NXT Results – 7/3/19




NXT Results – 7/3/19
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix


Yim intimidates Aliyah then avoids an Enzugiri, she goes for the Cannoball, but Borne pulls Aliyah out of the way, Aliyah into a cover for a 2 count, Yim blocks Sole Food, Yim with a Tarantula, Aliyah with an Enzugiri for a 2 count, Yim avoids a Knee Drop then hits The Cannonball, cavalcade of kicks then a Belly to Belly sends Aliyah to the floor, Borne checks on her, but Yim wipes them both out with a Tope Suicida, back in the ring, Fallaway Slam then finishes Aliyah with Protect Ya Neck for the win


She grabs Borne on her way out and sends her into the steel steps & asks Vanessa who the lower is now

Yim stops by the announce table to deliver a message to Shayna Baszler, Shayna has something that Yim wants, her days as Champion are numbered and she’s not just coming for the title, she’s coming to whoop Baszler’s ass

Cathy Kelly standing by with William Regal, Regal says Shirai did some dreadful things to Candice last week & says it’s a week to week situation when The Forgotten Sons storm into his office

They’re upset over the Street Profits making the match a title match last week, they say that’s Regal’s job not the talents & tell him to do his damn job & give them the opportunity they deserve, Regal brings up that they did have that opportunity but for some reason Ryker decided to get his 2 men dq’d, so in the GM’s mind that puts them at the back of the line, Ryker says they won’t forget this as all 3 storm out

Cathy asks the GM if he has a team in mind to face the Profits, he was speaking with the Champs and they wanted to face the Brit-Am Brawlers so next week it’s Street Profits vs Brit-Am Brawlers

Adam Cole’s NXT Championship Tour, Week 2. We pick up where we left off last week where the champ goes to pick up some pizzas he ordered from Gargano’s. He hangs his own picture on the Wall of Fame. Then Cole is off to the Cleveland wrestling school Johnny Wrestling visited when he was champ. He knows Gargano told them anyone could be NXT champion, but Cole’s here to tell them Johnny is a liar. When he watched the footage from Johnny’s visit, he felt sad. Because Gargano was filling their heads with false hopes. He brought pizzas because he wants each and every one of them to take one, go home and sit on the couch. Because none of them will ever be NXT champion. The champ leaves with one final piece of advice, since he knows the guys are paying for wrestling training. Get out of this gym, out of Cleveland, and into new careers


(Parker formerly Scott Parker of the team 3.0 most notably of CHIKARA fame, but they’ve appeared in numerous promotions)

KUSHIDA goes to work on the arm and looks for the kill, but Parker goes to the rope, kick to the elbow then the Fastball Special then into what was known as The Hoverboard Lock now it’s called The Sakuraba Lock in tribute to KUSHIDA’s mentor Kazushi Sakuraba & Parker quickly taps out


Tyler Breeze’s mind is on Undisputed ERA and how they want to take credit for the entire brand so he wants to give them a refresher that NXT was his long before ERA ever step foot in it

Killian Dain in the back watching more film, he wants us to know who & what he is, he wants us to know why he’s doing the things that he does, he had nothing, everything that he had was taken from him & now he will take anything and everything that he wants. He returns soon to NXT

(Isiah says Swerve is confidence, he defines that in everything that he does, that’s his advantage. Grimes has gone everywhere to prove he’s the best in the world, this is the biggest opportunity in all their lives, but he’s the only one that’s ready for it)


Swerve continues to work on the arm, Dropkick, Diving European Uppercut to the back of the neck for a 2 count, back to the arm, but Grimes throws him off & hits a Sliding Knee, he stomps on Swerve’s face, Lariat for a 2 count, Kneeling Fujiwara Armbar then a Hammerlock, Chinbar, Swerve fights out & hits a Leaping Hurricanrana, Grimes sends him to the floor, but Swerve lands on his feet, Pump Kick off the apron, Barrel Roll into a Leaping Complete Shot for a near fall, Grimes avoids The Swerve Stomp, Backslide, Grimes holds on & hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb, but only gets a near fall, Caveman Punch, Grimes looks for the kill, but Swerve blocks it, leaping kick, Grimes rolls to the floor, Swerve with a Fosbury Flop, he sends him back in, Grimes with a Roundhouse Kick, Swerve follows with a Knee Strike, he charges, but Grimes hits The Collision Course then the Leaping Mushroom Stomp for the win


Grimes advances to Round 2


(Zuniga the former Diamante with Impact, after the injury other than brief appearances during the LAX/OGz feud, they never really used her which was disappointing)

Belair is in a foul mood after being on a losing streak she beats down Zuniga then grabs her by the hair and shoves her into the corner and biels her out of the corner, Running Shoulder Block, Multiple Shoulders, Gorilla Presses while doing squats, Zuniga goes for a Diving Hurricanrana, but Belair catches her with a Double Powerbomb, she holds on & hits an Alley-Oop into the turnbuckle then finishes it with The K.O.D. for the win



Roddy sends Breeze to the floor, Breeze avoids the Wrecking Ball Dropkick, Tyler shoves Roddy off the steps, Roddy retaliates with a Cradle Backbreaker on the steps then a Back Suplex on the barricade, Dropkick for a 2 count, Romero Special/Chinlock combo to stretch the back, but Tyler fights out, Roddy sends Breeze into the turnbuckle, Tyler with a Enzugiri then hits a Flying Forearm off the apron, back in the ring, Cut-Throat Lungblower for a 2 count, up top, but Roddy crotches him & goes to work with the heavy hands, Roddy meets him up top & hits a Superplex for a near fall, Breeze goes for a Slingshot, Roddy catches him, but Tyler wiggles out & hits a Supermodel Kick for a near fall, Unprettier blocked, Tyler with an Enzugiri, up top, reDRagon runs out, Breeze takes them out with Supermodel Kicks, Roddy with a leaping kick then finishes Breeze with The End of Heartache for the win


reDRagon & Roddy celebrate on the ramp as the show ends