NXT Results – 3/11/20







NXT Results – 3/11/20
Orlando, Florida
WWE Performance Center
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness & Beth Phoenix


Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the Performance Center, which looks pretty much like standing room only around a ring

NXT North American Championship

Lee with The Grizzly Magnum then shoves Grimes to the floor, he goes after him and puts him back in the ring, Grimes with a Penalty Kick off the apron, Tumbleweed off the apron, but Lee catches him, Grimes blocks a Powerbomb and stomps Lee in the face, Tope Suicida, but Lee catches him, he goes for a Spirit Bomb, but Grimes lands on the apron, Lee takes his legs out, Grimes blocks a Deadlift Superplex from the apron, he fights Lee off & his a Diving Crossbody, Manji-Gatame, but Lee powers out of it, Grimes lsips out of the Fireman Carry, Lee blocks the German Suplex, Leapfrog over Grimes then a Running Crossbody, Grimes blocks the Big Bang Catastrophe, Spitit Bomb countered into a Caveman Punch, Superkick then a Deadlift German Suplex for a near fall, Moonsault blocked, but Grimes turns it into a Satellite DDT for a near fall, he looks for the kill, Cave In blocked, Spirit Bomb avoided, but Lee Pounces him across the ring then hits The Big Bang Catastrophe to retain


Damian Priest slides in for a night stick attack from behind. Dominik Dijakovic slides in to run him off. Priest smiles back at him when he’s leaving. Dijak picks up the belt and goes to help Lee up, but Lee never saw Priest all he sees is Dijak holding his belt & scoops him and puts him down with a Spirit Bomb


Yim avoids a Dropkick, Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, rollup for a 2 count, O’Connor Roll blocked, Yim takes the leg out then a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Kai with a distraction, Yim goes for a Penalty Kick, but Gonzalez counters into a Snake Eyes on the apron, Yim avoids the Kaio Kick and an Ax Kick, Leaping Inverted Neckbreaker, John Woo Dropkick, Cannonball for a 2 count, Kai hits the Kaio-Practor, but only gets a near fall, Kawada Kicks, Yim ducks a kick and grabs a rollup for anear fall, Kaio Kick ducked, Yim with a Powerbomb and stacks Kai up, but Gonzalez grabs her leg to break the pin, Yim is pissed and asks the ref if he saw it, he has words with Gonzalez, Kai with an O’Connor Roll, but ref is still busy with Gonzalez, now Kai is pissed, Yim with a Single Knee Facebreaker for the win to qualify for the Ladder Match at TakeOver Tampa (if it still happens)


Gonzalez with a Northern Lariat then a Standing Blue Thunder Driver to Yim

Nigel McGuinness tells us that Tommaso Ciampa has just arrived. McKenzie Mitchell rushes up to him as he walks to the building, asking about Johnny Gargano doing things his way tonight. Ciampa just says “His way?” and storms inside

Crows, Vultures, Apocalypse, Tick Tock as the Doomsday Clock continues to tick closer and closer to midnight


Raul with a rope walk, but KUSHIDA with the Masahiro Tanaka then a Tope con Hilo, back in the ring, Raul with a Suplex into a Corkscrew Neckbreaker then a Quebrada for a 1 count, KUSHIDA with a Handspring Back Elbow, Superkick, Barrel Roll, but Raul blocks the DDT, KUSHIDA with a Cartwheel Basement Dropkick, up top, but Raul with a Leaping Enzugiri, he goes after KUSHIDA, Fireman Carry, but KUSHIDA with a Hoverboard Lock, he releases and hits an Avalanche Spanish Fly into a Juji-Gatame & Raul taps


We come back to commercial to a pre-tape of Mitchell interviewing Tyler Breeze about what the PC means to him. They’re interrupted by Austin Theory, who shades Prince Pretty about not being cut out to be a mega-star. Breeze takes his pic and when Theory asks why, he says he looks like a flash in the pan.

The NXT Women’s champ enters the PC. She says that if Charlotte Flair is going to play mind games, she’ll have to step up. She admits this is the biggest match of her career, but what gets her through is knocking the Queen on her royal ass. Before she can gets much further, Charlotte shows up.

She shuts down the “You don’t go here” chant with “I built here” they respond with a “Go back to Raw” chant. Charlotte says Rhea’s issue won’t be the 80,000 chanting her name, it’ll be that she’s too much for her to handle. At Mania she’s gonna take Ripley to deep water and drown the fastest rising star in WWE & Rhea’s not going to do a damn thing about it. The champ doesn’t wait to hear anything else and attacks. Charlotte gets the better of the brawl, and after bouncing Ripley’s knee off the ringpost, she locks a Figure Four on her around the ring post. Charlotte poses with the belt while the champ writhes in pain.

WALTER gets a video package that ends with Finn Balor holding up a passport and saying of the hype for the NXT UK champ that “lies travel faster than truth”.

Mia Yim being interviewed as she leaves the building. A van speeds by and 2 Shinobi in lucha masks jump out and abduct Raul Mendoza (It’s the ninjas that kidnapped Samoa Joe in TNA, they’re back! Ok in all seriousness this is probably leading to the arrival of the former King Cuerno/El Hijo del Fantasma if I had to guess)


Deonna goes right after the arm, Nox with a goozle, but Deonna with a Divorce Court Driver, Exploder Suplex for a 2 count, Shoryuken to the arm, Nox with a Running European Uppercut, Deonna blocks the Cannonboar, Pump Kick then follows into the Fujiwara Armbar, but Nox turns it into a flash pin for a 2 count then finishes Deonna with The Shiniest Wizard for the win to qualify for the Ladder Match as 3 of the 6 spots have been filled


More apocalyptic images as the Doomsday Clock continues to tick ever closer to midnight

Velveteen Dream’s music plays. He’s on the balcony, and says there are four little men in the PC ring. But he only has his eye on one, and that’s Cole and the belt. Because he was never interested in Roddy or his family. They’re just tights (he holds up and throws the tights with Marina & Troy over his shoulder). It was also Dream’s plan, Strong was just dumb enough to fall for it. So he wants to talk about the main event of TakeOver: Tampa, Dream vs. Cole.

The champ tells Velveteen to dream on. Next week, Cole is having a celebration as he’ll be the longest reigning NXT champion of all time. He says he and Roddy will head after Velveteen and end this right now, but Dream says not so fast and signals for the tag champ’s music

NXT Tag Team Championship

Riddle with Shoot Kicks to KOR, KOR with body blows, Ultimate Knees, Sliding Knee, Ground & Pound for a 2 count, Fish with a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Slingshot Senton Atomico for a 2 count, reDRagon with a Double Suplex for a 2 count, KOR with a Double Wristlock then a Sliding Knee, Riddle with a Pele, Dunne with a Stomps to the hands, Missile Dropkick to the knee, Danielson Special blocked, but Dunne converts into a Triangle Choke, Cole & Roddy help KOR make it to the rope, Riddle with a Step-Up Tope con Hilo, Riddle throws Cole & Strong in the ring & Dunne feigns an injury ala Eddie Guerrero, the ref’s buying it & is kicking Cole & Strong out, Riddle with Superman Forearms, Jumping Knees, Exploder Suplexes, pair of Bro-Tons, then a pair of Penatly Kicks, Fisherman Buster, but only gets a near fall, Dunne with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, You’re Going to Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps, KOR with Ax, Dunne blocks Smash, but KOR answers back with Nigel, Bro 2 Sleep blocked, Rain Trigger, Deadlift German Suplex, KOR with a Diving Knee Drop for a near fall, KOR with a Knee off the apron sends Dunne into the crowd, Chasing the Dragon on Riddle, but only gets a near fall, Riddle with a Double Spear, Grizzled Young Veterans come out, ref distracted Gibson shoves Riddle, KOR with a rollup, but only gets a near fall, Riddle with The Final Flash, Dunne blasts Drake then Fish gets Back Body Dropped onto both of the GYV, Brosers put KOR away with a Double Bro 2 Sleep to retain


Next week: Adam Cole’s Championship Celebration & Candice LeRae vs Mercedes Martinez for a spot in the Ladder Match

Tommaso Ciampa’s on the mic goading Johnny Gargano into delivering the explanation he promised. Johnny comes on the big screen in a conference room, bringing up Ciampa’s past 3 years, what he did to Gargano and to the fans and how he’s the worst person in NXT. Did he miss an apology? Why has Ciampa been redeemed?

Blackheart doesn’t even listen, rolling out of the ring and heading backstage to the conference room Johnny’s filming in. He says they’re doing this his way as slams a laptop over Gargano’s back, as he attacks Gargano.

He boots him down the hall, Johnny grabs a framed WrestleMania poster off the wall, Ciampa blocks, grabs it and slams it into Johnny’s back, Johnny slinks to the trainer’s room where he grabs a crutch from a dude being evaluated, Ciampa kicks a rolling cart into Johnny and grabs the crutch & slams it into Gargano’s back bending it as Drake Wuertz tries to stop him, a security guy comes in only to get his lights punched out by Ciampa. Ciampa throws a trash can at Gargano & tells him no more games, no more DIY.

They get to the gym, where Johnny is able to get some space by sending Ciampa into a weight machine, Ciampa sends Johnny into a garage door, Gargano gets some more space spraying an aerosol can in Ciampa’s eyes. He throws Ciampa throw a door’s window! More security & Johnny wastes both of them, thanks for coming guys. Gargano says this Ciampa’s house huh and throws him over a big tire, he says Ciampa’s a liar as he delivers a Running Kick to the ribs, he sends Ciampa into another weight lifting machine, he tells Ciampa to get up & look him in the eyes, then picks up a big weight and goes to brain him with it, Ciampa fights it off and blasts Johnny in the mid-section with it. He throws a pair of smaller weights at him, Johnny evades, the weights shattering a wall-length mirror! They finally fight through the locker area back out to ringside.

Trading punches in the bleachers. Superkick from Johnny! Big boot from Ciampa! he grabs a chair and uses it during a running knee that sends both men through a barricade. Tommaso stands on some seats and declares this is his house. He brings Johnny to the announce desk and goes for Powerbomb, but Gargano fights it off. Johnny heads to the balcony perch and Ciampa follows suit. They brawl there, and Tommaso tries to throw Johnny off. Gargano fights him off and he takes out a part of the railing! He gets him on his shoulders, but Ciampa fights that off by dislodging another part of the railing. More brawling, then Johnny gets Tommaso in the Garga-No Escape. Drake makes him break the hold, but Gargano decks him! He delivers a Superkick then sets for something off the perch, telling the crowd this is a teachable moment. That gives Tommaso time to recover. Air Raid Crash off the balcony perch through the announce desk!

General Manager William Regal arrives with more refs as both men are down. They’re calling for medical help as the show ends.

Just a reminder Smackdown is scheduled to be held at the PC tomorrow, that is if there’s anything left of it after this brawl