Raw Results – 12/17/18






Raw Results – 12/17/18
Sacramento, California
Golden 1 Center
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Corey Graves & Renee Young

The show opens with Vincent Kennedy McMahon making his entrance.

He says he doesn’t want to hear any boos and of course the crowd boos him. He says he’s asked himself what’s wrong with Raw and tonight we’re gonna find out. Raw’s been on the air for 25 years and one of the reasons for their success is that they change with the times, and despite one man’s brilliance, creativity, and vision, he can’t do it all by himself anymore.

He CAN do it without us, though, and he then introduces Stephanie McMahon. She comes to the ring and they hug before Vince asks the crowd to be nice. She motions for another entrance and…

(Behold, the king.)

(The king of kings!)

(On your knees, dog.)

Triple H makes his entrance, followed shortly thereafter by Shane McMahon. Steph says they’re out here tonight because they haven’t been doing a very good job for us lately and they haven’t been listening to their audience. They’ve let middle managers air their petty grievances and they’ve suffocated their superstars, and that all starts tonight. They’re off to a fresh start, she says, and Triple says as of now, the four of them will be taking Monday Night Raw back.

Shane says that goes for SmackDown too, and they’re going to ensure we have the best possible experience. Stephanie says they’re going to empower the roster and us, and Hunter says they’re going to give us what we want. Something new, something fresh, and in the coming weeks and months we’ll be seeing new faces and matchups, and as of now, WE are the Authority.

Vince concludes by saying that WWE will always be then, now, and forever.

Enter Baron Corbin. He says no one is more excited for a fresh start than he is, and the crowd rains boos down on him, which Steph is only happy to explain. He says he understands we’re upset but he’s excited that the entire McMahon family is running Raw, but there’s one word they forgot to mention, “fair,” and what happened to him last night was absolutely not fair.

He just wants to talk, to have a simple conversation

Corbin’s in the ring with the McMahons as the crowd serenades him with boos.

Baron says this crowd isn’t representative, which just earns him more boos. Hunter tells the crowd if they keep doing it it makes it hard for Corbin to speak, at which point they boo harder. Baron asks if they’ve got no respect, and Shane asks the crowd to let him hear it before telling him to go ahead. The Lone Wolf says every night he comes out here and does his absolute best before getting cut off again.

Vince intervenes and reminds Baron that he’s got the microphone and they don’t, and Corbin says it’s not his fault if the roster can’t rise to his challenge. Last night Braun Strowman wasn’t supposed to be here and he wasn’t prepared for the match nor all the people Braun brought with him. My cable dies for a minute and when I get it back, Hunter is saying they should give Corbin a chance.

If he can win his match tonight, right now, he can be permanent general manager of Raw, all he has to do is beat this man– KURT ANGLE!

The McMahons go to leave but Steph stops and turns around and announces a special guest referee– HEATH SLATER! Triple instructs him to call it down the middle, he shakes Vince’s hand, and we’re off!


Trips comes out & says with all the loud boos he nearly forgot to tell Corbin that this is a handicap match & out comes Apollo Crews, Bobby Roode & Chad Gable as it’s a 4 on 1 handicap match

Slater fixes the turnbuckle as a clubbering is going on

Shane comes out & forgot that the match is No Dq

they grab chairs & Slater puts the boots to Corbin, I take back what I said last night, THIS is the public execution of Corbin, Rude Awakening/Moonsault combo, Crews with a Frog Splash then they feed Corbin to a Kurt for an Angle Slam & Corbin is gone for good


They’re not done & bring in a table, and an Angle Slam through the table


Balor with a rollup for a 2 count, Final Cut for a near fall, Slingblade, he charges, but Dolph counters with a Leaping DDT for a 2 count, Finn with a Leaping Enzugiri, up top, but Dolph cuts him off then hits a Zig-Zag for a near fall, Dolph loads up for the kill, but Drew McIntyre sorms to the ring, Dolph takes the fight to McIntyre, Balor wipes them both out with a Tope con Hilo, back in the ring, but Ziggler hits a Rocker Dropper for a near fall, Finn counters a Superkick with the Slingblade, he measures Dolph, but McIntyre wipes him out to cause a dq


Glasgow Kiss to Ziggler, then a Claymore Kick and one for Balor as well

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring flanked by 4 of his Lieutenants

He gets on the mic and says the more things change the more they stay the same and the people should be showing him respect, bowing down to him right now because everything he said would happen at TLC happened. Seth Rollins spun out of control, he dropped the ball, and he failed himself and all of us. He wants to be clear, he doesn’t need our respect because he’s got the title, and it wasn’t too long ago Rollins had two titles and now he’s got none.

But he’s just getting started, and when he’s done, Seth will have nothing left– nothing! Dean’s gonna take his career and reputation and throw it in the gutter where it belongs, but there’s another option. Because he’s the moral compass of WWE he has an obligation to do the right thing and give Rollins a chance to come out here face to face and tell the whole world that he was right.

”Burn it down!” chants go up and Ambrose tells Seth his reputation is on the line and he’s gotta come down here. He then says he has an idea and tries offering an open challenge, not for the title, but to punch him in the face a few more times, to take out his rage, anger, and frustration. When Rollins doesn’t come out, Dean runs him down for crumbling like all of us, unwilling to even show his face after losing the title.

Since Rollins doesn’t have the guts to come out here, he’ll go ahead and do the full-on Intercontinental Championship open challenge gimmick for anyone who isn’t Seth.


Intercontinental Championship

Ambrose with a Back Elbow for a 2 count, Breeze with a Frankensteiner for a 2 count, he posts Ambrose, Beauty Shot, up top & hits a Diving Crossbody for a 2 count, Supermodel Kick for a near fall, Ambrose counters The Unprettier into Dirty Deeds to retain


Ambrose gets on the mic and says that was a performance from a champion with character and integrity, unlike Rollins, who is nothing but a piece of–


ONE OF THE LIEUTENANTS SUPERKICKS AMBROSE! IT WAS SETH ALL ALONG! Mounted punches ensue and the other goons pull Seth off! He clears them out with ease, finishing the last one with an Avada Kedavra and Blackout! Dean retreated up the ramp in the meantime and he and Seth stare each other down.

Backstage, Shane McMahon is interviewed as to what a fresh start means.

He says it means lots of new faces and stars that haven’t gotten opportunities getting them and tough decisions to be made. Drake Maverick rolls up and introduces McMahon to the rightful tag team champions, AOP, who had their titles stolen last week. He knows they’re here to save the day and he wants to give Shane an easy decision to give them their rematch.

Shane says the mandatory rematch is antiquated and Corbin handed them the titles in the first place, so he’s going to give them an opportunity to earn them back by wrestling the B-Team, the Revival, and Lucha House Party in a four-way tonight for a chance to wrestle for the titles! They storm off.

Commentary promises a look at some of the fresh faces coming from NXT, including EC3, Lars Sullivan, Heavy Machinery, Lacey Evans, and Nikki Cross

Lio Rush is in the ring with Bobby Lashley, who is going to… sing us a song?

Lio says since tonight is about fresh starts they’re going to give us a performance we’ve never seen before, since Elias isn’t the only one who can play guitar. In fact, the greatest music he ever heard was the guitar cracking him over the back, and nobody came here to hear the Drifter sing, they came here for a true piece of art like Bobby will give us.

But, before we begin, silence your cellphones, hold your applause, etc. Rush walks him through some poses and goes for some cheap heat before asking for the favorite pose, the ass. Lashley obliges and Elias attacks with the guitar! Bobby kinda shrugs it off as the Drifter leaves

A video package hypes up the return of Sami Zayn


Luchas with a Stereo Splashes on Dash for a 2 count, Dash with a Gory Special on Lince, Dorado with a Golden Re-Wind on Axel, Bo with a Yakuza Kick followed by a Lariat, Whiplash on Dawson, but Dash breaks the pin, Dawson & Bo use the Luchas to wipe out AOP with Tope Suicidas, Dawson & Bo trade flash pins, Dash with a blind tag, Shatter Machine on Bo & The Revival gets the Tag Title Shot


Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage.

He admits that last night was a disaster in every way, and he heard everything the crowd had to say. That’s on him, he has to own that and move forward, and this isn’t just about championships, this is his life, what he loves, that he’s dedicated everything to, and it’s gone off the rails. But he’s gonna right the ship, and that starts with him ending Dean Ambrose.

He turns around to see Baron Corbin standing there. Baron says everybody thought he was doing a good job until Rollins said something and goaded him into a TLC match, so he’s the reason the whole locker room is against him and the McMahons are back in charge, and everything Ambrose said about him is true. If half the locker room hadn’t attacked him he’d take his title, oh wait, Dean already did that.

Seth wants to tell Corbin something then knocks the former Constable the fuck out with one shot

Ronda Rousey makes her entrance.

She gets on the mic and says she told Nia Jax she could kiss her right hand goodbye, she told Charlotte Flair that she’d write the next chapter of their story, and she told Becky Lynch that she’s the last woman on earth that she should provoke. She didn’t come here to justify her actions, but to define what a real champion is. A champion is much more than the decision of a referee, a real champion represents the limit of human potential.

The best of the best, physically and morally, a real champion. She wants to start a new tradition that the champion defends their title the night after a pay-per-view no matter what shape they’re in, so it’s an open challenge!

At Gorilla literally the entire women’s roster is shouting and bickering when Stephanie McMahon appears and shouts them down, ordering them out to ringside. She says all these women want a title match, and they all deserve one. But she says she’s not playing favorites anymore, so they’re all getting an opportunity to earn it in an eight-woman gauntlet match starting right now!

8 Woman Gauntlet Match:

Alicia Fox & Bayley to start it

Fox with a right hand for a 2 count, Snapmare for a 1 count, Bayley with a Back Suplex for a 2 count, Bayley tweaks her knee, Fox with a Yakuza Kick, but Bayley counters the cover into a Crucifix Pin for the win

Dana Brooke is out next

Brooke with a Handspring Elbow for a 2 count, Body Scissors, but Bayley turns it into a flash pin for a 2 count, Polish Hammer to the back of the knee, she slams Bayley down for a 2 count, Mat Slam for a 2 count, she slaps Bayley in the face, Bayley to Belly for the win

Kevin Owens returning soon

Mickie James is out next

Mickie with a Jump Kick, Bayley with a rollup for a 2 count, Mickie with a Flapjack, nip up, Mickie goes up top, Diving Thesz Press for a near fall, Long Kiss Goodnight for a near fall, Mickie-DT countered into a Back Suplex, Mickie with a kick to the face, sends Bayley to the floor, Bayley with a Crossbody, but clutches the bad knee, back up top, Diving Elbow Drop, but Mickie grabs the rope, Bayley to Belly blocked, Mickie sends Bayley face first into the turnbuckle then hits The Mickie-DT for the win

Ember Moon is out next

Moon sweeps the legs, Mickie avoids a Dropkick and goes for a pin for a 2 count, Ember with a Springboard Crossbody for a 2 count, Ember with a cavalcade of kicks for a 2 count, Mickie with a rollup & and grabs the rope, but the ref catches her, Mickie goes for a dive, but Moon counters into a Double Knee Facebreaker then finishes Mickie with The Eclipse for the win

Natalya is out next

Ember with a Superkick for a 2 count, Tornado Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Ember up top, Nattie avoids the dive & hits Nattie by Nature for a near fall, she looks for The Sharpshooter, but Ember counters into a Small Package for a near fall, Nattie with an O’Connor Roll gets the win

Ruby Riott is out next

Ruby with a Front Guillotine Choke, but Nattie powers out & slams Ruby, Nattie with a rollup for a 2 count, Lariat for a 2 count, Ruby with a Knee to the face then a Mat Slam for a 2 count, Ruby with a rollup for a 2 count, Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Nattie with a pair of Snap Suplexes, Nattie by Nature countered into a STO, Imploding Senton Bomb, but Nattie evades & rolls up Ruby for the win

Sasha Banks is the last one in

Sasha with the Double Knees for a 2 count, Nattie wtih a rollup for a 2 count, Powerbomb, but Sasha countered into a DDT for a 2 count, Nattie with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Sharpshooter countered into a rollup for a 2 count, Nattie by Nature for a 2 count, Sharpshooter in the center of the ring, Sasha treis to make it to the rope & flips Nattie into the turnbuckle, Sasha floats into a Half Crab then converts to a flash pin & switches to The Bank Statement, Nattie rolls through and hits a Release German Suplex, Sasha with a Diving Meteora for a near fall, Nattie blocks the Lungblower, Nattie blocks The Bank Statement & hits an Alley-Oop and back into The Sharpshooter & Sasha taps out


Nattie gets the title shot next week (well the whole Ronda/Nattie friendship has been set up for a Nattie heel turn since the beginning, will it happen next week on Christmas Eve? We’ll actually know in a matter of hours as their taping that show tonight)