NXT Results – 11/28/18






NXT Results – 11/28/18
San Jose, California
San Jose State University
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness

(This show was actually taped before TakeOver)


Lorcan with a rollup for a 2 count on Miller, then a Half Crab & Burch traps Thorne in a Crossface & Miller makes it to the rope, Mighty with a Football Kick followed by a Sliding Lariat, Thorne into a cover for a 2 count, Burch with a Diving Dropkick, Lorcan in, they look for the Double London Bridge, but Miller stops it, Oney with a Half & Half on Thorne then wipes out both of The Mighty with a Tope Suicida, he sends Thorne back in, Thorne blocks the Doomsday European Uppercut, Miller tags in, Mighty looks for Thunder Valley, but Burch Spears Thorne & locks in a Crossface & Lorcan with a Sunset Flip on Miller gets the win


Mighty jumps Lorcan & Burch, Thorne with a Northern Lariat to Burch, Lorcan fights back, but gets posted not once, but twice as The Mighty have left The Brawlers laying

Kairi says she’s not finished with Shayna, Dakota says everyone knows her history with Baszler she doesn’t like her & the fact that Jessamyn & Marina are now helping she’s not going to stand by and watch then lay waste to the division, Io says Kairi is her best friend and she’s going to battle for her. Kairi says they want all 3, Kai & Shirai are in agreement as the NXT Special Forces looks ready to take the fight to the Horsewomen


Barthel part of WALTER’s Ringkampf stable & comes out to the newly signed WALTER’s theme

Barthel with an Air Raid Crash for a near fall, EC3 with a Bodyslam followed by The EC3 Elbow then finishes Barthel with The One Percent for the win


EC3 says they tried to take him out, but the problem is they didn’t finish the job, he says this doesn’t concern Undisputed ERA as he will allow them to lick their wounds from WarGames, this concerns one man: Bobby Fish. He’s going to come at Fish in ways he can’t comprehend, this isn’t about an eye for an eye or a leg for a leg this is a bold proclamation he’s coming for Fish’s head, his knees & everything in-between that is because he’s a little vindictive, he’s angst driven & he’s undisputed the top one pecent of the industry, he is EC3

Struggle. We struggle throughout our lives. Now we struggle for our lives. Forged through the fire of discipline he inherited his precision. We see his history though his gaze, but now it’s time to: FEAST YOUR EYES.

Dijakovic (the former Donovan Dijak is coming soon)

Candice LeRae is asked if the different side of her is from everything her husband has went through or if Nikki Cross brought it out of her, Candice just continues to walk and ignore the questions


Borne with a Twisting Suplex for a 2 count, Yim counters a Slap into a Juji-Gatame, but Borne makes it to the rope, Yim with a Tarantula then a cavalcade of kicks, Shotgun Dropkick, Yakuza Kick then finishes Borne with Sole Food for the win


Tommaso Ciampa: Before he left he said that when he returned to NXT he would be the most dangerous son of a bitch in the history of the company. He said that all he needed was one opportunity to win the NXT Title. He said that he is the greatest sports entertainer of all time. Next week when the Champ’s music hits when goldy & he make their way to the ring he expects the entire NXT Universe to do one thing, one simple thing: Follow his lead.


Lee with a Running Crossbody for a 1 count, Slingshot, but Lars counters into a Big Boot, Lars with a Back Suplex for a 1 count, Sliding Lariat then a Diving Headbutt for a 2 count, Lee with a Slingshot Crossbody for a 2 count, Lee hits a Pounce then a Slingshot Corkscrew Plancha, back in the ring for a near fall, Lars avoids the 2nd Rope Moonsault & hits The Freak Accident for the win