NXT Results – 11/13/19








NXT Results – 11/13/19
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix

NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Garza with the pants rip then hands his pants to Rush’s wife, Rush is incensed with a Tope Suicda and sends Garza back in, Tilt-a-Whirl DDT for a 2 count, Come Up blocked, he sends Garza back to the floor, Wreckingball Dropkick, he goes for another Tope Suicida, but Garza turns it into a Powerslam, Rush with a Handsrping Back Elbow for a 2 count, Garza with a Knee Lift, Wing Clipper blocked, Rush with a Slap to the face as a receipt for last week, Come Up countered into a Dropkick for a near fall, Cerro de la Silla, but Rush evades, Spinning Tomikaze for a near fall, Rush up top, but Garza crotches him, he meets him up top, Avalanche Fallaway Moonslam for a near fall, he tries the Cero de la Silla, but Rush grabs his ankle, Garza charges, but Lio catches him with Rush Hour, Basement Spinning Heel Kick, Come Up, he holds on, a Slap, another Come Up, but Garza counters into The Wing Clipper, but only gets a near fall, he’s looking for an Avalanche Wing Clipper, as a ‘Please Don’t Die’ chant starts, they trade Headbutts, but Rush takes him out o of the corner with Hurricanrana, Rush up top, he connects with The Final Hour, but only gets a near fall, Elevated Final Hour, Garza gets his foot on the rope, but the ref never sees it and Rush retains the belt


Mauro throws it to a camera outside. Trainers are rushing to check on Tegan Nox and Rhea Ripley, who are knocked out after being attacked. But by who?


Aliyah hangs Li in the rope, Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count, Aliyah avoids the Spinning Heel Kick, but Li connects with the Pinwheel Kick for the win


The trainer is out to check on Aliyah, who either got her nose broken or her mouth busted with that kick. Nigel informs us we’ve got a match coming up between Killian Dain and Pete Dunne

The Real Rock ‘N’ Roller is here

Prince Devitt: “This is it? This is NXT now? What happened to this place? What happened to this business that I loved? I used to be proud of this place, but now it’s a joke.”

He mocks Johnny Gargano for being hurt three weeks after his attack, and says he’s whining on social media looking for sympathy. And don’t get him started about Matt Riddle, who he took out with a Bloody Sunday on the ramp last week. He can’t get started, cause Riddle attacks him from behind and chases him into the crowd. The Original Bro tells him to run, because he won’t be able to run for ever.

Undisputed ERA are here. They circle the ring and tell him he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Riddle’s WarGames partners are here to back him up. Tommaso Ciampa throws Matt’s flip flops at UE, and Keith Lee tells them to get in the ring. He puts over Adam Cole’s impressive run on the main roster shows, but says they still have to deal with him. Roderick Strong grabs a mic and asks if he knows who he’s talking to. Cole is on the greatest run in NXT history, and deserves a night off. If Lee wants a match, he can have one with him. The Limitless One says he’s not picky.


Lee with a Pop-Up Faceplant then a one foot cover for a 2 count, Lee with a Bodyslam for a 1 count, Roddy lights up Lee with Chops, but Lee answers back with Grizzly Magnum, Roddy crotches Lee and hits a Knockout Knee from the apron, Lee Gorilla Presses Roddy back in the ring, Roddy with a Wreckingball Dropkick, Roddy with a Sick Kick for a 2 count, Lee with an Avalanche then a Biel followed by a Belly to Belly Suplex for a 2 count, looking for the kill, but Roddy elbows out, Lee deflects a Knockout Knee and hits a Backbreaker for a 2 count, Lee up to the second rope, Roddy goes all the way up with Lee, Step-up Knee then hits a Superplex, but only gets a near fall, he tries The Strong Hold, but can’t get him turned, Roddy with a barrage of Forearms, but Lee answers back with a Lariat, ERA make their way down, but Ciampa & Riddle even the odds, Cole with a Superkick on Ciampa, Devitt with a Slingblade and Standing Double Stomp, Shotgun Dropkick sends Riddle into the steps, Roddy with a Knockout Knee followed by an Olympic Slam for a near fall, he looks for a Sick Kick, but Lee counters and hits The Supernova for the win


Undisputed swarms the ring in the aftermath, and are putting boots to Ciampa and Lee when Dominik Dijakovic makes his way to the ring. He cleans house as Ranallo reminds us of his history with the ERA. Double Chokeslam on reDRagon then Feast Your Eyes on Cole. Dijakovic and Ciampa shake afterwards. Dijak turns into Lee and they have a tense moment, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. It looks like the Sicilian Psychopath has his fourth man

We go outside where Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir and Candice LeRae are laid out. Scarlett Bordeaux is checking on Candice, and Triple H is on the phone trying to get answers


Reed with a pair of Hip Drops then a Deadlift German Suplex from the ring to the floor, Swerve posts Reed, Swerve with a Barrel Roll Complete Shot for a 2 count, Reed with a Lariat then a Running Senton, up top, but Swerve cuts him off, Swerve counters an Avalanche Tombstone into an Elevated Leaping DDT for a 2 count, he goes after the left arm, Reed tosses him off, Barrel Roll, but Reed counters into a Rydeen Bomb then hits an Omori Driver for a near fall, Swerve snaps the arm, he goes for a Juji-Gatame he calls The Key to Swerve City, but Reed counters, Swerve avoids the Powerbomb, Sunset Flip, but Reed blocks and goes for a Hip Drop, Swerve evades and hits The House Call for the win


They shake hands after the match

Beth kicks it to Cathy Kelley. She tells us both the men and women’s locker room are on high alert as everyone is wondering if the attacker is from Raw or SmackDown. She doesn’t have any leads, but can tell us that Matt Riddle will face Prince Devitt at TakeOver. That also means Riddle is out of the WarGames match. Dominik Dijakovic takes his spot, and we still have an open spot on Team Ciampa

Forgotten Sons hype video

Killian Dain is making his way down the ramp when Damian Priest jumps him from behind. Pete Dunne slides out to get into it with him, and Killian recovers and blasts them both into the apron. Security races in, and Priest recovers to throw Dain into the steel steps. Security gets him in the ring and he takes them out, the last one gets Running Awesome Bombed onto the collective on the floor. Dain & Dunne get up and start brawling again, so The Archer of Infamy flattens them with a Step-Up Tope con Hilo. He walks out to his music

Cathy is interviewing Mia Yim, who basically dares Raw and SmackDown to bring it, and vows to win the WarGames advantage for her team tonight. Dakota Kai knocks and comes in. She says there’s no hard feelings, Mia earned her spot on Rhea’s team fair and square. If anything happens tonight, she has Yim’s back


Io takes down Yim with a Tope Suicida, Yim grabs the ladder and puts it in the ring then hits a Wheelbarrow Facebuster on another ladder, ladder bridged between the ring and barricade, Io Dropkicks the ladder into Yim, Yim slams the ladder into Io’s hand, Yim avoids the ladder slam, Yim with a Suplex on the ladder, Io with a Shoryuken, Tiger Feint Kick, Yim with a Belly to Belly Suplex on the ladder, Yim sets up the ladder, Yim with Shoot Kicks, Io sends Yim face first into the ladder, she crushes Yim in the ladder repeatedly, Yim with Seoul Food, she goes to set it up, but Io with a Springboard Dropkick into the ladder & Yim is busted open and the refs glove up, Io sets up the ladder, but Yim takes her off it, Io drags Yim off & hits a Arcoiris de Io (Stalling German Suplex) off the ladder, Shinkanesen Attack, up top, but Yim crotches her, Superplex blocked, Headbutt sends Yim to the floor, Dakota Kai comes out to check on Yim, Io wipes them both out with a Moonsault to the floor, Io climbs the ladder, but Kai takes her off with a Sit-Out Powerbomb, she sets it up for Yim, but the NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray throws Kai into the steps then dumps Yim off the ladder through another ladder to the floor, KLR aids Io in getting to the top & Team Baszler has the man (or in this case woman) advantage in WarGames (as you’d expect because like any good WarGames the heels always has the person advantage)


KLR poses on the ladder with Io and Bianca Belair, who came out to celebrate the win with her teammate. Shayna Baszler makes her way to the ring and the two champs nod to one another and the Queen of Spades applauds what looks like her squad.

Baszler is flattened though by an attack from behind. It’s Bayley! Rose Plant on the NXT Women’s Title Belt, She screams a few taunts at Shayna, then runs off before anyone else from NXT can catch her as the show ends