NXT Results – 6/17/20







NXT Results – 6/17/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips & Beth Phoenix

NXT Tag Team Championship

Breezango mock Imperium with their entrance, with the tron reading ‘Emporium’ Dango being listed as Fabio & Breeze listed as Marsupial

Imperium takes exception & jump Breezango at the the bell, knocking Dango to the floor & isolating Breeze, Breeze takes Aichner to the floor with a Crossbody, Barthel sends Breeze into the plexiglass, back in the ring, Aichner into a cover for a 2 count, Dango with a Tope con Hilo wipes out Imperium, Imperium with the Rocket Launch Brainbuster, but Dango makes the save, Breezango hits the Faux Pas, but Aichner makes the save, European Bomb blocked, Supermodel Kick, Superkick, Dango up top, The Last Dance connects, but Barthel makes the save, Indus Sher make their way down, Brit-Am Brawlers jump the Indian monsters, Dango with a rollup, but he’s got the illegal man, Aichner plants Dango with a DDT & slides into the cover to retain the belts


Tom Phillips interviews Velveteen Dream, who deflects when asked about how he’s dealing with being unable to challenge Adam Cole for the NXT title again, doing his “Dream has no recolletion of that.” Dexter Lumis sneaks up behind his couch and drops off a caricature showing the two of them with the tag titles. But Dream says that’s a misunderstanding. They each helped each other last week, but he’s a solo act


Dain with a John Woo Dropkick, he goes after the lower back, Priest blocks a Backdrop Driver, Dain up to the second, Draping Guillotine Legdrop then pounding the back, Priest blocks a Backdrop Driver, Dain with a pair of Back Suplexes then a Back Suplex into a Sit-Out Facebuster, he charges, but Priest avoids & Dain hits the turnbuckle, Priest with a flurry of Forearms then a Lariat, Flying Forearm off the second rope, pair of Charging Back Elbows, he tries a third, but Dain counters with The Divide for a near fall, Ulster Plantation countered into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Priest with a Tornado Kick then finishes Dain with The Reckoning for the win


Santos Escobar gets a quick video. He erased his legacy and started a new one. He rewrites the history of lucha libre – starting tonight

During the break, we see that a frustrated Dain sees a despondent & drunken Robert Stone on the other side of the plexiglass & Dain slaps the glass scaring Stone shitless

Aliyah helps up Stone on her way out & brings him to ringside


Aliyah with a Tornado Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count, Li with a Leaping Enzugiri, pair of THrust Kicks, Running Thrust Kick, Stone is up on the apron & pukes right in Li’s face & Aliyah rolls her up for the win


Aliyah helps Stone up & takes him to the back with her

Timothy Thatcher is running a “thatch-as-thatch-can class in a video. He’s shoots on Eric Bugenhagen with a Fujiwara Armbar & a Kimura, then tells the group that next time the real work begins.

Cole and Bobby Fish are in a limo talking about Roderick Strong. They’re gonna get him help, but do it the UE way… in house. Roddy gets in the car, but they can’t get him pumped up like normally. They take him to a therapist, which Kyle O’Reilly in disguise with a bad accent. He takes Roddy through a Rorschach test that when they turn it upside down looks exactly like the trunk of a car. They then decide they need to do some exposure therapy and take him to the trunk of their limo. Roddy acts like he’s going to go along, then busts out in a full sprint away from them. Cole thinks it went pretty well, but now they need to go pick him up.

McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing Cole. She asks what Scarlett was trying to tell him with the hour glass. The champ says we’ve seen this movie before and it always ends the same – with him as champ. Keith Lee walks up and asks for a moment with Cole. The North American champion says Cole’s time is running out, but it won’t be Karrion Kross who takes the belt. It’ll be him. He smashes the hour glass and says “Tick Tock”. Cole laughs and walks off.

The NXT champ is out. He’s marking 381 days with the belt, which is why it’s mind boggling to him that people think they can just come up to him and call their shot. It doesn’t work that way, Karrion Kross. He turns his attention back to Lee, saying maybe he wants to become NA champ. And when he does, maybe he’ll hold that title for 381 days, too. Then we’ll have to call him champ champ BAY BAY.

Lee makes his entrance, but only has time for some gesturing and a staredown when Johnny Gargano’s music hits. He talks about pinning Keith last week, and the Garganos goal of being the first husband & wife champs in NXT history. Lee asks about Candice, and says when he picked her up last week she thanked him for giving her the most action she’s had in a year. Johnny is pissed, and here comes Prince Balor.

Now that he’s here, everybody can stop being marks for themselves and be a mark for him. He cuts off Johnny and says he doesn’t wait in line. He reminds Lee about his challenge from last week, and says it’s a promise. He says he hasn’t forgotten about Cole, calling him a transitional champion, which prompts the Panama City Playboy to say they have a pattern of Balor being king somewhere for a short time then he comes in and walks over his memory.

General Manager William Regal pops up on the big screen and says he loves this. That’s why next week, we’ll get a NA title Triple Threat between Balor, Lee, and Gargano. And the winner gets Cole in a winner takes all match on July 8.

McKenzie Mitchell tries to get a word with Lee. That’s cut off by Candice LeRae, who’s interrupted by Mia Yim. They brawl backstage as refs try to separate them


Carter with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Kai with a Scorpion Kick after a distraction from Raquel for a 2 count, Carter with a Wheelbarrow Victory Roll into a Basement Superkick for a near fall, Draping Kneeling Facebuster, Raquel with a distraction, Kacy tries a Crossbody, but Raquel drops her, Kai with a rollup for a near fall, but she converts right into The Spider Twist & Carter taps out


The picture goes to grainy monochrome for a look backstage. We see Scarlett examining the broken hour glass, and Kross’ boot steps into the shot, crushing some glass

Hype video for ‘The Latina Sensation’ Mercedes Martinez


Ruff looks ready, but he probably should’ve brought the rest of the Skulk, Reed with a Charging Shoulder then a Running Senton, up top & hits The Australian Splash for the quick win


Auzilla with a mic. He calls out Karrion Kross, and wants to face him again next week! Reed then carries Ruff out

Damian Priest is pissed because his tires are slashed. Cameron Grimes rolls by and laughs, asking if he needs an uber then drives off while laughing

Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde make their entrance after a break. Santos says El Hijo del Fantasma was known as the best lucha libre practitioner. But he knew when he got to NXT it was time to end that and start a new legacy on a worldwide platform. His father El Fantasma always told him he was a leader, and he vows to show Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde how to be leaders. Together, they are Legado del Fantasma (translated to English it means Legacy of the Ghost)

Out comes Drake Maverick. He tips his hat to Escobar for fooling everyone, then says that people tell him he has more heart than brains. He attacks, and does pretty well, but the numbers game gets him on the floor. Santos gets him up, and hits the Phantom Driver off one table through another onto the concrete floor!

We see Maverick being stretchered out

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Sasha & Nox trade flash pins for 2 counts, Shotzi with an Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, Small Package for a 2 count, rollup, but Bayley bridges out & hits a Sliding Knee, Nox with a Headbutt to Bayley, Shotzi with an Inverted Slingblade, Knee Strike, Rolling Elbow, Switcblade Kick, Backdrop Driver, but only gets a near fall, Sasha avoids the Wrecking Ball Dropkick & hits a Meteora off the arpon to the floor, back in & gets a near fall, Shotzi avoids the Meteora, Slingshot Headscissors, Stereo Cannonboars, Lady Kane into Bayley on the floor, Shotzi with an Assisted Crossbody to the floor wipes out the Champs, back in, Assisted Shiranui, but Sasha makes the save, Ode to Takayama, Doomsday, but Sasha slips out, Shotzi with a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Sasha turns it into a Crucifix for a near fall then converts into The Bank Statement, but Shotzi turns it into an Inverted Cattle Mutilation, Bayley slides in with a chair, Nox is there & she tosses the chair to Nox, ref distracted & Bayley turns it back over into The Bank Statement & Shotzi taps out, Bayley & Sasha retain, now they’ll move on to face the IIconics Monday


The Golden Role Models are celebrating, and her comes Io Shirai! The NXT Women’s champ takes out both women, sending them to the floor after a pair of Shinkanesen Attacks. She feints a dive, then stands up for NXT and sends the heels packing as the show ends