Raw Results – 11/26/18






Raw Results – 11/26/18
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Fiserv Forum
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Corey Graves & Renee Young

Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Lio Rush together in the ring.

Corbin welcomes us to the show and says he hopes we all enjoyed our Thanksgivings and is sure we stuffed our faces with all those disgusting carbs, but unlike us, they don’t eat that garbage. They treat their bodies like temples to maintain peak physical performance, and that’s why they’re out there and we’re sitting here.

He’s thankful for his job as acting general manager, Lashley’s thankful for all the beta males wasting their life while he gets up every morning and takes what he wants, McIntyre’s thankful for the brutal, savage, extended beating they gave Braun Strowman last week. Baron says that’s a moment of time that will last forever and gestures for it to be replayed on the tron.

Corbin says he knows what we’re thinking– we won’t be seeing Strowman’s face on Raw for a long, long, long time, but he happens to have a little pull around here, so that’s not the case. He sent a camera crew to Birmingham, Alabama to interview Braun ahead of his surgery. We see Strowman stripped to the waist and he says he’s getting ready to have surgery on his bruised-up, nasty-looking elbow.

He’d rather be in Milwaukee to give those slimeballs their payback, but his surgeon has said he’s going to be on the shelf for a while, and he’s never worked on an arm this size. He may have some apprehensions, but he’ll be back 100%, and when he is, the attack last week and the gore of his surgery will seem like papercuts compared to what he does to the three of them.

He hopes they enjoy a couple weeks without the monster breathing down their backs, but when he does come back, all three of them are going to get These Hands. Bob scoffs and says he’ll take them if they even work after the surgery, and Baron says there’s no way Braun will be medically cleared for TLC, which is too bad, since their match is still on, and when he wins by forfeit, he’ll become the permanent general manager.

All of Raw’s superstars need to decide what side of history they’re on– the lights go out after a few more moments of ranting about being with him or against him and a guitar chord breaks the silence. The lights come up and Elias is on the stage to play us a song! He plays a few bars and says there’s a truth that follows him around the world, but the three in the ring can’t get that WWE stands for walk with Elias through their thick skulls.

The Drifter says he can’t think of anything worse than Corbin as full-time GM, and even Lio Rush would be better despite violating child labor laws. Drake Maverick would be better and he pissed himself! But tonight isn’t about Corbin, it’s about Bobby Trashley, who he wrote a little song about. His song questions why he has Rush point at his butt and how Lashley sucks


Lashley with a Bodyslam for a 2 count, Elias with a Jumping Knee, up top & hits the Diving Elbow, but Rush pulls out the ref, the ref calls for a dq

The corrupt Constable makes it a no dq match

Elias goes after Corbin & posts McIntyre, he grabs the guitar, but Corbin blasts him from behind & destroys Elias’ guitar, the corrupt Constable & his vultures swarm Elias & the beatdown is on

Corbin with chair shots, Claymore Kick on the floor, they throw Elias around on the floor, Inverted Concrete Slam on the steps, Lashley runs around the ring & breaks Elias in half with The Murder-Death Spear, back in the ring & Lashley covers Elias with one knee across his chest for the win


Baron Corbin is chewing out a crew member and ends up firing him and ordering him out of the building.

Alexa Bliss rolls up and says that was very impressive and that guy was dead weight anyway, always facetiming his kids at work. She thinks Baron’s doing an amazing job and says if there’s anything she can help with, he shouldn’t hesitate to ask. He says he’s got a lot on his plate and asks her to oversee the entire women’s division. She asks if he’s serious, he nods that he is, and she thanks him.

He says they both look good coming out of it and they shake on it.

A video package recapping recent events in the relationship between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins follows.

We cut to Dean Ambrose in his doctor’s office, his arm slightly bloodied. He says if you’re disappointed he’s not at the arena, get used to it. Seth would say he’s disappointed, but he knows he’s relieved that he’s not there and he can issue his open challenge nice and safe. Next week he’ll be there, but this week he’s getting inoculated, and he runs the fans down as revolting for a good minute.

He says he’s getting a rabies shot, and the doc says the next one goes in his hip, so Dean stands up and drops his pants just enough to let the doctor in as he tells Seth there’s no medicine to cure the sickness in his soul, and he’s a lost cause. At TLC he’s going to do the good and decent thing and put Rollins out of his misery… for good

The Revival get on the mic and say being blindsided by Lucha House Party rules made them lose, and they obviously don’t know anything about tag team etiquette, which is much like golf etiquette. They demanded a rematch tonight, because if LHP can’t respect their tradition, they don’t belong in the Revival’s division


Lucha with a pair of Splashes then a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Dawadon with La Atlantida then a Falling Headbutt for a near fall, Dash with a Gory Special, Dawson in, but gets dropped with Salida Del Sol, Rope-Walk Senton Atomico, then Lince with a Shooting Star Press for the win


Commentary talks Lars Sullivan up as a free agent and we get a vignette.

Nia Jax and Tamina make their entrance.

Nia gets on the mic and says they have so much to be thankful for this year, like how the roster is thankful for her leading Team Raw to victory. But what she’s most thankful for is breaking Becky Lynch’s face and putting her on the shelf with a concussion. She guesses the Man was no match for the Facebreaker, and Ronda Rousey needs to get used to having things taken away from her.

Like the title at TLC, for example. Jax talks about how Ronda came in on top but has kinda gone downhill. Ever since she stepped into the ring with her and couldn’t win, her downfall began, to which she runs a video clip of their match (which conveniently leaves out the end of Ronda hitting a Ura-Nage and going for the Omoplata before Bliss jumped them both & cashed in Money in the Bank). A package covering Charlotte Flair beating the holy hell out of her at Survivor Series follows. Nia mocks Ronda’s “true champion” rhetoric, saying her favorite is “a true champion is the best on her worst day.”

She doesn’t think Rousey’s had her worst day yet, but she will at TLC. Jax says she’s been on a roll, having won the battle royal at Evolution, broke Becky’s face, and was sole survivor at Survivor Series, so the top of the mountain belongs to her.

Enter Ronda Rousey.

She says she’ll give Nia credit, it’s not luck that she’s been on this winning streak. But she’s lucky in that she’s from a warrior culture (I… what?) and that the person on the receiving end of that punch changed history and made her the Facebreaker, but that’s where her luck has run out, because Ronda stands guard on this mountain and she’s gona rip Jax’s arm off and slap Charlotte Flair across the face with it!

She offers Nia the usual “let’s not wait for the pay-per-view” match, but Jax ain’t having it. She just got finished washing Lynch’s crusted blood from her knuckles, and– Rousey demands she stop making excuses and fight, to which Nia says she’s just stalling for time. Tamina advances menacingly, Natalya makes the save… AND GETS CUT OFF IN THE AISLE BY THE RIOTT SQUAD!

Ronda jumps in the fray and they manage to run the Riott Squad off together.

Drake and the Authors get a promo and Maverick says most of the crowd have never experience real fear, as a seven-foot giant lifted you by the neck and if we did, we’d have lost control of our bodily functions as well. And he’s going to make Bobby Roode and Chad Gable experience that feeling later tonight. AOP say laugh now, cry later

Raw Tag Team Championship

Akam blocks a Rude Awakening & hits a Fallaway Slam, Roode looked to finish Rezar when Maverick appears on the tron having stolen Roode’s robe and stomps it into the toilet & then pisses on it, Rezar sends Roode into Gable then finish Roode with Revelations to retain the Tag Titles


Bayley and Sasha are talking backstage when Alexa Bliss rolls up.

She says she wouldn’t be in charge of the women’s division without their help at Survivor Series and she thinks part of why they don’t get on is they don’t really know each other. Sasha says she knows enough but Alexa says she wants them to have an open forum with the WWE Universe later. Bayley objects assuming it’s another “This Is Your Life” but Bliss says it’s not a trick and leaves them to think about it

Finn Balor gets a handcam promo where he talks about being on the right side of history and standing up to Baron Corbin


Fox with a Big Boot for a 2 count, Swinging Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Ember with a Tornado Snap Suplex then finishes Fox with The Eclipse for the win


Hawkins celebrates with Ember as if he himself had just won the match, and No Way Jose interrupts on the stage with his conga line to really fluff the celebration up


Mahal with a Suplex for a 2 count, Jose with a Hiptoss into a Neckbreaker, he charges, but Jinder drops him with a Stungun then finishes NWJ with The Khallas for the win


Seth Rollins makes his entrance.

He welcomes Milwaukee to Monday Night Rollins and says he hasn’t quite been himself lately. Last week Dean Ambrose had him running around thinking that HE was the lunatic, but he’s better than that, so it’s time to get back to what he does best and be a fighting champion! As for Dean, he’s done chasing him around looking for answers and no amount of bogus vaccinations is gonna make Ambrose immune to Rollins.

Seth hopes Dean will be here next week, but he’s a liar and a coward so he thinks he’s lurking around here somewhere, but he doesn’t give a damn because he’s Seth freakin’ Rollins and it’s time to throw it down! The open challenge is live!

(Record scratch)

Enter Dolph Ziggler. He says he’s glad he wants to get back to himself because he hasn’t been into it since Dean stabbed him in the back. He wants to forget all of that and if he wants to go back to being Seth freakin’ Rollins, he’ll do what he does best, and lose to Ziggler. Dolph calls himself the best in the world and also the new Intercontinental Champion

Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge

They trade flash pins for 2 counts, Dolph with a Russian Legsweep for a 2 count, Rollins with a Springboard Lariat for a 2 count, up top, but Dolph crotches him, Seth blocks and shoves Dolph down, Ziggler up top again, but Rollins shoves him down, Frog Splash, but no water in the pool, Dolph with a Rocker Dropper for a near fall, Zig-Zag blocked, Leaping DDT blocked, Ziggler with a Small Package for a near fall, Sleeper Hold, Seth falls back to break the hold, Avada Kedavra for a near fall, Rollins looks for the kill, Avada Kedavra to the ribs, Blackout avoided, Zig-Zag connects, but Dolph only gets a near fall, Ziggler loads up the boot, Seth with a Small Package for a near fall, Dolph with a Leaping DDT for a near fall, Ziggler up top, but Seth meets him, Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo puts Dolph away & Rollins retains


Alexa Bliss makes her entrance and says she wants us to get to know some of our biggest stars and you can ask whatever you want, no limits, no boundaries. She introduces the Boss and Hug Connection and they make their entrance.

Bliss scans the crowd for questions and has a bit of fun with some of the folks in the crowd before calling on a woman in a Ronda Rousey t-shirt. She asks what they’d do to change the Raw women’s division, and Bayley says she’s real proud of the division and just hopes they keep getting opportunities. Banks says she’d change one thing, she’d ship Alexa’s butt back to SmackDown.

Alexa uses this as an opportunity to talk about how Bayley’s dragged Sasha down from champion into a tag team and then stirs the pot by asking if Banks ever lets her friend talk. Bayley says she disagrees, she wouldn’t ship Bliss back to SmackDown, she’d ship her back to hell where she came from! At this point, Mickie James, Alicia Fox, and Dana Brooke attack the Boss and the Hugger from behind!

Banks gets her licks in and manages to run James and Fox off, creating an opening for Bayley to hit a Backdrop Driver on Brooke to run her off!


Balor goes for a Slingshot, but Corbin counters with a right hand for a 2 count, Dream Crusher for a 2 count, Powerbomb countered, Finn takes Corbin down & hits a Standing Double Stomp, Slingblade, Shotgun Dropkick countered into Deep Six for a near fall, End of Days countered into a Wrap-Around DDT, Shotgun Dropkick, Corbin avoids Coup de Grace

The corrupt Constable makes it a 2 on 1 handicap match with Drew McIntyre

Balor nails Corbin then hits a Tope con Hilo on Drew, Finn takes it to Corbin, but McIntyre is back in & sends Finn back in finishing Balor with a Claymore Kick for the win


Lashley comes out afterwards & hits Balor with a Yokosuka Cutter, Corbin with an End of Days then they pick Balor up & hold him for another Claymore Kick