NXT Results – 10/2/19





NXT Results – 10/2/19
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix

NXT Championship

Cole is suffering a broken wrist from the damage Riddle did last week (a kayfabe injury obviously), he has been cleared, but has to wear a cast

Riddle with a trifecta of takedowns, he goes for the Fujiwara Armbar, but Cole goes to the rope, Riddle with a trifecta of Gutwrench Suplexes for a 2 count, Shoot Kick sends Cole to the floor, Cole with a Jumping Enzugiri then sends Riddle into the steps, Bro to Sleep blocked, Cole with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Cole with an Ushi-Goroshi for a 2 count, Headscissors, Riddle bridges up turning it into a flash pin for a 2 count, Cole answers back with a Pump Kick, Riddle with a Pele, pair of Suerpman Forearms, Penalty Kick ducked, Riddle hits a Bro-Ton for a 2 count, Concrete Slam blocked, PK ducked, Deadlift, Powerbomb blocked, Riddle connects with a Rain Trigger, Fisherman Buster into a Small Package for a near fall, Deadlift German Suplex for a near fall, Bro to Sleep countered into a Lungblower in mid-air for a near fall, Cole with a Superkick, Riddle answers back with Pump Knee, Cole with an Enzugiri, Riddle with a Deadlift Release German Suplex, Cole back up, Kneecap Brainbuster for a near fall, Cole sends Riddle to the floor with a Pump Kick, he leaps off the apron, but Riddle with a Knee Strike, back in, Floating Bro, but Cole gets the knees up, up to the second, Panama Sunrise, but only gets a near fall, knee pad down, he looks for the kill, but Riddle collapses, Cole back up, Panama Sunrise, countered into a Bro to Sleeep, Powerbomb, Final Flash Knee, Floating Bro, but only gets a near fall, Riddle up top, but Cole crotches him, Cole meets him, but Riddle fight him off, he looks for a Slinshot, but Cole counters with a Superkick, Northern Superkick, Panama Sunrise, he goes for The Last Shot, but Riddle counters into The Bro-Mission in the center of the ring, Cole fights out and turns it into a flash pin, both men’s shoulders are down, but its only a near fall, Riddle with the Fujiwara Armbar, Cole turns it into a Crucifix Pin for a near fall, Riddle back to the Fujiwara, but Cole makes it to the rope, he blasts Riddle with the cast & connects with The Last Shot to retain


Cole celebrates as the lights go out & Finn Balor comes out and asks for the mic:

‘As of now Finn Balor is NXT’

Video package on Candice LeRae/Shayna Baszler

Velveteen Dream is on his couch with an entourage of attractive ladies. He asks if we feel it, and says what we’re feeling is the Velveteen Dream experience. He walks into the spotlight and says that feeling is the climax of life. Which is why Roderick Strong and his Undisputed ERA boys wanted to steal it. But the Dream has never had a problem taking on more than one man at a time. But he’s issuing a challenge to Roddy right now, unless he’s afraid to step out of Undisputed’s shadow and meet him. When he looks Velveteen in the eyes, the next thing Strong will know is DREAM OVER

Next week: Drew Gulak defends the Cruiserweight Title against Lio Rush


Yim with a Yakuza Kick for a 2 count, Baseball Slide, she lights Io up on the floor with chops, Io with a Dragon Screw then a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Io with a ground and pound, Flapjack, Handstand Double Kneedrop, cocky cover only gets a 2 count, Yim avoids a Running Meteora, Yim with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Io with a Hurricanrana for a 2 count, Drop Toehold into the rope, Tiger Feint Kick, Springboard Missile Dropkick, but only gets a near fall, Yim hits Code Blue, but only gets a near fall, Io rolls to the floor, Yim follows with a Tope Suicida, up top, but Io cuts her off, Superplex, Io crawls into a cover, but only gets a near fall, she looked to go up, but Yim stops her, Io with the Swinging Kick, up top then finishes Yim with The Moonsault for the win


Kevin Nash & Scott Hall are in the crowd

The Street Profits with Bianca Belair are shown arriving and they do make mention that Montez & Bianca are married (first time that’s been acknowledged I believe)

Video package on Tegan Nox


Gargano with a Crucifix Pin for a 2 count, Garga-No-Escape blocked, Gargano with a Rolling Kick then sends Thorne to the floor, Tope Suicida, back in the ring, Slingshot Spear, but only gets a 2 count, Thunderstruck DDT countered, Johnny counters the Bomb Valley Death, Cannonball, Akira Taue Powerbomb for a near fall, Football Kick, Gargano takes Thorne’s head off with a Lariat, From Dusk Till Dawn blocked, Gargano ducks & hits a Poisoned Frankensteiner then finishes Thorne with The DIY Superkick for the win


NXT Women’s Championship

Candice with a Step-Up Enzugiri, Shayna rolls to the apron, but Candice with a Dropkick to the back then a Crossbody to the floor, Candice goes up, but Shayna shoves her to the floor, then throws her into the steps, she puts Candice’s arm in the steps and stomps on it, Knees to the ribs for a 2 count, she rips at the arm, but Candice makes it to the rope, Candice with a Complete Shot on the apron, Tope Suicida, a second, make that a trifecta, she sends Shayna back in and goes up top, but Shayna cuts her off, Shayna slips off hte rope, Shayna with an Avalanche Gutwrench Suplex, Kirifuda Clutch, but Candice flips out and locks it in on Shayna, but Shayna fights out, Hanging Kirifuda Clutch, but Candice fights out & hits Ms LeRae’s Wild Ride for a near fall, Tomikaze countered into the Kirifuda Clutch, Candice turns it into a flash pin for a near fall, Tomikaze, Quebrada, but Shayna counters into the Kirifuda Clutch, Candice makes it to her feet, but Shayna takes her back down, Candice sees the rope, but is unable to make it & taps out, Shayna retains


Mark Henry, Stephanie McMahon & Madusa are in the crowd

Video package on Imperium’s targeting KUSHIDA, next week: KUSHIDA vs WALTER


Dunne looks for the Juji-Gatame, Burch counters into a Crossface, but Dunne counters into a pin for a 2 count, Dunne stomps on the hands, Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, Burch with a rollup for a 2 count, Headbutt, Pop-Up Powerbomb, Knee Strike, London Bridge, but only gets a near fall, Dunne snaps the fingers & finishes Burch with The Bitter End for the win


lights go out Damian Priest blasts Dunne from behind & hits The Reckoning

Cathy Kelley is interviewing Adam Cole. He says he beat Matt Riddle with the Last Shot, not his doctor-mandated cast. The ERA barges in, worried about Finn Balor. But the NXT champ tells them not to worry about that, and to stay focused on keeping the prophecy intact when they defend the Tag Titles

NXT Tag Team Championship

Dawkins with a Shoulder Block on Kyle, but O’Reilly rolls to the floor, Kyle with a barrage of body blows, but Ford with a Small Package for a 2 count, Fish with a Slingshot Senton Atomico for a 2 count, reDRagon with a Double Suplex for a 2 count, Kyle with a ground and pound, Fish with a trifecta of Snap Suplexes for a 2 count, Ford with a Rock Bottom, reDRagon with a Butterfly/Wheelbarrow Suplex combo for a near fall, Fish with an Abdominal Stretch and an assist from Kyle behind the ref’s back, he finally catches them and forces a break, Dawkins with a pair of Spinning Stinger Splashes, a Pounce, then Spears Fish, Kyle with Ax, but Dawkins blocks Smash, Kyle with a Jawbreaker Lariat, Dawkins with a Capture Suplex, Kyle blocks a Spear with a knee strike, Kyle with a Diving Knee then the Achilles Hold & Fish with a Front Guillotine Choke, but Ford is able to slam Fish on Kyle to break both holds, Ford hits The Prophecy, but only gets a near fall, Electric Chair, but Kyle saves Fish, reDRagon looked to retreat, but Ford wipes them out with a Cannonball back in the ring, Roddy comes down to grabs Ford’s leg, Dawkins wipes out Roddy, but reDRagon use the distraction to hit Total Elimination on Ford to retain


Cole comes down to celebrate with the rest of the ERA


Tommaso Ciampa walks out on the stage and sizes up Cole, he wants goldy back, he eyes goldy then stares Cole right in the face as the show ends