NXT Results – 7/24/19





NXT Results – 7/24/19
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix

Gargano/Cole III is official for Toronto in a 2 out of 3 falls match, but this one’s going to be different then the one they had in New York: Gargano picks one match stipulation, Cole chooses a second match type & if it goes to a 3rd fall then Regal will decide on the final match type


Myles works on the arm, Wreckingball Dropkick, but Garza rips him to the floor & Myles hits hard, he sends Myles into the steps then the barricade, Garza back in for the pants rip, Garza with a Stalling Buttefly Backbreaker for a 2 count, Camel Clutch, Mylses counters into a Sunset Flip for a near fall, Garza with a Superkick for a near fall, Myls lights up Garza with a Shoot Kicks, sweeps the legs, Basement Dropkick, Running Rolling Lariat, up top, but Garza rolls out of the way, Springboard, but Garza counters with a Dropkick in mid-air, Garza takes too long showboating, Myles sweeps the leg, Basement Superkick, Running Rolling Lariat then finishes Garza with a Deadlift Hero’s Grip for the win


Myles advances to the final

Shane Thorne crashes the announce table after the match and wants to know why NXT debuted new stars in this tournament when they have him. The remaining half of The Mighty says he doesn’t need a tournament to break out, he’ll do it on his own

Johnny Gargano is the first to announce the stipulation for his NXT title match with Adam Cole in Toronto. He mentions Cole taunting his family and friends in his hometown during his BAY BAY tour, and says that made it personal. In New York, he was willing to do whatever it took to become champ. It’s not about that any more, he’s going to do whatever it takes to beat the hell out of Cole. Cole can bring his boys and whatever else, as long as he brings the belt. His fall is a street fight.


Belair with a Double Chickenwing Slam then a Handspring Moonsault, Fallaway Slam, Stalling Suplex, but Li escapes & delivers a cavalcade of kicks, Belair runs down Xia then finishes Li with The KOD for the win


Killian Dain says he wouldn’t attack anyone from behind, but Riddle isn’t just anyone, hes someone. He’s a former UFC fighter who might be the toughest guy in his world. But now he’s in Dain’s world, there’s no discipline, there’s no weight class, there are no rules. When he put the Bro through the stage, he gave him just a little glimpse of his world. Killian can’t wait to show him everything, he can’t wait to welcome Riddle to his world

A week after Mia Yim wasted Marina Shafir, cameras caught up at the PC after Jessamyn Duke wrapped up a training session earlier in the week. Mia Yim slams Duke into the locker and tells her to remember her face. She asks the Horsewoman if she thinks this is a game, then kicks a locker door onto her shoulder before marching off. As her goal to dismantle the Horsewomen one-by-one vigilante style continues

North American champ Velveteen Dream is here. The only way he’ll step down as champ is when the Experience dies. On the day that it dies, when it dies then he wants to go straight to hell, because that’s what his life would feel like without the belt. And that’s what it felt like when Roderick Strong sold his soul satan himself to pin Dream. Roddy is hell of a man, and Velveteen’s heard he can go all night. But Strong isn’t ready for the experience or the spotlight, and when it’s on him, he’ll know he’s not big enough to ride this ride. Dream thinks someone might be big enough, though, and if that person can hear him, he wants to experience them.

That brings out Strong. Cool story, but Roddy doesn’t think Dream believes anything he says. He thinks Velveteen is scared of him. Even through his glasses Strong can see it in his eyes. Rodedy says he’s the most deserving challenger, and he wants the champ to give him what he wants. He’s the real deal, and he’ll take the title in Toronto, and when he does, the Experience dies. And that Dream is Undisputed

While they’re staring each other down, Pete Dunne’s music hits! (Well it’s safe to say this was what Trent meant earlier on NXT UK when he said Pete had other things to deal with) Roddy gets in the Bruiserweight’s face, and Dunne snaps his fingers for him! Strong rolls out, and the former UK champ eyes Dream’s title with a smile. Velveteen holds up the belt as he leaves

Strong drags a cameraman back to General Manager William Regal’s office. He complains about Dunne, and says he’s the man who pinned Dream so he should get the NA title shot in Toronto. Regal says he spoke to NXT UK GM Johnny Saint, and the Bruiserweight is going to be part of NXT for a while. And at TakeOver, it will now be a Triple Threat. Strong complains some more, but says fine. But… he wants Pete next week so he can make sure he doesn’t make it to Toronto. Mr. Regal takes it under advisement, and asks Strong to give him some space


Io’s transformation now appears to be complete, gone are the lucha mask & entrance jacket, now she’s clad in all black leather much more similar to her Lucha Underground appearance of Hitokiri (which literally translates to assassin or man-slayer) she wipes out Kacy with a Shotgun Dropkick, Running Meteora, Butterfly Backbreaker, Candice LeRae assaults Shirai cause a dq


Candice wipes out Shirai with a Tope Suicida then grabs a chair, Io retreats

Adam Cole says that NXT management is attempting to screw his faction by adding Dunne to the NA title match. It doesn’t matter because Roddy will win, and Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish will do the same in the Tag title match against Street Profits. He likes how TakeOver: Toronto is coming together, as it’s like the prophecy of Undisputed being draped in championship gold is coming to fruition. As for Johnny Gargano, he picks a straight-up wrestling match so that when he wins, Johnny can no longer call himself Johnny Wrestling

Next week: Tyler Breeze vs Jaxson Ryker and Pete Dunne vs Roderick Strong


Lee with Jump Spinning Back Kick, but Priest ducks it, Elevated Knuckle Lock, but Priest fights out, Priest with a barrage of body blows, Curb Stomp into the turnbuckle, Lee blocks Suplex, Priest with a Rolling Lariat for a 2 count, Priest with a Knuckle Lock Rope Walk into a Crossbody for a 2 count, Lee with a Running Lariat for a 2 count, Priest with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall, they trade body blows, Lee with the Grizzly Magnum then a Pounce, Priest rolls to the floor, Lee sends him back in, Priest with a Knee Strike, then a Top con Hilo, but Lee catches him, Powerbomb, but Priest lands on his feet, ear clap then a Pump Kick sends Lee into the stairs, back into the ring as Priest backs off using the ref as a shield, Priest with a Tornado Kick around the ref to Lee then finishes Lee with The Reckoning for the win