NXT Results – 3/25/20








NXT Results – 3/25/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips & Byron Saxton

We’re in an empty Full Sail University with our old NXT Announce Team of Tom Phillips & Bryon Saxton and the they talk about how the TakeOver matches will be taking place on NXT in the next 2 weeks


Theory with a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Theory with a Barrel Roll Dropkick sends Breeze to the floor, Breeze goes for an Imploding Ace Crusher, but Theory catches him with Three Seconds Around the World for a near fall, he kicks Breeze to the floor & follows then hurls Breeze into the barricade, Theory back in the ring, Breeze back in at 8, Bucklebomb countered into a Hurricanrana for a near fall, Breeze tries another Rana, but Theory hits the Bucklebomb, Barrel Roll, but Breeze counters with the Supermodel Kick for a near fall, Theory with a Knee Drop 2K1 Bomb for a near fall, Theory gets way too cocky and grabs his phone to do a selfie while hitting the ATL with one arm, but Breeze slips out & hits The Beauty Shot for the win



Miles is formerly known as Elijah King in MCW & ROH

Miles with a Forearm, but Dain answers back with a Barn River Boot driving him to the floor then slams him into the steps, back in, Back Suplex for a 2 count, Miles avoids a charge & Dain hits the post, now Dain’s pissed, Belfast Blitz then finishes Miles with The Vader Bomb for the win



Nese with an Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, Grimes with a Stungun for a 2 count, Lariat for a 2 count, Orange Crush attempt block, Nese answers with a Spinning Heel Kick, Running Hot Shot, Double Jump Quebrada for a near fall, Omori Driver blocked, Grimes with a Caveman Punch, Nese with a Superkick, he wants the Running Kneese, but Grimes with another Caveman Punch then finishes Nese with The Cave-In for the win


Aliyah is out without Vanessa Borne, waiting for Xia Li. But then we see Xia crying and holding her leg backstage the ref calls to Steve Corino for help, they check on Xia

Aliyah lobbies for a DQ win, but Greg Hamilton informs us there is someone here who’s cleared it’s Io Shirai she’s back


Io with a Running Dropkick, Handstand Shinkanesen Attack, Butterfly Backbreaker blocked, Aliyah with a Mat Slam, Io with a Shoryuken, Butterfly Backbreaker then finishes Aliyah with a Moonsault for the win, Io advances to the Ladder Match


We get a quick teaser for Dexter Lumis (the former Samuel Shaw from Impact). Then the North American champ enters for an interview with Jon Quasto. Keith Lee is asked what happened when he Spirit Bombed Dominik Dijakovic after beating Cameron Grimes and being attacked by Damian Priest. He explains it was a mistake and says he owes Dijak an apology. That brings out Dijak.

He doesn’t care about the apology, he wants a title shot. They’re about to beef a bit when Priest arrives. He asks about Dijak’s knee and Lee’s back, then asks for a title shot. He doesn’t want the belt, but what it brings – more money, more women, more fame. Keith tells them to bring it, and Damian gets out his nightstick and walks to the ring. Dijak shoves Lee out of the way and stomps on Priest. The champ shoves him back, things break down, and the scene ends with Dijak taking out both men with a Somersault Senton

The champ is poolside on vacation. While there, Adam Cole was thinking about how Velveteen Dream got to him the last few weeks. But then he realized, the longest reigning NXT champ, the man who won the first ever WarGames in NXT doesn’t get flustered. Dream hasn’t earned a shot at him, but his Undisputed ERA boys are itching to experience the Experience. So Bobby Fish is set to face Dream in the coming weeks. And that will prove he doesn’t deserve a shot at Cole’s belt


After the departure of Nick Miller, Shane Thorne has aligned himself with an old ally in Brendan Vink formerly known as Elliot Sexton from Australian indies most notably MCW, he’s also competed for New Japan & Progress as well. While TMDK was mostly associated with Thorne & Miller originally it started out as a much larger stable & Sexton was a part of it along with numerous others

Burch stomps Thorne’s hand, Vink with a ST-Joe on Lorcan for a near fall, Burch with an Ace Crusher, Missile Dropkick off the second rope, Crossface, Lorcan grabs Thorne in a Half Crab & both of TMDK tap out



LeRae with a Running Shoulder Block for a 2 count, they trade flash pins, Carter with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, LeRae with a Neck Snap then jumps into a Jackknife pin for a 2 count, Carter with a Superkick, Running Curb Kick for a near fall, LeRae starts a Violence Party, Mrs Garga-No-Escape countered into a Crucifix Pin for a 2 count, LeRae with a Senton, Carter avoids the Quebrada, but LeRae grabs her in the Mrs Garga-No-Escape & Carter taps out, LeRae advances to the Ladder Match



Riddle blocks the Olympic Slam and goes after the left arm, Roddy lights up Riddle, Bro 2 Sleep blocked, Roddy with a Gourdbuster on the rope, Riddle with a Pele, Superman Forearm, Exploder Suplex, Penalty Kick countered into the Strong Hold, Riddle fights out, Bro 2 Sleep into a German Suplex for a near fall, Bro Derek blocked, Roddy hits the Olympic Slam for a near fall, Knockout Knee deflected, Powerbomb blocked, Knockout Knee, he goes for the barrage of Forearms, but Riddle counters into Bro Derek for the win


2 huge guys assault Riddle & annihilate him, Tom & Byron may not know who these guys are, but I do. It’s a pair of wrestlers from India: Rinku Singh a former winner of a reality show The Million Dollar Arm and other guy is Saurav Gurjar he was previously with TNA’s Indian promotion Ring Ka King under the name Deadly Danda

The former Stokely Hathaway, Malcolm Bivens comes down says with Pete Dunne stuck in the UK he wanted to introduce Riddle to the future of the tag team division

Next week Bobby Fish vs Velveteen Dream, a Second Chance Gauntlet Match for the last spot in the Ladder Match (I can almost guarantee that Dakota Kai is winning this) & Keith Lee defends the North American Title against both Dominik Dijakovic & Damian Priest

Triple H is out to address Ciampa & Gargano. He can barely start touting their rivalry when Tommaso’s music hits. He basically says let’s cut to the chase and get Johnny out here. Hunter says there will be no physicality, but he agrees.

Gargano is here to complain about being fined for destroying the PC when it was Tommaso’s fault. Ciampa even dove through a window to try to get away from him! Triple H says if it was up to William Regal, they’d both be fired. But he wanted to give them this opportunity, but he wanted to give them one more chance – but there will be no physicality.

Trips gets it, he & Shawn went through this all of this. There will come a day when they’ll look back on what they had, but now he knows they need to end it. And it should end on the biggest stage of them all. Both men interrupt him, saying they don’t need anything but a ring, a ref, and a cameraman, put us wherever you want. It’s about who is the face of this company, who’s the heart-and-soul of NXT.

He offers them a chance to end it now then, but Johnny says he needs two weeks. Triple H says he’ll find an empty building, he’ll put a ring in there, give them a ref, and they’ll end it. And if it continues past then, he’ll fire both of them. Trips is gonna send them the location, and it’ll be over

Just then all 3 men are interrupted by the tron as apocalyptic images play, we see brief images of Killer Kross, no longer a mystery, it is Kross, the Doomsday Clock ticks and is now one minute from midnight, is he coming for Gargano, Ciampa or both of them. Tick Tock time’s almost up and everyone has to pay the toll.