WWE UK Championship 2018 Night 2 Results – 6/26/18







WWE UK Championship  2018 Night 2 – 6/26/18
Royal Albert Hall
London, England
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo & Nigel McGuinness

Recap from last night the top stars of NXT invades the Royal Albert Hall to face the stars of NXT UK

Then straight to the NXT opening

NXT Tag Team Championship

O’Reilly with a Sliding Knee on Seven for a 2 count, Roddy with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Bate with an Exploder Suplex, nip up then a Standing Shooting Star Press for a 2 count, Airplane Spin, and one for O’Reilly, but Kyle counters into a Sleeper, Tyler rams him into the corner to break it, Kyle right back & while Bate is in the Scissored Sleeper he hits a Deadlift German Suplex on Roddy, cover for a near fall, Roddy with a Back Suplex, O’Reilly with a Roundhouse Kick for a 2 count, Ax then ERA looks for the Smash/Knockout Knee combo, but Trent evades & they blast each other, Seven has the Full Neslon, Bate with the Spring-Back Lariat then Trent with the Snap Dragon Suplex, but Roddy makes the save, O’Reilly escapes a Tyler Driver ’97, Kyle with a Brainbuster for a near fall, Ax & Smash/Knockout Knee combo, but Seven makes the save, O’Reilly looks to hold Bate for Roddy to deliver a Sick Kick, but Tyler ducks & Strong hits Kyle, Bate clears Roddy with a Rolling Koppu Kick, Tyler wipes out Strong with a Plancha, Trent with the Seven-Stars Lariat on O’Reilly, Bate up top, as Seven has Kyle in an Argentine Rack, Burning Hammer/Diving Knee Drop combo & Seven covers O’Reilly for the win


Bate & Seven celebrate in the crowd

NXT UK GM Johnny Saint is asked who he’s been impressed with so far. He was impressed by everybody yesterday, so much so that he’s decided to make a Triple Threat Match to determine the next Challenger for the UK Title. Choosing Travis Banks & Flash Morgan Webster from last night’s tournament & based on his performance over the past year, Mark Andrews

Stephen Graham is shown in the crowd


Kelly sweeps the legs for a 1 count, Morgan with a Springboard Crossbody for a 1 count, Kelly with a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Kelly with a Romero Stretch into a Dragon Sleeper, Morgan breaks the grip and escapes, Kelly with a Pump Kick sends Morgan to the floor, Penalty Kick off the apron, back in the ring for a 2 count, Morgan with a Superkick then a Springboard into a Rolling Senton for a 2 count, Kelly ducks a Lariat then hits a German Suplex sends her into the turnbuckle, Running Corner Dropkick for a near fall, Morgan blocks a Straight-Jacket German Suplex, Kelly tries a Suplex but Morgan counters into a Small Package for the win


Christian is in the crowd tonight

#1 Contender for the UK Championship

Before the match Johnny Saint comes out, he’s going to change this to a Fatal 4 Way, he’s adding the returning Noam Dar to the mix

Andrews with a rollup for a 2 count, Victory Roll into Stomp 182 then a Standing Shooting Star on Webster, but Dar breaks the pin, Banks with a Hesitation Dropkick to the back of Dar, Noam goes to the floor & Travis goes after him with a Tope Suicida, Webster with a Wrap-Around Hurricanrana from the ring post then Andrews with a Corkscrew Moonsault to the floor wipes everyone out, Andrews with a Standing Shiranui on Banks, but Dar breaks the pin, Dar with a rollup on Banks for a 2 count, he goes after Travis injured shoulder from last night, Andrews with a Poisoned Frankensteiner on Webster for a near fall, Dar with The Champagne Superkneebar, Banks comes in & also puts Andrews into the Lion’s Clutch (Cut-Throat Crossface), Dar tries with kicks to try and break Banks hold, but Travis breaks instead breaks Dar’s hold, Andrews goes to tap, but Webster stops him then hits Banks with Forearms and eventually he breaks the hold, Banks with Slice of Heaven on Webster then looked to finish Andrews but he counters into The Stundog Millionaire, up top he goes for Fall to Pieces, but Banks evades, Dar hangs Travis injured arm on the top rope then hits The Nova Roller on Banks for the win


Joe & Mark Coffey attack Andrews & Banks afterwards, Mark with Crowning Glory to Andrews & then The Coffey’s with a Flapjack into a European Uppercut on Travis Banks, Mark picks up Travis for Joe to deliver All the Best for the Bells. Dar considers coming back, but doesn’t want any part of the The Coffey Brothers

Wolfgang standing by with Cathy Kelly: He says for the better part of a year he’s been waiting to get his hands on Adam Cole & tonight his gameplan is simple. Break Cole’s teeth then take his title.

NXT North American Championship

Cole with a Leaping Inverted Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Swinging Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Wolfie with The Slam Dunk for a 2 count, he goes for a Double Ax Handle, but takes way too much time gloating & Cole blasts him out of the air with a Superkick, Cole with a Lungblower for a 2 count, Wolfie blocks a Superkick, but Cole catches him with a Leaping Enzugiri then an Ushi-Goroshi for a near fall, Wolfie with Wasteland then a Moonsault, but Cole evades, Basement Pump Kick, a second, make that three, Wolfie answers with a Lariat & goes up top, he goes for The Howling, but Cole gets his knees up, Brainbuster on the knee then finishes Woflie with The Last Shot for the win


Cathy Kelly with Moustache Mountain: Seven says the Title win was just incredible, they’ve been teaming for 5 years & say they couldn’t feel better


Dream just chills on the barricade & waves to Ricochet while he makes his entrance, EC3 mocks Black’s meditation pose, Aleister blocks a kick then a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, EC3 with a Suplex on Ricochet for a 2 count, Dream with the Rude Awakening for a 2 count, Black sweeps the leg, Sliding Knee then a Double Quebrada, cover on Drea for a 2 count, he looked for the kill, but Dream with a Spinebuster, he went for the Purple-Rainmaker, but EC3 gets on the apron, shaking the rope in the process causing Dream to lose his balance, EC3 with a Lariat on Aleister for a 2 count, EC3 with a Headlock and hits The One Percenter, but Ricochet makes the save, Dream with the Hook & Compass for a near fall on Black, Ricochet with a rollup for a 2 count, Dream with a rollup for a 2 count, Cartwheel Death Valley Bomb, EC3 with The Top One Percent, but Ricochet lands on his feet & hits a Standing Shooting Star for a near fall, EC3 with a DDT into an STO, he goes to tag, but Dream is limping and hops off the apron and oes to the back, EC3 says he will end Dream, he will bring his ass back, but The Champ is behind him & he has EC3 targeted for the kill, EC3 turns around & gets blasted by Black Mass and the champ covers EC3 for the win


Ricochet grabs the NXT Title and hands it to the champ

Cathy Kelly standing by with Toni Storm: Storm has been a champion all over the world before, Baszler has been in the ring with her before & tonight she vows to become the new NXT Women’s Champion

NXT Women’s Championship

Storm with a Headscissors, but Baszler escapes and locks in a Side Headlock & Toni escapes, Storm with a takedown into a quick cover for a 1 count, Storm with a Tope Suicida, then follows with European Uppercuts on the floor & it looks like Shayna has a cut on her upper lip, Baszler with a Chop-Block then a Step-Up Knee for a 1 count, Shayna twists on Toni’s ankle, Storm tries to kick out of it, Baszler with the Stomp on the ankle, the same stomp that nearly broke Dakota Kai’s arm, Storm slaps Shayna in the face, Baszler goes for a kick, but Toni grabs the leg then slides through and hits a German Suplex followed by a Butt-Butt in the corner, up top, but Shayna up with an Avalanche Gutwrench Suplex for a near fall, ground and pound then tries for a Kneebar, but Toni fights out, she tries another German Suplex but Shayna goes to the injured leg, Toni powers up & hits Strong Zero, but it’s on the injured leg, she can’t get the cover right away & only gets a near fall, Shayna with a Step-Up Knee for a near fall, Kirifuda Clutch, but Storm rolls out and counters into a Prawn Hold for a near fall, Strong Zero countered into The Kirifuda Clutch, Toni rolls and makes it to the rope, then to the floor, Shayna follows & locks in the Kirifuda Clutch, Shayna rolls back in, but Toni can’t make it back in & Baszler retains by countout as Toni refused to be Choked out in the ring


Afterwards Shayna runs back and lays out Storm with The Kirifuda Driver

Video on Zack Gibson: This to him is everything. All he’s ever wanted to do is be in this very spot. He’s not here for applause, he’s here to conquer. He will make everyone tap out. He will pry the UK title out of Pete Dunne’s hands

Video on Pete Dunne: He’s the man that kick-started the UK brand. People associate him with the UK division. Since he’s won the UK title, he’s dominated. He’s on top of the UK division, it’s his show, it’s his title, it belongs to him. He doesn’t think it’s much of a prize to be the winner of the tournament when The Bruiserweight is waiting for them. Nobody makes their name off him. Nothing’s changing that title is staying with him.

UK Championship

Dunne goes right to work manipulating Gibson’s fingers, Gibson with a Divorce Court Driver into the barricade, back in at 7, Back Suplex then a ground and pound, cover for a 2 count, he works over Pete’s joint, but Dunne with a Fish-Hook, Zack fights back grounded Lariat for a 2 count, he goes for the X Strike, but Dunne counters with a Headbutt then a Forearm, Step-Up Enzugiri followed by a X-Plex for a near fall, Roundhouse Kick, Kimura Guillotine, Gibson counters into a Suplex, but Pete lands on his feet, Pete with a Moonsault into an Inverted DDT on the floor, Pete twists on Zack’s ankle, but Gibson sends Dunne into the steel steps shoulder first, he looks for Helter Skelter, but Dunne counters with a X-Plex on the wooden ramp, both back in right before the 10 count, Gibson with A Ticket to Ride, Dunne answers with a Step-Up Enzugiri, Zack with a Lariat then Dunne with a Lariat of his own, Headbutt battle & they both collapse, Dunne with a German Suplex, he hits The Bitter End, but only a near fall, Gibson with A Ticket to Ride off the rope for a near fall, Shankly Gates, but Pete makes it to the rope, Zack up top, Dunne follows, Gibson with an Avalanche Helter Skelter for a near fall, Shankly Gates, Dunne considers tapping, nearly makes it to the rope & Zack turns him around, but Dunne still won’t give it up & makes it to the rope, Gibson with Curb Kicks, Zack gets right in Dunne’s face & says he’s Liverpool’s #1, Pete grabs his fingers and snaps them, Gibson tries A Ticket to Ride off the rope again, but Dunne with a Forearm then finishes him with The Bitter End for the win


Trips out to shake Dunne’s hand along with Johnny Saint and the rest of NXT UK. Trips says this is the next chapter in the rich history of British Wrestling. This is the UK fans time, turns to the wrestlers and tell them this is their time. This is their brand & THEY ARE NXT as the show ends