NXT Results – 8/12/20







NXT Results – 8/12/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Vic Joseph & Beth Phoenix


Burch with a John Woo Dropkick, Headbutt, Lariat takes Kross to the floor, but Kross drags him out, Tree Slam on the floor, he picks Burch up by the ears and sends him back in, Exploder Suplex, Burch with a Missile Dropkick, but it doesn’t phase Kross, Release German Suplex, Kross is still back to his feet, another Release German, Lariat for a 2 count, Crossface, Kross just stares at Burch, and powers out to his feet, Doomsday Saito, a second Doomsday Saito, he tells Burch to remember this & locks in The Kross Jacket & Burch passes out, Kross wins by ref stoppage


Keith Lee’s music hits. Kross & Scarlett roll out quickly. The champ says Kross likes to put this on him, but every time he tries to bring the ruckus, Karrion leaves. Since he’s a little bitch, Keith went to General Manager William Regal and begged, promising not to put his hands on Kross until a match at TakeOver XXX. Regal agreed, and Lee has a contract that just needs Kross’ “punk ass name” on it. Scarlett takes it, Kross signs it, and his lady brings it back to the ring. The champ opens it, and a fireball shoots out of it, blinding Lee! A swarm of refs and trainers check on him. The Limitless One tries to get away from them and is screaming for Kross, but calm him down and try to lead him to an ambulance.

Keith Lee is being attended to by Mia Yim as well. She gets him in the ambulance. As the ambulance pulls out, we see Undisputed ERA drive up in a station wagon

Drake Maverick vs Killian Dain:

Drake goes up top & hits a Diving Elbow when ERA dash to the ring & bumrush both Dain & Drake this one’s over before it began, Cole with a Superkick to Drake, Total Elimination to Dain then The Last Shot

Adam Cole gets a mic and tells Pat McAfee (who he knows is watching) to stop talking and listen. McAfee punted him while his arms were behind his back, so congrats for that. But at TakeOver, he’s going against the longest reigning NXT champ with his eyes open, and he’s gonna kick his ass. He dares Pat to show up her next week and walk down the ramp. Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong are enjoying Cole’s trash talk, while Kyle O’Reilly is stone-faced the entire time

KUSHIDA says he’s winning tonight’s North American championship ladder match qualifier


Escobar sends Wilde & Mendoza to the back telling them that he’s got this

Escobar with a Chop-Block on the floor, Snake Eyes on the apron, Jumping Knee Strike, Breeze blocks the Phantom Driver and sends Escobar to the floor, Supermodel Kick to the knee, pair of Superman Forearms, Supermodel Kick, but here come the troops, Breeze takes down Wilde & Mendoza, but turns around right into The Phantom Driver & Escobar gets the win


A banged up Fandango limps down the ring, and uses the stick he’s leaning on to clear out the stable. The numbers game gets him though, and LDF sets to stomping him down when Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott runs in and sends them scurrying

Dakota Kai gets a video package. Everyone has put Io Shirai on a pedestal, but she figured out how to take her down. Kai says she’s done everything on her own, she doesn’t need friends, former friends or insurance policies and she’ll win the belt at TakeOver XXX

Ridge Holland talks about his debut last week. The hype was real. His second chance match for the NA title ladder match is next week against Johnny Gargano.

McKenzie Mitchell gets a word with Mia Yim before the next match. She had to leave the hospital to get back, but she thinks Lee is gonna be okay


Yim with a Yakuza Kick then a Cannonball, she stacks Indi up for a 2 count, Indi avoids the charge, Grizzly Magnum then mocks Keith Lee which just pisses Yim off, Indi with a Sidewalk Slam for a 2 count, Sleeper, she takes Yim down, Yim counters with a Chin Checker, but Indi puts it right back on, Yim tosses her off, Indi piefaces Yim, Yim with a double leg then ground and pound, Inverted Neckbreaker, Release German Suplex, she traps Indi in a Headscissor Fujiwara Armbar combo & Indi taps out


Prince Balor says it doesn’t matter if you’re 18, 49 or in a retirement home, you watch him. He gets the man who doesn’t factor in the decision in tonight’s Triple Threat in his second chance match next week


Reed with a DDT, but Priest rolls to the floor, Rydeen Bomb then an Avalanche, Priest answers with a Bell Clap, Reed with a Fallaway Slam then a Senton for a 2 count, Priest with the Lifting Complete Shot, Springboard Somersault Senton, Broken Arrow gets a near fall, he looks for another, but Reed counters into a Brainbuster, Priest with a Tornado Kick, Springboard, but Reed counters into a World’s Strongest Slam, up top, Priest avoids The Tsunami, Reed counters The Reckoning & jumps into a Jackknife pin for the win


The Women’s champ gets a video package to answer her TakeOver challenger. She didn’t even know who Kai was, just the person who used up friends like Candice LeRae and Tegan Nox. When she saw Kai she could only see the cute girl terrified of Shayna Baszler & just like she was scared of Baszler after TakeOver Kai will be terrifed of Io. Kai isn’t in her head after that sneak attack she just pissed Io off.

Cameron Grimes is hanging out at the swimming hole, vowing to win tonight and at TakeOver


Robert Stone brings out Aliyah, then they step aside for Martinez’s entrance. Stone gets a microphone in the ring and tries to recruit Catanzaro, saying he needs to lose her loser friend. The faces punk out and then attack the leg of Stone, sending him whimpering out of the ring

Kacy with a Slingshot Senton Atomico on Aliyah for a 2 count, Stereo Superkicks, Carter into a cover for a 2 count, RSBs with a Wheelbarrow Ace Crusher, but Catanzaro makes the save, Aliyah with a Mat Slam for a 2 count, Aliyah with a Jumping Legdrop for a 2 count, Catanzaro with a Somersault Koppu Kick on Mercedes for a 2 count, Mercedes finishes Catanzaro with The Air Raid Crash for the win


Mercedes wants nothing to do with Stone & Aliyah’s celebration. They’re not long into when Rhea Ripley hits the stage anyway. The double team puts Ripley down in the corner, but Shotzi Blackheart runs in to make the save! The Ballsy Badass sends the heels running

Time for our visit to the Wrestling Residence. Candice LeRae is reading a fairy tale to the dog, and uses the weird distraction gimmick to talk trash about Tegan Nox. Johnny Gargano tells her not to worry, because the Wednesday Knight will ride in and save the kingdom. He’s on a ladder changing a light bulb, and his “evil” promo is about how he’ll beat Holland next week and the next time he’s on a ladder, it’ll be at TakeOver to become North American champ. He says good night to their picture of Dok Hendrix and the couple head upstairs to bed.

We take a trip to Thatch As Thatch Can school. Timothy Thatcher says today’s lesson is adaptation. He’s applying to half-crab to a guy in a Balor shirt and transitions to the dreaded heel lock to destroy his Achilles.

Next week will have a six-man tag pitting Legado Del Fantasma against Breezango & Swerve


Dream with a Running Shot Shot on Grimes, Double Ax Handle to KUSHIDA for a 2 count, Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, KUSHIDA with the Handspring Double Mule Kick sends Dream to the floor, Tornado DDT, up top, but Grimes crotches him, Barrel Roll DDT blocked, Penalty Kick, Handspring, Grimes catches him, German Suplex blocked, Dream Valley Bomb blocked, Masahiro Tanaka Punch, Superkick to Grimes, Dream takes Grimes to the floor with a Lariat, Double Ax Handle to the floor, back in, Dream Valley Bomb to KUSHIDA, Grimes sends Dream to the floor, but Dream pulls him out as well, Grimes digs into the eyes, KUSHIDA with a Somersault Senton to the floor, Grimes sends him back in, KUSHIDA with the Diablo Armbar, Dream tries to break it up, but KUSHIDA catches him with The Hoverboard Lock, Dream powers out, Dream Valley Bomb, but KUSHIDA grabs the Hoverboard Lock again, Grimes breaks it up with The Cave In & dumps Dream to the floor & pins KUSHIDA for the win


Grimes advances to the ladder match

Dream will face Balor next week in the second chance match

Dream gets back in the ring and slaps KUSHIDA twice, ground & pound leaving KUSHIDA laying and poses to boos so it appears to be a Dream heel turn, he turns around and Balor is right there, they stare down as the show ends