NXT Results – 4/8/20








NXT Results – 4/8/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo

The opening video covers the Gargano/Ciampa Feud

Hey it’s Mauro Ranallo, he’s doing this remotely I assume & sounds it like he’s doing a Joey Styles and going solo tonight

Ladder Match

Kai tells Raquel to bring the ladder in, but Yim & Candice wipe out Raquel with a Double Baseball Slide, Candice starts a Violence Party then a Cannonboar from Nox, Cannonball from Yim, Io grabs a ladder, Chelsea & Stone bring out a table, Chelsea with a Double Bulldog on Io & Candice on the ladder, Lady Kane blocked, Kai with a Scorpion Kick, Kaio Kick, Pump Kick, Shoryuken blocked, Lady Kane then takes the ladder from Green and sets it up, Kai meets her, Candice yanks Kai off the apron, everyone battles for control of the ladder, a second one is set up, Yim has her hands on the case, but she’s yanked off, Seoul Food to Candice, Green with a steel chair to Yim, she takes it away from Green, Io Catapults Yim into the ladder, Io up the ladder, but Raquel shoves it down, Stone checks on Green & begs off from Raquel, Raquel helps Kai back int the ring, she’s going to carry her up to the case, Yim goes after Raquel while Candice yanks Kai off the ladder, Nox & Yim with an Avalanche Lady Kane/Sit-Out Powerbomb sends Raquel through the table to the floor, Kai sends Nox through a ladder, Candice takes down Kai, Io & Candice wipe each other out, Green tries to go up, but Stone geos up the ladder for Green he tries to pull her up, but Candice & Io shove the ladder down, they both go up for the case, Io digs into the eys and sends Candice back first onto a ladder in the corner & takes the case, Io gets the title shot against Charlotte


Prince Balor says that both he and WALTER have “creative control” over their worlds, but they’re here unable to make their next move. But this time will pass, and then WALTER’s time as UK champ will pass, too.


Parker with a Slingshot Elbow Drop on Rinku, but only gets a 1 count, Sher with a Double Hip Toss, Sher finish Parker with a Demolition Decapitation for the win


Adam Cole cuts a pre-taped promo from poolside. He claps for Velveteen Dream beating Roderick Strong. But the NXT champ says lightning won’t strike twice. Dream isn’t worthy of a shot at him. But if he’s unlucky, one day Cole will wake up and decide to end an Experience or shatter a Spotlight. And that’s Undisputed

One Final Beat – Black Heart vs Rebel Hart

We see Johnny Gargano pull up in a car, and Candice gets out of the passenger side. Johnny says “you know I have to do this”, and she gets in without saying anything. She gets out to hand him something in a paper bag, then drives off

Gargano walks in as Tommaso Ciampa does. Triple H is in the ring. He picks up the chair he was sitting on and reminds them of what he said before. They can do whatever they want, but it ends here. Drake Wuertz is here to declare a winner but that’s it. He throws down the chair and says when I leave it’s on. They jaw a bit about who will win as Ciampa kicks the chair out of the ring and says it should be just them. They start throwing right hands, Ciampa throws Gargano to the floor, Slingshot Spear countered with a Knee Strike

Ciampa grabs a chair, but Gargano goes low to stop it, Ciampa goes after the ankle, Decavitator, Willow’s Bell blocked, Gargano wraps Ciampa’s knee around the post repeatedly, Ciampa with a Buckle Gourdbuster into the ring post, he sets up a table, back in, Gargano puts the boots to him, Tope Suicida, he sends Ciampa into some empty recycle boxes, trash can lid to the back of the neck, trash can to the back, chair edge driven into the arm, then the knee, then into the spine, going after all the previous injuries that’s put Ciampa out, he sets down then delivers another chair to the back, wedges teh chair into the ropes, but Ciampa reverses & sends Gargano head first into it

Slingshot Plancha countered with a trash can lid, lid assisted Running Knee then slams a chair into Gargano’s back, he stomps Johnny’s hand on the chair, chair necktie then slams Gargano into the post, he hurls some rubber cable at Gargano then grabs a crutch and chokes Johnny with it, Gargano with a fire extinguisher spray into the face, Ciampa blocks a Piledriver & Powerbombs Gargano through a table, Ciampa exposes the wood of the under ring, Drake tells him this is too far, but he’s not hearing it, Gargano crawls out hte exit & sends a rolling anvil case into Ciampa, then face first into a semi trailer, he goes to crush Ciampa with another anvil case, but Ciampa avoids it, Ciampa climbs to the top of the trailer, Gargano follows, Ode to Takayama, Rolling Lariat countered with a Superkick, Ciampa with a Knee Strike, Johnny with a Garga-No-Escape, he releases, DIY SUperkick blocked, Knee Strike, Gargano answers back with another Superkick

They’re down off the truck, Gargano has went back into the building, Gargano with a fling elbow drop off some stacked boxes through a table, Gargano puts him back in the ring & goes for some plunder, he sets Ciampa up top, Ciampa fights him, Avalanche Air Raid Crash to the floor, Ciampa puts Gargano back in the ring, into a cover, but only gets a near fall

Ciampa goes back to the floor for the crutch, but Gargano with a trash can lid to the knee, Garga-No-Escape with the crutch, but Ciampa fights out with a trash can lid, Gargano has the lid & delivers repeated shots to the back, Gargano has the crutch, Superkick, another one, he calls Ciampa a failure as a man, husband & father, Ciampa ducks a crutch shot and beats the ever-loving shit out of Gargano with the crutch, he calls Gargano a piece of shit

Gargano avoids a crutch shot, Ciampa chokes Gargano with the crutch, but Gargano rips at Drake’s eyes, Runnign Knee, but Gargano ducks and Ciampa hits Drake, crutch to the back of Ciampa drives him to the floor, Gargano rolls out after him & puts Ciampa back in the ring, Ciampa hits Willow’s Bell on the exposed board, but Drake is still down, crutch shot countered with a Superkick, the crutch is broken & they both score with shots, Candice LeRae is back & gets in the ring, she asks what they’re doing and tells them to stop, she doesn’t know who Gargano is anymore, she asks Ciampa if he’s happy, because now she hates her husband, she tells Ciampa to finish it then says she’ll do it & kicks her husband right in the nuts

Ciampa doesn’t know what just happened, he kneels down next to Gargano like he did at the CWC, he gets to his feet, but Canidce kicks Ciampa in the nuts from behind, Gargano reaches inside his pants & pulls out a groin cup, that’s what was in that bag Candice gave him at the beginning, Candice has an evil smile on her face, Gargano tells Ciampa he loses, Fairy Tale Ending, Drake’s back in & Gargano gets the victory


Gargano & Candice celebrate together, she asks him if he’s happy, he says yes and we’ll live happily ever after, the end

The ref checks on Ciampa

Gargano & Candice exit the building & head for their car, on the way they past another car & inside you can clearly see Killer Kross & Scarlett Bordeuax inside