Raw Results – 10/7/19






Raw Results – 10/7/19
Bakersfield, California
Rabobank Arena
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin & Jerry Lawler

Randy Orton & King Shithead are beating down Rusev as we open, he fights them off

Bobby Lashley appears on the tron wearing Rusev’s robe and gloating about it at him. He then reveals that he’s at Rusev’s house and ready to see how comfortable the bed is. He talks about how Lana is missing and surprise, there she is! She reveals that everything she and Rusev owned together is now in her name, including their bank accounts. She and Bobby start making out, of course.

Back in the arena, Corbin and Orton are laughing it up, so Rusev leaves the ring and bowls them over! Unloading on the Viper with right hands against the barricade, putting Baron through the steel steps, fallaway slam into the barricade! He beats Corbin down with the steps and screams in Randy’s face, asking if he’s laughing at him before throwing him hard into the post!

Machka Kick on the GOT Reject! One for Orton as well!


Nattie with a Backdrop on the floor, she slaps Lacey in the face then hits a Snap Suplex, back in the ring, Nattie by Nature, Sharpshooter then slams Lacey’s face into the mat, Lacey with a Mat Slam, Nattie’s back up at 9, Baseball Slide, but Lacey catches her and swings Nattie into the barricade, Nattie back up at 8, Lacey with a Big Boot then pulls out a table then pushes it back under the ring, Lacey sends Nattie into the steps, Lacey sends Nattie into the timekeeper area, Nattie up at 8, Lacey with a kendo stick to the back, and another cane shot, Nattie up at 9, but Lacey sends her into the post, she throws Nattie into a desk chair and uses the cane as version of a seatbelt then kicks the chair over, Nattie back up and gains posession of the cane and goes to work on Lacey, Lacey sends Nattie into the barricade, Nattie back up at 9, Lacey grabs a pair of canes, Nattie rolls to the floor, Lacey with a Neckbreaker on the floor, Nattie gets back up & gets hit with a trash can, Lacey hits a Moonsault off the barricade, Lacey sends her into the announce area, she clears off the table, on top of the table, Suplex on the table, but it doesn’t give, Nattie up at 9, Lacey sends her into the halfpipe tron, she looks for a Suplex off the halfpipe, but Nattie counters and Powerbombs Lacey off the halfpipe through a table to the floor & that puts Lacey down for the count


Aleister Black is backstage in a dark room.

“Monday Night Raw, a place of competition and a place of tradition and a place of battle; battle that I so desperately require. Because underneath this calm and collective (sic) demeanor, well, you and I, we both know that is not who I am. No, I am as unforgiving as fire, and as cold and permanent as death. And all this will tell you that I am forever restless.”

He asks, yet again, for someone to knock on his door and pick a fight with him

Charly Caruso and she introduced Fury. She asked why Tyson provoked Strowman. He said he wasn’t provoking him, he was just trying to enjoy himself and Strowman came at him. He wants an apology from Braun and if he doesn’t get it than Braun is going to “get some of these hands.”


Hanson sends Roode into Rowe’s Shotgun Knees then Rowe drives Hanson into Roode, Rowe with East Ten Mile, Exploder Suplex then sends Roode to the floor, Ziggler with a Neckbreaker on Rowe for a 2 count, Roode with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Rowe avoids a Stinger Splash and wipes out Roode with a Lariat, Hanson with with a Sidewalk Slam on Roode, Seated Senton on Dolph, Cartwheel Lariat on Roode, Dolph with a Leaping DDT for a 2 count, Hanson blocks the Superkick & hits The Spinkick of Doom, Decapitation, but Roode makes the save, Dolph avoids Shotgun Knees & rolls Rowe up in a Small Package for a near fall, Showoffs with a Double R Zig-Zag Buster on Rowe for a near fall, Glorious DDT blocked, Zig-Zag blocked, Hanson with a blind tag, Rowe passes Dolph, then finish Ziggler with Thor’s Hammer for the win


Backstage again and Aleister Black is in his lair still.

This time he says he’s going to head down to the ring right now and see who wants to pick a fight with him because he’s “seen how this plays out.”


He blasts one of them with Black Mass then locked in his one arm Dragon Sleeper with the other arm behind his back getting a quick tap out win (don’t think they’ve named this yet, on the indies it was called The Owari Death Clutch so I’ll just go with that for now)


Caruso backstage asks Braun Strowman about the Tyson Fury situation. He says if Fury wants to get all serious about this when he was just having some fun, then he can do that. He knows Tyson throws a mean punch but so does he and if he doesn’t ask for the apology he wants nicely, he might “get these hands.”

Cut back to Caruso backstage and Rey Mysterio says he’s actually proud of his son for taking the beating from Lesnar like a man. He’s at home resting and he’ll be okay. Caruso asks how he’s feeling now after he also got beat down. He says he felt awful being so helpless watching Brock beat the hell out of his son.

But then he was at the hospital with his child and that’s when Cain Velasquez showed up. That would be the one man on Earth Brock Lesnar may actually be afraid of because he beat Lesnar up in the UFC. Essentially, he’s enlisted Cain to help him get revenge.

AOP are willing to take food from other people. “We have the will to take your food,” they said.

They’re called the Authors of Pain because they’re willing to bring such violence upon their opponents said opponents are written down in history books.


Metalik with a Splash off Lince’s shoulders onto Anderson for a 2 count, Anderson with an Elbow Drop for a 1 count, LHP with Triple Moonsaults to the floor, Anderson with a Spinebuster on Lince for a 2 count, Kalisto with a Frankendriver, but Gallows makes the save, Salida del Sol countered with a Pele then AJ dims Kalisto’s lights with The Phenomenal Forearm for the win


OC’s not done, Magic Killer to Metalik, AJ up to the second, they feed Lince to him for an Avalanche Styles Clash

Miz TV.

He started in with a big recap of SmackDown. They’ve done a ton of promotion for the blue brand on this show.

Becky Lynch is out as his first guest. She’s well received by Bakersfield. Before getting into anything with her, Miz brings out Charlotte Flair, the SmackDown women’s champion after last night.

Miz congratulates them on their victories at Hell in a Cell. He promotes the hell out of Becky, who enjoys getting gassed up. She takes the opportunity to put over just how badly Sasha Banks beat her up. She still won, though!

Miz then puts over Charlotte and the fact that she is a 10-time women’s champion in WWE now. “What can I say? It’s good to be The Queen,” she responds.

Miz brings up the draft coming up in just a few days and how they could both be moved or neither be moved. That means very little, considering they’ve both been appearing on both shows so much lately. Miz’s final promotional point to hit is the Kabuki Warriors and how dangerous they are as women’s tag team champions. They’ll be wrestling tonight, by the way!

Finally, we get to the good stuff, when Becky and Charlotte start sniping at each other. Becky notes how happy Charlotte is with the belt Becky made famous. Charlotte points out it was her who made Lynch famous. The standoff goes to a stalemate, and that’s when the Kabuki Warriors arrive.

Asuka & Kairi both speak in Japanese. They both laugh. Becky calls them down to the ring to fight and the champs rush the other champs. A big brawl breaks out.

Finally, a ref shows up


Kairi with a Double Stomp for a 2 count, Lynch avoids the Flying Kabuki Elbow, Charlotte lights up Asuka with Chops, Back Suplex, Inverted Backbreaker, Natural Selection hits, but Asuka rolls to the floor, Charlotte up top & wipes out both of the Warriors with a Moonsault to the floor, back in the ring, Figure 4, but Kairi blocks, Charlotte tosses Kairi, Slingshot to the floor, but Asuka catches her with a kick, Kairi goes for a Crossbody, but Charlotte counters with a Fallaway Slam, Bexploder to Asuka, up top, Missile Dropkick takes out Asuka, Uraken floors Becky, Kairi goes up, but Lynch meets her with Forearms and toss her back to the mat, Lynch up top, Dublin Jam connects, but Asuka makes the save, Charlotte takes Asuka to the floor with a Queen’s Boot, Kairi with a rollup, but Lynch counters into the Dis-Arm-Her, ref is with Charlotte, Asuka spits the Green Mist in Becky’s face & Kairi rolls up Lynch for the win


Charlotte attacks Kairi, but the Warriors overwhelm her until Twisted Bliss makes the save

Charly Caruso is backstage and welcomes Apollo Crews. She wants to know what he’s hoping to prove in his match tonight against Ricochet ahead of the draft. He says they go way back and he really respects Ricochet. But he’s been grinding and trying to prove himself and this will be his showcase tonight

The Viking Raiders cut a promo in front of a bright red light. They make clear they’ll be wrestling Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler for the Raw tag team titles next week

Now it’s Ricochet’s turn to be interviewed. He says this could be his last night wrestling on Raw and if so, he’s honored for it to be against one of his best friends in the world, Crews. He basically repeats the same talking points as Crews before closing with “I’m here to prove that superheroes can be real.”


Apollo with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Stalling Suplex, Ricochet with a Springboard Lariat then a Standing Shooting Star Press for a 2 count, up top, Apollo avoids the 630, Ricochet rolls through, Apollo with a Jumping Enzugiri, Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Ricochet blocks The Chariot & hits The Recoil for the win


They throw it to highlights from last night’s main event (This is a bad idea Vince, it’s been a day, that anger has subsided in some, you show this again & you’re just going to open old wounds)

They show the footage including the no contest and ending (You’re digging your own grave. Don’t say you weren’t warned)

Jerry Lawler in the ring to introduce Tyson Fury. The crowd has a mild reaction to him, but there are a lot of phones out recording him making his entrance.

Lawler welcomes him to the show and wants his opinion on what happened with Strowman last week. Fury goes for the cheap pop by shouting out Bakersfield. He says Braun tried to make him look like a fool last week when he was just minding his own business trying to have a good time. He ended up getting choked out! So he demands an apology now.

That’s when Strowman shows up.

A light “get these hands” chant when they’re both in the ring.

“Look, man,” Strowman starts. “I was messing around with you trying to have a little bit of fun with you.” Then Fury gave him a look and that led Strowman to give him a present in the form of Dolph Ziggler. “I will literally eat you for lunch,” he threatens the champion boxer.

Fury says it was a good thing security took him out because he would have knocked Strowman out. Braun counters with the fact that he would knock Tyson out, and not for a slow ass 10 count like Fury against Wilder. That got a big reaction from the crowd. Fury said he’s a heavyweight champion … how many heavyweight titles has Strowman won?

That’s when it was on.

They dropped their mics and Fury pushed Strowman across the ring. He came back with a double leg takedown attempt that landed in the corner and security swarmed the ring. There were many bodies holding them back, until, of course, they both decided to start throwing punches and knocking all the hired help from Thugs R Us out.

Finally, actual wrestlers rushed down to the ring to break them up and they had more success with it.

At least at first. Of course Strowman broke free and jumped into the pile to attack Fury. Then it was Fury’s turn to do the same. This went on and on and on forever. The crowd continued reacting with glee every time one of the two broke free and rushed the other by simply jumping into the pile of bodies. Pull apart brawls are always fun.

Eventually, Strowman just walked to the back and his music played.

Once he got backstage, Caruso was right there waiting with a microphone. He said “Tyson’s a tough son of a bitch but he’s gonna get these hands before it’s over and done with.” Charly asks if Fury is going to get an apology in the future. Strowman says “of course not,” then runs right back down to the ring to continue the brawl as the show ends