Raw Results – 11/25/19






Raw Results – 11/25/19
Chicago, Illinois
Allstate Arena
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

The show opens with a dejected Seth Rollins making his entrance to “CM Punk!” chants.

He apologizes and takes a shot at Punk, saying he tried to get him here and it’s not his fault he’d rather work his office job. The ring is surrounded by the Raw roster and Seth says this is about them. Last night, NXT mopped the floor with Raw, and he hates that because he’s been a fan of Raw his entire life, from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to Shawn Michaels and the Rock and to see what it’s become breaks his heart.

The show is better than that, and the truth is everybody sucked last night. They need to take their Raw flag and plant it in the ground and make this place great again. He believes in Raw and he got everybody together here to speak on it now if they so choose. He calls Randy Orton out for comment and calls him the weak link, and Orton walks out. Rollins says that’s fine, he’ll step up and be leader.

Charlotte Flair is up next and he calls her out, saying she wasn’t even the last one standing for Raw and questions her right to call herself a Flair, which leads to her walking out as well. He berates the Authors of Pain and they leave, and then he calls Rey Mysterio out as the biggest letdown of them all, saying he couldn’t beat Brock even with no DQs and “his stupid kid”

Rey walks out and this leads the rest of the roster to leave with him as Seth says he’s just saying what everybody thinks. He turns around and sees Kevin Owens still there, on the apron. Owens gets in the ring and Rollins starts talking about how he just wants the show to be better and he loves this place and it’s not about him. He calls Kev a lazy piece of crap who wants his spot, but he’ll never be Seth Rollins.

Rollins begs off but KO’s had enough… STUNNER!

Seth Rollins is angrily taking his blazer off when an interview rolls up.

He talks about how he’s just trying to do the right thing and Kevin Owens wants to stun him? He wants a match against Owens tonight!

We see footage of Rusev being served with a restraining order earlier today


Lashley with a Thrust Spinebuster, Rusev comes through the crowd and beats the dog-shit out of Lashley causing a dq


Machka Kick, he sends Lashley into the steps then the barricades, Short-Arm Lariat, into the led board, he takes apart the announce table, Lana yells at him, Rusev it’s not about her, cops come out to cuff him, while cuffed he breaks free & drives Lashley off the stage with a Shoulder Block through a table, cops back him up again, he kicks over one of the steel girders off the stage onto Lashley, Rusev laughs and says I’m back as the cops take him away


AOP hit The Last Chapter on Hawkins, Stereo Death Valley Bombs into the turnbuckles, Super Collider, then finish Hawkins with Revelations for the win



Andrade with a Release Powerbomb, he goes to work on the arm, Tozawa with a Small Package for a 2 count, slips through Andrade’s legs, Snap German Suplex, up top, but Andrade clips him, Running Meteora, then finishes Tozawa with La Sombra for the win


Aleister Black is in the dark room again.

He asks if Buddy Murphy understands the repercussions of knocking on his door. Murphy has a match tonight, and Black is coming to collect what he is owed.


Matt Hardy comes out & it appears to be hybrid variation, he comes out to the Hardyz music and the parachute pants, does the Delete of his Broken persona and throws up the V1 of his Matt Hardy Version 1 persona

Murphy with a Cheeky Nandos Kick then posts Matt, he sends him into the barricades, back in the ring, Murphy up top, Matt avoids it & hits a Side Effect, but not able to get a cover, Matt up the second, Yodel Elbow Drop, Twist of Fate blocked, Murphy with a Pump Knee, then a V-Trigger & follows with a Kamigoye for the win


a bloodied Murphy gets on the mic and calls Aleister Black out, saying he’s come to pick a fight.

Enter Aleister Black.

He slides in the ring and confronts Buddy, ducking a lariat and laying his own strikes in. Hard rolling back elbow, front kick sets up a pump knee and Murphy falls to the floor! Buddy staggers off up the ramp before faking a return to the ring out. He decides discretion is the better part of valor as Black looks on.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair is interviewed.

She says she never said she was a team player, she was just the only one qualified to lead Team Raw. She talks about her history with Asuka and calls the green mist heinous, saying that Asuka knows that’s the only way she can beat her, and she’s going to remind her why she’s a ten-time women’s champion

The OC attack Carrillo from behind before he can make it in the ring, he takes out Anderson, but Gallows Chokeslams him on the apron, Magic Killer on the steps

Ricochet comes out to check on Carrillo

AJ gets on the mic and asks if he’s okay. He says it doesn’t sound good for Humberto and that’s unfortunate. Speaking of unfortunate, he thought Ricochet was a superhero but he didn’t make it out in time to save his little buddy. Ricochet gets on the mic and asks if this is really what’s become of Styles before saying that, to him, that’s not what a champion is made of, and he’s gonna fix that problem because he wants the title match!

AJ says no, saying he signed for a title match against Humberto and only against Humberto, and he just got helped to the back, so no match will be happening.

Enter Randy Orton.

He says that Humberto might not be able to compete, but he can, and besides, he figures the people of Chicago would love nothing more than to see him RKO AJ’s ass right through the canvas. Randy asks for a title shot, and AJ deflects his shot just as quickly.

Enter Drew McIntyre.

He says he’s got a solution, and he knows a guy AJ’s never faced, that’s never had a singles title opportunity, he’s tall dark and handsome and has a sexy accent, and just last night he beat a monster among men and pinned the NXT UK Champion WALTER. Chicago doesn’t deserve this match, but why not Styles vs. McIntyre, title on the line? AJ says after stealing the show last night he’s a little sore–

Enter Rey Mysterio.

He talks about how he fought Brock Lesnar last night and you don’t hear him complaining but here’s Styles making excuses to avoid defending the title, so why not him? AJ calls them all entitled and spoiled and out of principle alone, he declines. Ricochet says he knows he’s the new guy and he smells a challenge so he has an idea– four-way #1 contender’s match!

Styles says that may be the dumbest thing he’s heard Ricochet say, but Big Hoot thinks it’s kinda compelling, and Machine Gun says it’s Monday Night Raw, hot crowd in Chicago, he thinks it’s pretty cool. Styles relents and agrees to it!


Ricochet ties Drew to the Tree of Woe, Orton dumps Ricochet to the floor, Rey & Orton fight on on the top rope, but Drew bridges up & hits a Spider German Suplex on Orton who Superplexes Rey at the same time, Orton with the Elevated DDT on Rey, but Drew breaks the pin, Drew cuts Orton open with hard chops, Orton answers back with an eye poke, Drew responds with a Glasgow Kiss, Ricochet takes down Drew, Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall, he tries a Poisoned Frankensteiner, Drew blocks, Inverted Concrete Slam countered into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Drew with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, he looks for the kill, but Orton hits the RKO, but OC pull him out, Mysterio with a Quebrada, Ricochet catches him, but Rey counters into a Tilt-a-Whirl Small Package for the win to get the title shot


US Championship

AJ ties Rey to the Tree of Woe, Basement Dropkick, into a cover, but Rey grabs the rope, AJ with a Decavitator, Mysterio tries a Springboard but his knee collapses, he tries it again but AJ catches him, AJ looks for a Lawn Dart, but Rey slips out and AJ hits the post, Rey with a Backflip Kick, it sends AJ into the rope, Rey looks for the kill, but Anderson trips him up, ref senses it & ejects the OC, AJ ties him to the Tree of Woe, he looks for the Basement Dropkick, but Rey avoids it & AJ goes nuts first into the post, Rey with a Wheelbarrow Bulldog for a 2 count, Rey up top, but AJ cuts him off, Rey bites the hand, AJ takes him out of the corner with an Ushi-Goroshi for a near fall, Styles Clash blocked, Rey hits a Yoshi Tonic for a near fall, West Coast Pop sends AJ into the rope, 619, but it sends AJ into the ref, up top, Frog Splash, ref is down, OC comes back and put the boots to Rey, Orton takes out Gallows then Anderson, Orton sends AJ into the rope, 619, RKO, Orton leaves, Rey up top & hits a Frog Splash to win the US Title


Dominik comes down to celebrate with his dad

Kevin Owens is interviewed and simply takes the mic to cut a promo.

He tells Seth Rollins to listen carefully and recounts his promo before saying the big difference between them is that he’s known who he is from the moment he first laced up his wrestling boots 20 years ago and he’s never tried to be something that he’s not, because he knows who he is and he’s fine with that. But Seth has done everything he can to be what he thinks the company needs him to be but all he’s done is turn himself into an insufferable prick!

That first Stunner earlier was nothing, and there’s another one coming his way that’s gonna turn Monday Night Rollins into the Kevin Owens Show


Charlotte with a Queen’s Boot knocks Kairi off the apron, Askua goes after the arm, Charlotte goes for the Figure 4, but Asuka kicks her off, Kairi grabs Charlotte’s leg, Asuka with a Billiken for a 2 count, Asuka with Shoot Kicks, barrage of Shoteis, Uraken, Charlotte answers back with a Queen’s Boot for a 2 count, Charlotte chases Kairi through the crowd, Asuka with a Juji-Gatame, but Charlotte turns it into a pin for a 2 count, Asuka with a German Release Suplex, she stacks Charlotte up for a 2 count, Asuka Lock countered into a pin for a 2 count, Asuka with a Victory Roll for a 2 count, Asuka Lock countered into a Back Suplex, Asuka with a Double Knee Facebreaker for a near fall, Natural Selection countered into a Juji-Gatame, converts into a Triangle Choke, but Charlotte fights out and turns it into a Boston Crab, Charlotte hits a Spear for a near fall, Kairi comes back through the crowd, Charlotte grabs her and posts Kairi, Kairi up on the apron to distract the ref, Asuka spits the Green Mist and rolls up Charlotte stacking her up so the ref can’t see the misted face, for the win



Rowan with a Powerbomb into the post, back in & finishes Roberts with The Iron-Claw Slam for the win


OC are interviewed.

AJ Styles can’t even speak, he’s so tore up about losing his title. He finally says, simply, “Randy Orton.”

A recap of the Rusev/Lashley stuff from earlier follows, because Lana is about to be interviewed.

She talks about how she’s been forced to take restraining orders out on Rusev and says that he should be fired.


Rollins blocks The Stunner, Owens stops a Tope Suicida, second Rope Dropkick then a Running Senton for a 2 count, Seth with a Dragon Screw then a Torture Half Crab, but Owens fights out, F-Cinq blocked, Seth with a Slingblade, he sends Owens to the floor, a pair of Tope Suicidas, back in the ring, Owens ducks the Springboard Knee, Superkick, Seth rolls to the floor & grabs a chair, the ref warns him, they battle up top, but Owens sends Seth to the mat with an Avalanche Gourdbuster, Senton Atomico, but Seth gets the knees up, Owens avoids a Stinger Splash & hits a Cannonball, up top, but Seth roll to the floor, Owens with a Senton Atomico off the apron to the floor, back in the ring, up top, Owens connects with the Frog Splash for a near fall, Owens mocks Seth, Pop-Up Powerbomb blocked, Owens blocks the Pedigree, Seth up top, Blockbuster for a near fall, Falcon Arrow for a near fall, Seth looks for the kill, Blackout avoided, Stunner countered into a rollup for a near fall, Blackout sidestepped, Pop-Up Powerbomb for a near fall, Stunner blocked, Seth with a rollup, floats over, Avada Kedavra, Owens answers back with a Superkick, Seth with a Leaping Enzugiri, Basement Avada Kedavra, Blackout avoided, Stunner connects, but both men are out, AOP are out they stalk both men, Owens slaps them, they post Owens repeatedly to cause a dq


AOP with a Wheelbarrow Knee to the face, they size Seth up then back away and leave, Seth looks at a downed Owens & hits a Blackout and a second, it seems they’ve finally gotten the hint that people have turned on Seth & made him officially a heel as the show ends