NXT Results – 7/17/19





NXT Results – 7/17/19
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix


Riddle goes for a Double Leg, but Ruas blocks, Riddle with a Front Guillotine Choke, but Ruas turns it into a Powerslam, Juji-Gatame, Riddle with the monkey grip, he breaks the hold & locks in a Juji-Gatame of his own, Open Palm strike to Ruas stomach, ankle pick, but Ruas takes him down, Riddle goes to the rope, Riddle with a high kick, but only a glancing blow, Ruas with a double leg, but Riddle with a guard, Riddle with a barrage of glows, muay-thai kick, Ruas with a Hammer Fist, Riddle with up kicks, Final Flash Knee, Riddle with a ground and pound and the ref calls for the bell, Riddle wins by ref stoppage


Killian Dain assaults Riddle, a pair of Running Sentons, make that a trifecta, he posts Riddle, Running Lariat on the floor, another Running Senton this time on the floor, closed fist punches then sends Riddle up the ramp, Running Senton drives Riddle through the fucking stage

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins bring us a special edition of Street Talk. The NXT Tag champs run down their accomplishments, addressing how they can be serious. They encourage potential rivals to come find them if they want the smoke, and after they do, the Street Profits will still be champs. Dawkins says that is Undisputed

Mia Yim is shown attacking Marina Shafir in a parking lot at a live even last Saturday and slamiming the car door into Shafir’s leg


Dexter the former Samuel Shaw & in case your wondering yes he is still doing the serial killer gimmick from Impact & he’s now comes out to very Halloween esque theme music, Bronson is putting everyone on notice & bringing Aussie Strong-Style to NXT

Reed with a Shoulder Block, but Lumis nips up, Lumis sends Reed to the floor, Tope con Hilo, Reed avoids it, but Lumis lands on his feet, Reed with a Running Crossbody on the floor, Lumis with a thrust to the throat then sends Reed throat first into the rope, ground and pound, Lumis works on the neck then licks Reed in the face & smiles while doing it, Reed with a Snap Powerslam, Reed with a Running Avalanche then a Running Senton for a near fall, Lumis with a Back Suplex then a nip up, Leaping Spinning Legdrop for a near fall, up top, he sizes up Reed, Reed avoids the Senton Atomico & hits a Back Suplex, straps down, up top & hits The Super Splash for the win


Reed will face Cameron Grimes in Round 2

Cathy Kelley catches up with Tyler Breeze at a photo shoot. He says he’s learned one of the things that’s changed since he left is that everybody has a team. So he has a choice, he can either adapt or… Before he can reveal that choice, Forgotten Sons roll up. They call him a blast from the past, and say he’s out of place now. Breeze gets in a crack about how much things have changed, asking if Jaxon Ryker was Buddy Murphy. Wesley Blake says there you go being funny, but Ryker is an absolute savage, something Prince Pretty’s never seen before. Tyler leaves, saying he’s seen everything

Next week Io Shirai vs Kacy Catanzaro


KUSHIDA with a Gator Roll into a pin for a 1 count, he goes after the arm, Apollo with a Pop-Up into a Gutbuster, Stalling Suplex for a 2 count, Stinger Splash, Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex for a 2 count, KUSHIDA with a Pop-Up into a kick to the left arm, Handspring Back Elbow, Hiptoss followed by a Basement Dropkick, Leaping Enzugiri, Slingshot Tornado DDT for a near fall, Armbreaker, pair of kicks to the arm, Apollo with a Big Boot for a near fall, Deadlift German Suplex and holds on, a second, & a third with a Release, Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall, he looks for the Uhaa Combination, but KUSHIDA slips out, Complete Shot into the turnbuckle, Springboard Hurricanrana, but Apollo holds on for a near fall, KUSHIDA with a Pele Kick, Apollo answers back with a Leaping Enzugiri, Apollo up top, but KUSHIDA cuts him off, Apollo sends him to the floor, KUSHIDA with a Running Double Heel Strike, up top, Diablo Armbar, Apollo rolls through, KUSHIDA holds on & converts to The Sakuraba Lock & Apollo taps out


KUSHIDA gives Apollo an ovation & they shake hands

Kelley catches up with Keith Lee and asks about his tenure at NXT. That makes him think about his starts and stops, and how he was promised opportunities when he came here. He mentions how there was no Breakout Tournament when he started. Now there’s a newcomer getting more shots in Damian Priest, so maybe it’s on him to change the narrative? He thanks Cathy for the talk and we learn it will be Priest vs. Lee next week

NXT champ Adam Cole is here! He grabs a mic to talk about the BAY BAY Championship tour, and how he’s used it to show all the morons in the NXT Universe what a real champ looks like, what true power is. And while he was gone, his boys were taking care of business here at Full Sail. There is a definite change happening here, and that means he’ll be a fighting champ. He’s going to defend his title tonight, and he’ll do it against… Cole points to the ‘tron, and a video with Johnny Gargano starts. It’s Johnny at ACW’s wrestling school, and it’s set-up for the champ to introduce Twan Tucker, who interacted with Johnny and Cole during the vignettes at the school over the last couple months.

Cole says he’s giving Tucker a huge opportunity. He’s all alone, there’s no Undisputed ERA, so Twan can try to knock the taste out of his mouth if he wants. Tucker has a mic, and says he didn’t come alone… here’s Johnny!

Johnny Wrestling charges the ring, and a brawl ends with a superkick. Cole tries to flee into the stands, but Gargano follows. They fight up and down the stairs, and Cole tries to escape with a cheapshot, but Johnny throws him into the production area. Officals separate them and it looks like it’s over, but Gargano dives off the stage onto the champ with a Crossbody. They head back to the ring where another exchange ends with a DIY Superkick. Then he locks on Garga-No Escape until Cole taps. Refs finally get him off, and Johnny puts up three fingers as he backs up the ramp, signalling he wants the rubber match for the belt