Raw Results – 10/14/19






Raw Results – 10/14/19
Denver, Colorado
Pepsi Center
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin & Jerry Lawler

Becky Lynch makes her entrance.

She says Sasha Banks couldn’t make it tonight because of the last beating she handed out, but she can’t seem to get rid of the woman she’s fighting tonight

Enter Charlotte Flair.

She says she doesn’t want this any more than Becky does and she doesn’t want us thinking she’s selfish, because she’s not. She doesn’t even want to fight tonight, she just wants to be friends again. She misses her and just wants to be her friend– AND SHE LAYS BECKY OUT WITH A RIGHT HAND! She says Lynch makes it so damn hard to be her friend and we got a brawl!

Fighting into the corner refs out to separate them


Charlotte with a Backslide for a 2 count, Queen’s Boot blocked, Charlotte with Alex Shelley’s Skull Fuck then into a Figure 4 Headscissors, another Skull Fuck then back to the Headcissors, Charlotte throws off Lynch, into a cover, but Becky bridges out, Charlotte lights up Lynch with Chops, Inverted Backbreaker then a Complete Shot into the ring post, Lynch with a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Lynch avoids the Queens Boot, Running Dropkick, but Charlotte counters into a Boston Crab, she tries to convert to the Figure 4, but Lynch kicks her off, she goes for a Diving Forearm, Charlotte evades & hits Natural Selection for a near fall, Charlotte goes up, but Lynch rips her off, Dis-Arm-Her countered into a rollup into the turnbuckle, Queen’s Boot, but only gets a near fall, Figure 4 blocked, Lynch with a rollup for a near fall, Inverted DDT, up top, Dublin Jam connects, but only gets a near fall, Dis-Arm-Her countered into a Spear for a near fall, Charlotte is frustrated & Lynch catches her with a Crucifix Pin for the win


Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage.

He says Bray Wyatt doesn’t give a damn where he’s drafted and that’s not good for any of us. He thought he put an end to this at Hell in a Cell, the things he did, the place he went to, he’s not proud of it but he did what he had to do to survive. He doesn’t even know if the Fiend is a human being, and on Friday something clicked– maybe he’s been going about this all wrong.

The Fiend has been picking his spots and that ends tonight, because tonight, he’s going Fiend hunting. He promises us that he’ll find Bray Wyatt by the end of the night and end this

Steph’s out as The Draft begins for the final night

Seth Rollins to Raw
Brock Lesnar to Smackdown
Charlotte Flair to Raw
The New Day to Smackdown
Andradw & Zelina Vega to Raw

Zelina says things are about to change and the other Raw superstars should rejoice for having the privilege of losing to Andrade


Ali goes for the Tornado DDT, but Andrade shoves him off the top to the floor, he sends Ali shoulder first into the post, Juji-Gatame in the rope, Step-Up Knee for a 2 count, back to the Juji-Gatame to try and snap Ali’s arm, he goes for the knee, but Ali ducks and Andrade tumbles to the floor, Vega blocks a dive, but Ali with a Tope con Hilo oaver Vega, Andrade distracts the ref, Vega with a Hurricanrana off the apron, Andrade sends Ali back in & hits La Sombra for the win


Steph’s back for Round 2

The Kabuki Warriors to Raw
Daniel Bryan to Smackdown
Rusev to Raw
Bayley to Smackdown
Aleister Black to Raw

Raw Tag Team Championship

Rowe with Shotgun Knees to Ziggler, Hanson wipes out Roode with a Tope con Hilo, Rowe with a Doctor Bomb to Dolph, Hanson with a Diving Splash, but Roode pulls Hanson to the floor to break the pin, Roode posts Rowe, Raiders go for The Decapitation, but Dolph pulls Hanson to the floor, & Roode posts Rowe, rollup for a near fall, Double R Zig-Zag Spinebuster for a near fall, Rowe with East Ten Mile, Dolph with a Superkick, Glorious DDT, but Hanson makes the save, Hanson with a Handspring Double Back Elbow wipes out both of the Showoffs then they finish Dolph with Thor’s Hammer to win the belts


The Viking Raiders cut a promo, talking about how Raw is exactly where they belong and saying they’re the first undefeated team in WWE history to win the IWGP, Ring of Honor, (and yes they did mention the IWGP & ROH titles by name) NXT, and Raw tag team championships, and the raid is here!

Steph here for Round 3

Cedric Alexander to Raw
Shinskue Nakamura to Smackdown
Humberto Carillo to Raw
Ali to Smackdown
Erick Rowan to Raw


Black Sweeps the leg, Sliding Knee, Quebrada, EY ducks Black Mass, he hangs Black up, but Black hits a Jumping Knee, EY tries a Sunset Flip, but Black counters into The Owari Death Clutch, now apparently dubbed The Dark Ritual & EY taps out


Round 4

Buddy Murphy to Raw
The Glorious Showoffs to Smackdown
Jinder Mahal to Raw
Carmella to Smackdown
R-Truth to Raw

Backstage, the Street Profits do their usual hype job for tonight’s show when the OC roll up to congratulate them for being on Raw. AJ Styles tells them they have “it”, but if he can be honest, he isn’t really sure why USA drafted them. No beef, but why’d they draft the Profits to host the show when the OC is already there? He tells them to enjoy their little niche but to remember that Raw belongs to the OC.

AND WE GOT A BRAWL! The OC overpower the Profits pretty quickly and put boots to them until referees and road agents come by to help


Shelton with a Pop-Up Faceplant for a 2 count, Ricochet ducks the Dragon Whip, but Shelton with a Big Boot for a 2 count, Ricochet with a Springboard Lariat, Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall, he looked to go up, but Shelton blocked, Ricochet with a Leaping Enzugiri, up top, Shelton meets him, Avalanche Belly to Belly Suplex, but Ricochet lands on his feet & hits The Recoil for the win


Lana talks about how she likes it deeper and the masseuse leaves. Bobby Lashley tags in and starts massaging her, which she likes. She talks about how Rusev was never that good and then flips over at Lashley’s request

Jerry “the King” Lawler is ready to moderate the contract signing between Strowman and Fury.

He says a few words and then introduces both men.

They take their seats and Lawler says they’ve promised that things will remain professional tonight. Braun begins, he says he knows more about Tyson than he thinks– that he’s undefeated, a hell of an athlete, and he’s got one of the biggest egos he’s ever seen. And he knows he wrecked the SmackDown premier because he was trying to steal WWE’s spotlight, and he’ll be damned if Fury uses him as a stepping stone to further his career.

In Saudi Arabia, he’s stepping into Braun’s world, and he’s gonna slam him in the middle of the ring for his first loss ever. And the funny part? There ain’t a damn thing he can do about it but get These Hands. Strowman then signs the contract and passes it to Fury.

Tyson picks the mic up, sets it down, signs the contract, and picks the mic back up. He says he’s a fan of Braun’s and he was at SmackDown to see him, actually. For the last year all his kids have been talking about is Strowman’s great feats of strength, but he’s not out of his element in any ring, and he’s gonna prove that at Crown Jewel after he knocks Braun out!

They stand up and stare each other down as the King collects the contract and gets outta there. STROWMAN SMASHES THE TABLE WITH ONE DOUBLE SLEDGE! Fury holds up the (assumedly steel-barreled) pen they signed the contract with and breaks it, but it takes him a few tries.

Round 5

Samoa Joe to Raw
The Miz to Smackdown
Akira Tozawa to Raw
King Corbin to Smackdown
Shelton Benjamin to Raw


Murphy sends Cedric face first into the turnbuckle, Cedric goes for a Springboard, but Murphy grabs the rope sends Cedric to the floor, Cedric goes for a Slingshot, but Murphy with a Pump Knee then a Tope con Hilo, back in the ring, Diving Meteora for a near fall, Murphy blocks a Superkick, Cedric with a Back Elbow, Tope Suicida, Slingshot Complete Shot for a near fall, Lumbar Check blocked, Cedric sets him up, Murphy with a Cheeky Nandos Kick, Running Liger Bomb for a near fall, then he finishes Cedric with Murphy’s Law for the win


Street Profits get a serious promo backstage calling the OC out. Angelo Dawkins wants to even the odds with a third man, but he also wants to keep him a mystery

Steph’s here for the final round

Rey Mysterio to Raw
Chad Gable to Smackdown
Titus O’Neil to Raw
Elias to Smackdown
Liv Morgan to Raw

Natalya makes her entrance for her match and gets on the mic.

She says she was asked to pick a partner tonight to face the champs, so she knew she had to pick the best. She had to pick a woman that’s taken her to her limit, and only one woman comes to mind… Lacey Evans!


Kairi with a Uraken to Lacey then a Running Blockbuster on the floor, Front Guillotine Choke, Lacey fights out, Asuka with Kawada Kicks, Nattie by Nature, Release German Suplex she knocks Kairi off the apron, Sharpshooter countered into a Heel Hook, Nattie breaks it, they trade flash pins, Nattie goes back to the Sharpshooter, but Kairi breaks it with a Bulldog, Billiken sends Nattie to the floor, Asuka with a Manji-Gatame, Nattie fights out of it, Asuka with a Juji-Gatame, Nattie turns it into a flash pin for a 2 count, Kairi with a Body Scissors, she switches to a Front Guillotine Choke, but Nattie counters into a Suplex, Lacey with a Neckbreaker then an Imploding Moonsault for a near fall, Handstand Seated Senton for a 2 count, she looks to go up, but Kairi ties her to Tree of Woe, Double Stomp, but Nattie breaks the pin, Sliding D, up top, Asuka with a blind tag, Lacey evades, Woman’s Right connects, but Asuka rolls up Lacey for the win


Firefly Fun House begins immediately.

Bray Wyatt calls Seth Rollins out, saying he saw him and people say really mean things about Seth, but he thinks he’s strong and brave and smart. But he has to understand that He never forgets, and Rambling Rabbit chooses this moment to pop up and have a freakout. Bray asks him to trust him and go play and shoos him off… AND SETH ROLLINS ATTACKS FROM BEHIND WITH A FLYING KNEE!

He beats Bray down and tears the portraits off his photo wall as the puppet friends beg him to stop! Wyatt rises up and screams his name before begging off, asking why he’s doing this to him. Rollins continues his assault, knocking Bray off-screen. He says burn it down and lights a literal match to set the table on fire and burn it down.

The flames flick higher as the Fiend laughs as the show ends