NXT Results – 5/1/19




NXT Results – 5/1/19
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson


Lorcan with a Running Blockbuster on Cutler then a Running European Uppercut on Blake before he wipes out all 3 of the Sons with a Pescado, Carrillo with a Barrell Roll into an Imploding Moonsault, but Blake rolls to the floor before he can get a cover, Ryker with a blind tag then a nasty Spinebuster, Kneedrop for a 2 count, Cutler elevates Blake onto the back of Carrillo for a near fall, Blake & Cutler with a Double Inverted Neckbreaker & Ryker follows with a Diving Headbutt for a near fall, Cobra Clutch, Carrillo with the Bret Hart counter into a flash pin for a near fall, Burch with a Crossface on Cutler, but Ryker breaks the hold, Carrillo with a second rope Missile Dropkick on Ryker, Lorcan with a Cactus Clothesline on Blake, Carrillo with a Tope Suicida, but Ryker shoves Blake out of the way & Carrillo wipes out Lorcan by mistake, The Sons surround Burch, he’s not going down without a fight, but the numbers catch up with him, Carrillo goes for a Springboard, but Ryker blasts him out of the sky with a Polish Hammer, Blake & Ryker with a pair of Bucklebombs on Burch & Carrillo into the knees of Cutler, then Ryker with a double Inverted DDT to hold them in place for Blake & Cutler to hit a Leaping Double Inverted Curbstomp & Blake covers Burch for the win


Cathy Kelly asks Shanya Baszler if she feels any remorse for attacking the Pirates of the Sky the past few weeks, Shayna says her remorse is buried in the sand with Kairi & Io, Kelly then asks if the strategy is because Shirai has pinned Shayna, but she hasn’t pinned Io, this sets Baszler off & she slaps the mic out of Kelly’s hand before leaving with Duke & Shafir

Nigel throws it to a clip from the PC of a heated interaction between Mia Yim & Bianca Belair. Robbie Brookside has to tell them to break it up as Stokely Hathaway watches on, Yim & Belair clash next week


Mansoor ducks a Cyclone Kill right out the gate, Mansoor with a Chop then fights out of a goozle, up top, Diving Crossbody, but Dijakovic catches him, Knee Strike then a wind up and tosses him with a Fallaway Slam over the rope all the way to the floor, he sends Mansoor back in, Tossing Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Pendulum Backbrekaker, he stands on the second rope and drops into a Twisting Splash for a 2 count, he goes for another Suplex, but Mansoor slips out into a Sleeper, Dijakovic rams him into the turnbuckle to break it, Cravat, but Dijakovic blocks, Mansoor blocks a Tilt-a-Whirl Facebreaker then leaps onto Dijakovic’s knee and hits a Leaping Enzugiri for a near fall, he goes for a leap off the turnbuckle, but Dijakovic catches him with a Superkick, barrage of strikes, Rolling Lariat and tells Mansoor to feast his eyes and calls for the kill, Feast Your Eyes connects then folds up Mansoor for the pin and win


Dijakovic tosses Mansoor to the floor as Velveteen is brought out on a couch by a pair of ladies. Dream says Dijakovic had some words for him so Dream has some words for him & asks for some music when the Star Spangled Banner plays:

O Say can you see, by the DREAM’s brilliant light
While you stand there in awe, at DREAM’s epic gleaming
While stealing the show, without messing my Fro
Like Riddle’s flip-flops, under my massive el-bow
And Buddy’s red hair, yeah I just kicked his derriere
So, pleas feast your stare, because your family won’t care
O Say is that a Velveteen Banner I See?
Yes, because I am the DREAM, and this is my NXT

Dream Over as the ladies take Dream back on his couch

Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole is announced for next week

O’Reilly says Garagano is officially the luckiest man in history, he says it’s obscene and his luck has to run out eventually, Fish says Johnny’s on borrowed time, but this isn’t about last week and much more about next week, Roddy says Cole is going to waste Riddle, Cole says ERA are stronger than they’ve ever been they’re badder, they’re tougher & focus on the future not the past, they focus on next week, not the fact that Roddy dropped the ball last week. Strong takes issue with that and walks off as the others ask him where he’s going. They’re music cuts off, Cole asks if Roddy can’t take a joke like a man or a a loss like a man, Fish sides with Roddy and says he’s sure Strong can take a joke just fine, but Cole’s timing is off, Cole says it was a joke as Fish says he’s going to get Roddy, O’Reilly sticks with his Future Shock partner and says it was clearly a joke and tells Cole they’re going to get through this


KUSHIDA is still sporting the Back to the Future gear and gimmick

KUSHIDA offers a handshake, but Ohno kicks his hand away, KUSHIDA goes to work on the arm, Handstand into a Basement Dropkick, Standing Moonsault, but Ohno catches him with a Cravat, they trade flash pins, Ohno says KUSHIDA’s good then offers a handshake, hesitantly he accepts only to get kicked in the face then Ohno with another Yakuza Kick, Knee Drop for a 2 count, KUSHIDA lands on the apron then a Leaping Enzugiri, Springboard Tomahawak Chop, Dropkick to the arm, Ohno ducks the Buzzsaw Kick, Electric Chair, Rubix Cube attempt? no just transitions into a Sit-Out Slam for a 2 count & KUSHIDA is bleeding from the nose, KUSHIDA with a Complete Shot into the turnbuckle, Springboard into a Hurricanrana for a near fall, KUSHIDA forces the handshake, handspring, but Ohno with a Rolling Elbow to the back of the head for a near fall, Pump Kick, elbow pad off, he charges, but KUSHIDA with the Fast Ball Special, Penalty Kick to the arm, KUSHIDA goes From Dusk Till Dawn into The Hoverboard Lock & Ohno taps out


KUSHIDA celebrates the win in his debut as the show ends