NXT Results – 6/10/20








NXT Results – 6/10/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips & Beth Phoenix


Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong are out together.

Cole on the mic first. He tells us how the era of Cole will continue and, really, no one actually thought the Velveteen Dream was going to win the title. He’s good, sure, but the problem is “he’s not Adam Cole, bay-bay.” Now he can no longer challenge for the title as long as Cole has it.

So what’s next?

“The answer is quite simple: It doesn’t freakin’ matter. I have run roughshod over this brand as the most dominant champion in this brand’s history.”

He says no one will be able to beat him for that title.

It’s time to shift focus to Dexter Lumis. He’s crazy, psychotic, a freak, and he’s always getting into ERA’s business. Fish and Roddy are real pissed off about this, Strong because everyone knows he hates being stuffed in trunks.

Roddy sees him in the crowd but when Fish and Cole turn to look, he’s suddenly not there. This is played like Roddy is going crazy over it, but Cole reiterates that they all have each other’s backs.

Cole promises to beat Lumis and send him back to the drawing board where he belongs & that, that’s Undisputed.

As they’re leaving Dexter is shown in the crowd so Roddy wasn’t seeing things

Cole and Fish were trying to console Roddy while telling him to chill out because it becomes a problem when he freaks out.

That’s when Keith Lee comes in and talks about wondering what’s next. He thinks he knows. Cole tells him not to even think about it and exits stage left.

“Soon enough,” Lee responds with a smile.


the men & women pair off, the Gargano’s try Hurricanranas, but Lee & Yim catch them with a modified Super Collider then Yim goes right after Candice, Johnny drags his wife out, Yim goes for a Tope Suicida, but Johnny evades, luckily Keith catches Yim, they drop both of the Garganos on the apron, Candice with a Strangle Hold, but Yim fights out, Seoul Food, Grizzly Magnum to Johnny then he biels him, Candice makes the tag, but Keith picks them both up, Candice digs her claws into Lee’s eyes, Johnny with a Step-Up Enzugiri, Candice is taking credit for it, but Yim is right there, Bridging Dragon Suplex, but Johnny makes the save, Yim beats the shit out of Johnny, German Suplexes for both of the Gargano’s, Candice with Sole Food then a Quebrada, but only gets a near fall, Yim low-bridges Johnny, Shoot Kicks to Candice, Pounce on Johnny sends him into Candice knocking Yim off the apron, Johnny with a Superkick from the apron, One Final Beat, but Lee lands on Candice, Keith comes too first & checks on Candice, but Johnny sacrifices his wife to rollup Lee for the win as during the rollup Candice’s lifeless body tumbles to the floor


Johnny picks up Candice and celebrates

Cameron Grimes is backstage to be interviewed. He mentions having already beaten Prince Balor once. Is he confident in winning against tonight?

“Don’t you know my name? It’s Cameron Confident Grimes!”

He says he doesn’t look like a loser, not like Damian Priest. He looks great. He’s not even sure why he’s in this match again but he’ll beat Balor twice.

Before he’s done, Priest shows up and Grimes backtracks, talking about how Priest almost beat Balor and he was so close and all that. Priest floors him with a forearm to the face.


Saurav with a Running Big Boot takes down Delbrey, then a boot knocks Reed off the apron into the plexiglass, Rinku wiht a pair of Avalanches before Sher finish Delbrey with a Sidewalk Slam/Guillotine Legdrop combo for the win


Backstage, we get an update on Grimes. Drake Wuertz is talking to William Regal and Grimes apparently believes he has a broken jaw and won’t be able to wrestle. Regal wants to talk to Grimes himself.

Grimes is talking to two women when Wuertz walked up with Regal on video and caught him up. Regal chastised him for faking a broken jaw. Grimes got upset and told everyone to get out of here.

He’s gotta get warmed up for the match that will indeed be happening tonight

Video package on Breezango they admit they got to caught up in being entertaining on Smackdown & lost themselves, playing into the Fashion Police gimmick too much, now they’ll be entertaining until the first bell ring then it’s all business

Rhea Ripley was asked backstage how she plans to bounce back from the loss at TakeOver: In Your House. She starts talking but is quickly interrupted by Robert Stone.

He’s breathing heavy and asking if she can feel the “client-manager chemistry.” He calls them both losers before saying they can be like a phoenix rising from the ashes if they get together. He says he’ll do everything for her, and together they can make the Robert Stone brand bigger and better than ever.

She says the chances of her joining his brand are one in a million.

“So you’re saying there’s a chance.”

“Come with me,” she responds.

He does.

She beats the shit out of him.


Balor with a Football Kick for a 2 count, Grimes rolls to the floor, but Balor goes right after him and sends him into the barricade, back in the ring, but Grimes levels him with a Lariat, Grimes gets cocky and taunts Balor, Balor with a takedown, Standing Double Stomp, Slingblade, John Woo Dropkick, up top, Grimes avoids the Coup De Grace, Oklahoma Roll for a near fall, Caveman Punch, Roundhouse Kick, Deadlift German Suplex countered, Bloody Sunday countered into a Small Package for a near fall, Balor with The Final Cut, he looks for the kill, but Grimes with the Catatonic, but only gets a near fall, Cave In countered into a Stun Gun, Reverse Bloody Sunday, but only gets a near fall, Balor up top, Coup de Grace connects & finishes Grimes with The Bloody Sunday for the win


Balor talked into the camera and said he’s won a lot of titles but never the North American strap. He’s coming for that next & warns Keith Lee to be ready


Kai piefaces Kacy, but she sweeps the legs, Slingshot Senton Atomico, she avoids a Yakuza Kick, Somerault Koppu Kick, Kai sends her into the turnbuckle, Kaio Kick connects, but only gets a near fall, Kacy counters another Kaio Kick into a Sunset Flip for a near fall, Stinger Splash avoided, Kai with a Scorpion Kick then finishes Kacy with The Go 2 Kick for the win


Kai tells Io she’s coming for that belt

They continue to beat down Kacy, but Kayden Carter makes the save, Around the World Tornado DDT on Kai, but Raquel drops her with a Standing Blue Thunder

Video package on Timothy Thatcher

The new cruiserweight champion, El Hijo Del Fantasma, was out next.

He started to speak but was quickly cut off by none other than Drake Maverick.

Maverick mentions that they haven’t had time to talk since last week and he just wanted to congratulate the champ. “Thank you for the amazing match we had last week.” He says everyone should have been talking about Fantasma and his journey, not just Maverick’s.

“You deserve to be the NXT Cruiserweight champion.”

Maverick said he’s had so much on his brain the past few months, he can’t help but wonder what would happen if his head was clear, which it is now. He’s a full time contracted member of the NXT roster and he knows he can beat Fantasma. He asks for another shot at the title.

Fantasma agrees to it.

Suddenly, the two masked men show up.

Right then, Fantasma turns on Maverick and it’s revealed the two men are with him. They unmask and it’s Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. They put the boots to Maverick.

Phantom Driver. Wilde & Mendoza go up top

Then, Fantasma unmasks himself, he drops the charade of only speaking Spanish as he speaks in perfect English and says he is Santos Escobar the NXT Cruiserweight Champion and no one can stop him then Wilde & Mendoza hit Drake with stereo Frog Splashes & hand Santos the belt

Dexter left a drawing & Roddy says the last time he did that they ended up in a trunk when Fish & Cole left, Roddy could see Dexter staring at them from outside a door


Dexter with a Tossing Back Suplex, he slides out of the ring and delivers an Uppercut to Cole, he blocks a Pump Kick and blasts Cole with a right hand, Cole wit a Lungblower for a 2 count, he calls Dexter a freak & he just smiles at that, Hangman Neckbreaker, Dexter with a Slingshot Suplex for a near fall, he blocks a Superkick and hits a Release German Suplex for a near fall, Cole with a Superkick to the knee, knee pad down, Last Shot, countered, Kata-Gatame blocked, Dexter charges, but Cole catches him with a Superkick, but only gets a near fall, Dexter ducks The Last Shot and hits a Spinebuster, ground and pound, Cole dumps him to the floor, but Dexter goes under the ring, ERA go after him, but he slipped through to the other side & hits a Spinebuster on Cole for a near fall, up top, Senton Atomico, but Cole gets his knees up, Panama Sunrise countered into the Kata-Gatame, Bret Hart counter doesn’t work, Fish with a distraction as Roddy kicks Dexter in the back to break the hold then Cole finishes him The Last Shot for the win


Cole wanted to stick around in the ring to gloat over Lumis’ body, but he awoke and put the Kata-Gatame back on. Fish and Strong jumped in to help out, and that’s when Velveteen Dream hit the scene. Dexter recovered and ran off Roddy, who was scared shitless.

Cole was left in the ring alone with his title. The lights went out.

Scarlett appears at the top of the ramp & makes her way to ringside, she places an hourglass in the ring & turns it over.

Message Sent.

Cole’s title reign is living on borrowed time & once the sands run out, The Toll Man will be coming to collect