NXT Results – 3/4/20








NXT Results – 3/4/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness

Beth Phoenix isn’t there tonight to sell the RKO she took on Raw


Kai avoids the Shiniest Wizard, Nox with a Diving Crossbody, ground and pound for a 2 count, Basement Northern European Uppercut for a 2 count, Kai sends Nox into the turnbuckle for a 2 count, Nox with a quartet of Butt-Butts then the Cannonboar, Nox sends Kai into the steel cage repeatedly, Snapmare and hooks both legs, but only gets a 2 count, Bridging Fallaway Slam for a 2 count, Nox calls for the door, but Kai with a Scorpion Kick followed by the Kaio-Practor, but only gets a near fall, Nox with a Small Package for a near fall, Nox with a Headbutt then climbs the cage, Kai meets her up there, but Nox with an Avalanche Lady Kane sends Kai crashing down to the mat, Kai pulls Nox off th erope, pair of Pump Kicks, Kaio Kick, but Nox answers back with another Cannonboar for a near fall, Nox goes to the top of the cage & hits a Diving Crossbody off the top of the cage, she calls for the door to be open, but Raquel keeps the ref from opening the door, Nox ducks a Kaio Kick, but Kai hits the cage door knocking out Gonzalez, Nox hits The Shiniest Wizard, but only gets a near fall, Nox tries to go through the door, but Gonzalez blocks her, Nox with kick, she can’t go through the door so she goes over the top, but Kai stops her & Nox shoves Kai off back to the mat, Gonzalez tries to drag Kai out, but Nox kicks the door into her, Gonzalez slams the door into Nox & traps her between the door & the cage & Kai crawls out of the door to the floor to win it


Prince Balor says chess is a game of reactions, but he’s always made the first move. He thanks WALTER for forcing his hand, but the UK champ is not going to like his reaction. The Prince will see WALTER sooner than he thinks

Video of Rhea Ripley visiting Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, site of her NXT title defense against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 36. She puts over her rise from Australian gyms to a stadium, and says when she came to NXT, people always compared her to Flair. She changed up her look and has made it her mission to not be a “mini-Charlotte”. She mentions Ric’s “To be the man” line and says at ‘Mania she’ll beat the best

Next we have a qualifier for the Number One Contender Ladder Match at TakeOver: Tampa Bay


The ballsy badass takes Chelsea down, Double Legdrop, Step-Up Enzugiri, she charges, but Chelsea with an Elevated Lungblower for a 2 count, Pump Kick for a 2 count, Shotzi sets Chelsea up top, but she hits a Missile Dropkick then hits her version of the Tomikaze that now has a name, she calls it I’m Prettier for the win


More images of both clocks and armageddon as the Doomsday Clock continues to tick closer to midnight

Keith Lee says ever since becoming the champion, many have been invoking his name. Like Dijakovic and Priest. He gives Damian credit… but before he can finish he’s interrupted by Cameron Grimes.

Grimes says Keith doesn’t need to be talking about those other guys. He needs to be talking about him. It’s hard to hear him over a loud “No One Likes You” chant and boos. Lee tells him he’s made the gravest mistake of his career. Grimes starts talking again, but is drowned out again. Keith tries to help again, but it doesn’t. Cameron eventually gets to say General Manager William Regal gave him a title shot next week. Lee shoves him out of the ring and says if Grimes is a star, he’s five star. Keith will give him an equal opportunity ass whooping next week.

We see the video from earlier today from a confrontation between Austin Theory & Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott as we have a match between 2 former EVOLVE Champions tonight


Burch floors KOR with a Headbutt, Lorcan wipes out reDRagon with a Double Blockbuster off the steps, Lorcan lights up Fish with Chops, Fish with Muay Thai Knees, Slingshot Senton Atomico, but Lorcan gets the knees up, KOR with an Ankle Lock, Burch with an Ace Crusher, KOR with a Knee Drop for a 1 count, KOR with Grounded Shoteis, Lorcan lights up reDRagon, Half & Half Suplex, Running Blockbuster, barrage of Running European Uppercuts, but he’s left himself open, reDRagon see the opening and take it hitting Total Elimination for the win


reDRagon get on the mic afterwards. Kyle’s glad to be back to their winning ways, but something’s missing. Bobby says that’s because their belts are with the Loserweights. He runs down how the rest of the ERA are taking care of business, and all that’s left is… here comes Matt Riddle.

The Bro says he’s down, and Stallion Pete’s down. The NXT universe is down, and he’s sure Stallion Regal is down. Here comes Grizzled Young Veterans! James Drake & Zack Gibson blast the champs from behind. Gibson on the mic and says they don’t care about reDRagon’s rematch clause and they’re not gonna wait for Mr. Regal. It’s out with the old and in with the Grizzled Young Veterans, and they’re soon to become the world’s number one.


Theory with a Barrel Roll Dropkick for a 2 count, Swerve with Shoot Kicks then a Barrel Roll Complete Shot for a near fall, Theory blocks the JML Driver, Leaping Hurricanrana, but Theory counters into a Bucklebomb then follows a Kneecap 2K1 Bomb he calls RP1 for a near fall, Ataxia blocked, Barrel Roll, but Swerve counters into the Key to Swerve City, Theory counters into a Deadlift, but Swerve fights out, he wants to take Theory’s arm, instead of snapping back like Pentagon he simply kicks the arm and there was loud snap, Theory rakes the eyes and sweeps the legs, even with one arm he hits what he used to call The Theory-KO now they’re calling it The ATL – Austin Theory Launch for the win


More fun with the Doomsday Clock, most notably in this set of images the numbers 4 & 7 are shown. Why is that notable? 4/7 while being on a Tuesday is confirmed to be the day that NXT is taping their post WrestleMania show

Mauro Ranallo says he respects Gargano as the heart and soul of NXT, but he and the NXT Universe why the sneak attacks on Tommaso Ciampa. Johnny brings up that he was the only person who went to the premiere of Bi-Polar Rock N Roller, and that’s important because Mauro tells their stories. But people think he’s only Johnny Wrestling. He disputes that his attacks on Ciampa were sneak attacks. He says he looked Ciampa in the eyes in Portland and saw what he needed to see & last week he was wearing a powder blue sport coat last week for crying out loud. Gargano eventually flips out, pissed that Ranallo didn’t contact him after Portland but called him Johnny Turncoat last week. He calls Mauro a liar, and scares him off. Throughout, he’s been saying we knows why he attacked Ciampa. Then he grabs the camera and says next week at the Performance Center, where this all started, Ciampa thinks he’s a puppet master then they’re gonna deal with this the Johnny Gargano way

Two title matches next week also it’s going to be a little different as the show will air from the Performance Center, as Lee defends against Grimes, and reDRagon gets their rematch against The BroserWeights


Roddy charges right after Dream & lights him up with Chops, he sends Dream into the cage, but he holds on & hits a Double Ax Handle off the cage wall, Roddy blocks a DVB, Stinger Splash, but Roddy ducks & Dream eats the steel, Roddy with a Back Suplex, back to lighting Dream up, he tells Dream that he did this, barrage of Forearms, Dream sends Roddy into the cage and Backdrops Dream, Roddy’s wife Marina Shafir runs down and slips in a kendo stick for Roddy to use, they fight on the top rope, but Dream with a low kick Purple Rainmaker, Roddy gets his feet up, but Dream lands on his feet and locks in a Boston Crab, Roddy fights out and looks for The Strong Hold, but Dream turns it into a pin for a 2 count, DVB blocked, Dropkick sends Roddy into the cage, Superkick, Roddy picks up the cane, Dream blocks, it, Roddy fights Dream off, he uses the cane for an Assisted Wrist-Clutch Backbreaker, he looks to escape, but Dream grabs his pants and pulls them down as the moon is out in Full Sail, back to battling on the top rope, Dream tries to go over the top, but Roddy with an Avalanche Olympic Slam, but only gets a near fall, the door is open, both men try to get out, they pull each other back in, Dream Valley Bomb, a second one, Dream to the top of the cage, ERA comes down to ringside, Dream grabs the cane and fights off reDRagon, Cole is in the cage though, Dream tosses Cole off the top, Roddy tries to escape, Dream realizes Cole is in the cage and Dream shoves Roddy out of the cage to the floor, sacrificing the match to get Cole alone


Dream pulls the door shut and chains & locks it, Dream goes right after Cole, he bounces him off the cage walls, Roddy tries to get back in & gets caned for it, and some cane shots for Cole, he Catapults Cole into Roddy & now Roddy is tied to the Tree of Woe, Dream has Cole, Dream Valley Bomb on a chair, Dream eyes the NXT belt and grabs it and dims Cole’s lights with the NXT belt, Dream stands over Cole holding the belt then climbs the cage with the belt as the show ends