NXT Results – 2/26/20








NXT Results – 2/26/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix


We see Charlotte arriving at Full Sail


Grimes blocks a Chokelsm, then counters a Wheelbarrow, Dijak answers back with a Cyclone Kill for a 2 count, Pendulum Backbreaker then a Twisting Splash off the second rope for a 2 count, Backbrekaer then tosses Grimes to the floor, back in, but Grime cuts him off with a Baseball Slide, Penalty Kick off the apron, Dijak with a Back Elbow then Time to Fly, Superkick then a Rollin Lariat for a near fall, goozle, but Grimes counters, Caveman Forearm followed by a Deadlift German Suplex for a near fall, Grimes slides to the floor, but Dijak with an Ariharaha Moonsault, Graves back in, Damien Priest slams a pipe or a nightstick into the back of Dijak’s knee behind the ref’s back, Dijak makes it back in, but Graves strikes with The Cave In for the win


Refs help Dijak

Regal says starting next week, we’ll have qualifying matches for a #1 contender’s match at TakeOver: Tampa. That will be a ladder match, and the winner gets first shot at the Flair/Rhea Ripley winner after WrestleMania

Refs help Dijak to the back

Prince Balor says he’s not a moves guy, he’s not an internet guy or a sneaky stooge politics guy, but when the bell rings, he’s The Guy. He builds brands. Japan – done it. Mexico – done it. Intercontinental, Universal, NXT… done it. It’s WrestleMania season, and everyone’s trying to peak for Mania, but he’s been at his peak for 20 years. So the big question is, what’s the next move for the Prince? Who’s gonna get that Finn rub? Matt Riddle got it. Johnny Gargano got it. Ilja Dragunov did too. So…

Imperium is here!

It’s Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel! Barthel says Mr. Balor is mistaken, because there’s one thing he hasn’t done. The NXT surface belongs to the Ring General & the NXT UK Champion WALTER sends his regards. Balor is able to fight them off for a while, but the numbers get to him. The Imperium duo stand tall after driving Balor’s head into the steel steps with a Running Knee.

Video package for Austin Theory

We see a vignette with a clock, (perhaps a doomsday clock) the end of the world is coming. Tick Tock. (There’s no doubt there, this is Killer Kross, he’s even referenced the doomsday clock before on social media) most likely we’re going to see the hands on the clock inch closer until it strikes midnight being doomsday & the arrival of Kross

Charlotte wants The EST, Bianca’s gonna make sure she gets it and promises a fight


Yim with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Yakuza Kick, Li avoids the Cannonball, Yim avoids the Leaping Thust Kick & hits Seoul Food, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez comes down, Kai asks Yim if she remembers when Yim stole her spot at WarGames & Kai took it right back and says Yim still looks bothered by that, Kai says she feels now is the perfect time for some payback, Li with a rollup gets the win


Li fights off Gonzalez, but she knocks down Li then goes after Yim, Standing Blue Thunder then Kai calls her heavy off

Velveteen Dream is promo-ing to a mirror in his grandmother’s best Sunday hat. He remembers Undisputed ERA breaking his back, but he also remembers beating Roderick Strong last week. But that’s not enough. He wants it all. So next week, how about Mr. Regal leaves that steel cage up and gives him Roddy in the cage?


Theory blocks Willow’s Bell, back in the ring, Dropkick for a 1 count, he lights up Ciampa, Ciampa posts Theory, Theory with a Standing Moonsault to the back for a 2 count, Ciamap with a Release German Suplex, Running Knee, Fairy Tale Ending blocked, Theory with a barrel roll, but Ciampa catches him with a Knee Strike for a near fall, Theory with a Rolling Blockbuster, Bucklebomb, Kneecap Cross-Legged Brainbuster dubbed It Came from Japan II connects, but only gets a near fall, Theory gets right in Ciampa’s face, but Ciampa with a knee, Fairy Tale Ending blocked, Theory has him set up & hits Ataxia (if you’ve never seen this words don’t do it justice, it’s a Modified Single Underhook Fisherman Complete Shot), he connects, but only gets a near fall, Theory sends Ciampa into the barricades, back in the ring, but Ciampa catches him with Willow’s Bell then finishes Theory with The Fairy Tale Ending for the win


Johnny Gargano in street clothes, but Ciampa was waiting for him, Theory pulls off Ciampa & Gargano uses the opening to deliver a Superkick, then another after looking Ciampa right in the eyes, then sets on the apron & mocks the Ciampa clap, he dumps Ciamapa right on the TakeOver: Tampa logo

The Undisputed ERA are hanging out in front of trailer with their flag hung it. Roddy says he and Dream actually agree on something. He wants the cage match, because he doesn’t think Velveteen knows what will happen when they’re locked in there together. He’s going to break Dream & end him. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly talk about how much they hate Matt Ridd-el and Peter Doone, and how much history they have as a team. Adam Cole says his teammates will regain their titles and their prophecy will continue and nobody is going to stop them.


Reed with a Dropkick then drops Dain with a Tope Suicida, Dain is back in, Elevated Guillotine Legdrop for a 2 count, they both go for Running Crossbodies, Reed with a Body Slam then a Bacdkdrop Driver, Butt-Butt, Dain with a Samoan Drop, Vader Bomb, but Reed gets the knees up, Reed up top & hits a Diving DDT, Death Valley Bomb, but only gets near fall, up top, but Dain cuts him off & hits a Superplex, Trifecta of Running Sentons then finish Reed with The Vader Bomb for the win


The Forgotten Sons didn’t take the GYV’s comments about the US last week lightly & have challenged them to a match

Video package on The BroserWeights


Sons with Double Headbutts, Cutler into a cover for a 2 oount, Gibson tosses Drake into a Splash for a 1 count, Drake with a Spinning Wheel Kick, Gibson into a cover for a 2 count, Blake with a Powerslam on Drake for a 2 counts, Drake runs into Ryker, Sons with a Double Gorilla Press on Drake to the floor on Gibson, Cutler with a Butterfly Backbreaker then a Boston Croab, Gibson breaks the hold, Cutler with a Bucklebomb, Ki-Krusher, but Gibson puts Drake’s leg on the rope, & Ryker is pissed off, Drake wit a Tope Suidcida on Ryker then the GYVs post Ryker, Sons look for Only the Memory Remains, but Drake takes out Cutler with a Grit Your Teeth Dropkick, Drake with a rollup on Blake for a near fall, Blake goes for a Moonsault, but Drake pushes Gibson out of the way then the GYV finish Blake with A Ticket to Mayhem for the win


Tegan Nox talks about her steel cage match next week. Nox thought she had things figured out in Portland, but she didn’t count on Raquel Gonzalez. But next week, Gonzalez isn’t a factor. Dakota started this is a cage, and next week she ends it in one

Doomsday Clock continues to tick down, 5 mintues to midnight, as the arrival of Killer Kross is imminent

Damian Priest, who’s leaving Full Sail with a couple of ladies. He has nothing against Dijakovic, he was just in the way of something he wants. And now Keith Lee knows exactly what that is


Charlotte lights up Bianca, Basement Queen’s Boot, Bealair with a Small Package for a 2 count, Dragon Sleeper, but Belair uses the ropes to flip out, Double Chickenwing Slam for a 2 count, Handspring, but Charlotte kicks her in the ribs, Abdominal Stretch, Belair reveres into one of her own, Belair with a Shining Star Press for a near fall, Alley Oop blocked, Charlotte with a Inverted Backbreaker/Complete Shot combo, she goes up top, Moonsault, but Belair gets the feet up, Charlotte lands on her feet, and goes into a Boston Crab, Belair makes it to the rope, Charlotte switches to a Horse Collar then a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, Belair avoids The Queen’s Boot, they trade Spears & Charlotte finishes Belair with Natural Selection for the win


Charlotte grabs a chair & wraps it in the chair, Rhea Ripley comes down for the save & this is where things get ridiculous, she sees what Charlotte’s doing, but takes the time to go through her entire entrance pose with the stomp and take her time coming down, meanwhile Charlotte Pillmanizes Belair’s ankle then locks in the Figure 8, Charlotte releases the hold as Rhea finally makes it down to ringside and the 2 have a staredown to end the show. That last sequence is just odd.