NXT Results – 9/1/20







NXT Results – 9/1/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett & Beth Phoenix


LDF launch Wilde with an Assisted Tope con Hilo onto the faces, they set up a table, Wilde & Mendoza send Swerve & Breeze into the plexi-glass, Mendoza wedges a chair into the corner, Swerve reverses and Dropkicks Mendoza into the chair, Breeze with a Cut-Throat Lungblower on Wilde, Dango sends Escobar into a ladder, then the Terry Funk whirly bird with the ladder wipes out LDF, Dango Catapults Breezes’s head into Mendoza’s nuts, Swerve into a cover for a near fall, Swerve with a Jumping Knee on Escobar, Dango brings in a fire extinguisher, Breeze tells LDF that they’re on fire and then sprays them, LDF with a Triple Coast to Coast ton Breeze hen sends Dango through a table with a Dropkick, Swerve with a Barrel Roll Complete Shot on Mendoza, Escobar sends Swerve to the floor then hits The Arrow from the Depths of Hell, Imperium assaults Breeze, Imperium sends Breeze to LDF & now it’s a 5 on 3 mugging, Dango & Swerve on an elevated platform from a forklift wipe out all 5 men, Breezango wipes out Barthel, Aichner, Mendoza & Wilde leaving Escobar alone with Swerve & Swerve hits Escobar with the JML Driver for the win


Video package on the Tegan Nox/Candice LeRae feud, Tegan plays up their friendship like LeRae did last week, and says she’s struggling with Candice now that she’s following the Gargano Way. But sisters fight, and Tegan still hopes they can work it out over a glass of wine


Candice ducks a Leaping Lariat & hits a Draping Neckbreaker, Kacy rolls to the floor, Candice sends her back in, Kacy with an Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, Candice with a Forearm gets a 2 count, Neck Snap for a 2 count, Kacy with a Hanging Lariat then Somersault Legdrop for a 2 count, Candice is done playing and finishes Kacy with the Curb Stomp she learned from originator of the Curb Stomp, Super Dragon while she was in PWG, she calls it The Wicked Step-Sister for the win


Candice grabs a mic she was distracted during the match because she was jealous of Kayden & Carter’s friendship. She’s upset about what’s happened between her & Tegan. Candice invites her to her house to talk it out. Dinner’s on her.

Rhea Ripley gets a backstage promo, pissed off about Mercedes Martinez not learning her lesson when she powerbombed her onto concrete. She challenges Robert Stone’s client to a steel cage match!


Thatch goes after the arm, but Reed tosses him off, Crossface Chickenwing, Reed powers out & drives Forearms to the ear, Thatch with a Standing Guillotine Choke, Reed fights out, Tach with shin kicks, Reed answers with a Senton, he picks Thatch up by the ears, Lariat, Thatch with a Divorce Court Driver and goes right after the shoulder, Reed levels him with a Rolling elbow then hits a Slingshot Hip Drop, Thatch rolls to the floor, Reed follows with a Tope Suicida, Thatch distracts the ref as Austin Theory blindsides Reed, one former EVOLVE Champion helping another one, and sends Reed back in, Thatch with a Juji-Gatame then converts into the Fujiwara Armbar & Reed taps out


Mercedes Martinez gets a quick promo to say she’s all about fighting. She’s down for a cage fight with Rhea next Tuesday.

NXT Championship

Gargano goes to the floor as Ciampa wipes Cole out with a Running Knee, he sends Balor to the floor, another knee takes Gargano to the floor and one wipes out Gargano as well, Running Knee sends Balor through the barricade, he takes down his old friend Gargano with another Knee, Balor sends Ciampa into the steps, then Cole into the plexiglass, Ciampa with a knee to the back of Balor, Cole sends Ciampa to the floor, Balor with a barrage of Shouler Thrusts on Cole for a 2 count, Cole with a Sunset Flip, but Balor rolls through and hits a Basement Dropkick, Gargano with a Neckbreaker and mocks Balor, Dropkick to the back of Cole for a 2 count, he goes after Cole’s arm, now Gargano mocks the UE pose, kick to the arm, Cole with an Inverted Neckbreaker, another Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Balor takes the legs out and hits a Standing Double Stomp, Final Cut to Ciampa for a 2 count, Gargano blocks Ushi-Goroshi, Cole with a Pump Kick then hits Ushi-Goroshi, but only gets a near fall, Cole up to the second, Gargano avoids the Panama Sunrise, Cole blocks Bloody Sunday, Gargano with a Superkick to Balor, Enzugiri, Ciampa blocks and hits a Knee Lift to Cole, Cole with a Superkick to the knee, Balor goes after Cole, Tower of Doom in the corner, Gargano posts Ciampa, he tries pins on both Balor & Cole, but only get 2 counts, Balor blocks the Lawn Dart, then counters From Dusk Till Dawn into a Reverse Bloody Sunday but only gets a near fall, Slingblade, John Woo Dropkick, Gargano avoids the Coup de Grace, Ciampa with an Air Raid Crash on Balor gets a near fall, the former DIY bump into each other, but the former Bullet Club members dump them to the floor, they too sweet each other then Balor dumps Cole to the floor & hits a Tope con Hilo, John Woo Dropkick to Ciampa, Double John Woo Dropkick on Cole & Gargano, he sends Cole back in, up top, Coup de Grace connects & Balor is on the board first at 34:20

Muta Elbow on Gargano for a 2 count, he sends Ciampa into Gargano then hits a series of Slingshot Stomps to the former DIY duo, Ciampa goes after Cole, Balor saves Cole from a Decavitator under the ring, Ciampa with Willow’s Bell on Balor then htis The Fairy-Tale Ending, but Gargano dumps Ciampa to the floor and steals the pin, Balor & Gargano are tied at 1-1

Ciampa stops The One Final Beat, Cole with a Pump Kick then hits The Last Shot on Ciampa, but only gets a near fall, he tries it again, but Ciampa counters with a Knee, Cole counters the Fairy-Tale Ending with a Superkick, one for Balor one for Gargano then The Panama Sunrise on Gargano & Cole is one the board & Ciampa is the only one with zero falls so far

Ciampa with a Running Knee on Gargano gets a near fall, Double Willow’s Bell then a Fairy-Tale Ending on Cole & Ciampa gets on the board & we’re all tied up with 22:28 left

Gargano & Cole with stereo Superkicks level each other, Ciampa sends Balor hard into the corner for a 2 count, multiple covers for 2 counts, Ciampa with a barrage of knees to Balor, he sends Gargano into the plexiglass, then it’s Cole sent into the glass, Cole counters the Avalanche Air Raid Crash & Superkicks Ciampa’s leg out, Balor with a Half-Hatch Suplex on Gargano for a near fall, Half Crab on Ciampa, but he makes it to the rope, Slingblade, John Woo Dropkick, Balor up top, Gargano cuts him off, Balor fights him off, Ciampa avoids the Coup de Grace, Double Superkick to Balor, Tope Suicida on Ciampa, one for Cole, he tries it on Balor, Balor counters, Bloody Sunday countered into a Tornado DDT on the floor, DIY Superkick, but Cole counters to one of his own, another, Gargano ducks The Last Shot and locks in The Garga-No-Escape, Ciampa drags them both to the floor, he sends Balor into the plexiglass, Suplex on the floor on Cole, Ciampa wants to put Gargano out, Decavitator under the ring, back in the ring, but Cole makes the save, he tries another cover, but Balor makes the save, Gargano with a Small Package on Ciampa gets a near fall, Ciampa sets Gargano up top, Avalanche Air Raid Crash, Balor with a Coup de Grace on Ciampa goes up 2 to 1 with 20 seconds left

The Last Shot to Balor, Cole rolls Balor over, ref hits 3 right before time expires & we end in a 2-2 tie between Adam Cole & Prince Balor


Regal is out as the fans call for one more hour, Regal says Cole & Balor will face each other next week one fall to a finish & the winner will be the new NXT Champion