NXT Results – 10/23/19





NXT Results – 10/23/19
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix


Bianca with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Mat Slam for a 2 count, Abdominal Stretch, but Rhea fights out, Rhea with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Kondo Clutch, but Bianca makes it to the rope to break the hold, Rhea with a Cannonball off the apron to the floor and sends Bianca back in the ring, Io with a Tiger Feint Kick behind the ref’s back and sends Rhea back in the ring, Bianca with a Spear for a near fall, Candice sends Io into the ring apron, Rhea counters the Double Chickenwing into The Riptide for the win


Cathy Kelley catches up with Pete Dunne as he enters the building, accompanied by Tyler Bate. The Bruiserweight isn’t upset at Damien Priest, even though Tyler points out he hit him below the belt. He did what he had to do, but there’s a receipt coming. Asked about Killian Dain, Dunne says “I don’t care about Killian Dain”

Video package on Tommaso Ciampa on having to give up his title and his return


Riddle avoids The Cave In, Grimes avoids The Final Flash, Grimes with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Bro-Mission converted to a Juji-Gatame, but Grimes fights out, Riddle with Shoot Kicks, Superman Forearms, Exploder Suplex, Penalty Kick ducked, Bro-Ton connects, then follows with a PK for a 2 count, Riddle with a Jackhammer for a near fall, Bro-Ton for a near fall, Grimes with a Backflip into a Deadlift German Suplex, Riddle with a Pele Kick, Rain Trigger, Bro to Sleep, Deadlift German Suplex for a near fall, Bro-Ton, PK, Bro-Stone countered into a Catatonic for a near fall, Grimes up top, Riddle cuts him off with a Superplex for a near fall, Riddle up top, Floating Bro, but Grimes gets his knees up, Final Flash, Grimes is still standing, Superkick, he catches Riddle with The Collision Course for a near fall, Cave In countered into the Powerbomb, Riddle follows it up with The Final Flash and finishes Grimes with The Bro-Derek for the win


Riddle offers a fist bump outside, but Grimes turns him down, Grimes shoves Tyler Bate, Bate answers with Bop & Bang

Dominick Dijakovic gets a quick promo. He promised his family he’s bring home a title six months ago. And injury forced him to break that promise, but tonight he’ll defeat his greatest rival and Roderick Strong and prove to be a man of his word

Regal announces a match between Team Kick against Duke & Shafir with the winners challenging the Kabuki Warriors for the Women Tag Team Titles on next week’s NXT (finally making those damn belts tri-branded as it was originally advertised)

Breezango are pilots this week


Ryker with a Slingshot Suplex on Breeze, Blake into the cover for a 2 count, Ryker with a Lariat for a 2 count, Swerve with a Frog Crossbody on Cutler for a near fall, Sons with an Avalanche Hurricanrana followed by a Double Diving Headbutts, but Breezango break the pin, Swerve with an O’Connor Roll on Cutler, then follows with a Barrel Roll Complete Shot on Blake, up top, Ryker meets him, but Swerve fights him off and hits a Moonsault off of Ryker on Cutler & Blake, Breezango with Stereo Superkicks, but Cutler & Blake make the save, Sons look for the kill, but they take out Cutler and Swerve finishes Blake with a Leaping Thrust Kick to the back of the neck for the win


We see Roddy warming up with his teammates. He gets an interview where he says he knows Regal is trying to screw him by putting him in there with those “two goofs”, but he’s at his best when the spotlight is on him. He’ll prove that again tonight and keep his belt, and that’s Undisputed

Killian Dain outside by a fire. He’s taping his fingers, and says since Dunne tried to break them, now he’ll break Dunne


Garza offers a handshake then pulls it back when Jack goes to accept, Gallagher with a Crucifix Pin for a 1 count, Rolling Crucifix then he rips off Garza’s pants before Garza could do it, Garza with an Inverted Slingshot Suplex then a basement Superkick for a near fall, Jack with a Stalling Suplex for a 2 count, Juji-Gatame, but Garza blocks and makes it to the rope, he launchs Jack over the top to the floor, back in the ring, Jack with The Gentelman’s Headbutt, he looks for The Gentelman’s Dropkick, but Garza plants him & hits a a Quebrada he calls Cerro de la Silla for the win, he motions that he wants the Cruiserweight belt from Rush



Duke with a Big Boot to Kai for a 2 count, Horsewomen with a Gutbuster/Sliding Knee Combo for a 2 count, Nox with a pair of Chokeslams, Cannonball to Duke, Diving Crossbody, but Shafir makes the save, Pump Kick wipes out Shafire, Duke with a rollup and a handful of tights for a near fall, Nox with a Headbutt & hits The Shiniest Wizard for the win


Kabuki Warriors appear on the big screen. They offer congrats, then laugh and say that next week, Team Kick has no chance

It’s Keith Lee’s turn to promo about the main event. He finally has the opportunity he’s deserved since coming to NXT. Tonight he’ll use that to become North American champ

North American Championship

Lee with a Thrust Spinebuster on Dijak, Roddy with a Step-Up Knee on Lee then a Superplex on Dijak for a near fall, Dijak Suplexes Lee on Roddy and covers Roddy for a near fall, Dijak with a Cannonball but Lee catches him, he goes for a Powerbomb, but Roddy with a Wreckingball Dropkick, Tope Suicida, Dijak catches him with a Rolling Forearm, he sets Roddy up top, Lee with a Spirit Bomb on Dijak while Dijak Superplexes Roddy, Roddy with a Cradle Backbreaker on Dijak, barrage of Forearms on Lee, Olympic Slam, but only gets a near fall, Grizzly Magnum to Roddy, he charges, but Roddy low-bridges him , Wreckingball Dropkick, but Lee & Dijak team up against him, Feast Your Eyes then Lee Pounces Roddy, Lee & Dijak are back in the ring, Lee looks for the kill, but Dijak backflips off the ropes, Superkick, Cylone Kill, back up top, Avalanche Sit-Out Chokebomb for a near fall, Dijak with a Fosbury Flop, Lee avoids it, but Dijak lands on Roddy, Lee with a Tope con Hilo on Dijak, back in the ring, he looks for the kill, up top, Lee with a Superbomb, but upon the impact Roddy strikes with The Sick Kick to retain his belt


The Undisputed ERA show up to help Strong celebrate, and end up taking out Lee. They’re standing tall when


Ciampa makes his way to the ring and stares down the evil quartet. Before anything happens, Johnny Gargano joins him. The former enemies nod to one another, and then Finn Balor is here. We’re all set for a four on three brawl, but Balor with the Pele Kick to Johnny!

(He told us last week ‘My past will be my future’ Finn Balor is dead. Let’s welcome back The Real Rock n Rolla, Prince Devitt)

Devitt backs to the corner and watches the ERA attack #DIY. Cole hits Ciampa with Last Shot. Gargano ends up on the floor, and Devitt beats him into the barricade then Shotgun Dropkick though the barricade. Bloody Sunday on the steel ramp! He stares at Adam Cole and company in the ring they hold up the UE for Undisputed ERA, and Devitt leaves them with the thumb curled and the index finger pointed formed in the shape of the gun with both hands (the sign of the original Bullet Club) before he backs up the ramp. The ERA pose in the ring as the show ends