NXT Results – 5/8/19




NXT Results – 5/8/19
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson


Belair throws Yim out of the corner for a 2 count, Cravat then a Standing Frog Splash for a 2 count, Alley-Oop into the turnbuckle for a near fall, Bianca showboating and pays the price as Yim catches her with a Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count followed by a Ranei for a 2 count, Front Guillotine Choke, Belair fights out and hits a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, she goes for the Standing Frog Splash again, but Yim gets the knees up, Mia with a Shotgun Dropkick then a Cannonball, Tarantula, Sunset Flip, Belair blocks and sets down grabbing the rope, but the ref catches her, Mia takes her over for a 2 count, Bianca reverses it back and ties her braid to the rope for extra leverage to steal the win


The War Raiders were ambushed by The Forgotten Sons, Ryker pulls up in his truck as Blake & Cutler assault them from behind

We go to a sparring session between The Horsewomen as Duke & Shafir were being coached by Baszler, Io Shirai ran in and laid out Shayna, a hots of bodies pull them apart as Shirai has sent another message to the Champ that she’s coming for her title


Before his injury Moss was teaming with Tino Sabbatelli and now looks to be on his own and doing some sort of fitness gimmick as he has Riddick Regimen all over on his tights and entrace gear.

Mendoza with a Running Shooting Star Press for a 2 count, Springboard Crossbody, but Moss catches him, he does curls before tossing him with a Fallaway Slam, Gorilla Press into a Spinebuster for a near fall, he takes a water break, Mendoza slaps the bottle out of his hand, Step-Up Enzugiri in the corner, Leaping Enzugiri then finishes Moss with a Springboard Tornillo for the win


KUSHIDA back in action next week


Riddle looks for the Bro-Mission early, but Cole goes to the rope and then the floor, Bro-Ton to the back for a 2 count, Cole with a Figure 4 Headscissors, Riddle turns it into a pin for a 2 count, Cole with a Dragon Sleeper, Riddle fights out with a knee to the face, Riddle with an Exploder Suplex, Cole avoids the Penalty Kick and a Shooting Star, Running Bro-Ton then a PK for a 2 count, Bridging Deadlift German Suplex for a 2 count, Cole with an Ushi-Goroshi for a 2 count, Riddle with a Rain Trigger, Bro to Sleep countered into a Lungblower for a near fall, Cole stomps the barefoot, Riddle counters a Superkick into an Ankle Lock, Bro-mission, but Cole turns it into a flash pin for a near fall, Riddle with a Heel Kick, a pair of Fisherman Busters, Cole blocks the third and counters into a Knee Cap Brainbuster for a near fall, Riddle blocks the Panama Sunrise, Cole with a Sunset Flip, but Riddle rolls through, Cole ducks a PK, Riddle looks for the Powerbomb, but Cole lands on his feet and hits a Northern Superkick then hits The Last Shot, but only gets a near fall, Cole exposes the knee, Riddle blocks, Flash Knee, Bro to Sleep, Powerbomb folds Cole over then hits a Straight Knee Strike, Cole rolls to the floor, Roddy comes down and helps Cole up, riddle leaps to the apron and wipes out Roddy with a PK, he sends Cole back in, Riddle flips back in, but Cole was waiting and blasts him with a Superkick, he only gets a near fall & upon the kickout, Riddle grabs him into The Bro-Mission & Cole taps out


Roddy is beside himself at what happened, reDRagon comes down now as well & Cole is pissed at Roddy over what happened, reDRagon tries to maintain the peace, Roddy says he came out to help Cole, Cole says that he had a plan. Cole says thanks a lot Roddy, Roddy & Fish leave in one direction with Future Shock going the other. Kyle says he knows Cole’s frustrated which Cole admits to, he’s been losing big matches and everytime Roddy is involved, he won the 5 way by himself and didn’t need any help, Roddy tries to get involved & there’s a big misunderstanding and on that note the show ends