alexa Bliss reminds us all that she’s hosting WrestleMania and tosses to commentary to run down the announced card and shill for the WWE Network.

She doesn’t want to talk herself up or anything, but she’s a really good talk show host and has inspired people all around the world. She introduces her guest, Elias, and he enters, guitar in hand. Alexa promises him a safe space where no one will interrupt his announcement. The Drifter announces that he’s the headlining musical act for WrestleMania.

Bliss puts it over and says as the host of WrestleMania and this show she’s been known to ask the hard-hitting questions. Last year he said WrestleMania was going to be his greatest performance, to which he says last year serves as motivataion for this year and he was born to live in this moment of pressure and, in fact, thrives on it. If his performance at WrestleMania was a game-winning field goal, he’d make it every single time.

This performance is going to be the best by him or anyone, Prince at the Super Bowl, Queen at Live Aid, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, but better! And on that night, if anyone dares interrupt him, then they–

Enter No Way Jose’s conga line, with Heavy Machinery at the front of the line! They conga around the Moment of Bliss set at Alexa asks what they’re doing, they’re too early. She invited them for a talk show gag and she asks why she had ten rehearsals if Otis was going to come in early like this. Elias says in life, like music, timing is everything… AND HE GETS BLASTED FROM BEHIND BY A MAN IN A CHEESEBURGER COSTUME AND A LUCHA MASK! IT’S NO WAY JOSE!


NWJ with a Airplane Spin then a Big Splash for a 2 count, Hip Toss into an Inverted Neckbreaker, he goes for a Diving Crossbody, but Elias evades, Elias with a Body Slam then drags NWJ by his green dreads, up top with the Diving Elbow Drop then finishes NWJ with Drift Away for the win


Kurt Angle gets on the mic.

He says the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour continues and he’s having a match here tonight in Chicago. WrestleMania is 20 days away and that’s where he’ll compete for the last time. He wants to thank the McMahon family for letting him pick the opponent for his farewell match. There are so many superstars he’d love to face, but there’s only one that he wants to beat. The man that’s made him a living hell since he’s been general manager of Monday Night Raw, and that man is Baron Corbin. (Ugh really? Seriously could we not have gotten anyone else, hell Cena may not have been the most popular choice, but that would have been better than flippin Corbin)

Nothing would make him happier than to make Baron Corbin tap out at WrestleMania


Gable with a Single Leg Takedown for a 1 count, Scissor Stomps on the arm for a 2 count, Scissor Stomps on the knee then slams the ankle down for a 2 count, Gable with a Sunset Flip, but Angle counters into an Ankle Lock, Gable rolls through into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Gable counters a German Suplex into an Ankle Lock of his own, Angle sends Gable into the post, Olympic Slam, but Angle counters into a DDT for a near fall, Gable up top, Kurt avoids the Moonsault, Ankle Lock & Grapevines the leg and Gable taps out


Enter Baron Corbin. He criticizes the crowd for booing Kurt Angle’s WrestleMania opponent and talks about how he enjoyed laughing at and humiliating Angle when he was GM but that’s not going to be as good as humiliating him in his very last match, and all these people will remember is his very last match

Corbin is talking to the Revival backstage about how hilarious what just happened was and Apollo Crews rolls up to demand a match against him. Baron keeps trying to spin some kinda Angle joke out of it and Crews presses him for a yes or no, to which Corbin finally agrees. Apollo says nobody likes him and Baron polls the Revival, who do not like him.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed in the ring and Bayley takes charge, saying they’re not ducking anyone and they’ll defend the titles anywhere and against anyone that will make a challenge, and that’s why they’re appearing on SmackDown tomorrow night, and it’ll be… iconic. And as for WrestleMania–

Enter Natalya… AND BETH PHOENIX!

They get in the ring and stare Boss and Hug down. Beth talks about how they respect what they’ve done to make the tag titles happen, and how they bring respect to the titles every week. Honestly, she and Natalya would have loved to have that opportunity back when she was full-time, and she was content with her role on commentary. She was content… until she saw Nia Jax and Tamina trying to set them all back with their jealousy and their pettiness.

But Nia and Tamina did something else, too– they awoke the dragon (Or Fabulous Firebird in this case)! They got Phoenix thinking… maybe their dream could still become a reality. She’s accomplished so much, but there’s just one thing missing, so… since they’ll take on all comers any time, any place, anywhere… SHE’S READY TO UNRETIRE, STAND BESIDE NATALYA, AND CHALLENGE THEM FOR THE TITLES AT WRESTLEMANIA!

Bayley says that’d be a huge honor but asks if they wouldn’t rather have a little more time to prepare. Beth’s been retired for six years, with all due respect, and competition around here has evolved. Nattie says, with all due respect, this is Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon, a WWE Hall of Famer, and it was in this very arena that Beth won the Women’s Championship. You think she’s afraid to fight somebody like Bayley?

Banks asks Nattie who the hell she thinks she’s talking to, they live and bleed for this business, and they know who Beth is– the woman whose coattails Natalya is riding just so she can have a match at WrestleMania! NATTIE DECKS HER AND SOON ENOUGH WE GOT A BRAWL! BETH AND BAYLEY STARE EACH OTHER DOWN, JAWING, AND PHOENIX SHOVES HER AWAY


Nattie with an Abdominal Stretch, Sasha counters into a Wheelbarrow Victory Roll for a 2 count, Nattie by Nature, Banks rolls to the floor before Nattie could get a cover

Enter Nia Jax, who gets on the mic and claims Phoenix is jealous because she’s getting all this recognition and has done more in three years than she did in her whole career. Further she’s the prettier, stronger version of the Glamazon… TAMINA ATTACKS FROM BEHIND! SUPERKICKS FOR THE TAG CHAMPS to cause a dq


Natalya checks on Beth Phoenix and the Samoan Slaughterhouse take their leave.

The Green Goblin motivates Norman Osborn (I mean Mojo Rawley is talking to himself again), tonight about how he despises the word potential, asking what good it is if you don’t do anything with it


Ricochet with a Springboard Lariat then a Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall, Bollywoods pull Mahal to safety, but Ricochet wipes them all out with The No-Hands Space Flying Tiger Drop, back in the ring and finishes Jinder with The 630 Senton for the win


Commentary introduces this year’s WWE Hall of Fame Warrior Award winner, longtime WWE employee Sue Aitchison

Seth Rollins is interviewed.

He says it’s really simple– you hurt his brothers, you better be prepared to get hurt, and if he’s gotta wear Drew McIntyre out with a steel chair, so be it. Tonight’s for Dean and for Roman and kinda for Brock Lesnar too. Rollins hopes he’s watching, because he’s not gonna be pushed around and he’s not afraid to fight fire with fire, which Lesnar will find out when he burns Suplex City straight to the ground.

Dana Brooke is interviewed before making her entrance.

She says she’s Dana Brooke and this is the Road to WrestleMania, where dreams become reality and underdogs make history. She’s not naive– she might not be better than Ronda Rousey, but all she has to do is be better than her for three seconds to become Raw Women’s Champion

Raw Women’s Championship

Ronda with a Knee Strike, Muay Thai Knees, Omoplata Armbar & Dana taps out


Rousey keeps the hold on and tries to snap Dana’s arm, refs pull her off and she shoves down one of the refs, she kisses her husband at ringside as one of the security guards pulls her off and she decks the guard, then her husband Travis Browne decks one of the guards from the crowd, he pulls Ronda into the crowd and they leave together


Apollo ducks The Dream Crusher, he goes for a dive, Corbin catches him, Black Hole Sun, but Apollo flips out and lands on his feet, Corbin with a Deep Six for a near fall, End of Days, but Apollo holds on in the flip and counters into a Small Package for the win


Corbin throws a fit in the ring, arguing with referee Rod Zapata about his count while Kurt Angle joins Crews to celebrate the victory

Batista is interviewed via satellite.

He says he just doesn’t like Triple H, and since he left all he’s wanted to do is come back and have this one last match, and here we are. It goes back way further than Evolution, and he keeps hearing that he owes his career to Hunter, but way before Evolution all he did was groom him to be his muscle, and that’s all HHH does. He uses people to protect him and make him look good, and that’s what he did to Dave.

Used him like a big dumb meathead, held him down and shut him out, underestimated him. Batista blames HHH for him leaving WWE back in 2010, and he takes issue with it being phrased as he quit, because he’s got Hunter jealous and insecure and knows he can’t beat him so he won’t get his fair opportunity, so yeah he left because of him, but look at what he’s accomplished since them.

Worldwide fame, movie star status, and now he’s in control without Triple H. So here he is, demanding the match he deserves and getting it. Dave takes offense to Michael Cole trying to defend Hunter and says that’s what he does, that’s why he calls himself the Cerebral Assassin. He says HHH is the most insecure, jealous control freak he’s ever met, that’s the real Triple H.

One day, hopefully soon, Vince is gonna wake up and fire Hunter’s ass, and at WrestleMania, he’s going to end HHH’s in-ring career. Interview over.

We get a recap of Braun destroying the car from last week before going backstage for an interview with the monster among men.

He doesn’t care what idiots say on social media, but the SNL guys showed up and disrespected his job, and he’s so angry that he’s entering the Sixth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Memory of Andre the Giant to give as many people These Hands as he can. Alexa Bliss rolls up to say she needs to broker a peace between him and those guys and asks for a week to make it right.

He agrees to give her a week but promises if she comes up empty they’ll learn what discipline really means

Drew McIntyre gets on the mic and says actions speak so much louder than words, and rolls tape of him attacking Roman Reigns last week. He continues, saying everybody rejoiced that the Big Dog was back, but at Fastlane he could tell that he wasn’t the same man and relied on his Shield brothers to do the heavy lifting, and now the Shield is no more. Seth Rollins attacked him from behind like a coward, and why?

Because he, just like all of us, is deluded and lives in a fantasy world of heroes, and that’s why he pulled the curtain back and revealed the truth, and this is his yard now. He wants to speak to Joe the man now, who’s sitting on his couch now because of him, and if he wants to be a hero and inspiration so bad, Drew has a challenge for him. He challenges Joe to a fight!

Not just any fight, he wants a fight at WrestleMania! He knows the answer already and so do we, but he wants Reigns to take a moment, look at his wife and children and say no, to choose his family, not these people that don’t give a damn about him. What he did to the Shield guys this week will be nothing compared to WrestleMania, and Roman can beat leukemia, but he’ll never beat McIntyre on the grandest stage of them all!

Cut to Seth Rollins backstage, and he says that right there is why he did what he did earlier tonight, for which we get helpful video footage. The chairshots were for his brothers, but this? This is for him. He makes his entrance and Drew meets him in the aisle with The Ode to Takayama punches as referees and road agents (including Jamie Noble and five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce) try to break them up!


McIntyre with a Back Elbow for a 2 count, Double Suplex for a 2 count, he counters a Tope Suicida and drops Seth on the barricade, Drew grabs a chair, he looks to take off Seth’s head, but Rollins strikes with an Avada Kedavra, both men back in, Seth takes Drew to the floor then hits a pair of Tope Suicidas, back in the ring, Slingblade, Avada Kedavra for a near fall, Drew counters ta Bucklebomb and takes Seth to the corner for an Inverted Concrete Slam for a near fall, he sets up Rollins up top, Seth blocks the Avalanche Air Raid Crash, he looks for a Bucklebomb, but Drew fights him off, Seth leaps up, Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo for a near fall, he loads up for the kill, Avada Kedavra to the ribs,

Brock Lesnar makes his way out, but Seth runs around into a Claymore Kick and McIntyre gets the win thanks to Lesnar’s distraction