Raw Results – 2/17/20






Raw Results – 2/17/20
Everett, Washington
Angel of the Winds Arena
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler & Byron Saxton

Randy Orton gets on the mic and says that tonight he was supposed to face Matt Hardy in a No Holds Barred match, but after last week, that’s not what’s gonna happen. Matt’s in the back trying to get cleared, but it’s just not happening.

Enter Matt Hardy, in a neck brace.

Hardy says instead of talking about him, why not finally confess about why he tried to take Edge’s second chance away when he smashed his surgically-repaired neck between two chairs. What in the hell is wrong with you, Randy Orton? He wants to fight, but the doctors won’t clear him, but he’s a man of his word and he’s here and he’s got grit and he will not die.

You can knock guys like him and Edge down, but they’ll always get back up, and though he doesn’t know what the future holds for him, it won’t be determined on Randy’s terms, but on his own. Orton says he should have said goodbye last week while he could still leave the arena on his own two feet. Matt gets in the ring and the Viper asks what he could do about it if he decided to RKO him here and now?

He says Hardy has balls and he’ll give him that, but nobody will ever understand why he attacked Edge. He respects Matt and he always will, but he not only respects Edge but loves him like a brother. He says he’s truly sorry and leaves, head in his hands and clearly conflicted.

Orton takes his vest off when he gets to the top of the ramp and Hardy gets a steel chair from the timekeeper’s area, beckoning Randy to him. Orton heads towards the ring and climbs in slowly but surely. Matt takes a swing… AND ORTON DUCKS AND SNAPS HIS INJURED NECK OVER THE TOP ROPE! Hardy convulses on the mat in agony, clutching at his neck, but slowly rises to his feet… RKO! Some real masochists in the crowd as they chant one more time

Insult to injury, Orton rams the chair into Hardy again and again before waffling it across his back! This gets a Yes! chant. He again lays Matt head-first on a chair, takes his brace off, lifts a second chair high in the air but thinks better of it to loud boos. He goes to leave before running back over and yanking Hardy out of the ring! The Viper takes the top step off the steel stairs and drags Matt atop the bottom stairs.

He climbs on top of the other stairs, chair in hand… CON-CHAIR-TO ON THE STEP! Some real sick fucks in Washington as they again call for one more time.

Orton AGAIN comes back… A SECOND CON-CHAIR-TO! To thunderous cheers, Orton then yells ‘He’s sorry’ as he leaves


Black charges with a Jumpin Knee at the bell, Penalty Kick off the apron, he tries an Arihara Moonsault, Rowan evades, but Black lands on his feet, Rowan with a Powerslam for a 2 count, Giant Swing into the barricade, Face Eraser into the barricade, but Black lands knees first into the barricade, Rowan breaks the count, Black blocks a Powerbomb then posts Rowan, Black with another Arihara Moonsault this time he connects, back in the ring, Black blocks a Sambo Suplex and hits a Pump Knee for a near fall, Black Mass blocked, Iron-Claw blocked, Rowan with a Jackknife Powerbomb, but only gets a near fall, Iron-Claw blocked, Black Mass connects, but it only takes Rowan down to his knee, then finishes Rowan with a second Black Mass for the win


Charlotte Flair makes her entrance.

She rolls a recap of her appearance at NXT TakeOver: Portland last night before getting on the mic.

She talks about how Rhea Ripley thought she could just challenge her and she started reminiscing about her own time in NXT. She’s bothered by the entitlement of somebody like Rhea who didn’t fight and claw and just took the title that she put on the map? She thinks Ripley is very good, but there’s a saying— pride comes before the fall, and she’s going to humble her at WrestleMania.

Everyone is the next big thing, until they’re not.

24/7 Hijinks

Truth with a rollup on Moss for a 2 count, Moss with an ugly Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall, but Mojo breaks the pin, Truth with a Proto-Bomb then a Five-Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjustment blocked, Mojo with a The Hyper Drive, but Moss stacks up Mojo to retain then hightails it


Mojo gets in Truth’s face and Truth drops him with the Corkscrew Ax Kick

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance and cuts a promo in the ring.

He says it’s 48 days to WrestleMania and he’s gotta point at the sign but Charlotte did that already so he needs to go bigger, and he invites the crowd to point at the sign with him. 3… 2… 1… POINT! Come WrestleMania, he says, we’re invading Suplex City, demolishing it to the ground, and he’s leaving as WWE Champion.

Enter Paul Heyman.

He introduces himself and then Brock Lesnar, but Brock is nowhere to be found. He apologizes and says surely Drew didn’t really think Brock was here tonight, did he? No, he just wanted McIntyre and the entire WWE Universe to hear what it’s going to sound like after the words “and still” after Lesnar beats Ricochet next week and Drew at WrestleMania.

McIntyre fires back about how he’s going to take the title and Paul E says he’s got profound respect for him and didn’t come here to debate. No sir, he happens to be a huge admirer of his talents, and he introduces Drew’s opponent for tonight, MVP.

Porter makes his entrance and lays out his grievances, stemming from last week’s edition of the VIP Lounge. MVP promises a whooping, but he’s gonna see it coming and it’s not gonna be a cheap shot. He tells referee John Cone to ring the bell and immediately proceeds to hit Drew with a cheap shot! Blasting him with a Player’s Boot and we get a bell!


Drew decks MVP, plethora of punches, Future Shock, then looks for the kill & delivers The Claymore Kick for the win


We get a re-cap of Becky Lynch being introduced to WWE’s Nosferatu, Shayna Baszler

Becky Lynch gets on the mic.

She talks about how she came to this country to seek her fame and fortune and learned she’s got no use for fame, but fortune, she knows what to do with. She takes money out of the bag and says it’s her paying her fine up front for what she’s gonna do when she next crosses paths with Shayna Baszler, a downpayment on violence. Bad things are going to happen when she finds her, because only animals go for the neck.

And when they do, it’s to weaken their prey before they end them. Now, Shayna, take a long hard look at the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion in history! Does she look like prey to you? She’s run through a murderer’s row of champions and former champions and cut them all down because she felt she had to, and she’s coming after Baszler because she wants to.

Shayna appears on the tron and mocks Lynch for carrying a bag of money around to pay for something that she’s never going to get to do. She lays it out— she’s gonna win the Elimination Chamber match because she’s a cagefighter, and everything about it is laid out for her to be the one to take Becky’s title at WrestleMania. She says she didn’t plan on biting last week, but imagine the things that she does have planned. She’s going to tear the living shit out of Becky at Mania.

Lynch thanks her for laying it out and says she’ll be rooting for her at Elimination Chamber.

Lana and Zelina Vega are interviewed backstage about a tag match teaming their boys up against their enemies, and Lana says it’s like a double date.

Vega congratulates them on their marriage and says her and Angel Garza are strictly business and not a couple. Garza asks her to calm down and says everyone knows how pretty she is and no woman can tie him down, ladies’ man that he is. And Humberto Carrillo’s about to find out that no man can measure up to him


Garza with a John Woo Dropkick on Carrillo then the pants rip, he slides to the floor to get a kiss from a fan, Carrillo with a Tope Suicida takes him down, Carrillo blocks a Yokosuka Cutter from Lashley, Rusev with a pair of Overhead Belly to Belly Suplexes on Garza, but Lashley breaks the pin, Garza with a rollup for a near fall, Superkick, but Carrillo breaks the pin, Rounding Plancha takes out Garza, Lashley breaks Carrillo in half with the Murder-Death Spear, Pounce on Lashley, Rusev up top, but Garza meets him, Rusev shoves him off & hits a Diving Headbutt for a near fall, Garza blocks The Accolade, Machka Kick to Lashley, but Garza rolls up Rusev & grabs the tights to steal the win


Rusev decks Garza as Lashley & Lana head for higher ground

Kabuki Warriors cut a promo in Japanese during their entrance, breaking into English to ask Natalya if her eye is okay from the Mule Kick a few weeks back before saying they don’t care and Asuka will beat her in the Elimination Chamber


Kairi mocks Nattie with cat motions then ducks Nattie by Nature, Nattie with a Suplex, Kairi blocks the Sharpshooter, then blasts Nattie with a Uraken, Ax Kick then a very cocky one foot cover for a 2 count, Stranglehold with Body Scissors, but Nattie breaks it, Kairi sends Nattie into the corner, she looks for Sliding D, but Nattie counters into Nattie by Nature, Sunset Flip blocked, Nattie tries the Sharpshooter, but Asuka’s up on the apron, Nattie has words with her, Kairi sends Nattie to the floor then distracts the ref as Asuka blasts Nattie with a Roundhouse Kick & Nattie can’t make it back in so Kairi’s going to get the win by count out


Murphy and the Authors of Pain are in the ring.

Murphy gives Seth Rollins a big intro and he makes his entrance.

He talks about how sermon isn’t a term he came up with, but it seems appropriate because what he has to say is divine. He goes on and on about his vision and how phase one was completed last week when they vanquished Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and the Viking Raiders and proved that through belief you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

He takes his responsibility as Monday Night Messiah very seriously, and phase two will not be easy, but it’s necessary for the greater good. It’s time to seek out the weak and the lesser-than, the non-compliant, find the flaws in the system and rehabilitate them if they can, and eradicate them if they must. It’s not a threat or a warning, but it comes from his heart, the gospel (so Seth is suddenly Christopher Daniels), if any WWE superstars remain non-compliant, they’ll suffer the same fate as the weak.

Viking Raiders hit the ring and wipe out Murphy, post Rezar & drop Akam with Shotgun Knees! KEVIN OWENS HITS A STUNNER ON SETH ROLLINS!

Seth Rollins and his goons run into an interview.

Rollins says it seems like his goons are the only ones that give him the respect he deserves, and if KO and the Viking Raiders want a fight, they can have a fight… against his disciples… tonight.

The OC make their entrance and AJ Styles gets on the mic.

He says he’s back, and what would WrestleMania season be without him? Luke Gallows says Uncle Allen is at his best when that WrestleMania sign is up, and they all point at the sign briefly. Karl Anderson says as far as they’re concerned, he’s the new Mr. WrestleMania, and Styles says that’s sweet and being the humble man he is, he can say he’s the greatest superstar on any roster or at any time.

But here’s the thing— when he wins his gauntlet match at Super Showdown, then nobody can say anything, except for him, and you know what he’s gonna say? Who’s next? He doesn’t care, as long as the WWE Champion is available, and that can beat anybody from Brock Lesnar to Ricochet to The Undertaker to Shawn Michaels to Razor Ramon to Diesel to Sting to Hulk Hogan to the whole nWo (all 56 members between every incarnation) — Too Sweet him— but when he proves his dominance—

Enter Ricochet.

AJ tells him to hold up, he was just joking when he mentioned his name. He was being nice to a lot of people in that list, and no one believes Ricky’s ever gonna be WWE Champion. What has he done to deserve a match in the first place? Nothing. Ricochet says he’s not even mad, but the fact is he’s earned his match and he’s planning on doing the impossible and beating Brock Lesnar.

But since the OC don’t seem sold, he’ll prove it in a match against AJ Styles right now!

The OC give him the big repeating “whoa” and tell him to simmer down. Anderson says there’s no way he can allow AJ’s first match back on Raw to be against this ungood brother, but since he’s handing out challenges, he’ll fight Ricochet.


Ricochet with a Small Package for a near fall, Inverted Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Barrel Roll Dropkick, Penalty Kick, Springboard Crossbody followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall, up top, Anderson evades the 630, Ricochet rolls through, Anderson catches him with a Spinebuster for a near fall, he tries a Slingshot Suplex, but Ricochet blocks then hits a Superkick then finishes Anderson with The Benadryller Mk II for the win


Liv Morgan is interviewed backstage.

She says she was excited as anyone was to see one of her closest friends, Ruby Riott, return from injury. But she’s not a puppy on a leash as Ruby described, and she’s found a home in her own skin and looking to the future with an open eye, and she’s stepping into the Elimination Chamber, eliminating Riott, and moving on to WrestleMania


Rowe slams Hanson on top of Murphy for a 2 count, Rowe & Akam with the Ode to Takayama, Hanson tosses Akam into Rowe’s knee, AOP with a Back Suplex into a Knee Lift, Rezar into a cover for a 2 count, Murphy with a Basement Crescent Kick on Rowe for a 2 count, Rowe floors Akam with a Knee Lift, Owens wit a RUnning Senton on Murphy, Owens with a pair of Superkicks to Murphy, Hanson with a Sidewalk Slam on Akam, Seated Senton to Akam, Cartwheel Lariat to Rezar, Shotgun Knees to Rezar, Rowe drives Hanson into Rezar, Owens up top, Senton Atomico, but only gets a near fall, Owens avoids a Diving Meteora & hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but AOP make the save, Raiders with stereo Tope Suicidas on AOP, Stunner to Murphy, but Seth attacks Owens to cause a dq


Rollins and his goons beat Kevin Owens down.

Seth gets on the mic and says he told Owens this is what would happen if he stood in the way of progress before kicking him a few times. He says KO has crucified him again and again and now they’re gonna crucify him— STREET PROFITS MAKE THE SAVE! They get Rollins cornered about as the Viking Raiders recover and return to the ring, and Seth beats a hasty retreat, leaving his goons to get beat down by the babyfaces.

Rollins sputters indignantly while Owens, Viking Raiders & Street Profits stand tall as the show ends