NXT Results – 1/22/20








NXT Results – 1/22/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix

WALTER is here with a warning, Undisputed ERA humiliated them in THEIR ring, tonight they will humiliated ERA on their home turf

Dusty Classic

Cole goes over to the announce table & says he knows Imperium are here & tells them that ERA isn’t hard to find

KOR with an Elevated Dragon Screw on Drake, Fish kicks his legs out and sends him to the floor, back in the ring for a 2 count, Slingshot Senton Atomico for a 2 count, reDRagon with a Double Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Backdrop Driver, but only a 1 count, KOR with a Knee Breaker then sweeps the leg for a 2 count, Drake blocks the Spinning Toehold, Fish with an Exploder Suplex on Drake into Gibson, Gibson with A Ticket to Ride, but Fish holds on & locks in The Fishhook Deluxe Edition, but Drake pulls him to the rope, Fish with an Exploder Suplex, Gibson avoids the Moonsault, Drake with the Grit Your Teeth Dropkick, Helter Skelter, but only gets a near fall, Chasing the Dragon connects, but only gets a near fall, Drake stops Total Elimination,, Ax & Smash to Gibson, Fish & Drake trade Forearms, reDRagon with the Double Team Alarm Clock they look for the kill when Symphony No. 9 plays, Cole & Roddy go up the ramp to meet Imperium who are on the perch above the arena, Imperium’s distaction allows GYV to finish KOR with A Ticket to Mayhem to advance to the finals


Cole and company fume while Drake & Gibson pose with the Dusty Cup on stage

Shotzi Blackheart gets a video package. The Ballsy Badass says predictable isn’t in her vocabulary, and she has big cajones. Blackheart says if we think she made a statement last week when she eliminated Shayna Baszler from the battle royal, wait until we see what she does when they go one-on-one tonight


Toni with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Io with a Single Leg Dropkick while Toni was draped across the rope for a 2 count, Basement Lariat for a 2 count, Io with a Casadora into a Double Stomp, Slingshot Shinkansen Attack, she goes for the full speed version, but Toni gets her boots up, Toni with a Release German Suplex then a Lariat for a near fall, Storm Zero blocked, Io with a Shoryuken, she charges, but Toni catches her with another Lariat for a near fall, Io with a Crucifix Pin for a near fall, Tiger Feint Kick blocked, Toni Dropkicks her to the floor, she goes for a Tope, but Bianca Belair with a Forearm causes a dq


Belair beats down Storm until Rhea Ripley runs in. The EST with a Thesz Press and some ground and pound, but Shirai re-emerges to hit a Springboard Dropkick. Bianca and Rhea to the floor, and Io Asai Moonsaults onto them. Storm dives into Io, then heads into the ring to pick up Ripley’s belt to a mixed reaction from Full Sail

Cathy Kelley catches up with Undisputed ERA. They’re still hot about what happened with Imperium, but Cole says they need to focus on Keith Lee and keeping the North American title with Roddy. WALTER & company will get theirs, whether its tonight or on Saturday

Ilja Dragunov gets a promo. He’ll prove on Saturday that he’s not Prince Devitt, he’s invincible & he will not miss


Devitt with a barrage of Slingshot Stomps, Runnign Dropkick, Shotgun Dropkick, he rolls him to the middle, Coup de Grace, he’s not done, and goes for the kill, but not before delivering an ominous message ‘When you come at the Prince, you best not miss’ Bloody Sunday finishes Wilde


Cathy Kelley interviews Shayna Baszler. Shotzi thinks she made a statement? All she did was end her career before it begins. The Queen of Spades says she’s not going anywhere, and she’ll go through the entire locker room until she’s Shayna Three-times… starting with Shotzi

DIY video package


Shotzi blocks a Juji-Gatame, Shayna switches to an Ankle Lock then to the wrist, Shotzi goes to the rope, Shayna charges, but Shotzi lowbridges her, Shayna with a Flapjack on the apron, Knee Lift for a 2 count, Kirifuda Clutch blocked, Step-Up Knee then a DDT, Shotzi with a Lariat, Shayna answers back with a Forearm, Shotzi with a Step-Up Enzugiri, Inverted Slingblade, Inverted Cannonball, they battle up on the apron, Shotzi with the Shiranui on the apron, up top, wolf claw is primed and she goes for the kill, Shayna avoids the Senton Bomb & locks in The Kirifuda Clutch, Shotzi tries to pry her way out, but she eventually she taps out, Shayna keeps it locked in for a good while after the tap to send a message


Video package on the Tegan Nox/Dakota Kai rivalry. Nox promises to hurt Kai worse than she could ever hurt her. Dakota says Tegan is due for another injury. That match is next week

Moustache Mountain gets a quick video, then Cathy talks with Cruiserweight champ Angel Garza. When you’re as good as him, you don’t feel pressure. It doesn’t matter who comes from the UK. He’s not worried about Swerve.

Dusty Classic

Bros with an Assisted Bro-Ton for a 2 count, Riddle tries another Bro-Ton, but Barthel gets his knees up, Dunne with a Crucifix Bomb on Aichner for a 2 count, X-Plex on the apron, Barthel with a charging European Uppercut drives Dunne into the steps, Riddle with Superman Punches, Exploder Suplexes & Bro-Tons to both men, Penalty Kick, Fisherman Buster, Bros look for the kill, but Imperium post Riddle, Double Dropkicks on Riddle for a near fall, Imperium with a Wheelbarrow/Diving DDT Combo, but Riddle makes the save, Dunne with a Front Guillotine Kimura on Aichner & Riddle with an Ankle Lock on Barthel, Rain Trigger on Barthel, Double Spear on Aichner, Spear on Barthel, then a Bro-Hammer on Aichner for a near fall, Riddle up top, but Aichner cuts him off, Dunne with a blind tag, Brainbuster on Riddle, Spinebuster on Dunne, Imperium looks for The European Bomb, but Riddle counters into a Hurricanrana then a Release German Suplex on Barthel, Rain Trigger on Aichner, Powerbomb/Final Flash combo then the Bros finish Aichner with the Bro 2 Sleep/Enzugiri combo for the win


Dunne & Riddle celebrate on the stage, and here comes Grizzled Young Veterans. He makes fun of their name, offering the alternative “Joint Manipulation”. Gibson wants to address Pete though. The Full Sail neckbeards may think he’s the best the UK has to offer, but they know he’s a fraud. Riddle interrupts to say he didn’t even follow what Zack was saying, because after he talked about manipulating a joint, he started to daydream which starts a ‘Riddle’s going to smoke you’ chant. Dunne says that while his partner was up in the clouds, he was remembering that every time GYV have stepped in the ring with him, they’ve lost. And the same thing will happen next week in the finals, when the Bro-Serweights win the Dusty Cup. Bro.

NXT North American Championship

Roddy slaps Lee in the face, Lee biels him out of the corner, Running Crossbody, Roddy rolls to the floor, Lee goes after him, Roddy with a Dropkick to the ankle, Wreckingball Dropkick then slams the ankle into the steps, he breaks the count, he kicks the steps into Lee’s ankle, back in the ring & not even a 1 count, Foot DDT, Dreaded Heel Hook, Lee powers out, Scissor Stomp, he tries it again, but Lee kicks Roddy over the rope to the floor, Roddy back in, Ankle Lock, but Lee kicks him off, Roddy with a barrage of Forearms then a Northern Forearm, Lee with a Powerslam for a 2 count, One Hand Thrust Spinebuster for a near fall, Roddy rolls to the floor, Lee sends him back in, Cole distracts the ref as Fish takes Lee’s leg out, Roddy with a DDT for a near fall, Lee up to the second, but Roddy cuts him off, Avalanche Olympic Slam, but only gets a 1 count as Lee sets up with Roddy in his arms, Knockout Knee blocked, Grizzly Magnum then a Pounce sends Roddy over the rope onto reDRagon, back in the ring, Lee with a Lariat for a near fall, Lee goes to the second, Roddy avoids The Doomsault, Ankle Lock & grapevines the leg, but Lee makes it to the rope, Lee wipes out the other ERA members, Roddy with the Knockout Knee, Sick Kick, but only gets a near fall, he goes for it again, but Lee counters into The Big Bang Catastrophe to win the North American Title


Lee heads out as the ERA jaw at him from the ring. Imperium is here behind them though! A Brawl erups, WALTER blocks a Superkick & chops the soul out of Adam Cole. The ring fills up with the factions and security as the show ends