NXT Results – 12/12/18






NXT Results – 12/12/18
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Adam Cole says tonight ERA starts the holidays early because Bobby Fish humiliates & embarrasses The Top One Percent of morons, EC3. In 2018 EC3 was stupid enough to think that coming to NXT would elevate his career to new heights, but a couple of weeks ago with the help of a steel chair EC3 found out NXT was ERA’s world & they’re at the center of the NXT Universe & everything from the superstars in the locker room to TakeOvers revolve around them. No mistake about it 2018 wasn’t a career year for them it was the start of decade of Undisputed dominance & that’s a fact. He makes a promise that in 2019 the 4 of them will be draped in Championship gold & that’s not a threat, that’s Undisputed.


EC3 with a Wild Pegasus-Style Powerbomb then a Cactus Clothesline, back in the ring with a Biel, ERA distracts EC3 as Fish with a Chop-Block & The Infamous One goes after EC3’s good leg with a Dragon Screw, Fish avoids the EC3 Splash & hits an Exploder Suplex for a 2 count, EC3 counters a Vertical Suplex into one of his own, Body Slam, EC3 Elbow which he’s now calling The Name Drop, ERA with another distraction as Fish goes after the bad leg, he looks for his Heel Hook that he’s dubbed The Fish Hook Deluxe Edition, but EC3 counters into a Small Package for the win


ERA are on EC3 as a 4 on 1 beatdown is on, Heavy Machinery are out for the save as Tuckey & Dozer sends ERA scurrying, but they grab O’Reilly & EC3 hits Kyle with The One Percent, Dozer with The Caterpilar Elbow, ERA pull O’Reilly to safety

Dakota Kai & Io Shirai speaking with the press: Kai says Jessamyn & Marina keep sticking their nose in Shayna’s business & they’re not going to take the 3 on 1 attacks by The Horsewomen anymore, Shirai says she doesn’t want them to hurt her friend, Kai says they want Duke & Shafir in a Tag Team Match next week


Lorcan counters Thorne’s Hurricanrana into a Powerbomb into a Half Crab, but Miller breaks the hold, Miller with a Spinebuster for a 2 count, Brawlers looked for the kill, but Thorne stops it, Mighty with a Superplex/Sit-Out Powerbomb combo on Lorcan, but Burch makes the save, Burch blocks a Thunder Valley attempt, Miller with a Powerslam on Lorcan & Thorne leaps off his back into a Cannonball on Burch in the corner, Miller covers Lorcan for a 2 count, Lorcan counters Thunder Valley into a Double DDT, he grabs The Mighty & delivers Shoteis to the face, Burch with a Headbutt to Thorne then they put Shane away with the Double Team London Bridge for the win


Next Week: Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano in a Steel Cage

Johnny Gargano outside: Black thought their story ended in LA when he absolved him for his sins, but Johnny says he never sinned, he did nothing wrong, it’s the greater good, the ends justify the means. If the ends is him fulfilling his destiny, keeping a promise, becoming NXT Champion, people around the world celebrating, little kids high-fiving one another, if a guy had to be jumped in the parking lot for that to happen, he’s sorry, Aleister was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s why their story isn’t over Black continues to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s in Johnny’s way, in Johnny’s path. He’s not afraid of Black. They can lock him inside a steel cage with the devil himself & he will do whatever he has to do to make sure the story ends the right way. Next week he doesn’t just turn the page, he closes the book on Aleister Black.

The bond of blood is sacred. The roots of our tree are unbreakable. They keep us grounded. Anything for family. I would strike for them. I would die for them. It is our fight. It is our vision. And you will Feast Your Eyes.

Dijakovic arrives to NXT next week

The Horsewomen standing by with Cathy Kelly: Shayna says it doesn’t matter who wins the title shot, she’ll be taking home the title & they’ll be taking a trip to the hospital. Duke & Shafir are asked about the challenge Kai & Shirai answered & they just laugh. Shayna says they accept whatever challenge they want to make.

Lacey Evans defeated Xia Li at a live event to qualify for the 4 Way to determine the #1 Contender to the Women’s Championship


Yim with a Front Guillotine Choke, but Gonzalez counters with a Gourdbuster on the rope, barrage of stomps for a 2 count, Running Basement Big Boot for a 2 count, Canadian Backbreaker & Fish-Hooks Yim, but Mia fights out, Yim with Kobashi-Style Machinegun Chops, barrage of kicks then hits Sole Food for the win & takes the 3rd spot in the 4 Way


Aleister Black: What he finds interesting about the human race is everything they do revolves around how they are feeling. Everyone keeps asking him how he feels about his match with Johnny Gargano? How does he feel about the fact that he’s in a steel cage match with Johnny Gargano? He doesn’t. He doesn’t feel anything. He just simply has to do this. It’s come to his attention that Johnny is far, far beyond absolution, he is far beyond redemption & the only thing left is total annihilation in the form of that steel cage match. When they do there won’t be any escape, there won’t be any running away, there won’t be any ducking. There will simply be Gargano & everything that he has ever done fading out. He will simply Fade to Black.

Next week: Duke & Shafir vs Dakota Kai & Io Shirai

Ricochet defending his title against a mystery opponent


Tyler Breeze is back in NXT, it’s like everything the main roster did to destroy him never even happened as he’s back to his NXT persona & the fans are with him

NXT North American Championship

Breeze with a flash pin into a Half Crab, but Ricochet makes it to the rope, Ricochet with Barrel Roll Lariat, he looks for a dive off the apron, but Breeze catches him with a Dropkick in mid-air, Breeze avoids the Tiger Feint Kick, but Ricochet hits it the second time, Springboard European Uppercut then a Running Shooting Star Press for a near fall, he goes up top, Breeze avoids The Phoenix Splash, Ricochet blocks the Supermodel Kick, they both hit Running Crossbodies, Breeze avoids the Quebrada & hits a Supermodel Kick then hits a Poisoned Frankensteiner for a near fall, Tyler with a Leaping Knee Strike then a Step-Up Enzugiri, he goes for The Beauty Shot, but Ricochet catches him & hits Chris Sabin’s Cradle Shock to retain


The Champ offers a handshake to Breeze & Tyler accepts as a ‘Please don’t go’ chant breaks out for Breeze