NXT Results – 2/12/19








NXT Results – 2/12/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix


Roderick Strong storms to the ring on his own

Roddy says no disrespect to the boys in The ERA, but this isn’t about them, or the North American title. This is about Velveteen Dream crossing the line and putting his wife and son on his gear. He’s going to hurt Dream & he’s going to do something he’s not going to regret. He demands an apology… but he doesn’t get Dream. He gets Bronson Reed, who’s pissed Strong took him out backstage last week.


Reed with a Double Fish Hook, he sends Roddy into the turnbuckle hard for a 2 count, Inverted Bearhug, Roddy fights out and lights up Reed with a Chop, Reed with a Stalling Suplex, Roddy avoids the Butt-Butt, Reed with a Flying Shoulder Block off the apron, Reed with a Butt-Butt for a 2 count, Reed with a Stungun then a Lariat for a near fall, Snap Powerslam then a Senton, up top, but Roddy cuts him off, Roddy with a Step-Up Enzugiri followed by a Superplex for a 2 count, he sends Reed back in when the arena turns purple, Reed with a Tope Suicida, back in, he looks for the Australian Splash, but Roddy counters with The Knockout Knee for the win


Dream’s voice hits the speakers, and we see his “Call Me Up Marina” tights on the screen. He asks if Roddy remembers when he met his wife, Marina (Shafir. one of Shayna’s thugs). Because he remembers when TUE tried to cripple him, and take away his career. Strong has a lot that could be taken away, and a picture of the Strong family comes on the screen. Velveteen promises that if anything ever happens to Roddy, someone will be there to take care of Marina. A pissed off Strong races backstage.

We get a video of The BroserWeights. Matt Riddle says “the three of them” need to get to Portland (him, Pete Dunne, and the Dusty Cup). Dunne says they can’t fly with the trophy, so The Bro announces ROAD TRIP! Pete drives on the wrong side of the road for a bit, and the BroserWeights get pulled over. Matt says to let him do the talking, then we hear Dunne saying that’s the last time Riddle does the talking as we see the car being loaded on a tow truck. Neither of them have licenses! Dunne asks what now, and we get a “To be continued…”

Cathy Kelley interviews Angel Garza backstage. He reminds us that he didn’t lose the belt, since Swerve was the guy Devlin pinned at Worlds Collide. Lio Rush interrupts and says the guy Garza beat for the belt a few months back? That guy is gone. Angel doesn’t seem worried about facing the new Lio Rush.


Candice avoids a Pump Kick, Kaio Kick connects, he goes for another, but Candice strieks with a kick of her own, Tope Suicida, and a second one, make that a trifecta, let’s make that a quartet, back in the ring, Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Kai with a Shotei then chokes Candie with her leg, Curb Kicks, Kai hangs Candice in the rope for a 2 kick, Candice avoids a Mafia Kick, but Kai slams the shoulder into the post, Candice hits Mrs. LeRae’s Wild Ride, Kai avoids the Quebrada, Candice blocks the Kaio-Practor, Candice ducks the Kick, this isn’t going to have the impact it normally does but, Candice hits The Balls Plex and locks in The Mrs Garga-No-Escape, Kai tries to roll out of it, she stacks up Candice & gets the win


Candice stalks Kai, but Kai flattens her with the ring bell, Tegan Nox had seen enough and goes after her former friend, refs have to keep Kai & Nox apart


Gargano with an Imanari Roll into a Kneebar, but Grimes makes it to the rope, Crossface, Grimes tries to reach the rope, Grimes fights out, Grimes with a Superkick off the apron then a Cannonball off the apron to the floor, Grimes with a Deadlift German Suplex for a near fall, Slingshot Spear blocked, Grimes tosses him, but Gargano caches him with a rollup for a near fall, Gargano with a Diving Complete Shot, Gourdbuster, Buzzsaw Kick, Lariat, Slingshot Spear connects, but only gets a near fall, Grimes avoids the Rolling Kick, Gargano with a Cassadora Victory Roll for a near fall, Grimes with a Cat-a-tonic fora near fall, Grimes catches Gargano with The Collision Course for a near fall, ground and pound, Cave-In blocked, Gargano with a Superkick, Grimes answer back with one of his own, Grimes blocks the DIY Superkick, he goes for The Cave-In, but Gargano counters and goes From Dusk till Dawn into The Garga-No-Escape & Grimes taps out


Adam Cole is with Kelley. He’s gonna teach KUSHIDA a lesson tonight, and he’ll teach Tommaso Ciampa a lesson. He’s sick of hearing about how Ciampa never lost the title. The belt means the world to him too, and he’ll do anything to keep it. He dismissed Cathy

We see The BroserWeights on some water, and Pete asks if Matt’s plan is to take a boat to Portland. The camera pans out and they’re pedaling a swan-shaped raft. Riddle says that’s not the plan, these are just his peaceful waters where he comes to think and chill. Light bulb dude! To be continued

We see Robert Stone at the head of a large conference table. Next week they’re getting a do-over against Kayden Carter. There’s no way she’ll get three against Chelsea Green again. They’re restarting their brand.

Velveteen Dream vs Roderick Strong is made for next week


Garza with pants rush right away, Rush tries the Come Up, but Garza blocks, Garza ties Rush to the Tree of Woe & htis a Running Knee for a 1 count, Rush blocks a Piledriver on the apron, Garza rams Rush into the post, the steps then hangs him on the barricade, Rush with a Tope Suicida, then a Corkscrew Senton, back in the ring, with a Tornado Kick for a 2 count, Shoot Kicks, Garza ducks the Spinning Heel Kick, Rush hits it th second time, Garza with a Superkick, Come Up countered into an Elevator Slam for a near fall, Garza brings Rush up top, Rush with an Avalanche Ace Crusher, Garza rolls to the floor, Final Hour to the floor, back in the ring, Final Hour, but Garza gets the knees up, Small Package for a near fall, Garza with a Superkick, Wing Clipper countered into a Small Package for the win


Devlin meets him on stage, and congratulates him on being the next stop on his Cruiserweight title tour. But he doesn’t like his chances, because you never bet against an ace. Lio jaws at him a bit, and we learn that match is next week

A Mark Henry narrated video package about Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic


Belair with a Spear then hits Santana with her own Shining Star Press, Double Chickenwing Snakeeyes then finishes it with The KOD for the win


Belair gets a mic, and wonders about Rhea Ripley continuing to go to Raw like she isn’t even here. But go ahead and keep overlooking her, because on Sunday she’ll take the title.

That brings out the champ. Rhea hits the ring and gets a mic. She assures Bianca that she’s not looking past her. She’s looking right at her, and telling her that at TakeOver she’s gonna go right through her. Belair misses a punch, but quickly regroups to hit KOD on Ripley.

We’re back with the BroserWeights. Riddle, Dunne & DC are on a runway with a private jet. Pete can’t believe it, but Riddle says he knows a guy. They discuss how they’re gonna get the trophy in the boot, and Dunne doesn’t like Riddle saying “boot” or trying to do a British accent. The Bro convinces Pete to crawl in the luggage compartment first, then shoves the trophy in and climbs in himself. Dunne asks who’s plane this is anyway, and we see Triple H board. Matt shouts “We’re going to Portland!” and we see the plane take off.

Ciampa is in the PC conference room, watching the scene where he turned over the title before his neck surgery. He said he was gonna come back stronger than ever, but the truth is he was scared. He runs through some what ifs. What if he doesn’t beat Adam Cole Sunday and Cole becomes the longest reigning NXT champ in history? What if there’s one guy that wants it more? What if someone can beat him, though, and what if Ciampa is that someone? They say the man who has nothing to lose is the most dangerous of all. When Cole looks him in the eyes, he’ll know that’s true


KUSHIDA with a Baseball Slide, Cole sends KUSHIDA into the steps, KUSHIDA catches Cole with a Juji-Gatame on the floor, back in the ring, KUSHIDA with a Handspring Double Kick, Handspring Back Elbow, Penalty Kick evaded, Handspring Double Heel Kicks on the top turnbuckle, he hits a Leaping DDT then right into the Juji-Gatame, but Cole makes it to the rope, Dropkick to the arm, PK to the arm, Cole with a Shining Wizard for a near fall, KUSHIDA with a Rolling Elbow, Masahiro Tanaka, Back to the Future blocked, Ushi-Goroshi followed by the Knee Cap Brainbuster for a near fall, knee pad down, KUSHIDA avoids the Last Shot, O’Connor Roll blocked, Cole with a Superkick for a near fall, Cole up top, Panama Sunrise countered into The Hoverboard Lock, Cole fights it, Cole turns it into a pin for a near fall, they trade flash pins, Penalty Kick, Kawada Kicks, Handspring, but Cole catches him with a Northern Superkick for a near fall, then finishes it with The Last Shot for the win


Cole gets his belt and poses, but here comes the Psycho Killer! Ciampa slowly walks to the ring where the champ is waiting. He circles the ring, staring at Goldy. He climbs through the ropes and circles Cole doing the same. Ciampa says “In Portland, I take my life back”. Cole responds, “Over my dead body you do”